What Things You Need To Understand About Ek Mukhi Rudraksha (One Faced)


About 1 Mukhi Rudraksha: – Rudraksha is considered the eye of Lord Shiva. Rudra stands to Lord Shiva and Aksha stands Aansu (tears). According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that Rudraksha is won from the tears of Lord Shiva.

It is the only type of fruit used for carrying. We call it Utrasum Bead in English and Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb in Latin. There is a total of 123 species of Rudraksha in the world, but in India there are only 25 species of Rudraksha.

There is only one column in this Rudraksha that represents a face or Mukh. It represents Mr. Shiva himself. It is very rare. A person is very happy and blessed to have this. It is believed that people who worship a Mukhi Rudraksha every day fulfill all their wishes.

This is the most pious gift of nature. Connect the connection between earth and sky. It helps to prevent migraines. Humans used Rudraksha to meditate. Rudraksha calms and increases the ability to concentrate.

It is believed that 1 Mukhi-Rudraksha is more beneficial to those who have parts of the sign of the zodiac. When you use this vehicle, you benefit from health benefits, a positive attitude towards life, prosperity and prosperity. There are four color options: white, red, yellow and black.

One face Rudraksha of a White Face: People who use this Rudraksha color maintain physical well-being and eliminate all problems in the user’s life.

Red one face rudraksha- It is believed that anyone using or worshiping this rudraksha will get rid of all grave sins such as the murder of Brahman.


Ek Mukhi Rudraksha Image
Ek Mukhi Rudraksha Image

One face Rudraksha with a Yellow Face: It is believed that those who worship this Rudraksha color gain luxurious life and salvation.

One face Rudraksha with a black face: People who use this rudraksha get health benefits, develop a positive attitude, prosperity and eliminate all obstacles in life.

1 mukhi rudraksha mantra:

  • Mantra to Padampurana – “Om Drisham Namah”
  • Mantra to Skandpurana – “Om Em Namah”
  • Mantra to Shivpurana – “Om Hreem Namah”
  • Mantra to Yogsara – “Om Om Brasham Namah”

People generally know 1 to 14 faces or types and 16 to 25 are known as Bhadraksha or Shubhaksha. According to Shiv Purana, Rudraksha is known as the identity of Lord Shiva. It is the expression of a reality of cosmic power. The column in Rudraksha represents the faces of it.

People use Rudraksha for spiritual and medical purposes. It is believed that when a person uses a Rudraksha, the negative energies do not reach that person. In ancient times, yogis and Munis use Rudraksha for meditation and spiritual purposes.

Rudraksha in Nepal – Price, Market, Kinds, Trees, Farming etc

But today, people tend to lean on him because they believe that there are so many followers of Lord Shiva (God Almighty) in India and Rudraksha is the identity of Lord Shiva.

Some people used it to relieve stress, heart problems, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression, and so on. 1 mukhi Rudraksha exists in India and also in other countries. But it is believed that Nepal Rudraksha is more powerful than the others.

People who use Nepali Rudraksha get the best immediate result. It is rarely too expensive. Many people have experienced a positive change in their lives and health after being worshiped.

Significance of 1 mukhi Rudraksha:

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is the most powerful god, and Lord Shiva Mahadev makes that. Lord Shiva is the organizer of many activities that include music, dance, knowledge, language and Ayurveda. He is the controller of the cycle of death and birth. These Rudraksha can be arranged in the form of Mala with 108 accounts.

The most genuine Rudraksha “Ek Mukhi” is also rare and occurs mainly in Nepal. The real “Ek Mukhi” Rudraksha has a “Mukh” or face, a seed and a tray and looks like a fit eye. Many people sell Rudraksha ‘Ek Mukhi’ around, which is fake and not genuine. People who want to buy Rudraksha should refrain from buying these counterfeits.

  1. It is the divine object of devotion.
  2. Represents the connection between earth and sky.
  3. It means energy of Lord Shiva, gives freedom in the life cycle.
  4. Using this vehicle gives you material and spiritual benefits.

What to do with a Rudraksha face and what not after wearing?

    1. After purchasing a Rudraksha face, wash it with clean, fresh water and let it soak in cow’s milk for one day before using it.
    2. worship it every day.
    3. Always trust it.
    4. Do not eat any food other than vegetables after use.
    5. Do not drink alcohol after use.
    6. Remove it before going to the funeral.
    7. Do not share your account with third parties.
    8. Do not brag in front of someone.
    9. Do not use chemical soap after use.
    10. Do not use a bad Rudraksha face because it is very powerful.
    11. Do not use broken beads.
    12. Take it off at bedtime and place it where you worship God.

What are the powers of 1 Mukhi Rudraksha?

1 Mukhi Rudraksha is the report blessing the user with worldly pleasures and other supreme powers. If anybody uses this Rudraksha, becomes strong and courageous for the negative things

Rudraksha helps to achieve health, prosperity, happiness and prosperity. As the Sun is the ruling planet of this Rudraksha, the user becomes radiant as a sun and receives fame in life. It is beneficial for diseases related to liver, headache, bowel, heart, skin, etc. 1 Mukhi Rudraksha reduces the evil effects of the sun.

The planetary forces of these Rudraksha contribute to the improvement of the user concentration. According to Vedic science, the planetary effects of this report are useful for relieving illnesses related to the head, stomach, eyes, heart, brain, and so on.

What are the benefits of 1 Mukhi Rudraksha?

A Mukhi Rudraksha is very rare and the Shastras say that it is very promising. The predominant deity is Shiva and the predominant planet is the sun. This Rudraksha is expensive and available in two versions, round and moon shaped.

The bearer of a Mukhi-Rudraksha is blessed not only by Shiva but also by Mahalakshmi. This Rudraksha improves mental powers such as concentration and confidence. Those who want to escape bad habits and dependencies can rely on this report.

This Rudraksha can also cure diseases of the digestive, respiratory and urinary system in addition to diseases of the glands and the brain. This Rudraksha helps to eliminate the evil effects of the sun in the horoscope.

  1. It is a powerful Rudraksha and helps the user to fulfill all wishes in his life.
  2. It makes the user strong enough to rule the world and to make life without relying on others.
  3. The user is blessed by Lord Shiva and the door to salvation is opened. One can receive “moksha” at the end of mortal human life.
  4. It is a powerful tool that helps the user to enjoy the fruits of meditation through better concentration, developing the spiritual power of a person.
  5. Help the user destroy the negative effects of his past sins and deny the effect of “bad karma” in his life.
  6. It symbolizes the unity of the human soul with the highest soul, also called the fusion of “Aatma” with “Parmatama”.
  7. Help the user gain material and spiritual benefits.
  8. The divine powers of ‘Ek Mukhi’ Rudraksha help a man to attain all worldly possessions, but he is still not bound to any of them and remains rooted and feels unity with God.
  9. Extremely effective in curing the problem of “migraine” (severe headache).
  10. Heal psychiatric problems such as anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc.
  11. Helps patients with neurotic and psychiatric disorders and problems.
  12. Above all, it helps a person to achieve peace of mind and happiness. The user feels a sense of calmness that gives him the strength to face all the world’s problems.
  13. It fulfills all wishes of the user.
  14. It is the most powerful account of meditation and the purpose of Dhyana.
  15. It helps to control the energy level in the human body.
  16. Help the user to have more confidence than before.
  17. A person becomes more caring and supportive after use.
  18. It also protects people from evil and negative energies.
  19. Gives financial growth, career growth, promotion and authoritarian position in life.
  20. The user is blessed with wealth, luxury and happiness.

Problems healed by 1 Mukhi Rudraksha

1 mukhi rudraksha helps to remove ear problems

With the help of a Rudraksha face, we can heal our ear. There are many different types of ear problems. For example, earache can be caused by infections of the tonsils, the jaw or the paranasal sinuses.

A chronic infection, eg. Adhesion, for example, can lead to hearing loss that can interfere with learning and lifestyle change. Loud noise can also damage your hearing. In addition to infections, reactions to topical medications, the use of jewelry, cosmetics or methacrylate ear plugs can lead to dermatitis of the ears.


General ear problems which can be cured by 1 mukhi rudraksha

Otitis media: Inflammation of the middle ear that causes an accumulation of fluid with or without infection. When infected, it is often viral. Many children have several middle ear infections before the age of seven. Symptoms include crying, pulling, mild fever and irritability.

Adherent ear: A type of chronic otitis media. A long-term accumulation of thick or sticky fluid in the middle ear behind the eardrum leads to hearing loss. This can complicate socialization and learning, especially if hearing loss is not detected in early childhood.

Earwax: Protects the ear and is normal. However, wax deposits can be a problem in some adults and may require ear drops that soften the wax. Sometimes the ears also need a clean syringe from a doctor. Impacted earwax rarely causes discharge or pain in the ear, but may cause hearing damage.

Swimmer’s Ear: Develops when moisture, heat and moisture swell the skin layer in the ear. The addition of more water, for example by swimming, makes the skin in the ear canal even softer and prone to infection. Attempting to remove water with cotton swabs or other objects can worsen the condition and cause pain and itching.

1 mukhi rudraksha helps to eliminate the problem of the eyes

1 mukhi rudraksha helps to eliminate the problem of the eyes which is shown by aging. There are certain changes that are solely due to the aging process. Most of these anatomical and physiological processes are gradually decreasing.

With increasing age, the quality of vision deteriorates due to independent causes of eye diseases. While there are many significant changes in the non-diseased eye, the most important changes from a functional point of view appear to be a reduction in pupil size and the loss of accommodation or focusing ability (presbyopia).

The pupil area determines the amount of light that can reach the retina. The extent to which the pupil dilates decreases with age, resulting in a significant reduction in the light received in the retina. Compared to younger people, it is as if older people are constantly wearing medium density sunglasses.

Therefore, older people need extra lighting for each visually-controlled detail task where the power varies with the lighting. Certain eye diseases can stem from sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes and genital warts. If there is contact between the eye and the infection area, STD can be transmitted to the eye.

With age, a prominent white ring, called the arcus senilis, forms on the periphery of the cornea. Aging causes slackness, downward movement of the eyelid tissue and atrophy of the orbital fat. These changes contribute to the etiology of multiple eyelid disorders such as ectropion, entropion, dermatochalase, and ptosis.

The vitreous gel is liquefied (posterior detachment of the vitreous body or PVD) and its opacities, which are visible as swimmers, are gradually increasing in numbers.1 Mukhi Rudraksha strengthens with the name Lord Shiva and helps with eye problems.

Ophthalmologists are involved in the treatment and treatment of eye and vision disorders, including ophthalmologists (ophthalmologists / surgeons), opticians and opticians. A Snellen card is a kind of eye chart that measures visual acuity.

Upon completion of a full eye exam, the ophthalmologist may issue a prescription for corrective lenses to the patient. Some eye diseases for which corrective lenses are prescribed include myopia, which affects about one-third of the human population, hyperopia (farsightedness), which affects about a quarter of the population, astigmatism and presbyopia (loss of focus area during aging).

Others problems which can be healed by 1 mukhi rudraksha


The brain itself is not sensitive to pain because it has no pain receptors. When we use 1 Mukhi Rudraksha, all patients with head problems say that it eliminates our head problems for all ages, from childhood to the elderly. However, some areas of the head and neck have pain receptors and can therefore feel pain.

These include the extracranial arteries, the middle cerebral artery, the great veins, the venous sinuses, the brain and spine nerves, the head and neck muscles, the meninges, the falx cerebri, parts of the brainstem, the eyes, the ears, teeth and oral mucosa. The pial arteries are responsible for pain production instead of the pial veins.

Headaches are often caused by tension or irritation of the meninges and blood vessels. Nociceptors can be stimulated by head injuries or tumors and cause headaches. Blood vessel spasms, dilated blood vessels, inflammation or meningitis, and muscle tension can also stimulate nociceptors and cause pain.

After stimulation, a nociceptor sends a message along the nerve fiber to the nerve cells in the brain, indicating that part of the body is hurting.

Primary headaches are harder to understand than secondary headaches. The exact mechanisms that cause migraine, tension headaches, and cluster headaches are unknown.

There have been various hypotheses over time that try to explain what happens in the brain to cause this headache. Currently it is believed that migraine is caused by nerve disorders in the brain. Previously it was thought that migraine was caused by a primary problem with blood vessels in the brain.

This vascular theory developed by Wolff in the twentieth century suggested that the aura in migraine is caused by the narrowing of the intracranial vessels (vessels in the brain) and the headache itself by the extension of the rebound extracranial vessels (vessels just outside the brain).

The extension of these extracranial blood vessels activates the pain receptors in the surrounding nerves and causes headaches. Vascular theory is no longer accepted. Studies have shown that migraine headaches are not associated with extracranial vasodilation but only mild intracranial vasodilation.

Currently, most specialists believe that migraine is due to a primary nervous problem in the brain.] It is believed that auras are caused by a wave of increased activity of neurons in the cerebral cortex (a part of the brain) known as cortical depression] from a period of depressive activity.

Some people think that headaches are caused by the activation of sensory nerves that release peptides or serotonin, cause inflammation in the arteries, the dura and meninges, and also cause some vasodilation. Tryptans, drugs that treat migraine, block serotonin receptors and narrow blood vessels.

The maximum number of people in our country believes that 1 Mukhi Rudraksha helps with the headache problem. The most susceptible to migraines without headache are those with a family history of migraine, women and women who have hormonal changes or are taking birth control pills or who are prescribed hormone replacement therapy.


Asthma is a common inflammatory long-term lung disease of the lungs. It is characterized by variable and recurrent symptoms, reversible airflow obstruction, and mild bronchospasm. Symptoms include respiratory distress, cough, tightness of the chest and difficulty breathing.

These can sometimes occur a day or sometimes a week. Depending on the person, asthma symptoms may get worse at night or during exercise. Other possible triggers include drugs like aspirin and beta-blockers.

The diagnosis is usually based on the pattern of the symptoms, the response to the therapy over time and spirometry tests of the lung function. Asthma is classified according to the frequency of symptoms, the forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1) and the maximum expiratory flow rate.

There is no cure for asthma. Symptoms can be prevented by avoiding triggers such as allergens and irritants and using inhaled corticosteroids. In addition to inhaled corticosteroids, long-acting beta-agonists (LABA) or antileukotriene agents may be used if asthma symptoms are not controlled.

The treatment of rapidly worsening symptoms is usually with a short-acting inhaled beta-2 agonist such as salbutamol and oral corticosteroids. In 2015, 358 million people worldwide had asthma, compared to 183 million in 1990. It caused about 397,100 deaths in 2015, most of which occurred in developing countries.

Asthma often starts in childhood and has increased dramatically since the 1960s. Asthma was already recognized in ancient Egypt. Although asthma cannot be cured, the symptoms can usually be ameliorated. A specific and personalized plan must be created to proactively monitor and manage the symptoms.

This plan should include the reduction of allergen exposure, tests to assess the severity of symptoms and use, and adjustments to medications. The treatment plan should be written and include adjustments to the treatment for altered symptoms.

The most effective treatment for asthma is to identify triggers such as cigarette smoke, pets or aspirin and eliminate their exposure. If the prevention of triggers is inadequate, the use of medications is recommended.

The choice of drugs depends, among other things, on the severity of the disease and the frequency of the symptoms. Asthma-specific drugs are roughly classified into fast-acting and long-acting categories. Bronchodilators are recommended for short-term relief of symptoms. In patients with occasional seizures, no further medication is required.


For mild onset disease (more than two seizures per week), low dose inhaled corticosteroids or alternatively a leukotriene antagonist or an oral mast cell stabilizer are recommended. For daily seizures, a higher dose of inhaled corticosteroids is used. In moderate or severe exacerbations, corticosteroids are added orally to these treatments.


When a tuberculosis infection becomes active, it most commonly affects the lungs (in about 90% of cases). 1 Mukhi helps to heal it by giving off electric rays, as Lord Shiva called it. It is due to its magnetic property. Symptoms may include chest pain and a persistent cough that produces sputum.

About 25% of people may have no symptoms (ie they remain “asymptomatic”). Occasionally, people may cough up small amounts of blood, and in very rare cases, the infection may erode the pulmonary artery or a Rasmussen’s aneurysm, resulting in massive bleeding.

Tuberculosis can become a chronic disease and lead to extensive scarring in the upper lung lobes. The upper lobes are more frequently affected by tuberculosis than the lower lobes. The reason for this difference is not clear. This may be due to better airflow or poor lymphatic drainage into the upper lungs.,

This severe form of tuberculosis, which is more common in young children and those infected with HIV, is called military tuberculosis. People with this widespread tuberculosis also have a high mortality rate when treated (about 30%). In many people, the infection increases and decreases. Tissue destruction and necrosis are often in balance with healing and fibrosis.

The affected tissue is replaced by scars and cavities filled with necrotic material. During an active illness, some of these cavities adhere to the air passages (bronchi) and this material can cough. It contains live bacteria and therefore can spread the infection. Treatment with appropriate antibiotics kills the bacteria and allows for healing. After healing, the affected areas are eventually replaced by scar tissue.


Paralysis is when you cannot move certain parts of your body after something has failed with its connection to your brain. It comes in many different forms and can be temporary or permanent or even come and go.1 Mukhi Rudraksha heals it.

Therefore, it is used by the maximum number of people to reduce their brain problem. Someone who is paralyzed due to a congenital defect or sudden injury often cannot feel or move anything in the affected parts of the body. Someone who is paralyzed by a condition such as multiple sclerosis (MS) may experience a tingling or muscle weakness.


Examination of the acute toxicity of Rudraksha powder in mice

In the acute toxicity study of Rudraksha powder in mice, no mortality was observed in any group treated with Rudraksha powder of 500 mg / kg, 1000 mg / kg, 1500 mg / kg, 2000 mg / kg, 4000 mg / kg. kg, 6000 mg / kg body weight. Nootropic examination of Rudraksha powder in mice.

Rudraksha has the potential to improve memory and to be nootropic. Improved poor performance of scopalamin and baseline memory capture and preservation in the spatial memory test.

Cardioprotective activity of Rudraksha powder in mice

Rats pretreated with Rudraksha extract showed reduced lipid peroxides, a normal concentration of marker proteins for myocardial infarction. Rudraksha also has the ability to induce the basal myocardial antioxidant enzymatic activity to protect against oxidative myocardial stress injuries.

Anti-inflammatory effect of Rudraksha powder in mice

Rudraksha’s methanolic extract had an anti-inflammatory effect in the carrageenan-induced edema model. Experiments had demonstrated anti-inflammatory activity at 200 mg / kg and 400 mg / kg. The extract showed a maximum inhibition of 36.6% at 400 mg / kg after 3 hours of drug administration. However, the exact mechanism of anti-inflammatory activity requires detailed investigation.

Antidiabetic effect of Rudraksha powder in mice

1 Rudraksha Mukhi powder at a dose of 500 mg / kg and 1000 mg / kg body weight in streptozotocin-induced diabetes in Winstar rats showed a significant increase in HDL cholesterol and a decrease in LDL cholesterol level of triglycerides, VLDL cholesterol and total cholesterol. Therefore, Rudraksha can be helpful to prevent diabetic complications.

How should wear 1 Mukhi Rudraksha?

1 Mukhi Rudraksha can be used as a pendant on the neck or kept in the Poojan area of ​​the house. Both provide similar beneficial results. Get up early on Monday morning, bathe, wear clean clothes and cleanse the place where you worship God.

Then take a cup of copper, put the gangrale in it and gently wash Rudraksha. Gangajal now sprinkle on Rudraksha. It can be used in white silk or wool yarn after singing the above-mentioned special Beej mantra.

Who should use 1 Mukhi Rudraksha?

1 Mukhi Rudraksha is considered a blessing for all adults and therefore everyone should try to use it, otherwise it can be stored at home in the area of ​​Poojan. It is beneficial for people who are looking for a high concentration.

Doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs and executives should not use these rudraksha in any way. People who want to get out of the way of daily life may prefer these rudraksha.

It is useful to get rid of some diseases like chronic asthma, paralysis, stroke, mental health problems, eye problems, headaches, heart problems, tuberculosis and much more.

What are Rudraksha beads? Where are they available?

Rudraksha’s pearls are the living seeds of a fruit. The Rudraksha tree is treated in the plant world as Elaecarpus Ganitrus Roxb, and the seeds of the fruits of this tree are the mystical Rudraksha.

The pits or the prickly and contoured surface of this string are called Mukhis (faces). The islands Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Bali, Timor, Indonesia and certain parts of Nepal house the magnificent Rudraksha tree. Here it is growing in abundance.

Taking into account the proportion of trees based solely on geographical distribution, Indonesia accounts for 70%. Nepal is 25% and India 5%. It is the trees of Nepal that produce the biggest seeds of Rudraksha of high quality.

What is special about Rudraksha beads?

Rudraksha beads are traditionally used very often in Asia. Yogis and monks dressed especially during the spiritual exercises. The accounts allowed them spectacular control over the mind. Therefore, the use of rudraksha helped them to meditate for a long time while experiencing calm, concentration and silence.

Can anyone use this Rudraksha?

Yes, everyone can definitely use a unique or different combination of Mukhi Rudraksha. The limitations of age, culture, gender, geographical location, and religious background are not limiting for anyone using Rudraksha. The use of Rudraksha alone is a matter of faith and good will.

How else can 1 mukhi Rudraksha control blood pressure?

1 mukhi Rudraksha, which is applied in the chest near the heart or wrist, helps to control blood pressure, so many who have shared their positive experiences. Rudraksha are also used in a single therapy: water therapy. In this process, 3 beads of the 1 Mukhi Rudraksha are immersed overnight in a glass of water.

This happens immediately after sunset. The next day after removing the pearls, this water should be taken before consumption (before brushing). This stimulates the digestive system and provides correction benefits for diseases associated with the digestive system.

Is it that only Hindus can wear?

1 mukhi Rudraksha’s beads are for everyone. There is no religious discrimination that prohibits anyone from using it. It is the will and belief of the user that counts and religion does not matter when using a rudraksha.

Are Rudraksha’s beads used for meditation only? Is it intended only for people with specific backgrounds?

The user of this account experiences concentration, calm, concentration and calm. Such a mental state is not only meditation practice, but also very beneficial for professionals of all kinds. Success requires a high degree of concentration, concentration and the ability to remain calm in stress and strength.

Therefore, this account is a prerequisite for everyone in everyday life. Since the 5 Mukhi Rudraksha are available in abundance, there are also accounts from 1 Mukhi to 21 Mukhi available. Higher Mukhis from 8 Mukhi are rarer. These different Mukhis selectively alter the personality and exert a positive influence.

Rudraksha has anti-aging properties. They rejuvenate body, mind and soul. This guarantees optimal performance, the fullest potential and a better quality of life. Rudraksha is a rejuvenating mystical representation for all mankind.

Can the combination of different Mukhis be used?

A combination of Rudraksha can be with multiple accounts of any Mukhi or a combination of multiple Rudraksha with multiple faces. Each account has individual powers that can be felt at the same time.

It can be chained in silver, gold or copper depending on the user’s choice. Even others may ask to create accounts in a simple node between two rudraksha in a single bath.

How do we decide which bead combination we want to use?

Some Rudraksha Mukhi have variable characteristics because they are diverse and diverse. You can choose to use a single account of a particular facet or a combination of forces from different Mukhis.

It all depends on whether you want to supplement or improve the performance of the previously used account by adding more rudraksha to the existing bad rudraksha. Rudraksha therapy is known for its effectiveness in calming down planetary errors that could otherwise cause an imbalance in human life.

It is considered superior to the gemstone therapy and gives the user comfort and peace. You can opt for Mukhi, as suggested by our expert group.

How soon can you feel the effects of 1 mukhiRudraksha?

The effect of1 mukhi Rudraksha varies from individual to individual. Since each of us has a body structure, aura, etc., certain changes are observed almost immediately. Others take longer. Based on past experience and acute observation, it is advisable to wait about 45 to 60 days for the manifestation of the desired results.

Rudraksha are the accounts of the always auspicious Lord Shiva. If you carry it around, life becomes promising and it is known that the account works continuously to help the user. Sometimes the combination has to be rechecked because it’s possible that you could not share some important details before.

It is advisable to occasionally activate the accounts that “Om Namah Shivay!” Or the mantra and abhishek of relevant seeds are listed on favorable occasions.

What are the tests to determine the authenticity of Rudraksha?

Rudraksha’s lab test is the only way to verify the authenticity of the account without truncating or damaging it. The x-ray of this report shows how many internal seeds are trapped in the faces of the rudraksha.

  1. Under the magnifying glass, the cracks in the Rudraksha are clearly visible.
  2. When placed in boiling water, the glue used to make higher Mukhi beads or Gauri Shankar melts by cutting and inserting smaller beads.
  3. The copper coin test or the bead test are not 100% accurate. A real Rudraksha can also float.
  4. The safe way is to obtain it from an ISO certified laboratory source.

Can family members continue to trade beads for Neck Malas Rudraksha?

The practice of exchanging bad neck, Jap Mala and Rudraksha should be avoided. There is a relationship between the user and the divine account that he carries. Once the user uses the Rudraksha combination, it is very personal and should not be shared with anyone. Rudraksha can only be loved and passed on to the next generation.

Can ladies use this Rudraksha?

Yes, according to the scripture’s women can and should use Rudraksha. It is advisable to remove them for the time when nature is at work.

Can anyone use Rudraksha?

There are no obstacles that could limit the use of a rudraksha. Age, culture, geography, gender, and religious barriers do not unite the practice of using this Lord Shiva account. Yes, everyone can use a Rudraksha or a combination of accounts.

How do we know 1 mukhi Rudraksha is good?

The shape and size of this report has become a source of confusion for many. One should not worry about this aspect. The Mukhi must be well defined. There should be no cracks near the middle hole. The grain should not be eaten by insects. In general, it must be a well-defined healthy Rudraksha.

Does this Rudraksha help with panic attacks?

But if! Keep a great 1 Mukhi Rudraksha with you. One is relieved of nervousness, the sudden state of shock, stress when the account is held in the palm / fist. Put it in the right palm and hold it for at least 10 minutes. The body starts to warm up and self-confidence is restored.

The maximum extent of symptoms occurs in minutes. They usually last about 30 minutes, but the duration can vary from seconds to hours. You may be at risk of losing control or chest pain. Panic attacks themselves are usually not physically dangerous.

They can be activated or occur unexpectedly. Smoking, caffeine and mental stress increase the risk of a panic attack. Prior to diagnosis, diseases that cause similar symptoms, such as hyperthyroidism, hyperparathyroidism, heart disease, lung disease and drug use, should be excluded.

The treatment of panic attacks should be directed to the underlying cause. With frequent attacks, advice or medication can be used. Respiratory training and muscle relaxation techniques can also be helpful. Those affected have a higher suicide risk.

In Europe, around 3% of the population suffer from a panic attack in a given year, compared to around 11% in the US. They often start at puberty or early adulthood. Children and the elderly are less affected.

What is the life of this Rudraksha?

If the bead is well protected, properly kept and maintained, it has a very long life. It can be transmitted over several generations.

Can we use this Rudraksha on the body if we have to go to the cremation ground?

No, you absolutely have to do without it. It must be removed before entering a crematorium. This is a basic Vedic practice. This rule must be strictly adhered to. Rudraksha consists of two words: “Rudra”, which means Lord Shiva, and “Aksh”, which means tears.

According to the folklore, Lord Shiva opened up as he meditated for a long time, seeing the problems people faced, eyes and tears. It is believed that they have Divine powers of Lord Shiva and the followers use them to seek the blessing of the deity.

Rudraksha of “Ek Mukhi” or Rudraksha of a face are rarest to find and are considered really powerful. He is also known as the king of all reports “Rudraksha” and is ruled by “Paramshiva” or the last god Shiva.

The god of “moksha” or salvation or the one who raises a person or his soul out of the cycle of birth and death, Lord Shiva, is part of the Trinity of the three main gods.

1 Mukhi Rudraksha is credited as the account that provides Lord Shiva’s last blessing, and this blessing from 1 Mukhi Rudraksha made this account the most valuable of all accounts. The use of this Rudraksha makes the user happy and leads to a prosperous life. It brings luck and happiness into your life.

All sins are destroyed with this account. All the pleasures of the world are enjoyed by the person after using them. 1 Mukhi Rudraksha is also known as The Divine Report. He is considered the emperor of all accounts. The shape of this Rudraksha resembles a kaju, so it is called a crescent in the form of 1 Mukhi Rudraksha.

Who uses 1 Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed with the blessing of Maha Lakshmi? Lord Shiva helps the user to remove obstacles from his life. This helps to lead a powerful and successful life for the user. It has been shown that Rudraksha pearls have many health benefits.

Healing and anti-aging properties have been demonstrated. Rudraksha pearls can help heal many diseases. It is also used as a cure for stress, anxiety, mood swings, depression, impotence, lack of concentration, mental instability, etc.

Much research has been done to find out more about the properties and healing properties of Rudraksha’s reports. One of these investigations was that of Dr. Suhas Rai and the team of the Indian Institute of Technology in Banaras, who confirmed that Rudraksha’s accounts have special powers and vary from account to account.

The use of Rudraksha pearls helps to overcome difficulties and obstacles in life. These accounts have no negative effects like gems. A Rudraksha also protects the user from various diseases due to their medicinal properties. Rudraksha’s electromagnetic character enables the report to heal the human body both medically and spiritually.

These reports are often used in Ayurveda for the production of medicines for various diseases. Rudraksha Therapy is gaining in popularity and has proven to be more effective than gemstone and magnetic therapy in curing various diseases.

Magnetic property of 1 mukhi rudraksha

It is said that the cause of most diseases is an impure blood circulation due to blockages in the passage of arteries and veins that carry blood to and from all hearts to all parts of the body for various reasons., Magnets are very popular nowadays to cure such diseases.

When the magnets come into contact with the affected area, only the venous and arterial segments are opened or dilated in which the polarity coincides, making complete healing impossible. Although Rudraksha Beads retains most of the properties of magnets, it also has the ability to change its polarity, which can be called diamagnetism.

This is the ability of any material to achieve temporary magnetic properties in the presence of an external magnetic field. In other words, it has the property of dynamic polarity, giving it a polarity opposite to that of the inductive magnetic field produced by the heartbeat and blood flow, thereby opening the passages of the arteries and veins, thus providing much better healing and rejuvenating experience as magnets

Electric property of 1 mukhi rudraksha

Our mental and personal condition is determined by the brain, its functioning and that of the central nervous system. Our body can be considered a complex bioelectronic circuit and stress or increased physical activity can cause a malfunction.

Rudraksha pearls are naturally dielectric and can therefore store electrical energy. This resistance and dielectric property make it possible to stabilize and anchor the bioelectric current in the body.

Due to its electromagnetic and inductive properties, Rudraksha can send inductive vibrations with frequency signals to the brain by activating or controlling certain brain chemicals and neurotransmitters that produce positive changes.

Rudraksha is therefore used to treat hyperactivity, palpitations and to rationalize heartbeats etc.

By Shishir Acharya


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