Eid SMS in Nepali : Wishes, Messages Collection

Find here Eid Mubarak SMS in Nepali language. We have collected here for Eid Ramadan wishes, messages, text messages in Nepali. Eid Ramadan Mubarak text msg for Muslim religious people.

Eid SMS in Nepali : Wishes, Messages Collection

We have written one of the top Eid Mubarak wishes in Nepali for friends, husband, father, mother, brother, sisters, Wife, etc. read the newest Eid Mubarak wishing messages in Nepali. Eid Mubarak Greeting cards msg collection in Nepalese language.

Eid is one of the greatest festival of all Muslims. It is celebrate by all over the World in Muslim Culture. Eid in Nepal is one of the Biggest Festival of Islamic Religion communities of Nepal. This holy festival last for the 30 days.

Eid is one of the angelskov  is responsible to provide daily food on behalf of Allah. In the month Ramazan (Ramadan) during the period of fasting there is abstention even from that which is lawful and permissible food and drink which sustain life. A relaxation is made in the case of a person who is driven by necessity and to whom no other means of sustenance and nourishment are for the time available. He may partake of a prohibited article of food, using only that much which he considers necessary for| his immediate need.

People from the Muslim community use to exchange the Text Messages Wishes with Relative, Friend, Family, father, mother, brother, sisters, girlfriends, boyfriends etc.

The Nepali Eid wishing text msg for the year is here. So express the Love and Joy of Feeling of Last day of Ramadan.

Eid Ramadan SMS Messages wishes in NepaliEid Ramajan messages in Nepali : Eid Ul Fitr messages No. 1

Ti Shaitan jo Ramazan ma
band hudaian uniharuko 4 Nishani


1. Haat ma Mobile hunchha

2. Angutha battan ma hunchha

3. SMS Pader Hansnechha

4. Pheri sochnechha ki kaslai forward garun

Eid Ramajan messages in Nepali : Eid Ul Fitr sms No. 2

Ma jadai chhu tar tapai upset na hunu

ma pheri aaunchhu ek barsha pachhi yasai gari

Sukha, Shanti, khushi, ra Umanage

pheri pani liyer aaunechha





I am Ramadan Al-widah :- (jumma-tul-wida)

Eid Ramajan messages in Nepali :Eid Ul Fitr messages No. 3

Rat ko nayaa chandrama mubaarak,
Chandrama ko chaandni mubaarak,

aakash lai taara mubarak.
taara lai ujyalo mubarak.

ra tapailai mero tarfbat RAMADAN MUBARAK

Eid Mubarak Wishes Shayari in Nepali Language No. 4

Bakhra le maryo bakhrilai singh

Ani payechha bakhrile bhanyo





Eid Mubarak Wishes Shayari in Nepali Language No. 5

Timro namaj, Roja aru qurbani

matra aru matra allah ko lageko chha !!!




Tar yo pani yad rakh khaali matra mutu lai thaha chha :p

Eid Mubarak Wishes Shayari in Nepali Language No. 6

Timro bina maile gujare raheko chha yasto eid…….

Jasto yatra ma shanjh gharib haru le bitai raheko hunchha

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