200 Romantic Diwali Wishes For Wife – Happy Deepavali 2019 Messages

Romantic Diwali Wishes For Wife: – Diwali is the second important and longest celebrated festival by the Hindus of Nepal. As a goddess of wealth, Mata Laxmi is worshipped in the festival along with Lord Ganesha and goddess Saraswati. All these three deities are worshipped with a prayer to provide us with the wealth, knowledge and removal of all the obstacles from our lives.

Our religion and tradition have always worshipped goddess in different forms. Ancient Vedas have also signified the home where women are respected is the home where there will never be the lack of wealth and peace. Our traditional cultures have always taught the society to respect women and their dignity. Women are considered as the Laxmi of home.

Woman do not want to be worshipped but all she wants is to be respected and appreciated by the family especially her husband for all she does without the utterance of a word of exhaustion.

Thus below are some of the messages listed which husband can use to wish his wife on Diwali romantically to show how much he loves her and appreciate her for all the sacrifices she makes and making his home complete.

200 Romantic Diwali Wishes For Wife – Happy Deepavali 2019 Messages

1. Happy Diwali to my dearest wife whom I love more than anything else in this world. You make me complete. You are my soulmate. My search for the happiness was over when you came into my life. I love you darling more than my life.

2. I can’t say I’ll bring the moon and stars for you. Well, that’s impractical as you know. But I can promise you I will always keep you happy. I will bring all the joys of the world on your feet. I will not let tears fall from your eyes unless you’re suffering from conjunctivitis of course.Happy Diwali my Laxmi.

3. I am fortunate enough to have you as my life partner. I must have done some good deeds in my past life that I get the wife like you in this life. Happy Diwali darling.


4. Every married man after a few years says marriage is a life imprisonment. And the wife is the jailor of that prison. If that what it is. Then I love my jail and my jailor. I would do any crime to be in this prison with you forever.

5. Darling what magic you have cast over me. I see your face on every beautiful girl I see.

6. I love you so dearly that have trained myself to read what’s in your eyes. Happy Diwali my love.

7. You are my inspiration, my love. You are the air I breathe. You are the sweet fragrance that has prompted my life. You are my sunshine and the light of the full moon. You are my pole star who is here always to support me and guide me. I love you.

8. You are the most beautiful, kindest, sweetest, and cutest girl I have ever seen. Your heart is the most beautiful and sacred I have ever been in. I love to live and breathe for that beauty. Happy Diwali love.

9. Everyone wishing you to be beautiful, blessed and have wealth and health. But I won’t wish you that. Because you’re the reason and source for my wealth, health and peace. How can I wish the source who makes my life a full circle? Happy Diwali Jaan.

10. I share the inner intimate love with you. I hope this one sentence is enough to show how much you mean to me. Happy Diwali.

11. You know you have the power to make me laugh and cry at the same time right. Be careful. With great power comes the great responsibility.

12. I don’t want to be compared with Majnu, Romeo or Ranjha. They all have the tragic ending. I want to live forever with you and take my last breath in the warmth and protection of your arms. Happy Diwali my wife.

13. I wish to see your face every morning I wake up. I want to close my eyes seeing your face.My day starts with you. My life ends with you. I love you.

14. I want the precious companion to share this ordinary life with. Will you oblige me with this privilege my darling?

15. You only have the capability to lift me up and show me my duty. You are the love of my life. You are my soulmate and life and always will be.

16. I don’t want to express with words how much I love you. Just look into my eyes. You will know the density of my love and care for you.

17. You are my biggest strength, courage and bravery and my biggest weakness. I want to take the courage from you. I want to protect you from all the wagging eyes of the sick bastards. So I am joining the gym starting tomorrow. Just want to give you the news. Happy Diwali darling.

18. I believe every single word you say. How can those beautiful lips lie?

19. I will keep wanting and needing your love until my last breath.Happy Diwali love.

20. Your words and your concern for my well being is just like my mother’s. Mother gave me life. She gave me love. You taught me to love the love. Mom and you are the left and right ventricles of my heart. I love you both.


21. You may say why I compare you with the right and left ventricles of the heart. Other compare their love to eyes and moon. Anyone can live without their eyes or hands. But no one can live without the heart. You are the reason for pumping blood all over my body to keep me alive.


22. I want to forget my identity and make your identity as my own. The norms of the society ask the wife to be known by the husband’s name. But I want to be known by your name. After all, you’re the one who made me love myself.

23. If you ever try to forget me. I’ll be there to keep you reminding. I have stuck myself to you with fevicol. Even death can’t keep us apart.

24. The true understanding and faith we have in our love. We don’t need to utter the words of love for each other.

25. I Love You To Love You And Not To Be Loved. Nothing makes me happy as much as seeing you smiling. Happy Diwali love.

26. You will know everything when I kiss you. Even though lots of the time I remain in silence. You understand me and see my inner self. You may not be god himself but you are God for me.

27. You are the vision of my eyes. You are the beating of my heart. You are the sound of my throat. Basically, you are everything of my life.

28. Some say love is the unbearable pain. But for me, love is the beautiful angel that has been sent to earth just for me. Happy Diwali my love.

29. I am in love with you when I realize that you are unique.Happy Diwali my love.

30. The Man Who Has not Loved Passionately Ignores The Most Beautiful Half Of His Life. I definitely have experienced that beautiful half. Happy Diwali to you my Jaan.

31. Your love is like wine to me. You comfort me when I am in stress. Happy Diwali my love.

32. When Love Is Happy. It Brings Soul To Sweetness And Goodness. My soul is gratified with the sweetness you have brought in my life. Happy Diwali.

33. To love is not only to want but also to wish and desire. But it is to understand each other.HappyDiwali my dear wife.

34. We learn to love not when we find the perfect person, but when we come to see an imperfect person perfectly. Though I was imperfect you have made me perfect my love.

35. It is better to have loved, to be loved and lost than never to have loved. But I am not ready to lose you. Neither I am ready now nor I’ll be ready ever. Happy Diwali darling.

36. True Love Is Like Spirits. Everyone Talks About Them, But Few Have Seen It.I am.amongst the few who have experienced the true love in their life. I am lucky to start my day seeing my true love every morning.

37. I know what passion is and loving through the heart. I am one of the few lucky ones who are able to live with his true love.

38. I love the love.So I do everything with love. I scream but with love. I correct myself with love. I forgive with love. Let’s celebrate Diwali with love my dear.

39. Your kiss is my addiction. Your touch is my drug for my wounds. Happy Diwali darling.

40. He who has known only his wife, and has an eye for only his wife and loved only her knows more about women than he has known a thousand. Believe me when I say you’re the first and the last girl ever in my life.

41. Loving is not looking at each other. It’s Looking Together In The Same Direction.Happy Diwali my love.

42. I want to give you all the best that is in me. I love you my darling. Happy Diwali.

43. Doubt that the stars are fire, doubt the sun moves, doubt that the truth is lying, but never doubt that I love you. Happy Diwali love.

44. To love is to find in one’s own happiness and delight in another person’s happiness. I am happy when I see you laughing with the sweetest smile you have.

45. The Greatest Declaration of Love Is The One That has not bee Done Yet. The man that feels a lot, speaks little. I love you, darling.

46. The Letters of Love are written starting without knowing what is going to be said.And they end without knowing what has been said. I love you, darling. Happy Diwali to you.

47. When Isay I am in love with you like a madman is exaggerated. In General, I am in love with you as a fool. Happy Diwali dear.

48. The soul that can touch through eyes can also love through its looks.Happy Diwali to you my darling. May Lord Ganesha makes me able to give you all the happy that you want and deserve.

49. One who loves you will make you cry. But the cry is of happiness and joy that show you are with the love you seek for the whole life. The cry is for the blessing that God has bestowed upon.Happy Diwali darling.

50. I listen to the mind but let the heart speak. Because you’re the one who resides in my heart. Whenever my heart speaks. It means you’re speaking. Happy Diwali love.