200 Romantic Diwali Wishes For Wife – Happy Deepavali 2018 Messages


151. Love is more than an elemental power. Love looks like a literary genre. Love is more than an instinct. It’s a creation nothing primitive in a man. Happy Diwali darling.

152. It is necessary to resemble in some ways to understand each other. But you have to be quite different to love each other. Happy Diwali.

153. Being Deeply Loved By Someone Gives You Strength.And Deeply Wanting Someone Gives You Courage.Happy Diwali Jaan.


154. Woe to the man who wants to act sincerely in love. Don’t you think darling. Happy Diwali.

155. I do not believe that there are rules about the affairs of love and the amount of compassion that they entail. Happy Diwali.

156. How wise are those who are only fools in love. I love that I am fool being in love with you.

157. A Moment Of Joy From The Heart Is Worth More Than Two Hours Of Pleasure Of The Senses. I Share That Joy With You.


158. The most powerful spell if you want to be loved is to love first. Happy Diwali my darling.

159. In The Dew Of The Little Things, The Heart Finds Its Morning And Takes Its Freshness.

160. I carry inside my being a joy that seems to run through my body from end to end and I’ve felt all this since we became sweethearts. Now our souls are united by a bond of love that will never be broken.

161. The Benefactor knocks on the door, but the one who loves finds it open. Happy Diwali.

162. I love How Love Loves. I Do not Know Another Reason To Love That I Love You. What do you want me to say besides that I love you, if what I want to say is that I love you ?

163. Physical Love is needed in life like hunger and thirst. But for the permanent love you need emotional connection.

164. There is no love without fear of offending or losing what you love.

165. Love is a beautiful rose with many thorns. One has to go through the pain of the thorns to pick the rose.

166. If You Love Me And I Love You.How We Would Love Each Other.

167. Love Is The Activity Of The Lounger And The Leisure Of The Active Man.

168. Love Compassion, And Compassion The More You Love.

169. Love Will Find Its Way.Even Through Places Where Neither Wolves Would Dare To Enter.

170. The Most Beautiful Instant Of Love.The Only One That Really Intoxicates Us.Is This Prelude: The Kiss.

171. Love consists in Feeling that the Sacred Being Late Within the Loved One.

172. There is someone who has come to the world to fall in love with a single woman. That someone has already stumble diver that woman. Happy Diwali my love.

173. Frightful Game of Love, in which it is necessary for one of both players to lose the Government of Itself.

174. The Problem Of Man Is Not In The Atomic Bomb, But In His Heart. Hhahah. I Love You Darling. Happy Diwali.

175. Thank you love, for being very loving with me, for giving me your best advice and for that unique trust we have for each other. We are a very close couple and I am sure that we are in the best stage of our courtship because we are reaffirming our desire to have a lasting relationship.

176. I would love to be with you tomorrow, afternoon and night. If I could. I would escape with you from this world and take you to a place where we can only be you and me living our love alone.

177. It is enough that you are present in my life so that each day is special by your side. Being together makes you only have eyes to contemplate your beauty and feel pure love for you.

178. Before you I did not believe in love but with you I returned my soul to my body and my heart beat again for a love as special as you.

179. For me you will always be the woman who governs my life.From just listening to your voice I feel that there is no word from another person that can pass over yours.

180. No matter how strong winds blow to try to get away from you. I will never lose the strength to let go of your hand. I will love you against all odds.

181. I lose myself in my thoughts and I navigate through your memories. It’s the most beautiful way to get lost when I’m without you .

182. How not to look for you if I love you. How not to write to you if I think about you. How not to wish you if you sleep. How do I not care about your life, if I love you.

183. My life is reduced to all the unforgettable moments that I live by your side, you make me very happy.

184. Thank you for sharing this day with me. I promise you that we will have a lot of fun dancing, singing, eating until dawn. Happy Diwali heart.

185. You are my first love and people can think what they want from us, but for me you are a very original person.

186. I can never forget the first kiss you gave me because with it I knew that true love had come to my life.

187. In you I found everything I wanted to find in a relationship. You are an intelligent woman, the noblest person I have ever met.

188. We both blend so well that you can tell that we were born to fall in love.

189. The best thing of my life is you. You are the perfect person with whom I get along very well not only as a couple.

190. We are also great friends and we always feel the need to be together and shake hands when we have a problem.

191. I love you in such a way that for you I would be able to give anything to see you happy by my side.

192. There are millions of things that I love and adore about you. I could not tell you if it’s your full lips or seductive voice that drive me crazy or that seductive way you have when you look at me.

193. The truth is that I love everything in you and I feel proud before my friends to be able to tell them that I am your husband.

194. I would not mind staying blind because I already know what your face and soul are like.

195. If I have you by my side you will always be that light that will illuminate my life.

196. You appeared in my world like a breath of air that comes from the fields of flowers bringing the scent of your fresh skin.

197. You are the woman that makes my life complete. I like that you make me happy, you cook for me, you take care of me and that you love me in the way that only you can make me happy.

198. You managed to change my way of being and thinking. Happy Diwali darling.

199. Before you, I felt that my life was boring and without emotions.But now you are the engine that gives me encouragement to be the happiest man. Because I have the love you give me every day.

200. The only thing that matters is that we always stay together. It does not matter if we have problems, any storm.We will face it hand in hand and we will overcome it because nobody will be able to separate us. Our love will always be foolproof.

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