Drug Abuse (Addiction) in Nepal : Situations, Causes, Effects, Statistics, Solutions

Drug Abuse (Addiction) in Nepal : Situations, Causes, Effects, Statistics, Solutions

Tobacco and alcohol are a kind of drugs. Advertisement of such stuff is prohibited from the mass media. The business of some other harmful drugs is legally prohibited in the world. Nobody can transact such drugs.

Definition of drug abuse or addiction

Simply, a drug is an intoxicant. more specifically, the instance that affects our mind, organs, and damages our body is called drug, medicines cure whereas drugs damage us. There are different categories of drugs according to the degree of harmfulness and capability. Some drugs are very powerful as users are killed instantly. Some take comparatively more time and some are low killers. Since drugs are illegal, they are supplied by the drug traffickers. They mainly supply ganja(hashish), cocaine, heroin, opium, etc.

The supply is a criminal offense but is extensively done by the drug traffickers in organized ways due to following reasons:
• They have good networks in custom, airport, and other checkpoints.
• The income is attractive.
• They develop good relation with police and officials.
• The traffickers have their own ship, airplane, etc.

Even excessive use of tobacco and medicines is like a drug and they may cause cancer, bronchitis, hepatitis, brain damage, etc. Even alcohol is a drug but it works as a slow poison to our body. Therefore, people should be conscious enough from such things to live a healthy and jubilant life.

Causes of taking drugs

• Due to bad company
• Impact of catchy advertisement
• Due to unreachable dreams of doing something
• Due to conflict in family
• Due to discrimination and feeling of isolation


Effects of Drug

Drugs addiction is a serious problem in the world. Following points show the effects of drugs addiction.

  • Become victims of diseases like HIV/AIDS, depression, hepatitis, etc.
  • Loss of physical fitness
  • Involvement in criminal activities
  • Stoppage of progress
  • Become offensive/aggressive
  • Financial crisis
  • Theft, robbery, murder, etc.

Example of Drug addicted Man in Nepal

Krishna is eighteen years old. He is addicted to taking heroin. He generally remains out of his home. He feels that his mind is not working properly. He speaks the lie. He cannot stop taking heroin which is very expensive. He purchases it by stealing goods from his home and selling them. He had already stolen the radio, camera, and video. He is now infected with HIV/ AIDs due to the exchange of syringe. AIDs cannot be cured.


The permanent solution is to hate drugs. Krishna stays in Kathmandu. One day Raju and his friends were sitting near the lake, an unknown person came and sat beside them. They began to talk to that new person every day. Raju has started to hate himself. The person said that he can help to the drug addict. He was working for an organization which was dedicated to correct the drug addicts. To get the release from the addiction Krishna decided to go to the rehabilitation center for drug addicts, A specialist started counseling Krishna. He met Raju’s parents and requested to help Krishna. Raju went to the rehabilitation center and remained there for some days. He did practice for a normal life as before. He was able to study and play football. After some weeks he completely gave up drugs. Now he studies in a campus and helps to other drugs addicts to stay away from drugs.

Emailed by the Writer: Hari Krishna Pokharel

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