Tihar Diyo Decoration: Decorate Tihar Diyo Beautifully

Nepali Tihar Diyo Decoration: Make Tihar Diyos Beautiful

Nepali Tihar Diyo Decoration: Make Tihar Diyos Beautiful. This page provides you information with pictures about Tihar Diyos (दियोहरु) decoration. How to decorate home with diyos in Tihar festival of Nepal? Let’s see about Tihar diyo decoration ideas to celebrate the festival of lights – Tihar.

Diyo is a small lamp and it is also known as ‘Deepak’ or ‘Deep’ or ‘Diya’. A “Diyo” is a traditional candles. The relation of Tihar and Diyo is just unique. Tihar is the festival of lights and the Diyos bring light to the world. So here you can make beautiful diyo by decorating it. Diyo Decoration Ideas, Decorate your own Diyos this Tihar

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Tihar is the time when you can different designs of diyo. You will get decorated beautiful diyos and you can get plane diyos also which you can decorate yourself. Beautiful colorful diyos or earthen lamps of all shapes and sizes are available in the markets during Tihar festival time.

Kid Tihar Diyo

Also known as ‘Diyo’ or ‘Deep’ or Deepak’, the Diyo brings light to the world. Diyos are one of the most significant of Tihar decorations and are lit in remembrance of the deceased and to worship the gods and goddesses.

Tihar or Deepawali is certainly the biggest of all Hindu festivals. Each of the five days in the festival of Tihar is separated by a different tradition, but what remains true and constant is the celebration of life, its enjoyment and goodness.

Tihar Diyos Decoration!

So here are some tips to make your diyo look beautiful:

  • Diyos look more beautiful by coloring them with different colors and giving them small floral designs.
  • Give leafy and floral patterns over the diyos using different colors.
  • Use shells, beads, sequins, glass pieces stick them on diyos.
  • Paint the diyo with a color of your own choice and sprinkle glitters over.
  • You can use ceramic clay and make beautiful shapes using the clay. Stick them on the diyos. Now paint the diyos with acrylic paint and allow it to dry completely. This would give your earthern lamp a cool look.
  • You can also stick golden laces, zaris on your diyos. But care must be taken so that the wicks when lighted do not get to touch the lace or zari.
  • You can make simple bowl shape for a diyo and decorate it or you will get diyo moulds easily available in markets. Make beautiful diyo out of it.

These are some tips to decorate diyos. So paint the Diyos and light them around your house in Tihar as you can see handmade diyos look more beautiful and stunning as you light them up and the reflection of small mirror pieces will make your house look more brighter.

id  4424

Tihar Diyo
Diyo On The Banana Tree
Electric Diyas Diwali
Electric Diyas

So here’s wishing everybody very Happy Tihar!!

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