40 Diwali Gifts For Your Wife That You Can Buy Online – Deepavali Gifts Ideas To Husbands

Diwali gifts for wife: – Diwali is a celebration of adoration, light and prosperity. The vivid lights, tasty desserts, delightful rangolis, calming smell of incensed candles and blossoms make our soul take off high. Diwali, the celebration of lights is the perfect time to give to your loved ones. Deepavali is a standout amongst the most cherished events of India!

Let Diwali 2019 be set apart with lights, festivities, desserts, mithais, namkeens, and crackers; Deepavali is an occasion that commends the triumph of good over evil. The occasion is an extraordinary time to get along with precious ones, and appreciate some very moments together!

As such giving lovely and one of a kind of gift for wife will make her satisfaction and happiness reach to most elevated amounts. One of the basic practices on this day is exchanging gifts and desserts.

Family and companions are on a constant lookout for perfect Diwali gifts. With the online shopping fever reaching newer heights this festive season, shopping portals are outstanding among the best places to discover Diwali gift for your wife.

With hassle-free and pocket-friendly prices, buying Diwali gifts online is an efficient activity. As such giving lovely and one of a kind of gift for wife will make her satisfaction and happiness reach to most elevated amounts.

This Diwali happy, pamper your better half by showing an awesome gift to her. Thanks, her for all of her efforts which she puts daily to fulfill your family cheerful and happy. Amazon.in and Snap deal give a massive range of online Diwali gifts for your wife with the goal that you can purchase the best gift for her.

Regardless of whether you are looking for dry natural products, chocolates, teddy bear, bamboo plant, here, you will come across cute Diwali gifts. Diwali occasion is the best chance to express your adoration and care. Gifts enable to express the feelings of the heart.


As, your wife is the motivation behind why your life deserves celebrating and no celebration is finished without her essence. Furthermore, if that is insufficient motivation to gift her something this Diwali, let us disclose to you it is custom to do as such.

As yet searching a perfect Diwali gift for her? Well then you have to the perfect place in the search for a great gathering of Diwali Gifts for Her. Everything that you require is to look over the page down and explore a stunning collection of amazing Diwali gifts for her is given below:

40 Diwali Gifts For Your Wife You Can Buy Online – Deepavali Gifts Ideas To Husbands

1. Xzor UrbanPlay Sportster H94 MP3 Player with 4 GB MicroSD Card;

If your wife is fond of listening music then, gifting a simple music player or Pod to her, can be the perfect choice. You can get this in very considerable price in amazon.in.

You should better choose fancier iPod that comes in women fashion, that would make your wife stylish, when she is out with this. Whether it’s an early morning run or playing her most favorite game or lifting weights in the gym, this will give her the snazziest approach to take her most loved music with her for outdoor activities. It is designed for superior sound quality and long-lasting durability.

It is the lightweight and Compact MP3 Player that she can Clip-On to her clothes and free her hands and pockets during her outdoor sessions. It is available in three sizes which are S, M, L Siliconized and Flexible Ear-Hook ear tips suits all Ear Sizes and cabins between the edges of the ear to give a comfortable and firm ear pod fit.

The Combo pack of MP3 Player and Sportster designed Earphones can be used with Mobile telephones, Tablets and Computers.
So, don’t worry to take this as gift to your wife. This product has got 4.5 out of 5 stars. You can purchase this player by clicking the given link;

2. Mevofit Drive – Fitness Band and Activity Tracker Smartwatch with Water and Scratch Proof Touch Display Screen, Medium (Stone – Black;

If your wife likes to wear wrist watch which is rich in technology she will appreciate this the most. You can likewise gift her this easiness featured wrist watch by which she can do many jobs everyday with ease.

Though this is the perfect gift idea yet rich in technology definitely works magically. This watch is Simplest approach to track and screen her every day steps movement level including walking, running and jogging.

She can see how much of calories you have consumed out the day. The aggregate calories that you have consumed relating to your number of steps is thought about the band screen.

You can without much of a stretch view the aggregate separation (kms) that you have strolled in multi day. The nitty gritty charts and logs of the separation strolled day by day is kept up in the MevoFit application.

See call, messages and social warnings for FB, WhatsApp and more on your wrist utilizing MevoFit Drive. The actual price of this smartwatch is 3,999 but with 33% off, the price is MRP. 2,690. Just click the link given and get this item;

3. Apara Gold Plated Choker Necklace Set;

Each lady loves to wear jewelry. There are boundless choices for ladies with regards to jewelry. Even if your financial plan is limited you can get gold and precious stone jewelry for your wife.

When it comes to diwali gift then more than the monetary value of the gift, the gesture is important. Surprise your wife with a gold or diamond or necklace this Diwali.


Gift this Apara Fashion Jewelry to your wife in his diwali which conveys your girlfriend to improve her natural graceful elegance. Women Love Jewelry as it enhances their magnificence, as well as gives them confidence.

Celebrations and festivities are a part of our culture and ladies like to generally dress themselves with latest trends in Jewelry. The Jewelry is made remembering the Women who are current yet associated with customary qualities.

The wonderful set is that each piece looks as great separately as it does when part of the set, so you can simply blend and match! This necklace is suitable for wedding, engagement, prom, dinner party, birthday party and any occasion where she need to be additionally charming.

The classic and elegant can simply keep pace with fashion and never leave style. It can easily match to any outfits. It makes her look noteworthy for any occasion.

So, in this Diwali help your wife to Add a little sparkle to her regular wear with Apara Jewelry which is certain to give an exquisite and sharp edge to her look.

With lovely designs, there is a coordinating pair for each outfit she wears. This product has got 475 customer reviews and has got 3.7 stars out of 5. To purchase this beautiful necklace, simply click the link;

4. You are the Best Wife: A True Love Story Paperback;

If you here are reading and searching for the best Diwali gift for your wife at that point getting her books will be the perfect idea if you have found your wife reading extra books which is out of her course work.

You can get the sort of the book with the idea of her interest on book, or which kind does she like. You can discover this reality about her, by analyzing her library details. For this you can get the variety of books from amazon.in and among them, you are the best wife can be the best book which is based in true story.

The book is a genuine rousing story of two people with unintelligible belief systems who experienced passionate feeling of love. The book covers the change in how two individuals look at the world and the way the world looks at them. There are two sorts of identities.

There are the individuals who have everything and still complain as though they don’t have anything. What’s more, there are the individuals who lose everything and act like life has given them everything.

In some cases, both these identities exist in a similar soul. This book has got 2668 customer reviews and 4.7 stars out of 5. Simply check the link out to find the book for your wife;

5. Bajaj 20 L Grill Microwave Oven;

If you are planning to gift your wife in this diwali festival and you are getting confused for the straightforward idea on what should you get for your wife in this diwali then, you can choose any valuable kitchen appliances as her gift, if she loves to cook varieties of dishes and for sure she will truly like your gift.

You can choose Bajaj 20 L Grill Microwave Oven (MTBX 2016, Black) from the amazon.in.

As in the present busy lifestyle, microwaves have a major role to play. This basic cooking appliances not only assists with warming up food as well as cooks’ delicious dinners.

Certain microwaves likewise come with convection and barbecue settings to extend one’s microwave cooking experience. This superior performance does have microwave functions, as well as comes with the grill feature for more delicious and enjoyable cooking!

The defrost feature is a best one, since it will help her defrost and prepare frozen food for cooking without experiencing everything that go through trouble. This microwave will be a joy for your wife since it comes with multi-organize cooking features for more prominent convenience.


It will help her to able to change the power level according to her necessities and this clever element makes this a must have! The integrated cooking time alert keeps her abreast of what’s happening and for to what extent, without stressing over botching up her recipes.
This product has got 3.9 stars out of 5 and with 143 customer reviews. The cost of this microwave is MRP.3,490. Click the link below to get this item;

6. Fostelo Westside Women’s Handbag (Tan);

This will be the best gift for your better half in this Diwali festival if she loves to travel outdoor. May be your wife be a traveler or guide. And, if her your wife need something special then you can likewise gift her a grasp satchel which is nowadays trend in fashion.

You have numerous choices of the style as there are wide scopes of bags that are accessible for young ladies in amazon. You can get them from online moreover. You can too gift her wonderful stylish wonderfully designed handbags which can be needed for her too.

As, handbag plays a vital role in a lady’s life. She needs to carry her things and add to the magnificence of her look at the same time. Accordingly, this women handbag from Fostelo has been designed remembering the rigors and necessities of day by day life while looking elegant also.

The bag is made out of PU texture which makes the bag additional tough. Moreover, the emphasize purposes of the bag are twofold sewed and fortified with concealed nylon tying too.

The finishing of the bag and the stitching is additionally made to guarantee expanded life span of the handbag. The dynamicity of the bag is additionally improved by the tasteful magnificence of the bag. Because of its design, your wife can flaunt this women bag at a wide range of occasions and can be the Centre of attention.

She can make this handbag her ordinary partner, on account of its roomy compartments. These compartments are additionally isolated into littler compartments and pockets with zips.

They empower her to store and carry her regular things and knickknacks in a much-organized manner. To additionally guarantee the security of the things she bears in the purse, this bag accompanies a zippered closure.

This bag accompanies utilitarian and beautiful highlights like this stud and ring detailing. This makes the bag stronger and enables her to convey significantly a greater amount of her things inside the bag in an agreeable way.

This product can be the best gift for her as it has got 4 stars out of 5 with 514 customer reviews. The price of this handbag with 82% off is MRP. 506. In order to purchase this item, simply click the link given;

7. Ajanta Royal Classic set of 12 Individual Photo Frames (12-6×8 Inch) – WPC-13;

If you are wandering what should you buy for your wife as a gift of Diwali then idea of giving picture collection will be the best noteworthy gift of her. You can include the picture of her and her old recollections.

You can likewise get ready with the banner of the image together, of she loves the most also you will able to show her how much you love and care for her through this gift, by including beautiful quotes for her.

A set of chose standard sized designs (external edge measure – 7.5″ x 9.5″ inch) that will fit most standard photographs, diverting them from ageless recollections to an imaginative and significant timetable of her recollections.

So, when you look at the empty wall at home thinking that you can add, conceive brand new ideas. The setting is dependent upon you – picture, scene, the blend is endless.

Think contemporary, think basic, think about these photograph designs. You can use the edges to remember anniversaries, birthday celebrations, family gatherings, valentine’s day or pretty much any special event.

This photograph designed set can be hung in both portrait or landscape orientation. The frame can be consolidated for both wall and tabletop show top.

These black frames are perfect to show her memories and transform her ordinary photographs into a tremendous craftsmanship show. Waterproof, form verification and mothproof, they are intended to show her memories for many years.

In amazon. in, this frame has got 4.1 stars out of 5 with 359 customer reviews. The price of this item with 47% off is MRP. 1,325. Click the link given to get the item;;

8. Vega VHCH-02 Ease Curl, 25mmBarrel;

Has your wife ever share a wish to you that she like to have a wavy and soft hair at least once in her life? If she is actual, then, gifting her hair style set will influence her to energize to the fullest.

It would assist her with making her hair wavy whenever she needs. Apart from making her wish fulfilled of getting curly hair, it would also save the great amount of cash that she has to pay in the salon to make her hair.

Also, it would help her with making two jobs at a same device, and without a doubt, she wouldn’t get her word to thank you enough.

She can get free-streaming, curly hair in not more than minutes without breaking a sweat Curl 25mm hair styler. it is simple and hassle-free to use and it comes with a clamp design for wonderful twists.

This hair curler will assist her with creating instant, sound and captivating curls in short period of time. This hair curler has chrome plates with earthenware covering and gives bouncy, gleaming and frizz free curls without hassle.

This styler accompanies the cinch to hold the hair and make thick curls without crimps. The 360° swivel rope turns the string helpfully and counteract pointless tangles.

Actually, this product has got 4 stars out of 5 with 343 customer reviews which is quite impressive. The price of this item with 47% off is MRP. 799. Simply click the link given below and get the item;Link;

9. Adzoms Black Bluetooth Selfie Stick – 123 cm;

Females are fond of taking selfies, right? If your wife is one of those ladies who doesn’t hesitate to click selfies at any time and place, then a selfie stick can be the best Diwali gift for her. She may prefer to get as the gift with something that is she is in need or get busy in each part of life.

This isn’t the like the normal selfie stick you can find in market. Truth be told, this device is used by the experts as it can hold up DSLR cameras including all kind of cell phones, and convenient videography cameras. It is an extraordinary gift one can offer it to her your wife.

As, selfie stick is a monopod used to take selfie photos by positioning a cell phone or camera beyond the normal range of arm.

The metal sticks are commonly extensible, with a handle on one end and a movable brace on the opposite end to hold a phone in place. YT 1288 selfie stick is characterized by usefulness and polish, and accompanies a separable Bluetooth clicker remote.

The backup time of the Selfie Stick make it sufficiently useful for ordinary use and the tough form gives phone security in an assortment of situations. The Selfie Stick permits numerous purposes of customization and alteration.

The holder will safely form to almost all phones, and the blend of the simple to-use handle catch with the flexible stick considers simple, splendid photography. Your wife will obviously love it. The actual cost of this selfie stick is MRP. 2999 but with 76% off, the price is MRP. 722. To get this item, simply click the link;


10. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle for Women EDP;

Each lady like to smell lovely, and for that, they intensely like to use exclusive body cleansers, scents and lotions. There are a few ladies who are crazy about pleasant scents. This thought of gift is recommended to them who are fonder to purchase scents wherever they go.

As, perfumes would allure the aroma love in her. Consequently, both in from the aroma and out from its look, it is a fabulous thing worth to wrap by the gift paper and of course, your gift giving skills will be valued by her your wife.

This cutting-edge scent has notes of jasmine, bergamot, and orange that are joined with musk, making it perfect for daytime use. The fresh aroma of this fragrance makes it perfect to use when heading for work, remaining in with the family, or going out with companions.

It is a perfect blend that is reasonable for occasions where she needs a fragrance that gets her noticed but isn’t overpowering.

An exotic, extravagance scent for the notorious lady. It can add shading and shimmer to regular day to day life in the city. It leaves her feeling refreshed for a long time. It additionally offers long lasting protection.

This product has got 3.6 stars out of 5. The price of this product with 82% off is MRP. 1995. Click the link given and get it as a gift to your wife;