Dussehra Countdown 2020 :- Dussehra Festival is one of the most celebrated festivals of Indian culture. According to the Indian calendar, the Dussehra festival is observed in late September or it falls in the October month.

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This particular day in some Indian regions means the day on which Lord Rama killed Ravan and Goddess Durga fought Mahishasura. This festival is observed mostly as the day when Goddess Durga killed the demon Mahishasaur.

This is the biggest festival celebrated in India in October, and most of the Hindu population of India celebrate this special occasion with enthusiasm.

Every state of India has two major temples dedicated to Goddess and God. Most of the Hindus celebrate this occasion on the day that Goddess Durga and her different 9 Avatar.

A day is also marked out in India called “Vijayadashami.” Vijayadashami is a special day dedicated to Goddess Durga. In some places, women of all castes gather on this day. The women of all age groups are present in large numbers in these large celebrations.

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The main reason behind this is to welcome Goddess Durga back into her power. In some of the temples, it is also observed that when people come for power and strength, they will bring rice and fruits to Goddess Durga.


During the festival, the God or Goddess of your choice also offers prayers to Goddess and Lord Rama. They also deliver gifts, sweets, and other gifts to the Goddess on this auspicious day.

The children also pray for the Gods and goddesses on this special day.

Vijayadashami or Dussehra is an important Hindu festival celebrated in October every year. Vijaya Dashmi or Dussehra is when Hindus celebrate the occasion of ‘Vijaya Dashami’ which is a traditional ceremony for the victory of good over evil. It is one of the biggest festivals in India.

Dussehra has been celebrated since ancient times. It is a celebration of the happiness of victory of goodness over badness. The entire nation celebrates it along with a great deal of pomp and show. It is a festival full of music and prayers. The main objective of the Dussehra festival is to make everyone happy and well-disciplined.

Burning Ravana at Dussehra Festival in Amritsar, India
Burning Ravana at Dussehra Festival in Amritsar, India

On the day of Vijaya Dashami, it is observed that people take out all their old clothes and distribute them amongst the homeless or those who are suffering from hunger and malnutrition.

People buy different kinds of gifts for their loved ones and also for themselves to make them happy during this auspicious festival. All the money that is possessed by the rich is burnt along with the offerings. This is considered an essential ritual that helps in purifying society.

There are many different types of costumes worn during Vijayadashmi. Every Hindu family uses some dress during this period. But it is mainly the women who wear the garb in public. They mostly wear red colored clothes. The men do not follow this practice, but they choose to wear white or black clothing.

During Vijaya Dashami, the main purpose of food is for the God and Goddess. It is believed that this festival marks the beginning of harvest season, and God will help in providing good crops in the future.

As per Hindu belief, all the people in India are responsible for the wealth of their country. They will be able to enjoy a bountiful harvest if they observe all the rituals and sacrifices that are given in this festival. A person should keep in mind that he should not consume food with any intoxicants during this time.

There are many festivals and festivities held during the month of Vijaya Dashami, but Durga Puja is the most important one, which is believed to be the biggest of them all. Durga Puja is also celebrated on the day for the differnet 9 forms of Goddess Durga.

The Goddess is represented by many colorful colors and various forms of garbs. It is believed that during Durga Puja, all the evil spirits should be destroyed, and only good spirits should be respected.

Celebrate Dussehra by Reciting Mantras

Dussehra is the most famous and popular festival in India. The entire month of October is celebrated in India. This day is associated with the Goddess Durga. The festival has its roots in the mythological story about Dussehra.

It was celebrated as a tribute to the Gods who are also revered in India. During Dussehra, Goddess Durga, the Hindu religion’s main deity, plays an important role, and the entire community celebrates this festival with great fanfare. Dussehra festival is also celebrated in different parts of the country.

The most auspicious day of Dussehra is the day that is celebrated on the day of Dussehra. This is the day when Goddess Durga takes her divine form and enters into the world to fulfill her promises made to her husband. This is considered the most auspicious day.

There are many activities planned during this Dussehra. This includes parades, offerings, and rituals done to the Goddess in all forms of forms. The entire community of Hindus celebrates this festival in their homes. In this manner, they display the glory of goddesses in their own homes.

On the Dussehra, there are many festivities like the dancing, the singing, and the fiesta. Mela is organized by the community to make sure that the community gets involved in these festivities.

To celebrate this festival, the community makes sure to visit various places around the country, like temples, hotels, cinema halls, and many other places. On this occasion, there are many marriages and celebrations taking place in different areas.

The Dussehra Festival Celebration

The Dussehra Festival, or as it is also commonly called Dashain, is an auspicious occasion celebrated in India for many years now. Vijayadashami is also known as Dashain, Dussehra or Dasara and is a unique Hindu festival celebrated on the eve of Navaratra, a month of Durga Puja.


Dussehra is celebrated with great enthusiasm in most regions of India. Celebrations are held to mark various auspicious occasions like marriage, birthdays, auspicious events like brotherhood, sisterhood, and much more.

Navratri is celebrated during the same month of October, and this is considered the month of good luck. In most parts of India, Navratri falls on the fourth day of October, and this has been termed the “day of victory.”

It is believed that this is the day when brotherhood, sisters, and brothers work together to help in the harvest celebrations are conducted all around India. People do get into some fights and quarrels as they fight over the harvest, which is very encouraging in Hinduism and is considered auspicious in many other cultures.

Even though Navratri is celebrated differently in different places, the main celebrations go on in Pushkar and many other sites. In many parts of India, the Navratri festival is celebrated in vast and grand temples like Varanasi, Birla Temple, Jantar Mantar, Kedarnath, and more.

There are many other places where there are small-scale festivities and celebrations, too, but the main point here is that all these are organized to celebrate lord Brahma’s birth on this auspicious day.

For Navratri, all types of offerings are made, and gifts are exchanged. One can see many people, both men, and women, dancing, wearing colorful clothes and all sorts of traditional items to mark the celebration.

All the important deities are worshiped as they are present on an auspicious day, and the entire festival is celebrated with lots of fun and frolic.

People take part in several other activities to make the celebration more exciting and vibrant. One can also go on a hunting trip to hunt down some significant and dangerous animals and enjoy their company along with some great food.

There are many other things to keep one busy during the festivities, such as many other religious festivals, music, dance, and other entertainment forms.

In some parts of India, many women take part in the celebrations, and they are seen wearing colorful sarees with long dresses, and many of them are seen carrying some decorative swords on their shoulders. They are seen singing songs and dance as they celebrate the day.

There are excellent dancing and joyous gaiety throughout the day, and the whole celebration is marked with the full participation of the womenfolk from all over the country. Dressed in their best clothes and with lots of jewelry, they are ready to make a lasting impression on the eyes of the Lord Brahma and Lord Krishna.

Dussehra Festival is one of the most famous festivals and is widely celebrated worldwide, and the celebrations get more enthusiastic as the day goes on. Every year, a huge section of Indians celebrates and celebrate the festival with great excitement.

Celebrating Dussehra on the Holidays

Dussehra is the main festival in India and is celebrated by Hindu women. It has been celebrated for many centuries now, and this festival is more than just a day for celebrating female love and devotion.

Women use the day to pay their respects to the Goddess Durga, mother of all goddesses. The first day of this festival is very special and is celebrated in the house of every girl.

The festival is celebrated in many different parts of India. It is also celebrated at various places in Nepal and other countries like the United Kingdom. This was made as an extra festive attraction activities by the Indian Government, who wanted to attract more foreigners to fund its economy.

The Dussehra festival marks the beginning of Puja. Puja is a ceremony in which flowers and spices are sprinkled over the devotees. Puja is done to honor the Goddess Durga and the other Gods.

The Goddess Durga symbolizes power, strength, and many other things related to the Hindu religion. As such, Puja is done to honor the goddess in many ways.

In addition to that, they are also carrying clothes with them to show their devotion. Some of the dresses are decorated with garlands and other items. The women do this to honor the Gods and Goddess.

The most important thing that happens on Dussehra is when Lord Rama enters the house of every devotee. The Lord is known as the Lord of all, and he takes over his home and brings out all the good things in it. He then gives out sweets to the people. These are given out to the women so that they can enjoy them on the day of Dussehra.

Dussehra is not a good day for anyone to be alone. There are several places where one can find people together. However, it is best if you take the time to celebrate the festival with your friends and family.

This is the day when everyone glorifies and rejoices. It is the only day when you can say ‘thank you, My Lord’ to the Goddess, the Gods, and all those who had loved you.

Dussehra – A Festival That Is Full of Good Fortune

Vijayadashami or ‘Dussehra’ is also known as Dashain in Nepal, Dasara or Vijay and is a big Hindu festival celebrated in the last month of October every year. This festival marks the end of summer and marks the winter’s arrival and the beginning of the harvest season.

The festival is based on Indian astrology, which has some interesting significance in understanding Dussehra. It is believed that during this season, good fortune will befall you if you are lucky enough to get a promising position in the house of God. On the other hand, the worst condition will occur if your position is not in God’s place. In the olden days, the sun’s position was essential and could determine one’s future in life.

The priestess of the temple has to place your palm on the holy place of God and ask for a position in the house of God. The position would depend on the position of the sun. If the sun’s position is not in the temple, then that is considered auspicious, and one would be blessed with the good luck of living in the future.

As a result of the sun’s position, there will be a good number of fairs and festivals and also a good number of offerings made to the Lord. It would also help one to receive several good wishes from near and dear ones. This festival is celebrated in the last month of October with great pomp and grandeur. The temple priest would be dressed in the Lord’s attire and would lead the procession of prayers to God.

The people would be dressed in different colors. They are supposed to be adorned in yellow clothes while carrying various objects for decorating the temple. Some of the gifts might include flowers, candles, lamps, etc.

Along with the various auspicious offerings, the priestess would also light the temple lamps in different colors. These lamps will symbolize the multiple aspects of good luck and wealth. People are also encouraged to buy good quality and beautiful cloth for wearing on these lamps to show that they are blessed with good fortune.

A good quality auspicious cloth can be made with the help of a sewing machine. The embroidery is done on these cloths to make them look beautiful and stylish.

If you wish to purchase a particular temple for decoration during Dussehra, you should make sure that it is well maintained by keeping the place clean and tidy. There should be no sign of dust or dirt anywhere.

History Of Dussehra

The History of Dussehra is one of the most celebrated festivals, which has been celebrated by the Hindus for many centuries. In India, Dussehra is a festival that celebrates the beginning of life, along with the Hindu gods and goddesses. The celebrations mark a major part of the Indian calendar, which has been celebrated in different parts of India.

During Dussehra, a lot of festivities are organized in different places of India. These celebrations vary in different parts of India. But in the eastern part of India, one of the major highlights of this celebration is the traditional dance of a group of boys known as Dusiya.

In fact, during Dussehra, a special group called ‘Dusiya’ is formed by the boys to make Dusiya dancers, as the boys are very much interested in dance.

The Dusiya dancers perform different kinds of dances according to their taste and style. The dance includes Samba, Kumbh, and many other types of dance that are performed by the Dusiya dance groups.

In fact, the tradition of Dusiya dancers dates back to many centuries ago in India, which is one of the main reasons, why this dance form is so popular in India.

In the last few decades, the popularity of Dusiya dance has increased tremendously. In fact, the number of Dusiya dances has gone up over the years, as people have started to appreciate the art form.

These dancers are considered the best of the dance forms. Many famous people from the Indian and the foreign culture have also tried their hand in the world of dance. This way, Dusiya has gained a good reputation in the field of entertainment.

Dusiya dancers are trained to be perfect in their dances. They have a lot of talent, and they know how to move around in such a beautiful manner, so as to keep the crowd entertained.

The dance performance starts at around 4 am, and the performances are concluded after sunset. So, even if it rains during Dussehra, the music will still continue to play on the television or radio, which makes the whole festival one of fun and enjoyment for everyone. .

The history of Dusiya has been celebrated for centuries, which is a fact. And now, it is the duty of every Indian to celebrate Dusiya with his or her friends. For, this reason, people also organize a Dusya dance competition, in order to keep their Dusiya dancing skills in high spirits.

Every year, a competition is held, so as to show the top performing dancers from all over India, which is a great source of encouragement and pride for the people involved.

How To Celebrate Dusshera

As it is also called Vijayadashami, or Dusshera, an important Hindu festival that celebrates the auspicious completion of nine auspicious seasons of life. It is also known as Dasara, Dasami, or Dashain, and the date for which this festival falls is also significant.

The festival is celebrated in the Indian subcontinent on the full moon day after Navaratra, the autumn month, with special prayers and ceremonies. On this day, the gods come down to earth from their celestial heavens to celebrate the completion of nine seasons of life in India.

In India, Dusshera is celebrated all around the world as a grand occasion. Every region in India holds a unique festival that involves dance, dancing, music, rituals, and the Lord’s blessings.

For those who want to celebrate Dusshera in the United States, there are some things to remember about this beautiful festival. First, since the festival is celebrated during the full moon day before Navaratra, you must make sure that the sun is up and perform your prayers.

You should also try to spend some time at your temple to offer prayers, do puja, and participate in the ceremony, such as cremation. If you have a small garden or ghat, you can use it to prepare for the ritual you will perform at home on how to celebrate Dusshera. As, well as other important rituals that are associated with this festival.

You can find some beautiful ideas and decorations on the website, where there are pictures of the various ceremonies held on the occasion of Dusshera. You can also find information on the costumes worn on this festival and some simple recipes that you can use to make your unique recipe for Dusshera.

When you are trying to celebrate Dusshera, it is a good idea to learn about the different foods associated with this unique festival.

For example, you can learn about the different types of cakes and sweets prepared for this occasion. If you have not experienced the festival yet, you can search online for recipes that can help you prepare your particular recipe.

If you want to know more about Dussehra, you may also want to look at the website that provides you with a map labeled in your city on how to celebrate Dusshera.

You can get all the information you need for the festival online and get excited for the next month of celebration. With this beautiful festival, you will have an opportunity to give thanks to your Lord and goddess and celebrate his great deeds on this day.


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