999 Happy Diwali Wishes For Family Members With Status, Greetings & Quotes

The woman who has always inspired me, who has always made me special, who has always given me unconditional love … I wish you, Mom, a very happy and successful Diwali.

Dear mother, I wish you a beautiful and bright Diwali. I pray to God that all your wishes come true and that you be blessed with everything you desire. Happy Diwali Mummy and I love you so much.

May this festival of lights illuminate your life with new hope, energy and happiness. May this Diwali shine your life with happiness, success and health. I wish you, Mom, a very happy Diwali.

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This Diwali marks the beginning of the new year. I pray to the Almighty that this year be full of happiness, health, wealth, success and happiness. I wish you a very happy mom Diwali.

Dear mom, you taught me how to light my first cookie and Diya. You are the one who has made each Diwali special with his love and affection. Happy Diwali to the best mother.

I wish that Lord Ram is always there to protect and protect my mother with her love and blessings. I send you the best wishes on the occasion of Diwali.

May your life be as beautiful, bright, magical and hopeful as the bright lights of Diwali. May Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi bless you with everything you desire. Happy Diwali mom.


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I pray to God for your health, happiness and success of this Diwali. I wish you a very happy Diwali, dear mother. May he shower forever with the blessings of the Divine.

Greetings to Diwali to the best mother in the world. May the divine light of the Almighty shine your life and bring you all happiness. Happy Diwali

I pray to the Divine to bless you with joy, happiness and success. May this year bring the best moments full of happiness and joy. I wish the best mother a happy and safe Diwali.

May God send his blessing in the form of success, health, prosperity and prosperity to the most amazing parents. I wish you a wonderful Diwali, dear mom.

Have a wonderfully tingling Diwali of all time. I pray to God to bless you with health, prosperity and happiness. I wish you a fun and fun Diwali. Have fun and have fun … Happy Diwali Mumma!

I pray to God that the brightness and determination of Diwali illuminate a new chapter. Have a new beginning with New Year’s Advent. I wish you a very happy Diwali.

Diwali Messages For Your Family Members

I wish your life to shine like Diwali lamps. May God bless you by giving your health, happiness, success and prosperity. I wish you a happy Diwali Dad!!

For the most beautiful dad who wishes you a warm and happy Diwali … May each day of next year be blessed with the blessings of Laxmi and Ganesh. Happy Diwali.

Dear dad, thanks for making each of my Diwali special. I wish you be blessed with an unlimited smile and joy in this coming year. I wish you a very happy Diwali.

May your life be as magical, bright, vivid and colorful as the glow of Diwali lamps. I wish you a warm and happy Diwali. May God bless you for years to come.

May you be blessed with all the happiness, happiness and health on earth. You can thrive like the flickering lights and enjoy all the success and prosperity. I wish you a very happy Diwali dad

May a large number of lights enlighten your existence with perpetual happiness, thriving, wellbeing and riches until the end of time. Wishing you and your family!

Expectation this Diwali carries satisfaction to your life alongside the way to progress. Happy Diwali

May the perfect light f Diwali spread into your life harmony, success, joy and great wellbeing. May the magnificence of Diwali season fill your home with happiness.

The celebration of lights is practically around the bend wish all of you a Happy Diwali!

Diwali Wishes For Family Members

May the beautiful, bubbly season beginning with Dhanteras, ringing Deepawali the celebration of lights enlightens Ur life and bring the shower of greatness flourishing wellbeing and harmony! Happy Dhanteras and Diwali.

During this celebration season, may your karma with cards remains close by consistently! Happy Diwali!

Commend the current year’s Diwali with a great deal of fun and skip with your companions and relatives. Happy Diwali!


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Happy Diwali to you all, may you praise it well. Encompassed by family, companions, and loads of adoration and recall.

This Diwali I wish you get a ton of saltines; however, you don’t get a match box to lit them. Spare the earth, so no to wafers.


My desires are quiet yet obvious Everywhere they will be with you. May karma be your earnest wishes are mine May your future consistently sparkles Happy Diwali!

May the delight cheer Fun and joy of this perfect celebration Surround you forever. May the satisfaction That this season brings Happy Deepawali

Deepavali Text Messages For Whatsapp status

Wishing you and your family a splendid and prosperous year ahead! Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali: May this light of happiness, light up your life may this Diwali be the most shimmering and helping.

Satisfaction noticeable all around it’s Diwali all over, how about we demonstrate some affection and care and wish everybody out there. Happy Deepawali!

We might want to accept this open door to wish our clients. Happy Deepawali

Give this Deepawali a chance to consume all your terrible occasions and enter you in great occasions. Happy Diwali

The light of lights, the self-iridescent internal light of the Self is consistently sparkling relentlessly in the assembly of your heart. Sit discreetly. Close your eyes. Pull back the faculties. Fix the brain on this incomparable light and appreciate the genuine Deepawali, by accomplishing enlightenment of the spirit. Happy Diwali

He who Himself sees everything except whom nobody observes, who lights up the mind, the sun, the moon and the stars and the entire universe yet whom they can’t brighten, He to be sure is Brahman, He is simply the inward. Commend the genuine Deepawali by living in Brahman, and appreciate the everlasting trance of the spirit. Happy Diwali

Diwali Messages For Your Family Members

The sun doesn’t sparkle there, nor do the moon and the stars, nor do lightning sparkle? Every one of the lights of the world can’t be contrasted even with a beam of the inward light of the Self. Consolidation yourself in this light of lights and appreciate the incomparable Deepawali.

Numerous Deepawali celebrations have gone back and forth. The hearts of by far most are as dim as the evening of the new moon. The house is lit with lights; however, the heart is brimming with the obscurity of obliviousness. O man! Wake up from the sleep of obliviousness. Understand the steady and everlasting light of the Soul which neither ascents nor sets, through contemplation and profound request. Happy Diwali

May all of you accomplish full internal brightening! May the preeminent light of lights edify your comprehension! May all of you accomplish the unlimited otherworldly abundance of the Self! May all of you thrive wonderfully on the material just as otherworldly planes!

Praise the celebration of lights with adoration regard and funniness – Happy Diwali!

A warm Diwali wishes for each satisfaction. May the glow and magnificence, that are a piece of this propitious event, fill your existence with satisfaction and splendid cheer, and bring to your euphoria and success, for the entire year.

Deepavali Text Messages For Whatsapp status

Since this is a unique event when all the family and companions get together, for the sake of entertainment. Wishing a ton of diversion to cheer your days during this happy season. Happy Diwali!”

Give this Diwali a chance to consume all your terrible occasions and enter you in great occasions. Happy Diwali!”

“Uncertainty resembles dimness and trust resembles a light. It is highly unlikely one can annihilate light by tossing obscurity into it. Along these lines, we should meet up and appreciate the celebration of lights. Happy Diwali!”

“May these rich favors be expected on you with some abundance of companionships, old and new. With some help rendered and some comfort given and a delicate harmony with God and paradise. Heartful wishes for you and your family on the eve of Diwali! Happy Diwali!”

“Diwali is a celebration loaded with sweet recollections, a sky brimming with firecrackers, a mouth loaded with desserts, a house loaded with diyas and a heart loaded with happiness! Happy Diwali!”

This Diwali let us express appreciation for all we hold dear: Our wellbeing, our family, our companions and to the beauty of God which never closes. Wishing you and your family an exceptionally Happy Diwali…

Diwali is the time to celebrate this moment with your loved ones. Share moments of happiness and joy with them and enjoy the festivities and delicacies. Dear father, let’s have a wonderful time with many Dhamaal and Masti. I wish you all the best in Diwali Papa.

Its Diwali everywhere, happiness is everywhere and wealth is always … and wishes everyone out there. Happy Diwali!

Lots of joy and good! How about worship and care? I wish you and your family a great Diwali!!!