4 Believable Facts about Drinking Alcohol in Nepal

4 Believable Facts about Drinking Alcohol in Nepal

Drinking Alcohol in Nepal: The legal alcohol consuming age is the age or moment at which someone can consume or purchase alcoholic substances with permission from the government. This legal guideline covers a broad range of problems and behaviors, addressing while and where alcohol may be fed on. The minimum age is the age in which alcohol can be legally fed on can be one-of-a-kind from the age while it may be bought in a few nations.

A few Islamic international locations forbid Muslims, or equally for Muslims as well as for non-Muslims, from consuming alcohol at any age. In different international locations, it isn’t always unlawful for under-mature to drink alcohol, but the alcohol can be detained without payment. In some instances, it is illegal to promote or deliver alcohol to minors. The subsequent list suggests the age of the character for which it’s far prison to eat and purchase alcohol.

What’s legal age?

Legal age refers to authentic trendy of adulthood reaching which someone acquires full prison rights, in addition to duties for his or her acts and omissions. Even though an age of 18-years (maturity) is generally considered the legal age, it isn’t a universally everyday well-known and varies among jurisdictions and for activities which include consuming, riding, getting married, vote casting in elections.

What’s drinking?

Drinking is the act of ingesting water or other drinks like alcohol, milk, juice etc, into the stomach thru the mouth. But generally, drinking is a process of ingesting alcoholic substances.


Do Nepalese drink alcohol?

In the report published by the Nepal government recently, Nepalese drink alcohol an average of 400 million dollars annually, shows the attitude and focus of Nepalese people toward the drinking dynasty. Nepalese are rich even though the country has poor symbolization in economic growth. In fact, the Nepalese are very much buff to drink and taste the new launched wine and whiskey. Almost, in every celebration, there is needed of wine and alcohol.

There are many cases like Newar, Tamang, Lama, which needs the wine to worship and accomplish the rituals and worshipping functions. They also need a compulsory wine to make taste to the new born baby which is named after six days of birth. On that occasion, wine plays a crucial role in accomplishing of worshipping for those social and castes people. Furthermore, alcohol has covered and made almost every Nepalese in their connection.

Several brands local to international have to make reached to urban to rural areas for giving their tastes. The capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu known as the hub of drunkard because many drunkards have made their places to makes flexible even in any small occasion leads to the celebration, that needs alcohol for making it more colorful and adding radiance in rainbow coloring.

Nextly, as I have said above, the Newar which have compulsory adapted the wine or alcohol in any celebration, have a large society live in Kathmandu.  Kathmandu is also known as the city of hotel and bars and pubs, seen the groups of youth smoking and drinking, making the jumbo and cocktail, open and cheers with murmuring sound. Other facts too are relevant and more interesting, many Nepalese drinks the alcohol for their personal reasons, and may not bring from high levels.

Many people who drink alcohol are professional while some are personal and drink according to their economic condition. The uncountable alcohol buff who saw their grandeur semblance in any celebrational ceremony.  The above-raised questions, that is does Nepalese drink alcohol absolutely got the answer from description going on up to now. Yes, Nepalese are very much connected and cannot be disconnected from alcohol because their personal and professional reasons both have made them trap.

Some people drink alcohol as wine some drink it as water and some drink it as the medicine and get the benefit and harms accordingly. Those who cross the limit, get the limitless hampers and pass with many losses and dam lamps. Although, the matter does Nepalese drink alcohol. There is no any suspense on this topic to be discussed more. It is the country where alcohol is purchased more than water. Do Nepalese drink alcohol does not mean that it has arisen question.

The Nepal is poor but the Nepalese are every much buff in wearing clothes of new and latest and very much active in tasting and drinking wine. For drinking, people of Nepal is seeking the day and reason to make the party and organize the wild and bold function having alcohol necessarily. Moreover, they subscribed the new and latest brands to make it sprayed and prayed of having it with groups to grow it’s humor and reaction more and more.  Does Nepalese drink alcohol also confess the following this that people of Nepal drink alcohol and how they drink alcohol more than water?

Why Nepalese Drink Alcohol?

1. To remove hangover:

Many people who are professional are engaged in daily actions and work performance gets hang after doing the same work in persistence and pressure also make the people more hang, tension and infected.  To keep self far from those types of infection and hangover, many Nepalese and professional people have made alcohol as the best friend. It is said that by a drunkard, it is true friends which reduce the burdens makes the mind lighter even for some period of time after inhaling. Therefore, most of Nepalese are drinking alcohol for combating the works pressure and also if any employees have beaten by words from the employees makes him or her frustrated and depression seeks the way to make mind free and wrap out the hangover.  Do Nepalese drink alcohol opens the door of removing hangover after passing though it’s tuck.

2. High living standard:

Nepalese are high valued and wealthy in comparison to government and they do not compromise on their living standard rather busy in upgrading and increasing. Due to high living standard, alcohol also plays the fulfilling role to increase the personality while any guest appears at home and should be respected and welcome by branded alcohol if he or she is the drunkard.  Alcohol is also taking the places of respecting the guest in Nepalese society. High standard people drink international brand wine and other Nepalese drink equivalent wine to their affording capacity. No doubt, in asking do Nepalese drink alcohol.

3. To make party enlarge:

For making the party more great and vibrant, there is need of alcohol in Nepalese environment.  Party in Nepalese ceremony will only be feedback in positive responses and comment if there is a presence of alcohol unlimitedly. There is present of Nepalese people in party more if they have knowledge and earlier information about the available and management of alcohol in the function. Without wine and whiskey, the party does not take any hues and looks like the water that is colorless and tasteless. Party become white and fade will not be appreciative by any presentees even after an investment of huge budget. Therefore, alcohol is drunk by the Nepalese in every party and function except mourning events.

4. Addiction:

Much Nepalese are addicted and maze due to its addiction. Several people who look in pubs at evening time after freed from office works and time. They are drinking the wine instead the wine is drinking them. Due to habits and starting from few at initial phase has now increased more which is not in their hands and mind to control or to avoid it.  To become free from various  family burdens, official, burdens and other loans or responsibility, they go to pubs for getting relief from all those tortures and also it has been seen that they  have loosed their life and hope to rise and exercise again for grasping and shining like the new star because of addiction of alcohol, shows the drinking paragraph of Nepalese people.

What is legal drinking age in Nepal?

In the context of our country Nepal, People of minority age for instance students studying in school and colleges also use alcohol in an excessive way in spite of not having a legal drinking age.  In my point of view, I think, there is no age limit for drinking in Nepal. Liquor stores sell alcohol as long as you got the cash. In addition, I think some ethnic groups (Newar’s) feed small amounts of alcohol to the infants in their family and it is regarded as a part of their culture.

Minimum or Legal Age for Drinking Alcohol in Nepal
Minimum or Legal Age for Drinking Alcohol in Nepal

To mention approximately, the Legal age of buying alcohol is 18 years old as far as I guess… But the law is not strongly enforced. Nowadays, Nepal police and traffic police are working hard to control the drinking rate of people. So, it can be clearly said that the legal drinking age in Neal is 18 or 21 years of old.

Those laws vary among different international locations and many legal guidelines have exemptions or special circumstances. Most legal guidelines practice only to drinking alcohol in public locations, with alcohol consumption within the domestic being typically unregulated (an exception being the UK, which has a minimum legal age of 5 for supervised consumption in non-public locations). A few nations also have extraordinary age limits for distinct types of alcoholic drinks.

The countries like Kazakhstan, Pakistan, and Qatar, Thailand as well as Tajikistan. The other countries like States of Micronesia and Paraguay, India, Iceland, positive Provinces of Canada have set high drinking age drinking age.

However, a number of these nations do no longer have off-premises drinking restrictions. Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Western Sahara etc. have contain set low alcohol consuming ages.

Writer: Dipak Sah and Saugat Jung Thapa

Facts about Drinking Alcohol in Nepal

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