How to Perform | Do Durga Puja During Navratri


How to Perform | Do Durga Puja During Navratri

Navratri Puja is a nine-day pageant throughout which devotees worship Goddess Durga. This festival is considered to be a very crucial competition of Hindus and is celebrated throughout India. Those 9 superb days display us the 9 manifestations of Devi Durga.

Theoretically, there are four seasonal Navratri. But, in exercise, it’s far the post-monsoon autumn festival referred to as Sharad Navratri this is the most found inside the honor of the divine female Devi (Durga). The competition is well known inside the brilliant half of the Hindu calendar month Ashwin, which generally falls inside the Gregorian months of September and October.

In Nepal, Navratri is referred to as Dashain and is a chief annual homecoming and own family occasion that celebrates the bonds among elders and kids with Tika Puja, in addition to across circle of relatives and network individuals.

Dashain is far longest and the most festival celebrated through Nepalese people. This festival falls in September or October, beginning from the Shukla Paksha (shiny lunar fortnight) of the month of Ashwin and finishing on Purnima, the total moon. Some of the fifteen days on which it is celebrated, the maximum important days are the first, 7th, eighth, ninth and the’s far celebrated with mild variations and interpretations, where every nine days Navratri leading as much as the tenth day referred to as ‘Dashami’ carry special significance. The ninth day is called Mahanavami, “the great ninth day”. This is the last day of Navratri.

On this auspicious day, Navratri, goddess Durga is worshipped. The amazing power of Devi Durga is praised by means of all. One performs this puja with a view to getting the best advantages of goddess Durga. This puja is completed to honor the 9 distinct types of the Devi for 9 non-stop days.

The Devi blesses her devotees with masses of happiness and prosperity. After performing this puja for continuous nine days, the devotees immerse the idol of Goddess Durga at the tenth day. It comes from the Sanskrit words ‘Nava’ which means nine and ‘Ratri’ because of this night.

Performing Puja Goddess Durga Mata
Performing Puja In front of Goddess Durga Mata

Peoples who need to benefit advantages of the Goddess and receive the fulfillment of their existence carry out this puja. If a person is going through any financial issues or any family troubles then acting this puja will assist to put off this issue. This puja is likewise very beneficial for the peace of thoughts.


It is divided into the units of 3 days. At some stage in the first three days, devotees worship Goddess Durga. Then, they worship the Goddess of wealth i.e. Goddess Laxmi for the next 3 days. Finally, they worship Goddess Saraswati all through ultimate 3 days which definitely brings fulfillment in lifestyles.


What are the benefits of performing Navratri Puja?

There are numerous blessings of appearing this puja. One receives the divine blessings of Goddess Durga after performing the Durga puja. Worshipping the Goddess in the course of the auspicious time period can bring a lot of benefits. It is easy to obtain wealth, prosperity in enterprise and fulfillment in life.

One will become loose from the sins accomplished for the duration of the preceding births or the present existence after acting this puja. This puja also facilitates in the protection of awful spirits and the to dispose of limitations. This puja additionally helps one to build his self-esteem. It helps one to remedy from sicknesses. It allows one to fulfill his needs and desires.

When to perform Navratri Puja?

The date and time for performing the Navratri Puja are primarily based on lunar calendar. Therefore, there is no exact date for appearing this puja. In Nepal, Durga puja starts from the first day of Ghatasthapana. This puja falls on the lunar month of Ashwin.

What are the necessities for Navratri Puja?

The necessities for the Navratri puja are: idol of goddess,  huge lamps, agarbatti, matchbox, sari for imparting to the goddess, puja book containing all the mantras of puja and aarti, water of river, fresh and washed mango and Tulsi leaves, sparkling grass, sandalwood, puja conch shell, rice, banana, coconut, cloves, cardamom, supari, all color powder.

Keshari, Kapoor, abir, paan, gold coin, gold chain, decorated Kalash, chadan ko Kath,  portions of recent purple cloth, greater Kalash, trays, vessels, honey, curd, ghee, milk, Ganga Jal, saffron, sugar, Purple vegetation and pink flower mala’s, 21 forms of end result and Prasad’s. Sri mudra, vessels for Tirtha, clay pot, barley seeds, uncooked rice, dhoop, bell, puja plate, Ashoka tree leaves, coins, chowki, chana, wheat flour, and ghee.

The way to carry out Navratri Puja:-

Take the clay pot used for placing the Kalash for the reason of sowing the grains. In that Kalash, one must place the dust and then unfold the grains upon it. This will be the first layer. On the second layer once more area the mud and grains.

After filling the Kalash with dust and water one have to tie the thread to the neck of the Kalash. Then, Fill the Kalash with holy water up to the neck. In the Kalash, full of water, drop Kush (grass), akshata, supari, fragrance, coins, and notes. Maintain the 5 leaves of the sacred Ashoka bushes at the threshold.

The closing step is to take the coconut and cover it with a purple fabric. Then, wrap the coconut with the purple material along with a knot.

So, these are the procedures to perform Navratri puja

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