Dowry System in Nepal- Marriage is Supposed as Making Money


Dowry system is a practice of giving money or property or some kinds of special gifts at the marriage of a daughter by the father (sister by the brother) to bridegroom or bridegroom’s family.

Generally, dowry includes the cash payment, jewels of diamond, gold or silver, electrical appliances, furniture items, bedding, chair, table, land, utensils, and other household products which help the newly married couple to set up her home.

Dowry is known as ‘Daijo’ in Nepali and ‘Dahej’ in Hindi, Maithili, Bhojpuri language. It is a social dangerous evil of our country Nepal.

It is mainly common in Terai Madhesh region, a southern part of Nepal but now it is spreading to other parts of the country instead of being solved. Dowry system is social evils prevailing in Nepal.

Dowry System in Nepal- Marriage is supposed as making money

In legal sense, dowry means any property or valuable security given or agreed to be given, either directly or indirectly, by one party to a marriage to the other party at or before or after the marriage as a consideration for the marriage for the said parties.

Social problems and evils are unwanted activities of society. The unwanted, immoral and violent actions are more specifically, social problems and the wrong practice of traditional notions is a social evil. But both problems and evils are kept under the same basket despite their fundamental differences.

Anyway, both are undesired activities which create hindrance in social progress and prosperity. Every society suffers from social problems and evils, It is simply the matter of degree as some societies suffer more from them and some societies less.


The societies of developing countries are affected more than developed country societies. So far as Nepalese societies are concerned, the dowry is the main social problems.

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the dowry system in the society of Nepal and India
the dowry system exists in the society of Nepal and India

Every society suffers from social problems as it is evolved along with human civilization. It is simply a matter of more or less. As far as possible, we should try at our fullest to minimize the effects of this. Firstly, we should find out the root cause of the social problem and then we need to move ahead rationally.

After identifying the causes, we should see how the national policies and laws are, in order to know whether they promote discrimination or not. Right after the promulgation of Interim Constitution – 2063, some discriminatory laws have been amended and some are in the pipeline to be amended through Constituent Assembly. In the course of moving ahead to solve social problems changing our rudimentary mentality is the supreme factor.

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The money or property given to the groom from the bride’s side during a wedding is known as dowry. Money or property given to the daughter at her marriage is called dowry.

sad woman crying
Woman is crying

Although this is malpractice is deeply rooted in the Terai it has been practiced throughout the country in the passage of time. Dowry system is very common in the Terai region but is spreading to other parts of the country as well.

This has created a great problem in society and has caused the marriage of girls in many families difficult. This dowry system has affected our society very badly and seriously.

Dowry deaths are occurring day by day in our society. Many daughters-in-law and wives are physically and mentally tortured due to the lack of dowry. This system has made fun of equality of women.

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If the bride fails to bring enough dowry, she is tortured mentally, physically and sexually. Even there are reports in the news that she is burnt alive. We frequently hear the news of torture by the in-laws to the daughters-in-law. Sometimes women lose their lives due to the lack of dowry.

In the lack of dowry, many girls have committed suicide and many fetuses have been aborted or destroyed in the womb.

As a result, polygamy has increased and the divorce rate is soaring up. The parents of the bride equally suffer from the problem. They are compelled to sell their property or take a loan in high interest for the marriage of their daughter. If they are poor, they cannot find a match for their daughter.

In the past, the dowry was offered as a token of love and blessing but it has now become a compulsion. Thus, all conscious people must fight against this problem.

dowry system money
Say ‘No Dowry’

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Nowadays marriage is supposed as the lottery of making money. But thinking like this is a social crime. Bridegroom’s family must not treat marriage as a lottery. It is harmful to society.

The bridegroom’s side openly demands the dowry before arranging the marriage. If the dowry is not as much as it was agreed, the groom sometimes leaves the marriage and puts the future of the bridge in the dark.

It has been very difficult for the daughters of poor parents to get married. Many parents save money for the daughter’s marriage instead of spending her education. Parents of a daughter try to collect dowry instead of giving her education. Dowry system is social evils prevailing in Nepal.


To prohibit the demanding, giving and taking of Dowry, to reduce and eliminate the Dowry system in Nepal, Dowry Prohibition Act is in. The Law, dowry act, rule and regulation of Nepal definitely helps to prevent the social evil dowry. But to make the Law effective and fruitful, people of Nepal must follow the Law, rules.

The dowry system in Nepal will remain unless there is a strong awareness in the minds of the Nepalese people. The dowry system will increase in Nepal unless the entire Nepalese society believes that dowry is a social evil. The dowry system will not reduce in Nepal unless the entire Nepalese society objects the demanding for dowry.

The dowry system in Nepal will rise day by day unless every mother-in-law thinks that she was a daughter-in-law at one time too. The dowry system will grow up in Nepal unless every mother feels that the treatments which she gives to her daughter-in-law can be received by her own daughter too.

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Many families are broken and many women commit suicide. They are mentally tortured or burnt due to the reason of not getting enough dowry. There are cases in which if dowry is not given as demanded, the groom’s side often refuses to accept the bride in marriage.

If the demanded dowry is not given, the groom’s side will refuse to take the bride in marriage. Parents of a girl are pressured to collect or save money for dowry than giving her education. This also promotes corruptions and feticide of the female embryo.

This degrades the dignity and honor of women. This must be done away. This system brings discrimination in society.  Such evil traditions must be removed by all conscious people.

Causes of Dowry System In Nepal

Dowry system is the practice of providing property, land and other different sorts of goods or gifts at the marriage of their beloved daughter’s to the family of bridegroom’s side. It is known as “Daijo” in the context of Nepal, “Dahej” in India and also in some place like Terai region of our country Nepal.

It is mainly practiced in the Terai region of our country. But now a day it is practiced in another part of our country also it is spreading like a communicable disease. There are various causes of dowry system in Nepal. It is mainly demanded by the bridegroom’s family.

It is a social problem of any of the country. It is also practiced because of the superstitious belief also. The main problem of dowry is the greediness for the property. It was a band in the constitution of 2063 in Nepal even though it is practiced in many of the places in Nepal.

But no one is taking care of it. One of the causes is to get property of insane from the family of the bride side. This had made more fun of the women in the context of equality.

The girl side is compelled to give the dowry otherwise they threaten the family of the girl that they will kill or will torture her and so on. Dowry system is also causing when one of the people of society motivated any of the people to take the dowry and that is also why the family of bridegroom demands the dowry from the family of the girl.

Let me clear it in my society one marriage was going to happen and at the day of engagement I was also their boy’s family has decided not to take dowry while another uncle motivated him to take the dowry.

The wife (bride) gets often beaten, humiliated, tortured, if No Dowry is brought

In the context of economic theory, those of which views the market for the marriage as one in what people demand or bargain for a spouse who maximizes their property that is gain from the marriage. Many of the people have made dowry system as the source of income.

Mostly the rich family demands the dowry and shows the reason to take care of the girl of the poor family. One of the cause is also this to show them the big in society. Dowry system was established by Indian society to Nepal which has corrupted our society.

woman is crying
woman is crying

It is practiced due to the structure of society. The family’s now a day are patriarchal and man is the head of the family and if he is corrupted then he makes the whole society corrupted. This is also the reason why our country is not developing in the context of any other country.

Another cause of the dowry system is religious dictates also. People do not do inter cast marriage and they search the groom from the same cast of which the groom made the demand of dowry. Because people have faith in the religious culture which leads them towards the back of the society which means it hampers in the development of the society.

Dowry culture is one of the major social evil or a problem of the developing countries that is which is mainly practiced in the Nepalese and Indian society. And another cause is social constraints. Aside far from other causes it is also one of them. From similar religious backgrounds, furthermore, confines are made based on the cast culture and some of the more social status.

Practices like cast marriage and clan marriage have to be kept in our brain while we are arranging the marriage for a match of bride and groom. And the matches which are being preferred should be of the same cast and belong to it. This causes or limitation again will severely deplete the bridge of the marriageable men which are leading to similar or the same consequences for demanding and compelling for the dowry.

One of the major causes of practicing the dowry system is the social status of women in our society. The lower rank of the social standing of the women in our Nepalese society is so deeply rooted in the soul or spirit of the nation, so the dowry is accepted in the society without questioning anybody.

They are neglected not only by society but by the women themselves also. Marriage is viewed as an ultimate achievement for women, evil practices like this custom take its roots too deeper in society. Illiteracy is also one of the causes of the dowry system in Nepal.  Because of the lack of formal education people practice the dowry custom.

A large number of women are illiterate and they do not know anything related to this system. They were not educated in small also and are not aware in the case of today’s context also. They were not sent to school due to the belief in superstition also. They thought that if they go to read than their good eligibility of being a wife will be destroyed. So women are not sent to school.

Please, slap who beg for dowry in marriage

Another main cause of dowry custom is also the propulsion towards adhering to custom. Nepali people have a great value of cast and tradition they follow to their tradition blindly which leads them to do socially evil things. By following the tradition blindly they practice the dowry because it is the handed by the ancestor to their children from generation to generation.

And one another last cause of practicing dowry custom is urging to show off also. Dowry is mainly practicing to show off in society also. To make it more clear the bride’s family did this to show off how much they have invested in their daughter’s wedding or how much they spend on the gold and make her wear it.

This is also one of the major cause and reason for practicing the dowry custom in our society. And the boy’s family in turns gets high perspective heavily or they gain the new heights of the social stands which are based on the amount of dowry and they get disrespect in the society because of the girl’s family. And the boy’s families get dishonored in the society in the marriage market.

To sum up, dowry custom is the major reason why our country is not developed and is a very harmful social evil. In order to, develop our country it is like cancer. So, it should not be practiced.

5 Reasons Why Dowry is Illegal

Dowry is the custom where the family of the bride is supposed to give a certain amount to the family of the bridegroom. It is a contested custom in the community of Hindus which has been going on for centuries.

Some people are in favor of it whereas; most of the educated and aware public is completely against it. The reason being it gives way to a lot of domestic violence.

The women have to pay a high price for their marriage. They leave their own family to go to other’s family and on top of it if the family is made to pay large amounts; it is very unfair to all the women in the society.

This custom of dowry is prevalent in Nepal and India mainly among Hindus. This custom has been made illegal in both countries. But still, in various remote places and even in cities, it is still prevalent in their different forms.

Given below are the reasons why Dowry is illegal:

  1. Dowry promotes Gender Discrimination

Dowry makes the family of the bride suffer a lot. They have to pay huge amounts for the marriage on top of the expenses that they made for the wedding itself. As a result, the families would dread about the news of having a girl as a child.

They would prefer a boy child instead of a girl child and this, in turn, promotes gender discrimination. Just because it is a loss in money when it comes to marrying a girl child and instead, if it is a boy child, they would instead get money for the same marriage.

So, it is a big deal for poor families. The families that cannot afford the marriage let alone the dowry would hate having a girl child. Sex selection, discrimination against women, and everything about gender imbalance would arise from this one act of dowry. Such adverse effects that dowry can have in our society will obviously make dowry an illegal act.

  1. Dowry Encourages Domestic Violence

We have all heard about the incidents where daughter in law is given physical and mental torture in order to exact higher dowry from the bride’s family.

Most often, there are reports where we hear that a bride would be tortured for years after the marriage because her family did not meet the expectations when it came to the dowry amount.

There are a lot of beatings, a lot of burning the bridges and sometimes even trying to kill the bride so that the bridegroom can marry some other girl in order to get more dowry money from her family.

This has become a big problem in the societies that are in the Terai region of Nepal and also India. The violence has gone to such bad condition that the sex ratio itself in the places where dowry is active is lopsided.

Villages are left with no women at all because sex selection has been so rampant. Because the boy child is preferred to the girl child, the fetus of the girl child is aborted even before they can be born. This is also a side effect of dowry which should be discouraged at all costs.

  1. Dowry Gives Rise to Social Evils

Society runs in harmony if everything is in place. Rules and regulations must be followed at all times by each member of the family if society needs to be peaceful and happy.

Social evils like dowry will make society an aggressive place to exist in. A society where half of its population is so much discriminated against, will not make a good place for people to exist in. Women are discriminated against, the girl child is not preferred.

As a result, different activities against women existence can be encountered that include sex selection, violence against women and domestic violence will be seen rampant in society. Such a society is not conducive to any human being.

The younger generations will also be influenced by such activities when seen in society and as a result, even the future will not be secured enough. That is why such social evils should be uprooted from the society as soon as possible. Every woman should be respected and cared for rather than being discriminated against.

  1. Dowry Promotes Fetus Sex Selection

Since dowry makes the family of a girl feel bad about having a girl child, sex selection even before the birth of a child becomes rampant in society. A boy child will have a good life, whereas a girl child becomes a liability and while marriage also, the family ends up using up a lot of money that they don’t even have.

If there is a boy in the family, he will instead bring money while getting married. So, sex selection of the fetus becomes a priority in societies where dowry is prevalent. If dowry were totally eradicated from the societies, sex selection would also stop.

  1. Annually Many Women Lose Their Lives Because of Dowry

If we are to collect the annual statistics, many women will be shown to have been losing their lives because of dowry. Many women are burned, beaten and also sometimes killed because they did not bring enough dowry at the time of marriage.

Sometimes, in order to get more dowry from a second marriage, the family of in-laws tries to get rid of the girl that is already married to their son.

Violence against such women goes to such a level that sometimes it even takes the lives of these women. That is the reason annually we have to hear about so many deaths due to dowry in various parts of the nation.


These are five of the reasons why dowry is made illegal. It has been made illegal not only in Nepal but in India and many other countries as well because of all these adverse effects that dowry has in the society and family. Dowry is a custom that should be eradicated as soon as possible.

Effect of Dowry System

Marriage is an auspicious moment between man and women but it is also the social event. When a man and women are getting married it seems to be the most auspicious and happy moment but the bride’s family has to face a deep-rooted social evil known as a dowry during this event. It has become a social atrocity with its adoption between multiple society and religions as well as the cast.

This social atrocity has been in the play in a marriage ceremony since long. Dowry has been taking lots of tolls on the bride’s family as they are to provide the groom with something with lots of value during the wedding.

It is a gift provided by the bride’s family to the groom for holding the hand of the bride for his life. In simple words, A dowry is an act for the demand for valuable objects or securities or bills by the grooms for the agreement of their marriage.

Greed, Expectation, standing in the society, illiteracy, lack of awareness has been causing this system to still breath its life and many measures have been taken to demotivate this kind of social evils.

But, it is yet to take its last breath. Nepal and India are two major countries which have been following these practices and where its effects have been taking tolls in the bride’s family as well as the bride’s life after her marriage.

With the dowry system still in practice, its effects are taking a toll on the life of both bride and groom as well as their family. Of the many of those effects, some of them have areas below.

7 Effect of Dowry System

  1. Initiates Gender imbalance

Dowry system can be considered as one of the catalysts for gender inequality as it is a general perception that a bride’s family are liable to provide dowry once they are to marry their daughter to another person’s house.

Thus the bride’s family considers their daughter a liability creating the inequality between their daughter and son. More priority is given to a male child and the daughter has less freedom and facilities that she could get as a boy. As such, the girl has to face inequality right after her birth.

say no to dowry

say no to dowry

With the lack of equality, a girl also has less chance to study which hampers her future of being independent and earning for herself. As such, after her marriage, she has to become dependent on her husband which in return decrements her status in the family and is limited to just a man’s wife.

  1. Social Effects

Society is the mass of many as peoples and it is human nature to discriminate another person’s inability. So, if a bride’s family is unable to provide the dowry to the groom, it causes the society to judge the bride’s family to be incapable and unworthy of having the respect that they should have.

Even a bride is demotivated by society and is rejected from society if her family is unable to meet the groom’s demands. She has to listen to multiple demeaning words from society. It also affects the honor of the groom’s or bride’s family.

  1. Domestic violence and crime

It also initiates the act of women violence when the demands couldn’t be met by the bride’s family. The bride has to face physical as well as mental violence from the groom’s family if the bride’s family is unable to provide whatever the groom’s family has asked for as a dowry.

man slapping to woman
man slapping to woman

It leads a woman to lose her mental stability and has to face an emotional breakdown. And later on, the bride is singled out by her husband and her family and she has to face even more violence.

A dowry has become a safe way ticket the women can have in a groom’s house. And some of the groom’s family kills the bride which we can listen to the news.

  1. Economic effect

The economy of a nation is not just a financial related. It is much wider than the narrow thinking we have. The economy is a big platter that holds infrastructure and workforce of a nation as well. With, dowry system in practice, still in many families, the birth of a girl is considered a curse rather than a blessing.

They don’t want to educate the girl and decreases the workforce of a nation directly affecting the economy of a nation in a negative way. We have to lose the workforce cause of the social atrocity known as dowry which hampers the growth of our home and nation. The poor family which gives up the dowry get poorer than ever they were.

  1. Deteriorating financial status

Dowry system doesn’t just involve a bride but her family members as well. When the bride’s family has to provide the dowry to the groom, the financing for the dowry has to be bear by the bride’s family.

Nepali Rupees Money Image
Nepali Rupees

With the effort of fulfilling the groom’s demands, the bride’s family’s financial status goes on deteriorating moreover. If they cannot give the dowry they threaten the bride’s family by performing many acts torturing and other several activities.

  1. Loss of self-esteem

The groom’s demands while being met for the welfare of the bride doesn’t come for free, it comes at the cost of the bride’s family finance as well as the self-esteem of the bride.

The bride believes she is a burden to her family, out of concern for her parents. Her peace of mind is violated by demeaning herself and she loses her right to a better life. Dowry system chains up the freedom and self-respect of women, which haunts her day and night.

  1. Country’s development drop off

Since the dowry custom is one of the harmful social evil which affects the development of our society and communities which later affect the development of our own country. And we could face many of the problems related to this as well as other many different problems.

Overall, dowry custom has many effects which are very harmful in the development context of the society, community, nation, and country. This problem should be solved otherwise it will corrupt our country.


The money or the property that is given to bridegroom from the bride’s family at the time of marriage is called dowry. Such practice is called dowry system. The practice has mainly engulfed Terai region. Once the negotiation is done on dowry, then, the marriage takes place in some societies.

The marriage settles keeping a base to the dowry. If the bride does not bring enough dowry as per the demand of the groom’s family, husband and other family members misbehave her.

The wife (bride) gets often beaten, humiliated, tortured and even burnt to death. Surprisingly, father-in-law and mother-in-law are found guilty of heavily thrashing physically and mentally torturing to daughter-in-law. This problem is also practiced in some parts of the hilly region as well.

Some of the practices and announcements have been made to stop this evil practice but the attempts have been found less effective and non-productive to eliminate it completely till the date. We all should be one to remove or eradicate the dowry system from the world.

As we all know a journey of thousands mile starts from the first step. It may take time but it is possible and we can do it. The weapon for this is will power and determination. Similarly, the Government also needs to prepare a mega plan to overcome the dowry system and it should not limit them to seminar, discussions and prepare rather the government should come along with prospective visions and investment.

Laws, Rules, and Regulation against Dowry System in Nepal

We live in our general public. It is comprised of various standings and sub-ranks. There are diverse conventions and societies. A portion of the customs is great, however not every one of them. Settlement framework is one of the social disasters which is by and by till now.

The settlement is the property or cash given to the lady of the hour to take her significant other’s home when she gets hitched. This insidious framework is particularly drilled in the Terai of our nation.

These days share is a central point when somebody gets hitched. The settlement is called Daijo in Nepal and Dahej in India. It is likewise regularly called Tilak, which is the cash the young lady’s family should pay to the groom’s family.

There will be no marriage unless the arrangement about cash is finished. The family’s status is believed to be helped in the public eye in the event that they can give a substantial share. On the off chance that they are fiscally feeble and can’t bear the cost of the sum, they take credits and now and then home loan their properties and property.

There are occurrences where a well off father has transformed into a pitiably destitute individual in the wake of paying a share to the greater part of his little girls.

On the young lady’s part additionally, she should bear mental and physical torment if her family neglects to give the guaranteed measure of the endowment, or the sum requested by her significant other’s family.

There are numerous occurrences where the young lady is singed alive or covered for not carrying enough endowments with her from her home. The passing of a young lady for settlement-related reasons is called endowment demise.

The spouse’s family proposes the measure of the endowment. What’s more, if the lady’s family concurs it, the marriage program is composed. Be that as it may, the share ought to be given upon the arrival of the wedding function.  There are most of the demands of the dowry in the Terai region of Nepal and we can hear many of the incidents because of not providing the dowry.

The groom can deny the marriage on the off chance that he doesn’t get the chose settlement. It is the most exceedingly awful part of this framework. Lady of the hour’s folks needs their little girl to have a prosperous life. They need to help her financially.

They unquestionably cherish their little girl. In any case, in a settlement framework, the cash and different things are not given to her for her joy; rather they are given to influence the husband to consent to get hitched to her. These days, the husbands request more property from the lady of the hour’s family.

Along these lines, this social wickedness has marketed a marriage contract and marital life. This framework is unquestionably disadvantageous. Right off the bat, the connection between ladies and spouses can’t be sound. The spouse’s treat the ladies severely on the off chance that they think the given endowment is insufficient.

We can see and hear numerous wrongdoings associated with the issues of the endowment. A few ladies are seriously beaten by their spouses. They encourage their spouses to bring extra property. Sadly, the battle between the lady and groom devastates as long as they can remember.

Many recently wedded ladies are constrained to relinquish their spouses’ home. This framework regularly welcomes lethal catastrophes in marital life. A portion of the recently wedded ladies is killed by their spouses as the aftereffect of endowment framework.

What savage severity! These days this framework has been produced as the wellspring of winning property for unmarried guys. Numerous great young ladies can’t get great spouses if their folks are not fortunate. The ladies’ families feel that they have purchased the young men for their little girls.

Dowry system has discouraged many peoples of Nepal and many of the people and girls have been suicide because of the dowry system. The young men are dealt with as the merchandise of the market.

Recently wedded life partners can’t be rapporteur with each other. Along these lines, this framework ought to be either destroyed or transformed. I feel that this framework ought to be restricted by law.

All the informed young ladies and young men ought to demoralize and maintain a strategic distance from this framework when they get hitched. The guardians of the young ladies ought to instruct their little girls appropriately.

In the event that the young ladies are instructed, they can discover great spouses themselves. At any cost, this framework ought to be wiped out for an all-around refined and enlightened society.

It is a social downside of any of the country. It’s conjointly practiced due to the irrational belief conjointly. The most downside of dowry is the greediness for the property.

it absolutely was band within the constitution of 2063 in Nepal Asian country Asian nation} even if it’s practiced in several of the places in Nepal. However, nobody is taking care of it. One in every one of the causes is to urge property of insane from the family of bride aspect. This had created additional fun of the ladies within the context of equality.

The woman aspect is compelled to present the dowry otherwise they threaten the family of the woman that can they’re going to they’ll} kill or will torture her than on.

Dowry system is additionally causing once one in every one of the individuals of society actuated any of the individuals to require the dowry which is additionally why the family of bridegroom demands the dowry from the family of the woman.

Let Maine clear it in my society one wedding was planning to happen and at the day of engagement, I used to be conjointly their boy’s family has set to not take dowry whereas another uncle actuated him to require the dowry.

To unravel this endowment framework open mindfulness ought to be raised through various methods for correspondence to change the state of mind of individuals. Guardians ought to be encouraged to put cash on young ladies contemplate not in share for them.

The Dowry restriction Act ought to be actualized entirely which stops the Dowry framework in Madesh and everywhere throughout Nepal. Like everywhere throughout the world, Dowry ended up plainly disallowed by law in Nepal as well.

Hostile to endowment law is at times and someplace abusing. In spite of the counter share law in Nepal, endowment framework is rehearsed generally and unlawfully the nation over, a particularly southern piece of Nepal called Madhesh or Terai.

Endowment illness is spreading increasingly by the supposed taught and scholarly youthful person. I consider notwithstanding requesting settlement from the father’s in law, he needs to come before society to reprimand share to be a case.

The most vital part to kill endowment framework in our general public is the guardians’ part. Many guardians of our general public are not sending young ladies to the school and school to ponder in light of the fact that they imagine that she will require a more qualified man who requests more cash.

What’s more, it is going on in our general public that informed man requests more than uneducated man. In any case, considering and doing this is an image of stupid. It is foolishness. Share framework is social shades of malice winning in Nepal. In most of the place of Nepal, it has been eradicated deeply and the practice of this system is not prevailing.

It is the responsibility and duties of the young generation to eradicate the matter of dower. It’s tough to eradicate dower system not solely in the Asian nation however conjointly alternative countries of the globe. There square measure ways in which, tips, strategies, and steps of removing and eradicating dower system in our society.

Some ways, tips, strategies, and steps of removing and eradicating dower system. Initial of all, discriminating between a lady and a boy ought to be stopped. Public awareness ought to be raised through completely different media.

Women ought to be sent to high school equally as boys. Offer women an opportunity to educate and twiddling my thumbs. girls ought to run equal parental property rights. They must run education and skill development coaching. Dower system ought to be altogether discouraged by the law.

An educated man must show the courageousness to prevent this evil system of our society. Society anyhow must take into account this proven fact that dower isn’t benefiting for the United States of America. Our society role is most significant. Don’t force women to marry within the early age.

Women conjointly should need to show the {whole the complete} courageousness to reject the boys who square measure demanding dower. once the women square measure centered on quality education, right coaching, got employment opportunities and economic independence, women will raise hands against dower.

All women of our society need to be assured that no women square measure worse than boys. However, all these things can’t happen in an exceedingly single day or longer. it should take your time, right designing, and much of wealth. At some point, society is modified and step to eradicate the dower.

Girls ought to get the chance to urge associate degree education in class. once completion of their college education, they must be inspired to possess the next education. correct education {of women of ladies} would be useful in educating girls and ladies of their rights.

Their age of wedding ought to be raised. they must be inspired to enter into varied fields of paid jobs, as their higher economic standing conjointly discourages demands for dower.

The observe of mass wedding ought to be inspired for the sake of the economy. Strict laws square measure necessary to forestall one from giving and taking dower. Daughters ought to run sensible education so they’ll be assured enough to run an honest family.

They must be capable enough to try to governmental and personal sector jobs. If the females will do thus, dower isn’t any a lot of existing. Dower is demanded by idiots UN agency square measure tempted to marry a stupid and illiterate lady for the property. Awareness will solely facilitate to eradicate this upset from society.

Enforcement is rarely enough to merely introduce acts and amend sections to fight against social evil. This needs strict and remorseless social control of such laws. That side still leaves a great deal to be desired.

Though such allegations square measure was taken terribly seriously by the authorities, lack of correct inquiring procedures typically ends up in the suspect going free.

The govt. must guarantee policy for such offenders and guarantee social control of the law through general changes. Social Awareness making a widespread awareness against the evils of the dower system is a vital beginning towards eradicating the observe.

Campaigns ought to be designed to succeed in the deepest strata of the society and aim to unfold data concerning the legal provisions against dower. There is also the requirement to market the requirement for educating the lady kids.

Education and self-dependence of girls – education isn’t simply needed to search out your vocation in life, it’s essential to achieve eyes and ears to a world on the far side the one you’ll be able to forthwith see. It’s vital or all folks to stress on educating the women so as to fight widespread social evils like dower.

Data of their rights can alter them to talk up against observe of dower and current marginalization. They’ll even be able to try for self-dependence and not read wedding as their sole salvation. Overhaul of mindsets –India as a rustic needs major overhaul of its existing mindsets so as to block against the ungodly custom of dower.

They have to understand the very fact that in today’s society girl’s square measure absolutely capable of doing something that men will. Girls themselves ought to kick off of the idea that they’re inferior to men and that they ought to rely on men to produce for them.

How to remove the dowry system in Nepal

Now, let me enlist in points on how dowry can be solved.

  1. There should be wide publicity about problems and their legal provisions to minimize the effects.
  2. Media like – radio, T.V., etc. should play a vital role.
  3. Government machinery should be active to punish wrongdoers and promote campaigners.
  4. Educated people – teachers, doctors, media persons, and different social organizations should play a very supportive role.
  5. There should be the provision of strict punishment for lawbreakers, etc.

Writer: Ranjan Poudel and Hari Shiwakoti


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21 thoughts on “Dowry System in Nepal- Marriage is Supposed as Making Money

  1. Dowry system is such a system that hampers the society.this social problem should be completely thrown out in the dustbin..

  2. the essay was good but i found a lot of mistakes in the grammar part such as : last para – the dowry system will “remains” ..its “remain” and there are many more mistakes so please correct it…apart from that its a good essay … thank you for this

    1. Thank you supriya jee, We will correct the grammar mistake. We hope more from you….

  3. obiously dowary system should be removed from nepal otherwise we have to hear bad news daily..

  4. though it might be nearly impossible to eradicate dowry, we can join hands together and minimize it. 🙂

  5. When a groom asks for dowry, it’s like he’s selling himself. It’s shameful and seems like the groom have no self-respect,

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