When is the Election in Nepal 2017 (2074 BS)


The people identify leads and signified according to the identification of the country. There are many countries in the world who have even not got any innovation and their name has not been ever listening to many people. But Nepal does not fall under that category as it carries their own features, identification and tourism description.  A person from the world and man from the parts of native visit the natural and fresh environment who are shaking their hands and feeling with their warm and suitable climate and welcoming us for the connection with the natural resources. A person lost their all pins and problem when they lost themselves in the enjoyment of nature.

 Countrymen wants and choice

The people of foreign who lives outside of Nepal are also very much interested in being the election is going to be held in Nepal in 2017. But it’s the not the fully happy ceremony occurs in our environment and country that makes us fully and internally happy. The countrymen are waiting for many years for this occasion. The country has flowed always many cash and many manpower due to not adopting and implementation of rule and constitution. The debate and discuss between the political parties has made the countrymen in tension and aggressive.

Prime Minister of Nepal Puspa Kamal dahal Prachanda
Prime Minister of Nepal – Puspa Kamal Dahal Prachanda

They only talk about their comment and bad action and performance, they don’t discuss and gathered together for the development of the nation.  Mostly the Madhesi parties are agitating this election and are on the side of not supporting the election and not even made the succeed this election. This is not happening for the benefit of the half people of the country but also for all the Nepalese either they live in eastern part or they live in western part of Nepal. The Constitution should be on the behalf of very countrymen benefit that determined and should absorb the right and duties of all the people and make the country more developed and people standard more graduated.

But the government does not show in this mood they are in the readiness for election and election members is also fully ready all the document and papers are in the ready position to come in the field of election. The Madhesi parties say, firstly amendment the constitution according to our agreement and our requirement then only we will be in your actions support that you are going to do the election. But the prime minister has not gotten any information and acting like the understood tiger. The election has not any permanent termination of starting and ending but also all the management of doing the election is internally in rapid steps.

president of Nepal Bidya Deva bhandari
president of Nepal – Bidya Deva Bhandari

The election will be conducted in any condition other the parties support or agitate. The countrymen and country will not wait now more for increasing and transferring the date. The election of the constitution was held two times in Nepal once in 2064 and once in 2068. This is because, the first parliament representatives have not given the constitution to the country, that makes the constitution again in 2068 and after five years the second won parliament representatives and member become successfully to give the constitution due to the foreign pressure. There are many ups and downs internal and external matters that are not leaked out and the same message are converted with the sweet and soft flavor then it got broadcasted.

The election is the fortune of the country which does not come in every month and every time to change the country. It is the line drawn on the map of fortune for making the great change and revolution.


Opposition intension, views, and proposal

Recent news and events, made by the opposition party for election are going to collapse due to not matching of intention and mentality. The politician party is using power to pull the arms and ammunition that is under the ground and all the parties are busy in increasing their own views power and more persisting in the external environment.  There is always the protest and agitation in the parliament while the prime minister wants to procedure the election matter and present the election subjects in front of all the parliament members. There are many parliament members who are support of this election but they are bound with the parties to rule.


National flag of Nepal
National flag of Nepal

Similarly, there are many parties who have made the pitch and diagram for their beneficial target and they think that this election will hamper for us, they are also not in favor of helping the election. Again, there are some political parties who does not see their hope in this election and prediction is that they have sure loss in the election, are also not in support of this election. The election is not for only any singular society or any town but it is for the whole country.

The election makes the platform and track to make the country run in honesty way. If it is not done in hard action and strictly, the country fortune will be covered with the dust only and the dream of looking the  Nepal developed will be constant in our mind only.  Nepal is not the country of lack of resources but due to the presence and action made by the political leader in the Nepal, it has been categorized in the lack of resources country.

K P Oli Former Prime Minister of Nepal
K P Oli- Former Prime Minister of Nepal

We have to know better about the Nepal and identity of Nepal. The Nepalese will be only recognized as the Nepalese if the Nepal exist. If it does not exist with their own identification, the identity of Nepalese will be also erased.  The election is the weapon to change the country power and mode toward which direction we or the people want to direct the country. The gathering of all parties and voice makes the bond and alliance more strong and it becomes easy to develop the nation.

The election in Nepal have not concluded the fixed date to make it true and existence but only the hoping is releasing and launched. The news internally listens to one thing and press or print another subject in their own way to the people. If the election will be held, then only the country would change its figure and designation. The man who has not any destination will automatically walk like the drunkard and get set sleep and bump in every step. So the election is the revolution to change the system, attitude and make the new track to move and transfer and transport the goods and developmental services to the people, that promotes the life and marks of the countrymen.

The election will be held in the month of Jestha but by looking the condition of parliament and discuss and agitation against election concise that, there seems very few ray of sunlight and hopes for having the election possible in Jestha. The political parties and major opposition are agitating and due to this the parliament chief had announced the parliament will be not operated and  the date is postponed to Falgun 15 to open the parliament member gate again to discuss the election and  another several requirement that had been promised by the government of Nepal and other governmental parties. Due to day by day increment of agitation in parliament and giving the threat in the external ground for not taking part and not being made held this election in their area.

These all are the personal and public issue which are not been kept and rejected because they are also the some of the leaders who is representatives of half of the population of the country. The country have no any direction to move and the direction that is moving is like the speed of  Tortoise which can never reach the destination and if it reaches the destination then it will make the day end and sunsets.  Man dies then what is the importance of doctor to come if the person does not get the food in hungry and you brought the delicious dishes in front him after the stomach dieting.

Prime minister mood and request

The party’s president of all parties is speaking the one voice for making the election but some or very few or Madhesi centralized parties are not giving their helping hand for execution and procession of the election. The party’s president of a different party like Sher  Bahadur Deuba, now they and other K.P. Sharma Oli all are in the mood and support of election. The communist or UML was against the election they haves changed their mood and come in the track of election.

The election commission have managed and rechecked all the propaganda and manipulation for the occurrence of election addressing will take the huge budget to forward it and the finance ministry has also in the hurry mood for helping and finding the source of money that will be expended in the election. The election is the major war for determining and selecting the qualified and best representatives, that makes the development to run faster not like the creeping crocodile. The prime minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal have announced the election will be completed before the month of Jestha and before budget released but the opposition is blocking the way and making the controversy even in small evidence. The opposition should also join the hand make the mood applicable according to the people choice and wants is request time to time by the prime minister, but no any party is listening to his request.

All the parties are constant in their own proposal and requirement. So coming and making the end of this topic, we can imagine only the date and time period, that the election will be addressed but not the fully guaranteed.  The election is supposed to be completion before the budget released that mostly happens in the month of Asa had.

Finally, the date of next election in Nepal is fixed. This local level election will held in Mangsir 10 and 21.

When is the election in Nepal  2017 (2074 BS)?

Answer – Election in Nepal will be 2017 November 26 and December 7 (2074 Mangsir 10 and 21)


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