Dowry System in Nepal- Marriage is Supposed as Making Money

Dowry system is a practice of giving money or property or some kinds of special gifts at the marriage of a daughter by the father (sister by the brother) to bridegroom or bridegroom’s family.

Generally, dowry includes the cash payment, jewels of diamond, gold or silver, electrical appliances, furniture items, bedding, chair, table, land, utensils, and other household products which help the newly married couple to set up her home.

Dowry is known as ‘Daijo’ in Nepali and ‘Dahej’ in Hindi, Maithili, Bhojpuri language. It is a social dangerous evil of our country Nepal.

It is mainly common in Terai Madhesh region, a southern part of Nepal but now it is spreading to other parts of the country instead of being solved. Dowry system is social evils prevailing in Nepal.

Dowry System in Nepal- Marriage is supposed as making money

In legal sense, dowry means any property or valuable security given or agreed to be given, either directly or indirectly, by one party to a marriage to the other party at or before or after the marriage as a consideration for the marriage for the said parties.

Social problems and evils are unwanted activities of society. The unwanted, immoral and violent actions are more specifically, social problems and the wrong practice of traditional notions is a social evil. But both problems and evils are kept under the same basket despite their fundamental differences.

Anyway, both are undesired activities which create hindrance in social progress and prosperity. Every society suffers from social problems and evils, It is simply the matter of degree as some societies suffer more from them and some societies less.


The societies of developing countries are affected more than developed country societies. So far as Nepalese societies are concerned, the dowry is the main social problems.

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the dowry system in the society of Nepal and India
the dowry system exists in the society of Nepal and India

Every society suffers from social problems as it is evolved along with human civilization. It is simply a matter of more or less. As far as possible, we should try at our fullest to minimize the effects of this. Firstly, we should find out the root cause of the social problem and then we need to move ahead rationally.

After identifying the causes, we should see how the national policies and laws are, in order to know whether they promote discrimination or not. Right after the promulgation of Interim Constitution – 2063, some discriminatory laws have been amended and some are in the pipeline to be amended through Constituent Assembly. In the course of moving ahead to solve social problems changing our rudimentary mentality is the supreme factor.

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The money or property given to the groom from the bride’s side during a wedding is known as dowry. Money or property given to the daughter at her marriage is called dowry.

sad woman crying
Woman is crying

Although this is malpractice is deeply rooted in the Terai it has been practiced throughout the country in the passage of time. Dowry system is very common in the Terai region but is spreading to other parts of the country as well.

This has created a great problem in society and has caused the marriage of girls in many families difficult. This dowry system has affected our society very badly and seriously.


Dowry deaths are occurring day by day in our society. Many daughters-in-law and wives are physically and mentally tortured due to the lack of dowry. This system has made fun of equality of women.

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If the bride fails to bring enough dowry, she is tortured mentally, physically and sexually. Even there are reports in the news that she is burnt alive. We frequently hear the news of torture by the in-laws to the daughters-in-law. Sometimes women lose their lives due to the lack of dowry.

In the lack of dowry, many girls have committed suicide and many fetuses have been aborted or destroyed in the womb.

As a result, polygamy has increased and the divorce rate is soaring up. The parents of the bride equally suffer from the problem. They are compelled to sell their property or take a loan in high interest for the marriage of their daughter. If they are poor, they cannot find a match for their daughter.

In the past, the dowry was offered as a token of love and blessing but it has now become a compulsion. Thus, all conscious people must fight against this problem.

dowry system money
Say ‘No Dowry’

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Nowadays marriage is supposed as the lottery of making money. But thinking like this is a social crime. Bridegroom’s family must not treat marriage as a lottery. It is harmful to society.

The bridegroom’s side openly demands the dowry before arranging the marriage. If the dowry is not as much as it was agreed, the groom sometimes leaves the marriage and puts the future of the bridge in the dark.

It has been very difficult for the daughters of poor parents to get married. Many parents save money for the daughter’s marriage instead of spending her education. Parents of a daughter try to collect dowry instead of giving her education. Dowry system is social evils prevailing in Nepal.

To prohibit the demanding, giving and taking of Dowry, to reduce and eliminate the Dowry system in Nepal, Dowry Prohibition Act is in. The Law, dowry act, rule and regulation of Nepal definitely helps to prevent the social evil dowry. But to make the Law effective and fruitful, people of Nepal must follow the Law, rules.

The dowry system in Nepal will remain unless there is a strong awareness in the minds of the Nepalese people. The dowry system will increase in Nepal unless the entire Nepalese society believes that dowry is a social evil. The dowry system will not reduce in Nepal unless the entire Nepalese society objects the demanding for dowry.

The dowry system in Nepal will rise day by day unless every mother-in-law thinks that she was a daughter-in-law at one time too. The dowry system will grow up in Nepal unless every mother feels that the treatments which she gives to her daughter-in-law can be received by her own daughter too.

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Many families are broken and many women commit suicide. They are mentally tortured or burnt due to the reason of not getting enough dowry. There are cases in which if dowry is not given as demanded, the groom’s side often refuses to accept the bride in marriage.

If the demanded dowry is not given, the groom’s side will refuse to take the bride in marriage. Parents of a girl are pressured to collect or save money for dowry than giving her education. This also promotes corruptions and feticide of the female embryo.

This degrades the dignity and honor of women. This must be done away. This system brings discrimination in society.  Such evil traditions must be removed by all conscious people.

Causes of Dowry System In Nepal

Dowry system is the practice of providing property, land and other different sorts of goods or gifts at the marriage of their beloved daughter’s to the family of bridegroom’s side. It is known as “Daijo” in the context of Nepal, “Dahej” in India and also in some place like Terai region of our country Nepal.

It is mainly practiced in the Terai region of our country. But now a day it is practiced in another part of our country also it is spreading like a communicable disease. There are various causes of dowry system in Nepal. It is mainly demanded by the bridegroom’s family.

It is a social problem of any of the country. It is also practiced because of the superstitious belief also. The main problem of dowry is the greediness for the property. It was a band in the constitution of 2063 in Nepal even though it is practiced in many of the places in Nepal.

But no one is taking care of it. One of the causes is to get property of insane from the family of the bride side. This had made more fun of the women in the context of equality.

The girl side is compelled to give the dowry otherwise they threaten the family of the girl that they will kill or will torture her and so on. Dowry system is also causing when one of the people of society motivated any of the people to take the dowry and that is also why the family of bridegroom demands the dowry from the family of the girl.

Let me clear it in my society one marriage was going to happen and at the day of engagement I was also their boy’s family has decided not to take dowry while another uncle motivated him to take the dowry.

The wife (bride) gets often beaten, humiliated, tortured, if No Dowry is brought

In the context of economic theory, those of which views the market for the marriage as one in what people demand or bargain for a spouse who maximizes their property that is gain from the marriage. Many of the people have made dowry system as the source of income.

Mostly the rich family demands the dowry and shows the reason to take care of the girl of the poor family. One of the cause is also this to show them the big in society. Dowry system was established by Indian society to Nepal which has corrupted our society.

woman is crying
woman is crying

It is practiced due to the structure of society. The family’s now a day are patriarchal and man is the head of the family and if he is corrupted then he makes the whole society corrupted. This is also the reason why our country is not developing in the context of any other country.

Another cause of the dowry system is religious dictates also. People do not do inter cast marriage and they search the groom from the same cast of which the groom made the demand of dowry. Because people have faith in the religious culture which leads them towards the back of the society which means it hampers in the development of the society.

Dowry culture is one of the major social evil or a problem of the developing countries that is which is mainly practiced in the Nepalese and Indian society. And another cause is social constraints. Aside far from other causes it is also one of them. From similar religious backgrounds, furthermore, confines are made based on the cast culture and some of the more social status.

Practices like cast marriage and clan marriage have to be kept in our brain while we are arranging the marriage for a match of bride and groom. And the matches which are being preferred should be of the same cast and belong to it. This causes or limitation again will severely deplete the bridge of the marriageable men which are leading to similar or the same consequences for demanding and compelling for the dowry.

One of the major causes of practicing the dowry system is the social status of women in our society. The lower rank of the social standing of the women in our Nepalese society is so deeply rooted in the soul or spirit of the nation, so the dowry is accepted in the society without questioning anybody.

They are neglected not only by society but by the women themselves also. Marriage is viewed as an ultimate achievement for women, evil practices like this custom take its roots too deeper in society. Illiteracy is also one of the causes of the dowry system in Nepal.  Because of the lack of formal education people practice the dowry custom.

A large number of women are illiterate and they do not know anything related to this system. They were not educated in small also and are not aware in the case of today’s context also. They were not sent to school due to the belief in superstition also. They thought that if they go to read than their good eligibility of being a wife will be destroyed. So women are not sent to school.

Please, slap who beg for dowry in marriage

Another main cause of dowry custom is also the propulsion towards adhering to custom. Nepali people have a great value of cast and tradition they follow to their tradition blindly which leads them to do socially evil things. By following the tradition blindly they practice the dowry because it is the handed by the ancestor to their children from generation to generation.

And one another last cause of practicing dowry custom is urging to show off also. Dowry is mainly practicing to show off in society also. To make it more clear the bride’s family did this to show off how much they have invested in their daughter’s wedding or how much they spend on the gold and make her wear it.

This is also one of the major cause and reason for practicing the dowry custom in our society. And the boy’s family in turns gets high perspective heavily or they gain the new heights of the social stands which are based on the amount of dowry and they get disrespect in the society because of the girl’s family. And the boy’s families get dishonored in the society in the marriage market.

To sum up, dowry custom is the major reason why our country is not developed and is a very harmful social evil. In order to, develop our country it is like cancer. So, it should not be practiced.

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  3. When a groom asks for dowry, it’s like he’s selling himself. It’s shameful and seems like the groom have no self-respect,

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