23 Functions of Election Dept 2013 (2070) of Election Commission of Nepal

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23 Functions of Election Dept 2013 (2070) of Election Commission of Nepal. The Election Commission of Nepal is the body responsible for monitoring elections, as well as registering parties and candidates and reporting election outcomes, in Nepal. Now it is crowd time talking everywhere, every time and everybody about election and voters in Nepal. Here are comparison of voters of Nepal of few years.

Nepal is a country having approx. 27 million population located in centre of South Asia. Nepal is in between two biggest countries, China and India. A Constituent Assembly election was set be held in Nepal on 22 November, 2012 following the dissolution of the constituent assembly on 27 May. But it was put off by the election commission because the election was continually delayed. Now it will held on 19 November 2013, Mangsir 4, 2070 BS. Nepal is governed under the Interim Constitution of Nepal, 2007. It replaced the Constitution of the Kingdom of Nepal, 1990. All the related sectors are running for peaceful election and voting.


Function of Election Department 2013 (2070)of Election Commission of Nepal

  1. Maintain list of polling centres
  2. Supervision of polling centres and to carry out all the preliminary functions related to it according to decisions on the changes and suggestions received.
  3. Maintain record of positions for which election is to be held.
  4. Maintain record of the status of the positions for which election is to take place
  5. Maintain commission correspondence after the declaration of election dates by Nepal government
  6. Preliminary work on preparing election programs
  7. Carry out all the preliminary duties regarding the appointment of election officers
  8. Fix dates for establishment of office for the election officers and manage groundwork on their allocation.
  9. Prepare list of district employees to undertake election or election related jobs and take up groundwork to make required changes.
  10. Maintain list of VDCs, municipalities and wards around the country and work out amendments if required
  11. Resolve election related problems at the introductory level and present them to the commission for action
  12. Undertake initial proceedings for selection and decision on the election symbols and execute the decisions
  13. Place requests with the training department for election-related trainings if required.
  14. Form policy on design, estimation and printing of the ballot paper and present the proposal to the commission for approval
  15. Pay attention to maintaining the quality of ballot paper and assist in taking them to election constituencies
  16. Make arrangements for media campaign
  17. Prepare programs that maintain coordination between offices of the Chief Election Commission, election officers and the district election office.
  18. Begin preliminary efforts on election dates and process
  19. Prepare campaign material for both print and electronic media
  20. Arrange for an official media to disseminate information on polling and its results as it happens
  21. Update the vote count of the election candidates or those already elected
  22. Prepare list of ballot papers
  23. Undertake any other assignments related to elections

source: http://www.election.gov.np

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