Effects Of Corona Virus In Least Developed And Land Locked Country Like Nepal

Nepal is a one of the smallest and beautiful landlocked country in the south East Asia. Maximum Nepalese citizen living in Nepal are uncivilized and the country is in the underdeveloped condition.

Only people living around cities can get proper facilities of transportations, hospitality, health facilities and education but people living far away from few developed town and cities has miserable conditions which can attract many diseases and it may transmit rapidly because of lack of proper information.

Likewise the recent current pandemic disease corona virus has started spreading in Nepal person to person as it first case was confirmed in Kathmandu on 24th of January 2020. Many citizens were afraid and started leaving Kathmandu and it went empty within one month after the first case when the total lockdown was issued.

The first case was completely recovered but yet other cases were still to arrive. After first case Nepal started gathering and managing all the essential equipments, placed important meetings and took very wise decision on this pandemic case.

Moreover the second case was confirmed on 23th of March 2020 in Kathmandu. She was a nineteen year old girl just came home from abroad also she was placed on isolation; also 12 additional cases have been confirmed in Kathmandu, Rautahat, Baglung including birgunj.

Three people were from India, residing in Nepal were also victim of corona confirmed in birgunj. Also 34 year old woman from Kailali was confirmed of having corona as it was the first case of local transmission which made people more panic.


Effect of corona virus

Nepal is a tourism country and it’s likely to be affected by this pandemic situation. There were various travel restrictions for the tourists visiting Nepal from all over the world which hampered the local tourism business as well as international tourism business including travel and tours companies in Nepal.


The Middle East Nepal which makes up more than half’s of Nepal GDP was provoked because of this virus. Likewise many projects were forced to be closed and those projects were for children from villages who love creativity those projects were banned also low business including cancellation.

Likewise many hospitals, medical centre, including various agencies were found to be hiking prices and other offences and they was raid in right way. These sectors, companies, agencies were increasing price in essential stuff which is very unusual during this pandemic condition.

Also, most of the Nepalese citizens were taking this situation as profitable condition where poachers started destroying wildlife rapidly and started a path connecting with powerful local outlaws’ politicians who creates open path for every poachers and bad people to reach their destinations and support their work with no hesitation.

This created big impact along with corona virus panic, also most of the people growing their illegal business targeting this pandemic situation which is worst in the context of underdeveloped or developing landlocked country like Nepal.

Also misinformation is one of the main unwanted unnecessary activities going in Nepal through unregistered news sites and such which made their page or channel grow making people panicking for no reason also creating false information.

In this case many were arrested as cyber crime and many rumors were stopped before spreading.

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