In the celebration of Dussehra, we praised the triumph of truth over the insidiousness and love Goddess Durga and go to her to evacuate all the evilness around us. This conviction of us makes satisfaction consistently and our life. Happy Dussehra, my friends!!!

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

I wish you and your family, Happy Dussehra. May you showered upon by the gifts of Goddess Durga and Lord Ram and your life be loaded up with interminable daylight of joy.

May this celebration bring the glow of pleasant moments and satisfaction by consuming all the dismal snapshots of your life. Happy Dussehra.

Like this lovely celebration, I wish that your days likewise get excellent and acceptable with bliss and satisfaction. Have a grand celebration and enjoy the festival to a full extent.

Night is dark however days are light and excellent. Wishing your life always be brilliant. Along these lines, my dear companions, don’t get fear since god skilled us the brand celebration, Dussehra celebration. Happy Dussehra, my companions!!!

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

I wish may the satisfaction of this celebration can be rehashed in your life consistently. On this celebration event, longing that your day is loaded up with shocks that can make your mouth open. Enjoy the festival.

May the favored event of Dussehra guided a decent occasion, thriving and good fortunes for you and your family. Have a fabulous time, my companions!!!


In this stunning celebration, Dussehra I met love, peace, wellbeing and good fortune. They required a perpetual place to remain. I gave them your location. I trust they arrived securely. Happy Dussehra!!

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

May this celebration be a shot of giving thank, an offering to adulate, a festival of God’s adoration in his astonishing effortlessness, A favored and Happy Dussehra to you and your family.

I trust this celebration brings the daylight quietness moon to advance your existence with immaculateness, trustworthiness, quiet through for the best chances. Have a celebration full of happiness and joy.

In the special celebration of Dussehra festival, I wish you bunches of sprightliness and flourishing. May this celebration conquer all the murkiness. Happy Vijaya Dashami, to all my friends!!!!

Dussehra time is the gathering with families and closest companions, we get together and hearts are loaded up with wishes and excellent kinship welcome. I am sending you my best wishes in this Dussehra festival.

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

When you are down, I wish you certainty and satisfaction, when you are agitated, I wish you peace and may you get the quality to defeat from it, I wish you expectation and valor with every above wish. In this Dussehra festival, forget all the worries, and celebrate the festival.

Wishing you Happy Dussehra with the desire and motivation for a phenomenal celebration. I wish all of your intelligence, strength, and confidence to conquer every one of the obstructions you confront. I wish you have an incredible festival with your family and friends.

Let me give a chance to search for the positive vibes on us. Give us a chance to erase our distress and enjoy bliss. All the best to you and your family in this Dussehra celebration!! Happy Dussehra, my companions!!


Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

Wishing all of you the peace, fortunes and all the best that the celebration brings to the table. May this season, giving and investing energy with family and family brings you euphoria and fun that goes on for a long time and can be important!! Have fun.

May the goddess Durga bless you and your family with bliss, success, delight, and peace. May you generally get the blessing of elders and fellowship of good companions and way of life loaded up with satisfaction and achievement.

A Dussehra celebration of intense and sweet recollections has been passed and this year, may Dussehra celebration get tremendous delight and amusing to your life. Remembering the good fortune from Goddess Durga and elders, wishing you more.

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

Hoping you enjoy the Dussehra celebration to an ever-increasing extent. Have a happy and breathtaking Dussehra!!! May the desires sent by me, in this astounding celebration fill your heart keeping in mind the desire of a more brilliant tomorrow, unfurl new dreams to understand that God has an awesome confidence in you. May you achieve the best statues of flourishing and achievement.

Let me wish all of you an extremely Happy and blastic Dussehra at first… Happy Dussehra! May the celebration of tika jamara convey the pack of adoration to you, a light to direct your way towards a positive goal.

May your spirit be loaded up with heaps of adoration and sympathy. May you have a fruitful time loaded up with satisfaction and happiness ahead. Have a ton of fun.

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

Forget every one of your stresses and welcome the celebration, Dussehra!! Dussehra celebration has accompanied new expectations, new chances, new difficulties and a radical better approach for charming individuals identified with you.

Have the huge smile all over, keep running off the tears, overlook the awful moments, consider enjoyment and quit contemplating fears. Wishing all of you a glad and prosperous Dussehra!!!

Wanting you to enjoy all that life has to offer for the immense activity to achieve your objectives and when you are done, sweet rest. A more splendid and preferable celebration over you has ever had…

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

Nations will rise and fade kings will run and fall. But, Dussehra will be always, it is the triumph over sin. Grasp the Dussehra celebration with another thing as well as with another and positive way to deal with making things straightforward in the year ahead. Happy Dussehra to you all.

Dussehra celebration come once every year and returns, however this time, I exceptionally wish for all of you, a twofold and triple dosage of energy, bliss and wellbeing finished with heaps of favorable luck. Happy Dussehra!!!

May each day bring you sweet amazements, a joy buffet. May this Dussehra includes another flawlessness and shimmer in your life, much the same as the aroma spread by the blossoms in the garden. Happy Dussehra to you all,

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

With new confidence and new goals, fresh starts and the sky is the limit from there. Dussehra is the best time of the considerable number of endowments and glare. An opportunity to enliven the houses, put tika and jamara and getting endowments, Have a great celebration.

May you have a bubbly loaded up with affection, giggling, splendor and expectation. May your inconveniences are less and the favors of Goddess Durga and older folks be increasingly and may satisfaction get through your door. Happy Vijaya Dashami.

May this celebration change yours desires into being genuine, your tears in a smile, your adoration into bliss and fulfillment and your diligent work into progress. Happy Dussehra to you all!!!!

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

As the sand goes down easily in the hourglass, may your days additionally resemble so. In his celebration, I am Wishing to have high vitality levels which will always be in each task ahead while will obviously shape you. Happy Dussehra!!

May this celebration stream for you without breaking a sweat and astonishing thing will show at the present time, not later. Have lots of fun with your dear and loved ones.

May the shades of cheers and euphoria bloom the adoration and happiness in your life in this Dussehra!! Happy Dussehra to you all!!!! Appreciate the festival.

Let’s welcome Dussehra. How about we bring all expectations inside and out, how about we wait for the recollections for eternity. May God showers boundless endowments on you and always keep you cheerful and enchanting.

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

My desire and gift are for now as well as for whatever remains of an existence ahead. I trust this Dussehra celebration to be more productive for you. May your future get more brilliant, wishing you lovely minutes, prized recollections, and every one of the endowments a heart can know.

May goddess Durga showers gift with peace and convey delight to your heart and home… Have a euphoric and awesome Dussehra… Happy Dussehra, my companions!!!

I am sending all of you bunches of smiles from a thousand miles, loads of satisfaction with the goal that you can appreciate. I am sending my best Dussehra wishes. Happy Dussehra!!!

May the Dussehra celebration include another magnificence and freshness into your life simply like the fragrance and freshness spread by the new sprout of bloom. Have Fun!!!

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

May this Bada Dussehra come as a recently bloomed blossom in the garden of yours whose smell makes you glad and vivacious step by step. Have fun!!

May the Dussehra convey your bravery to break your goals early! In this Dussehra celebration, may good fortunes and favorable luck always be with you? have an extraordinary Dussehra, Happy Vijaya Dashami!!!

Dussehra is here to toss out every one of the stresses, uncertainty, and dread to love with a giggle and give. Wishing you and your family with great wellbeing, riches, achievement and an adventure towards the ceaseless light.

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

May this celebration full your mind with peace. May the bliss, love, expectation, and warmth be in the center of your heart’s and may this Dussehra celebration bring you and your numerous endowments.

May genuine bliss and fortunes and favorable luck be with you in this Dussehra celebration and always in your way of diligent work.

May every snapshot of your day by day life get the chance to be begun with an awesome gift. Happy Dussehra, to you all. and have a ton of fun!!!

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

Life resembles science, weaken all your misery, dissipate your inconveniences, channel your joy and you will discover the gems of adoration. But Dussehra is here to give you happiness and enjoyment. Have fun!!!

Dussehra is here, bliss arrives and houses are brightened and jamara are kept in each house. Wishing all of you, lovely and extraordinary moments, loved recollections and every one of the endowments from the older folks and god. Have fun!!

I am trusting this celebration to be an errand person of satisfaction and grins with peace and favorable luck that brings you at any point wished for!!!! Happy Dussehra, to you all!!!!! Have a great time,

Let’s perk up for the Dussehra celebration with blesses our countenances and trusts in our heart at the best. On the way to progress, the administer is to always to look forward with more persistence. Have fun in this Dussehra festival.

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

May you get your chance too goal, and may your adventure be brilliant. May Dussehra give you chance to understand your fantasies, rediscover your qualities. Wishing you all Happy Dussehra!!!

May all of you wind up in amazing wellbeing and fun. may you cherish with everything that is in you and discover peace in even the most turbulent circumstance of the occasions. Wishing all of you, Happy Dussehra!!! May God bless all of you!!

The celebration isn’t same if you not celebrate it without family, companions, May the blessings and great wishes all encompass you, trust arouses and bounces back you. In this Dussehra festival, celebrate it collecting unforgettable moments.

In this Dussehra festival, may the soul of the spring season fill your spirit with peace and Happiness? Wishing all of you, Happy Dussehra!!!!!! Have fun and enjoy the festival!!

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

Everyone is delightful, Dussehra has come and it’s an ideal opportunity for the fun. It is anything but an opportunity to hustle, no compelling reason to stress, in truth It’s a great opportunity to unwind and enchant. Happy Dussehra, everybody!!

In this Dussehra celebration, I am wishing all of you that may your enemies progress toward becoming companions, the anger and misery blur from your life and you find another individual inside you. Have fun.

May this Dussehra celebration intend to bring the delights into your souls and fill each desire. May this cheerful celebration fill your home with satisfaction, your heart with adoration and appreciation and your existence with chuckling and achievement. Wishing you Happy Dussehra!!!

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

Dussehra is the ideal opportunity for celebrations and spreading the love. Let’s appreciate this promising Dussehra which has enabled us to impart our adoration and care to our precious ones. Enjoy the festival.

May the freshness of spring pervade the interminable peace, happiness and well acquire your life. may this Dussehra celebration bring the message of peace and rest in your life… Wishing you, Happy Vijaya Dashami!!!! Have a fabulous time!!

Dussehra is the season to praise the endowments of Goddess Durga and triumph over evil. Wishing you bunches of adoration, satisfaction, and peace.

May the better and valuable snapshot of the present turn into the significant recollections of the future. I am wishing all of you the miracles and fun of Dussehra. have fun!!!

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

May this celebration fill your existence with sweet and valuable moments… what’s more, bring you bunches of sweet and lovely astonishments… Have a euphoric and magnificent Dussehra!! Happy Dussehra, everybody!!!

Dussehra isn’t a period, not a season, in fact, is the perspective to value peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in misery is to have a genuine soul of Dussehra!! Happy Dussehra!!!

Confidence makes everything conceivable. Devotion makes the way of accomplishment. Happy Dussehra, TO YOU ALL!!! It’s season of Dussehra!!!! Have some good times and appreciate a great deal!!!

It’s not new clothes and gifts that make Dussehra so unique. it’s the nearness of those whom you cherish most. Let the stream of affection and peace delicately fill your spirit and homes and make the sound condition around you. Let’s celebrate together.


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