Find here some pictures about drinking water in Nepal. We have here collected some 13 photos that show bad condition of drinking water in Nepal. As the world knows that Nepal is the 2nd richest country in the world in terms of water. But are these pictures supports that Nepal is the 2nd richest country in water? No way. Never…….

13 Images that Shows Nepalese are Badly Facing for Drinking Water : Poor Management

So, these are the top evidence that government of Nepal is running the poor management of drinking water. There is no any such great water policy and well functioning system.

Water Pollution in Nepal: Source, Causes, Solution, Effects etc

Dear visitors, we want your likes and shares. Because your shares and likes may attract the rulers of Nepal. They may consider of these people. Why not we force the government of Nepal for the well management of drinking water. Because water is the life of human. We can’t live with pure drinking water.

Dear Politicians and Rulers of Nepal, Think about the rights of Nepalese people for getting pure drinking water.