999 Happy Diwali Wishes For Family Members With Status, Greetings & Quotes

With glimmer of Diyas and the reverberation of Chants. May joy and happiness fill your life. Wishing you a Happy and prosperous Deepawali

This Diwali I wish you get a great deal of saltines, yet you don’t get a match box to lit them. Spare the earth, so no to saltines.

On the valuable period of Diwali, I wish you Happy Diwali, and I implore that you get every one of your undertakings satisfied just as you get bunches of endowments and desserts this Diwali.

Deepavali Text Messages For Whatsapp status

Candles to appreciate life; Decorations to light life; Presents to share achievement; Fire Crackers to consume shades of malice; Sweets to improve achievement; And Worship to express gratitude toward God! Diwali Wishes from Heart.

A positive and minding connection doesn’t need to talk uproarious; a delicate SMS is only enough to express the heartiest emotions. Appreciate the celebration of Diwali with heaps of fun!

May this Diwali present to you the most extreme in harmony and success. May lights triumph over obscurity. May harmony rise above the earth. May the soul of light enlighten the world.

May the light that we celebrate at Diwali demonstrate to us the way and lead us together on the way of harmony and social agreement. Wishing everybody an extremely Happy Diwali!


May this Diwali, you be honored with favorable luck – as long as Ganeshji’s trunk, riches, and flourishing – as large as his stomach, joy as sweet as his Ladoos and issues – as little as his mouse.

Diwali Messages For Your Family Members

Light a light of adoration! Shoot a chain of distress! Shoot a rocket of flourishing! Fire a window box of happiness! Wish you and your family SPARKLING DIWALI!

The present the ‘Celebration of Lights’ all more than; A Happy day for brains and essences; Laughter and grins for a long time; Let there be the triumph all around.

May the light of Diwali fill your home with the light of satisfaction and happiness. On this incredible day, I wish you a Happy Diwali…

Joy is in air It’s Deepawali wherever Let’s demonstrate some affection and Respect and wish everybody out there Happy Diwali.

Diwali night is brimming with lights, and Crackers may your life be loaded up with hues and lights of joy.

May the brilliant Diwali Diyas bless you and your loved ones with positivism. Happy Diwali 2019

May these rich blessings be given to you with a lot of old and new friendships. With a little service and some comfort and a peaceful peace with God and heaven. Sincere wishes for you and your family on the eve of Diwali! Happy Diwali

May Goddess Lakshmi invade your house on Diwali tonight and fill her with wealth, good luck and prosperity. Happy Diwali

May the joy of this wonderful Diwali festival fill your life with infinite joy. Happy Diwali to you and those who are important to you!

There is no way to destroy the light by throwing it in the dark. Let’s get together and enjoy the festival of lights. Happy Diwali

Diwali Wishes For Family Members

In celebrating this sacred occasion, we wish you the most wonderful moments that Diwali can bring, much love and laughter, to fill your days with joy and a new year that will surely bring you the best of everything.

You are ready, the new Mithai simply cannot reach you, but new wishes can: Happy Diwali!

In Diwali you want all joy and prosperity. We hope that the beauty of this festival of lights will bring you a world of joy, happiness and satisfaction that will last all year. Happy Diwali

May your presence contribute to the celebrations in the homes of family and friends.

There is always something warm and bright at this time of year, when everything shines especially and the hearts are full of joy. Therefore, this special greeting comes to you and wishes you all the best in Diwali and next year.

May this Deepawali your home be filled with happiness, and may next year bring joy to you and your family.

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This Diwali, let your style quotient mileage fly Happy Diwali!


Diwali defines the art of celebration, that you can celebrate a lot – Happy Diwali!

In celebrating this sacred event, the most loving thoughts and desires are for you … May the beauty of Diwali fill your world and your heart, and may the love that is always yours give you infinite pleasure. Have a wonderful Diwali and a New Year!


May the warmth and splendor that are part of this auspicious event fill your life with happiness and radiant joy and bring joy and prosperity throughout the year.

Deepavali Text Messages For Whatsapp status

May the Festival of Lights be the forerunner of joy and prosperity. we hope this festival brings beauty to your path, a flash of satisfaction that will accompany you in the days ahead. Best regards in Diwali and New Year.

Have a successful Diwali. I hope this festival of lights brings you all the joy and happiness. May the lamps of joy illuminate your life and fill your days with radiant peace, joy and goodwill, because you are one that deserves the best of life and much more. Have a happy Diwali and a new year.

I wish you a wonderful Diwali, blessed with a smile and happiness, success and fame. May this Diwali bring eternal joy and beautiful moments with your loved ones in your life.

I pray to God to become the happiest Diwali of your life and bless next year with the best of everything. With much love I wish you a very happy Diwali my love.

Dear friend, this text contains beautiful Diwali wishes for you. Let this Diwali be the best of you and bring much success and prosperity into your life.

With this text I wish my dear friend a happy Diwali. I am sure you are celebrating the festival with great fervor and I send you gifts.

I wish the Festival of Lights brings joy and prosperity to your life. I wish you much shine and happiness. Success and fame for you. Enjoy this festive time with beautiful festivals and festivals. Sincere wishes for Diwali my love!!!

While celebrating Deepawali, I send you my best wishes in love and warmth. I wish your life to shine with millions of Diwali Diyas and bring you happiness, happiness and health. I wish you Happy Deepawali.

Diwali Messages For Your Family Members

Honey, I wish you this festival of lights bless you with the best of luck and prosperity. May the lamps of joy spread new hopes and shine in your life and give your days a glow of peace, joy and goodwill. I wish you a happy Diwali and a happy new year, dear.

If you enjoy the Festival of Lights celebration, you want the brightest moments of the person you love very much. May Diwali bring much love and laughter to fill your life with joy and hope. I wish you a very happy and successful Diwali, my love.

Diwali is really the best time of the year. On this special day, I pray for new opportunities, new hopes and new lives for you when we enter a new year. I wish that Lord Ganesh always protects you and blesses you. Happy Diwali to you.

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Dear friend, I send you happy Diwali wishes with love. I also send nice gifts for the celebration of the festival together with you at night.

For my sweet friend Diwali wishes you all the best for you. I hope you enjoy the festival with fireworks and I would like to celebrate it tomorrow.

I wish you a happy and successful Diwali for my dear friend. I am sending fireworks to light and spreading light throughout our lives.

Happy Deepawali, the most adorable friend … I wish this festive occasion is full of energy and happiness for you. Happy Diwali my love!!!

Diwali Wishes For Family Members

I wish you good health and good luck on the occasion of Diwali … Enjoy this festive season with your loved ones.

Dear teacher, I wish you a warm and bright festival of light. May you and your family be blessed with happy and beautiful moments … My best wishes to Diwali.

I wish you a happy Diwali for my teacher. I hope you burn fireworks and spread light and happiness in your home.

The text brings happy Diwali wishes to my lovely teacher. I send beautiful gifts for the festival and I hope you love it.

Dear teacher, as your light of knowledge has illuminated my life, I wish that millions of Diwali lamps illuminate your life with happiness, happiness, health and success. I wish you a happy Diwali and a successful new year.