All About Dr. Govinda KC – Demands, Hunger Strike, Biography, Support, Agreement


Dr. Govinda KC: – While talking about philanthropic changes, peaceful challenges, uncompromising fasts against the failure of government bodies and partners in Nepal, the specific first name that rings a bell is none other than Govinda KC.

All About Dr. Govinda KC – Demands, Hunger Strike, Biography, Support, Agreement

Professionally, Govinda is a famous orthopedic specialist and a teacher. Though in individual life, he is a giver and a social extremist. Govinda is notable all inclusive for his firm remain towards changes in the Nepali restorative division and favoring the administration therapeutic organizations, outstandingly the state-claimed Institute of Medicine (IoM) and Patan Academy of Health Sciences.

A Series of Hunger Strikes and Key Addressed Demands

Voicing against straightforwardness and political intruding in irrelevant issues among others, Govinda has organized 10 hunger strikes in five years somewhere in the range of 2012 and 2016, with eight of them being fasts-unto-passing. He as of late organized the eleventh one. Every one of his dissents was against the wild commercialization of medicinal division and giving quality social insurance to Nepalese.

Dr. Govinda KC
Dr. Govinda KC

A portion of the unmistakable requests raised and tended to by Govinda’s yearning strikes incorporate end of political impedance, arrangement of Dean in IoM, suspension of different authorities of Tribhuvan University, suspension of the parliamentary panel order on giving alliance to new schools, execution of the Medical Education Association’s proposals, challenge Kathmandu University authorities for their infringement of bureau choices, foundation of medicinal universities in rustic zones, instruction at free-of-cost/ostensible expense in restorative, nursing and paramedical schools and indictment of CIAA Chief Lokman Singh Karki.

Govinda’s exercises gotten a mass after from all areas of the general public, particularly the young. The most striking accomplishment is the ongoing understanding amongst Govinda and the Government of Nepal, which is a consequence of his eight quick unto-passing. Tolerating Govinda’s request, the administration consented to open no less than one medicinal school in each (without bounds) government regions. The understanding additionally has a 10-year ban on the development of new medicinal schools inside the Kathmandu Valley.

In 2015, the Government of Nepal has gone into an 11-point concurrence with Govinda, which underlines:

  • The arrangement of the Health Professional Education Commission to manage and direct therapeutic training
  • The expense roof for MBBS and MD/MS instruction to be set at Rs 3.5 million and 2.3 million, separately, which will be restored in like clockwork
  • The arrangement of another expert to test issues in Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu University

Dr. Govinda KC As a Humanitarian 

Govinda did his part as a capable being with his helpful exercises, by offering administrations to open in the midst of common catastrophes, crosswise over Nepal and all around. Amid the procedure, he never looked for money related help from any legislature or NGO and financed his own particular manner. He liked to spend his compensation for the administrations crosswise over remote zones of Nepal.


Govinda burns through two weeks of get-away, gave to him by TUTH every year, in heading out to remotest towns of Nepal to serve and direct wellbeing mindfulness camps. A portion of his notable global visits incorporate a three-week remain in Bhuj area of Gujarat, India post-seismic tremor, a 20-day remain in Northwest Pakistan to serve shake casualties, and a fourteen day remain in Myanmar to help violent wind casualties, among numerous others.

Early Life of Dr. Govinda KC

Govinda KC was conceived on March 25, 1957, in Ramechhap, Janakpur Zone of Nepal. He learned at IoM to end up a Health Assistant at the foundation. With the help of the Ministry of Education’s grant, he went ahead to seek after MBBS course at Rajshahi Medical College, Bangladesh, after which, he came back to Nepal and served in Bir Hospital. He at that point moved to Dhaka University to seek after M.S lastly turned into an orthopedic specialist.


Govinda’s life took a turn at IoM after he joined the foundation as a volunteer in 1994, leaving Bir Hospital. He in the long run developed to wind up an educator spent significant time in tyke orthopedics, and the foundation turned into a major stage for his future game-plan.

Dr. Govinda KC Committed to Social Service

Govinda KC (60) is as yet a lone wolf and lives inside the clinic quarters. He has committed his life to understudies, patients, and social exercises. There is a developing agreement in Nepal over the selection of Govinda for the Nobel Peace Prize Award.

Through his exercises, Govinda changed the lives of a large number of Nepalese and turned into a beam of seeking after those in require and appropriate help.

Straightforwardness International Nepal respected Dr. Govinda KC with the National Integrity Award, at an occasion held in Kathmandu on the event of the International Anti-Corruption Day.


K.C. has set out broadly to help casualties of cataclysmic events. In 2001, he burned through three weeks in the Bhuj area in Gujarat, India after the tremor. In 2005, he served in Northwest Pakistan for around 20 days after an unfortunate seismic tremor. After a twister in Myanmar in 2008, the legislature of Myanmar kept remote guide offices from entering the nation, however, conceded him for two weeks. In 2010, he went to Haiti in the wake of the sad tremor and served for three weeks. In 2011, he served surge casualties in Pakistan for two weeks. In 2013, he went to the Philippines to treat individuals influenced by the Tsunami.

Dr. Govinda KC fifteen Hunger Strike

Dr. Govinda KC has finished his appetite strike subsequent to consenting to a nine-point arrangement with the administration on  July 26, 2018, on Thursday, 27 days after he turned to his fifteenth quick unto-passing.

Dr. KC broke his appetite strike by drinking juice from the hands of Nepal Communist Party (NCP) pioneer SubasNembang and Professor Dr. Kedar Bhakta Mathema after the administration consented to his real request of putting a prohibition on opening another restorative school in Kathmandu Valley for a long time.

hunger strike Dr. Govinda KC
Dr. Govinda KC in hunger strike

This was the longest craving strike of the counter defilement crusader, who had officially held a progression of appetite strikes previously, requesting changes in nation’s restorative instruction and calling. Dr. KC began his fifteenth quick unto-demise at the Jumla-based Karnali Academy of Health Sciences on June 30 requesting changes in restorative training part and withdrawal of National Medical Education Bill tabled in the Parliament.

The crusader, who had been arranging hunger strike at the TUTH after the administration persuasively expedited him to Kathmandu from Jumla the twentieth day, had blamed the legislature for endeavoring to present the National Medical Education Bill by changing real arrangements of the Medical Education Ordinance, presented amid the residency of recent Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, in order to permit foundation of new restorative schools in Kathmandu Valley.

Dr. Govinda KC in hospital
Dr. Govinda KC in hospital

Dr. KC had requested that the administration pull back the bill from the Parliament and join significant arrangements in the Bill in accordance with the suggestions of a taskforce driven by Kedar Bhakta Mathema.

A portion of the significant suggestions made by the taskforce driven by Mathema are forcing a ban on setting up therapeutic schools in the Kathmandu Valley for a long time, obligatory for a clinic to keep running for a long time before it ventures into a medicinal school; permitting one college to concede alliance to most extreme of five restorative universities.

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