Durga Puja 2018- Top 20 Selected Photos of Maa Durga Eyes

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Durga Puja 2018- Top 20 Selected Photos of Maa Durga Eyes

Goddess Durga of power is probably the most praised Goddess of the Hindu. she is a Goddess, with many names, many people and many sides. Like Mahashasuramini or Shakti, he is the culprit of evil: take ten deadly weapons, to win the monster mastermind. As a decent Sati girl who was killed by the king and the queen, she left a state and got angry from his father.

Dark as dark and dark, angry and angry with horror, only one skull and its only line of costume. Like Parvati, there is peace in Lord Shiva, the beautiful wife of Kailash, the snow summit. She is a devotee, symbol of life. This is the target of death. He is the successor of spring spring. It is also Amba, Jadhadhri, Tara, Ambika, Annapura. Goddess Durga is considered by the Hindu as mother in the universe. They must stand behind the protection, destruction and protection of the world. In ancient times, he has respected the highest power of the supreme person.


Mother Durga is derived from Sanskrit, which means it is a fort or a place that is difficult to remove. Another meaning is the mother of a poor who translates to remove all the pain. He has placed many texts of Teeriya Brahmin, Zero Samita and YujuVed. Durga’s portrayal of Vijay on the auspicious occasion of divine Durga devotee, Goddess Durga in Buddha Mahasasur.

Mata Durga Pooja: Formal worship of Mother Goddess is one of India’s most important festivals. Adding religious holidays to the Hindus, this is also an event of conquest and rejuvenation, culture and traditional traditions. Great joy and greatness of Nepal in the celebration of greatness, novel, novel and worship, ten days, last four days, Sepmi, Ashtami, Nemami and Dasmimmi celebrated in Nepal, India and abroad.

Recognizing her pure form is knowledge. According to Durga Purana, but the movement of the previous argument that the body’s current body aches, or “soul” or the highest sense. Infinity without consciousness is the highest death without the time and place of death, in addition to the law of causality. To be submitted to the Goddess Durga, to whom the supreme virtue of the dynamics of the consciousness of this one is manifested.

The goddess Durga represents the sum of a man’s power, which is a moral keeps the whole universe in order and justice. This energetic aspect of God. Without Durga mata Lord Shiva is the expression of God be given without Divine Durga. Lord Shiva is that silent witness.

Emphasizes this point, it is not quite immutable. He is also affected by all the work. Shiva has no direct connection with the expression of the whole, and to establish, he is a tangible sign of the elements, according to the emission of the energy of a goddess. This is the mother Durga, who is the creator of all the tasks. Durga Mata is considered the first material is a double personalization brahmins.

The gods who were completely defeated evacuated under Sir Brahma. He led the Lord to Shiva and Vishnu. After listening to the actions of the devil, pure energy of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva Trinity, the pure energy of divinity appeared.

This unique energy comes from all the body of the gods illuminating the three worlds while penetrating fire energy in all directions penetrating burns like gods burning burns like mountain peak sunshine It concentrates in one place and takes the shape of the goddess.

Her face was Shiva’s light. His arms were Sir Vishnu. His legs came from the Lord Brahma. The son formed from the light Yama (the god of death) and the light of Somnath light of two people (Moon God), Indra (god of god), thigh of VARUN (sea of the god) and foot and light (soil from Bhoodev) ) The light toes of Surya (sun god), Vasu’s finger (child of Goddess Gangger) and Kuber light by the light of the gods (protector of wealth)).

The teeth were born light pradapatti (lord of living creature), in the light of Agni (god of fire) his triads, 2 Sandhy (sunrise and sunset), ears, Vayu light (formed of wind God) Eyebrows. So, like many other gods, the goddess Durga Mata was formed by the energy of the gods.

And God asked him the weapons of God and other items and goddesses in the fight against devil Mahi Shaasla to help. Sir Siva gave him a trinity while Lord Vishnu was giving him a slice. Varna gave him a bush and a rope, Agni gave him a spear.

She received an arrow from Vayu. Indra gave a flash, her elephant gift Airavata white skin was a bell. Jama had swords, shields and Vishwalka (God architecture), ax and armor. The mountain god, HimaVato gave him a jewel and a lion for the lion. Durga Mata also gave him a lot of valuable and enchanted gifts, new clothes, and an enduring Lotus Crown of head and chest.

Beautiful Goddess Durga ornamented with jewelries and gold armor with fearsome weapons of God came to compete with cruel Mahishasur to end his cruelty. The need for the lion shook the three worlds. The sea was cooked and surfing was put on the ground. Continent granite was thrown on the foundation because the whole new hilly area had increased.

The old area fell, broke and thousands of landslides were sprayed. Mahashrao and his devil associates would attract attention from the sky on earth because Mother Durga had gone towards the sky. They were convinced of power and dominance in heaven, but the devil could not help great things.

When Mahishasur’s army was crushed easily by Durga, he saw that he was not in heaven as he thought. Satan cannot fight and cannot win. His breath fills his army and revives the demolished soldiers. Airwatta gift, a bizarre scream came from the bell the devil was chaotic, easily defeated and caught. The ground-breaking organs and the defeated devil were scattered with the body parts of the army.

Mahishasur was shocked by the catastrophic incident on the battlefield and was angry. He took the form of a monstrous buffalo, killed many people, killed a lot and beat his whip and attacked the soldiers of Lord Durga. The Lion of Mata Repha attacked Satan Bafro and joined the war. While she was very involved, Mother Durga threw her sword in her neck.

Mahishasur took the form of a lion, and when the mother Durga blew the head of the lion, Mahishasura ran away as a person who instantly broke the arrows of Mata Durga. The devil escaped again and crushed with his fangs as a lion of a huge elephant mother Durga. His sword mata Durga hacked Tusk and it broke.

The devil went back in the shape of a wild buffalo. He was hiding in the mountain. From there, I threw a rock using the corner of Mother Durga. Mother Durga has taken holy honey, which is a gift of Kuber. He ran into Mahishasura and knocked him out of his left foot. He reached for one hand, killed another person in sharp three members, another boy in ten hands led his bright sword and bowed his head. In the end, he died, once the scattered wreck of the invincible army fled in fear.

Gods bowed down to the Goddess and poured water with their victory on the Goddess.

“Mother, to make you this universe, you are all power god (God), sage (Y) Yaksha (demi-gods), Kinnaras (sky musician with a human head or horse), all Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar (Lord Shiva) is a person (goddess of wealth), because you are well (religious) knowledge, because Adharmiks (evil), you know the shame (humble) Alakshmi (unhappy) (knowledge) Is natural) you are doing all the sources (source) there Esha and Shuddha Forever (Honors), wait before you kill the earth many asuras (demons). ”

The story of Durga Mata goes beyond the story of Goddess Kaushiki, the other form of Goddess Durga Mata, Sharah Mahi. After Maharshla, the other two demonic brothers, Shumba and Nishumbha, kept the god out of heaven with violence after Maharshla.

The gods started praying to Mahamaya (Goddess of Mothers) and helped them. At that time, Lord Shiva, Parvati’s wife went to take a bath in the river. A beautiful lady emerged from the body of Goddess Parvati after the sad story is being narrated by Parvati. His name was Kaushiki. When Kaushikya was born, Parvati’s body became black and she became known as Kaliika.

Kaushiki’s search was done by two trusted assistants: Chumb and Munda, Shumba and Nishumbha. He told my husband that he got a beauty. Shumbha sent a messenger to Kaushiki. Messenger, SugurivaKaushiko went to the wish of his master, and Kaushikya married two demonic brothers in questioning and the owner of the sky ShumbhaNishumbha. Kaushiki, pretending to be innocent, said that he was very stupid and promised to marry her, who would win the only war.

He asked Sugriv to tell his teacher who could kill him in action. He was able to win. When he heard this, Shubha sent shouting to catch Goddess. First Ashura tried to persuade Debbie to celebrate the monster with him, but when he refused, he soon got caught up to catch them. Devi tells Mantra and Ashura against ash. When he found, Shubha sent Chanda and Munda to capture Devan. They came to Chanda and Munda and raised their eyebrows.

Among the eyebrows, the wild goddess appeared in her hand with her sword and nose. She wore a tiger’s skin around her body. His big eyes were red, the saliva sticks to his tongue. She was a goddess curry. He jumped between monsters and started killing him. He killed Chanda and Munda and pulled his body in Kawasaki. It gave Kali the name of Chamunda.

Asur attacked the Goddess Curley and Kaushiki everywhere after the death of Chanda and Munda. At that time the strength of the woman started to emerge from various bodies of God. These ladies started fighting kaushiki. Then Kari went to Shiva and asked Shiva to surrender from Shumba and Nishumbha. (He, his messenger Shiva) – Currie, who tells Shiva to be his messenger, this action has earned the name of Shiva Duti.

When he heard the message of Shiva, Asur became cruel. In Asur there was something called Raktabija. If a drop of blood drops on the ground, then another bleak out of that drop of blood. Unknowingly, the Goddess Raktabija attacked many monks with his flowing blood. Then the black swallow, Raktabija and Asuras left their blood.

After Rakbeja’s death, Kaushiki killed Nishumbha after attacking them. He led a lone demon even after the defeat of Shubha, so he asked whether many Goddesses were righteous. As a result, all the Goddess joined the Kaushiki and killed the evil nishumbha.

They did not exchange. While evil spirits are gone, they will avenge Lord Vishnu. He gave Mahamaya his peace and comfort by giving him the opportunity of his death. Then decided to return, where Brahma and Vishnu had lived and were afraid of Brahma. When he saw Lord Vishnu, he decided to kill two monsters, but he could not do much because he was saved for Mahamaya’s sake.

Brahma and Vishnu celebrated Mahamaya. Mahamaya used his powers of confusion over two devils and made him a reason to celebrate Lord Vishnu.Mother Durga is compared to the greatest creator of Mahamaya, to confusion and attachment, this magic cannot escape the gods. An interesting story about Mahamaya. Before the universe was established, water entered all places.

In this water, Lord Vishnu Yoga rested in sleep (deep sleep), which was the result of the divine magic used by Mahamaya on Lord Vishnu. Mr. Brahma, the creator who sat on Lord Vishnu’s belly fight appeared. In the ear of Lord Vishnu, a wax has formed two evil spirits, Madhu and Kathaab. It was supposed that the Madhu and Kaitabha colleagues were Brahma the malevolence that says Lord Vishnu was in the form of distressed monsters and their happiness by limiting the cosmic and having fun in the depths of the sea.

They gave Lord Vishnu the grace to kill provided he did it where there is no earth or water, nor air nor ether, nor spirit, nor wisdom, nor true self. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lord Vishnu was not the earth, water, air, sky, fire, differences of intelligence or evil, as Lord Vishnu was divine body, wiped two monsters on his thigh. Therefore, Mahamaya, who uses his illusory skills, has taken evil monsters for their own purposes.

About Mata Durga and her eyes:-

MATA DURGA are the three eyes of Ambika or Parvathi taking a form of Ma Kali. Mother Durga Mata Shakti is an event factor of the tremendous power of the universe and symbol of Shiva’s power and power. It is said that the manifestation of Mata Durga comes from its essence and is inextricably linked to the source.

She is adored for her beautiful and terrifying episodes. It is said that Mata Durga forms potash from his third eye. When the goddess Mata Durga is represented with three eyes, it is called Triyambake. This is similar to Shiva and represents a knowledge that ignores ignorance. His symbolic left eye represents desire: the moon; Good functioning: the sun and the third eye represent knowledge or fire.

Goddess Parvathi is worshiped as Shakti in many forms of goddess including Mata Durga, Chandi, Kali and Uma according to Purana Literature. While Shiva is the real cause of creation, Shakti signifies the theme. According to Puranas, the third eye represents wisdom and knowledge.

Burma Kama Deva with her third eye represents the destruction of desire and frustration. As “Tryambaka”, God Shiva God is “three eyes”. It was a previous entrance in Triambakam. Although this Vedic origin is mentioned and in the Upanishads, Mahabharata says that “Ambaka” means “eye”. Ambika means “eye of the mother”. Wife of Shiva- Parvati, Wife of Vishnu- Laxmi and wife of Brahma- Saraswatiare also called Ambika. In Baratha’s story, theAmbika’s character is Kashi’s daughter.

His bath is interrupted by Bhisma, who takes Ambika and her sister Amba and Ambaliks. With the eyes that we have closed several times, we remember that we have seen this color, the conversation, the people, the environmental feeling (cold, heat, rain) etc. … I hope you said that our Dreams come from. The consciousness of the unconscious illuminates the soul and liberates the materialistic world and the bad aspects, for example, the opening of the eye of wisdom. the evil (bad aspects and materialistic attraction) will be lost … try to make life beautiful

How does she actually look like:-

See any idol or statue of the goddess Mata Durga. The most remarkable feature that catches our attention is its beautiful, calm and serene face, which has large attentive eyes. The big eyes are a symbol of 360-degree vision to know where to go.

But the mere fact of knowing the destination does not complete the trip. Surveillance symbolizes a constant view of your trip to your destination. While vigilance is desirable, the joyful appearance of the goddess also warns that we must endure equanimity within ourselves. A composite leader can achieve much more than a moving task.

She rides Tiger, which is the symbol of pride. A hand of the goddess Mata Durga has a shell that symbolizes the “Pranava” or the mystical word “Om”. This indicates that he clings to God in the form of this sound. The hand of another deity has a bow and an arrow representing energy. By embracing her, she represents her control over potential and kinetic energy.

It also contains a ray that represents firmness. A devotee should feel like a crush in real life. Because lightning can destroy anything without hurting itself, a devotee must face all challenges without losing his beliefs and self-confidence. A hand of the goddess Mata Durga also has a lotus that has not fully blossomed. It means the security of success and not its purpose. In Sanskrit, a lotus is known as Pankaja, which means that it is born of mud.

Therefore, it represents the constant development of the spiritual quality of all devotees in the midst of the mud of the world, such as greed or greed. She holds a Sudarshan chakra, better known as a beautiful disc, which revolves around her index finger but does not touch it. This shows that everyone accepts the will of the goddess Mata Durga and that she is also available to them.

The deity uses this weapon only to destroy evil and create an environment conducive to the growth of justice. The goddess Mata Durga also holds a sword that denotes knowledge that has the clarity of a sword. The brightness of this sword means that knowledge is free of doubt. One of your hands also has a Trishul or Trident that represents three qualities, Rajas or Activity, Satwa or Inactivity, and Tamas or Inactivity.

It also symbolizes that it puts an end to three kinds of misery of his disciples, physically, spiritually or mentally. The attitude of the deity is Abhay Mudra, which is a guarantee of freedom from fear. In this position, he tells all his disciples that they must transfer all their duties and actions and free them from all kinds of fears.

The Devi-Mahatmya (Goddess of Greatness) glorifies the Mother Goddess as the incarnation of the Earth, in which she holds, nurtures and cares for all living beings. In her transcendent state, she is the happy queen of the Universe who reigns over the whole existence of majesty and grace.

Durga Mata is Shakti’s form of protection, burning all negative thoughts, since its blistering nature strengthens our highest motivation Herbeaming wisdom dismisses the darkness within us, eliminating inertia, turbulence and attachment. It represents the gold of the flame and red in the spiritual heart, where one learns to deeply focus the experience of a lasting happiness of meditation.

The light guides us through the struggles we face on a soul level, to help us work and overcome our karmas. She as well represents the symbol of women power and beauty. She represents the mother, who cares the world.

So, she is called Mata Durga.She is the inspiration to all of us who teaches us not to be weak in front of anyone.

Therefore, in Dashain festival every year, we celebrate the victory of truth over sin and pray for the blessing of courageous Goddess Durga.

Here are top 20 Selected Photos of Maa Durga Eyes. Durga is an almighty goddess of Hindu Pantheon. Here are some 20 collected images, wallpapers of Maa Durga eyes. We hope you will like our collection. She is one of the best popular Goddess in Hindu and respected as a good mother. Durga puja 2018 is a worship of the power of Good which always wins over the bad. Durga Puja is a Hindu festival of Good (Ma Durga) winning over the evil (Mahishasur the demon). It is one of the most important festivals of Nepal and another Hindu religion country like India. And we also want to give thanks a lot to image owners/distributors.








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Durga Puja 2017- Top 20 Selected Photos of Maa Durga Eyes

Durga Puja 2018- Top 20 Selected Photos of Maa Durga Eyes


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