Election Commission Nepal: Candidates withdraw candidacies

Many candidates in Nepal for the upcoming Constituency Assembly election from across the country have withdrawn their candidacies for the upcoming election.  

image source:nepalnews.com

image source: nepalnews.com

Election Commission Nepal: Candidates withdraw candidacies for upcoming Election

According to the District Election Office, Saptari, seven individuals like Lalan Chaudhary from Sanghiya Samajbadi Party (Constituency No. 1), Fajil Mansuri (indepent- constituency No. 2), Shiva Pratap Saha (independent- constituency No. 3), Gunjeshwor Yadav and Amarnath Yadav (independent- constituency No. 3), Bauli Chaudhary ( independent- constituency No. 5) who had filed nominations for their candidacies from different constituencies of Saptari district, have withdrawn their candidacies for the upcoming Constituent Assembly election.
UCPN (Maoist) rebel candidate Dillihang Chemjong (Ilam constituency No. 2) has also taken back his candidacy.

Four candidates in Kanchanpur district Gagan Bahadur Singh (independent- constituency No. 1), Khem Raj Pandeya ( independent- constituency No. 2), Khadak Bahadur Sarki ( from Nepal Rastriya Sewa Dal- constituency No. 2 ) and Gauri Dutta Joshi ( from Sadbhawana Party- constituency No. 3) have withdrawn their candidacies.

Four candidates in Udaypur Dhanlal Rai (Mangol Organisation) Shikhar Raut (Samajbadi Party), Raj Kumar Chaudhary ( Sadbhawana Party) and independent candidate Mahesh Regmi have withdrawn candidacies from constituency for upcoming Constituent Assembly election. 


According to District Chief Election Officer Leeladhar Adhikari of Surkhet, Five candidates Rupak Poudel (ML-Samajbadi-constituency No. 1), Heeralal Sunar (independent– constituency No. 2), Lalit Bhattarai (Rastriya Swabhimani Party-constituency No 2) Bhabilal Thada (Sadbhawana Party- constituency No. 3) Abadh Kumar Singh Kurel Basyal ( Samajbadi Janata Party) from Surkhet, have withdrawn candidacy filed for the upcoming CA election.

Likewise, Five candidates from Morang; Krishna Kumar Tharu (Madhesi Janadhikar Forum- Democratic- constituency No. 3) Jaldhar Yadav ( Lokdal- constituency No. 5), Pradhan Rajbanshi (independent – constituency No. 6), Mastaram Rhishidev ( Pichhada Barga, Nisad, Dalit, Janajati Party- constituency No. 7 ) and Tikaram Poudel ( independent- constituency No. 9) have withdrawn their candidacies for the upcoming CA election.

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