Mobile Phone Tips: Don’t Turn Off of Mobile Phone, Keep it in Silence Because…

Mobile Phone Tips: Don’t Turn Off of Mobile Phone, Keep it in Silence Because…

Communication means exchanging ideas, messages, feelings, news, views, reports and, so on. It is done using different means: letters, telephone, newspapers, magazines, mobile phones, fax, TV, radio, etc.


Mobile Phones is as vital as transportation. Both are important infrastructures of development. They not only contribute to the economic development but also bring people and countries closer. Today, the world has become practically a global village. It is due to the different means of communication, different parts of the world have been interlinked.

Information is power. Timely information is possible only with the help of efficient means of communication. Timely information helps to speed up development works and save valuable time and resources.

Mobile Phones has become part and parcel of our daily life. We keep ourselves informed on various important issues through the means of communication. Travel, trade, industries, commerce etc depend on Mobile Phones.

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Don’t Turn Off of Mobile Phone, Keep it in Silence Because…

Users of mobile phones keep their mobile turned off when he/she is in for a special time, cases or places. This is a great problem of almost all mobile phone users. People of anywhere, not only people of Nepal, India, Pakistan, UK, US, Germany, but also people of another part of the world have such type of habitual action. They think that this is the best to be safe for not disturbing form anybody third parties. When she/he is in film or movie theaters he/she turned off her/his mobile phones. While he/she is in the playhouse, his/her mobile phone is turned off. Really this is the bad habit. Besides these places, some major places where the mobile phone users often tuned off their phone like in observatories, libraries; Gumba, temples, masjid, church (places to worship), courthouse, doctor’s offices, weddings, funerals, meeting, etc.

When a person is going to take or give an interview, he/she will, of course, keep his/her mobile phone turned off. When people are in any public event where the attention of audiences can be focused on a performance, one keeps the mobile phone turned off. If one is an even performer like singer, dancer, if always keep mobile phone turn off in their performance. If you ask why he/she will tell you that a ringing phone can disturb the audiences who have paid money to have the experience. An audience member also turned off the phone in such event. It is the ongoing habitual action of phone users.

Yes, we all knew that ringing phone can indicate a lack of respect in public places, event, performance, meeting, interview, offices. Etc. so, the best solution of this problem is keeping mobile phone silence. Don’t turn off your mobile or cell or cellular phone turned off. Make your mobile phone silence. Keep the phone in silence mode. You can keep mobile phone is vibration mode too, but it is the best way. Because your mobile phone in vibration mode will disturb you again and again. Lastly, it affects your good health too. Therefore keeping a mobile phone in silence mode is better and important than turning off the phone. You will not be disturbed. After making your mobile phone silence, the disturbance will sure minimize. Who knows? Your very important call is waiting while your mobile is in turned off.¬† Nobody knows such things.

In conclusion, you are at any public event, meeting, interviews, funeral, weddings, doctors’ office, movies’ theatre, playhouse, playground, class room, temple, Gumba, Masjid, Church, libraries, courthouse, observatories etc. don’t turn off your mobile phone, keep it silence. There are many exception cases.

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