How to download Facebook Messenger App for Mobile Smartphone


How to download ‘Facebook messenger application’ for mobile Smartphone? If you’re worry about to download app Facebook messenger for your mobile Smartphone, then don’t worry. Here is a way to download Facebook messenger app.

We all know that With Facebook Messenger we can chat with our friends from Facebook without using a browser. We can see and respond to chats right from our device. No matter, we are browsing other websites or using another app, we don’t have to click away to stay connected.

how to download facebook messenger for mobile1Conversation with friends with Facebook is now been a part of the daily activities for millions of people. For solution of that Facebook Inc has launched a app ‘Facebook messenger’ is now available. It is most popular app of internet era.

Facebook has released several apps for both mobile and windows. For Smartphone, one of the best app is ‘Facebook messenger for mobile’. This app makes messaging from your smart phone much more convenient. There are several feature of the latest version of ‘Facebook Messenger for Mobile’ app.

Steps of downloading ‘Facebook Messenger for Smartphone’


  1. To get the mobile messenger page on Facebook, go to any web browser on your computer and use it. Remember it, you must have internet connection on your Smartphone.
  2. Go to the facebook website, type on your opened browser.
  3. When  Facebook site is shown, you will see a green ‘Get the App’ button at the top of the page. So click on that button ‘Get the App’.how to download facebook messenger for mobile2
  4. Enter your mobile phone number where prompted. Then, select your country code. After doing that, click the button ‘text me the link’. For messaging, Facebook doesn’t charge.
  5. Click on the link that is texted to you. It will lead you to the download page in the App Store/Android Market.
  6. Click the on button ‘Install’. No matter what your internet connection. But it takes time more if your internet connection is slow. To download fast and immediately you must have strong wife or 3G internet connections. Anyway, it will download later or sooner.
  7. When ‘download competed’ message is shown in your screen, then it takes you to log in to messenger. So, use your regular Facebook email and password to log in to the app.
  8. Use the app’ Facebook messenger’ now. All the download function is completed. Now you can start your regular conversation by clicking the compose button in the upper right corner of your screen.


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