I am sending a unique Dussehra to wish your direction. May every snapshot of your night and day resemble a Dussehra day!! Wishing you all Happy Dussehra!!

A celebration with loaded with extraordinary recollections of adolescence, Sky brimming with beautiful kites, Mouth brimming with flavorful dishes and desserts, House loaded with jamara and heart brimming with euphoria. Wishing all of you Happy Dussehra, On Dussehra, wishes for each happiness and success.

Trusting that the excellence of this celebration of tika and jamara, bring a considerable measure of bliss, satisfaction, and happiness to you, to last the entire year through. Have a great celebration.

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

May you be honored with the achievement, luckiness, euphoria, favorable circumstances and affection. May God shower more and more blessings upon you! Happy Dussehra!!!

Dussehra brings the satisfaction, the delight, the expectation, the thriving throughout everyday life. The celebration of tika and jamara wish all of you Happy Dussehra.

I wish that all your delights duplicate and your whole issues vanish. I wish an excellent and enthusiastic Dussehra to you and your relatives.

May you have an incredible time together with family and companions. I hope this Dussehra festivity be amazing for you and you generally be honored with astuteness and achievement. Happy Dussehra!!!


Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

On the special occasion of Dussehra, I ask that our friendship is honored with better understanding and loads of affection. May God help you in your good and bad times. Wishing you Happy Dussehra!!!

I wish that this incredible night favors you with bliss, wonder, and wellbeing my friends. Happy Dussehra to all of you. Enjoy the festival!!!

Dussehra is an opportunity to connect with the shades of satisfaction. It is an ideal opportunity to love and pardon every one of the errors of the friends and family. May you celebrate this special occasion with joy and excitement.

Dussehra is additionally an opportunity to communicates the bliss and love and to be adored through endowments. This is the time of togetherness and enjoyment. Happy Dussehra!!!

I wish that you praise the best event of Dussehra with your friends and family… I wish that you are honored with snapshots of delight, feeling of congruity, achievement, and accomplishment as we put tika and jamara on this lovely occasion

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

Sending my adoration and wishes to all of you on Dussehra. May God favor you with all the delightful snapshots of life, recollections of euphoria, solid obligation of kinship, feeling of adoration and every other memory you need to accumulate in your life.HAPPY Dussehra, to all of you!!!

Dussehra is the best time to make extraordinary recollections with your family and friends and family. It is the festival of love and togetherness. Let’s enjoy together spread love and peace.

May you make the most elite recollections this Dussehra celebration. While playing out the puja custom of Dussehra, I pray to Goddess Durga to shower bliss and success upon you. Wishing you Happy Dussehra!!!


May The gifts of Goddess Durga Purify your Heart, May The beautiful kites in the sky Color Ur Life. May the celebrations of Dussehra over-whelm your heart with delight and satisfaction. Happy Dussehra to all of you.

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

It’s simply alright if there are relatively few companions around, only a veritable companion lies you will make my life worth living. May our festival be exciting and full of enjoyment. Happy Dussehra!!!!

May the way picked by you be guided by the gift of Goddess Durga. I’m longing that this celebration brings your satisfaction and fulfillment. Happy Dussehra!!

As we commend the Dussehra celebration, May the great vibes and seriously positive air be showered in you and your home. May the current year’s Dussehra be the beginning of your blissful and prosperous life. Wishing you all Happy Dussehra!!

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

Wishing all of you, only the best on Dussehra. From lime way, I am sending you wishes and charming smiles for the immense festival of every last snapshot of this promising celebration. Have a brilliant time. Wishing all of you an exceptionally Happy Dussehra to all of you…

Dussehra is the period of warmness to visit our companions and relatives so as to hand over the desserts of affection to wish Happy Dussehra.

Dussehra is an enchanted time to celebrate with friends and family. May you get the chance to make uncommon recollections with the ones you adore, this Dussehra. Have fun and enjoy a lot!!!

Wishing all of you with a more wish of an exceptionally happy and prosperous Dussehra. May this celebration bring parcels and bunches of satisfaction and happiness in your life and satisfy every one of your desires and wants. Happy Dussehra to all of you…

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

May this Festival bring the cluster of flourishing, fortunes and satisfaction with Achievements in your life. This is the festival of tika, jamara, and blessing. May God showers all his blessing upon you. Have a celebration.

Dussehra is particularly a Day to consider the Goodness that still holds on the planet and to look for gifts from respected elders, A Day to spread Love, Happiness, Strength, and Victory through a gift. Happy BIJAYA DASHAMI TO YOU ALL!!!

Our ancestors knew how our nation is honored with the best climate, sun, and skies, amid Autumn thus carefully set our greatest celebration to harmonize with it. I don’t know whether this is a reality, but rather satisfy this can’t be an incident either.

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

Here, I am wishing your Dussehra to be excellent as the splendid blue sky that has at long last opened up to go along with us for the merriments. Eat, drink, move and fascinate yourself in the great vibes of Dussehra. Happy Vijaya Dashami everyone.

First of all, Happy Navratri and Happy Vijaya Dussehra to all of u… Wish you all have some good times with companions, relatives, and others. I wish all of you an extremely Happy Dussehra 2077. Wishing all of you great and quality time with your loved ones and families.

May goddess and god satisfy every one of your desires and want. May this celebration fill your days with affection, great recollections, and great sustenance and all great greetings… Stay Happy!!!!

Vijaya Dashami is an awesome celebration celebrated for the triumph of good over shrewdness, Vijaya. Give us a chance to proceed and thrive the genuine and unadulterated soul for all eternity. May all of you get the full Blessing of Dussehra. Happy Vijaya Dashami to all my friends…

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

The expectation this Dussehra will bring peace, security, joy, flourishing and wishes come true… May the Goddess Durga bless everyone. Stay happy and enjoy the feast with happiness, joy, and satisfaction. Happy Dussehra to you all

Wishing a decent well-being, achievement and peace and a voyage to you and your family towards the endless expectation and achievement. Have a grand celebration.

May this Dussehra raises the new expectations, new dreams and fill our days with lovely astonishments and moments!! Appreciate the celebration to an ever-increasing extent!! Have Fun!!!

Dussehra isn’t only a celebration to have a great time, however, it is an ideal opportunity to gather an ever-increasing number of noteworthy moments to appreciate the flourishing and goodness. Have fun, friends!!!

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

Allows us currently seek and wish after those cheerful and past times worth remembering to return once more. This Dussehra celebration is the beginning of the brilliant and prosperous days ahead to my magnificent companions. Wishing you all Happy Dussehra!!!

Trusting that your Dussehra celebration overflow with loads of fun and cheerful occasions. Happy Dussehra, to all my brilliant friends…. may you appreciate the celebration more than you anticipate…

A brilliant and wonderful day is here with the sun escalating the beam. Jamara is kept in the house to cheer the grins. The time has come to appreciate with full power. Wishing all of you especially, Happy Vijaya Dashami!!!

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

May all of you are loaded up with outrageous euphoria and bliss and praise the celebration with extraordinary energy and inspiration. Have a grand celebration.

May your life be honored with affection, intelligence and bliss, Have fun and appreciate the celebration with spending satisfaction and fun, yet not spending more riches, Happy Dussehra!!!

Dussehra, the celebration of tika and jarmara, a celebration with the shower of a gift from seniors and Goddess Durga is here in the entryway of your home. May goddess Durga shower blessing upon you.

May Dussehra bring you more noteworthy learning and knowledge and light up our life for the whole year, with incredible commitment, enthusiasm, and joy, with beams of expectation and satisfaction, wishing you and your family, Happy Vijaya Dashami!!

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

On this promising celebration, I am wishing all of you that your life sparkles with the brilliance of achievement, euphoria and favorable luck. May the gift from the elders continually convey success and satisfaction to you…

As the considerable celebration of Dussehra connotes that we ought to be far from the haziness of mix-up in which we live and start to appreciate the new existence with a brilliant light inside of us to sparkle more brilliant and more splendid. Have fun!!!

Dussehra Wishes For friends and family

May this Dussehra celebration bring peace, success, and bliss in your life. May you get the huge shocks in this day. Longing that you constantly fly up high simply like the brilliant kites in the sky and may your life always be bright similar to the beautiful kites flying in the sky. Enjoy, my friends!!!

Much the same as the vivid kite spots in the sky, trusting that this heavenly celebration interfaces you with the most joyful and most brilliant snapshots of life. Have fun!!!

May you achieve the new statures of progress with adopting more things. Happy Dussehra, to you all!!!!


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  1. Nepali haru ko mahan chad dashaine ko aabashar ma nepal lagayat bidesh ma rahanu bhayakasampurna nepai daju bhai didi bahini sabai lai durga mata le rakshya garun sabai nepali lai pheri ek palta

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