50 Diwali Gifts For Mom That You Can Buy Online Shopping – Deepavali Gifts Ideas For Your Mother

Diwali gifts for mom you can buy online: – As you now know when is Diwali this year, give a lovely surprise to your lovely mother by sending them gifts through this site even if you are miles away. These gifts will definitely convey your feelings of love and admiration to your lovely mother.

Diwali, also known as the ‘festival of lights’ is one of the most popular festivals celebrated in India. This year it has fallen on 7th November if you are wondering as to when is Diwali in.

With this festival just a few months away, Amazon.in brings a splendid collection of items which your loved ones will definitely be thrilled with. Indians residing all over the globe eagerly look forward to the festive occasion of Diwali.

For most of them, Diwali is the time of homecoming resembling lord Rama’s flight back to Ayodhya from Lanka, after completing his fourteen years of exile. But then, there are those who are not left with much choice but to stay abroad, even on the occasion of Diwali.

Sending Diwali gifts in India becomes an integral part of the celebrations and festivities. Beautifully designed and colored diyas, candles, wall hanging, home decors, puja thalis are some popular gifts you can send to your lovely mother.

During festivals and occasions, people wherever they are, try to be with their loved ones as these are times to spend with family and friends. From the day you were born till today, they have looked after and taken care of your every need and requirement and mold you to the person you are today.

Thus, in Diwali, if you cannot be with them due to some professional commitments then make your presence felt by sending them gifts through Amazon.in. This is an online gifting site that has assisted people all over the world to send gifts to India on any occasion and festival.

As Diwali is all about decorating one’s home with attractive home decors, you can gift your lovely mother some beautiful decoratives by selecting from the beautiful range available in the ‘show pieces’ section. Furthermore, gift hampers, gift vouchers, sweets, silver gifts are some items you can also send through this site. Diwali Gifts For Mom

Soon it will be that time of the year when they celebrate Diwali, one of the biggest and most celebrated festivals in India. Celebrated with great vigor, Diwali is known as the ‘festival of lights’ and this is when every house in India are decked up with lights and candles.

It comes once a year and is anticipated by old and young alike. It is a day of joy and merriment added with sharing and distributing sweets and gifts amongst loved ones, buying new clothes and most significantly lightning of firecrackers. It is said that these lights diminish the darkness prevailing in one’s life. So this year too calls for the day when you must brighten up your life along with your loved ones.

It’s Diwali and if your loved ones include your lovely mother then this occasion is extra special. They deserve a whole lot of love and care from you. And the best way to show them that is by sending them Diwali gifts. The family is an integral part of your life and Diwali is the time to show that you care.

You can gift them a whole lot of things from this online gifting site. So usher them with gifts like cufflinks, fancy ladies bags, perfumes, jewelry saree and a lot more to name a few for your mother. Every woman love jewelry, and your mother must be no exception.

And there is no other way for you to show how much you love her by gifting her attractive jewelry. These include delicate and beautiful fashion jewelry; unique and exquisite diamond jewelry; stone, pearl, and ruby set gold jewelry; incomparable and unique pearl jewelry which include pearl tops, studs, and jhumkas.

However, No gift is ever enough for your lovely mother, no matter what you gift them. Do not only the above mentioned, but you can also send gifts to India to your lovely mother other items like gift vouchers from pantaloons, cafe coffee day, pizza hut, john players, but shoppers also stop Reebok and others.

Also, electronics to make all their work easier and faster. These efficient and useful products will alleviate their every stress.

So comes Diwali make your lovely mother happy in India as they celebrate this joyous occasion in India. Send them anything from as wide as kitchenware to miniature perfumes to gift hampers and let them remember this Diwali.

But, if you are are not sure as what to gift your mom on this festive season then browse the ‘gifts for lovely mother’ section which is filled with a wonderful collection of gift items. And hope you all like it. Check it out;

1) Rs jewels handmade wooden makeup/vanity / jewelry box for women

It gives your jewelry items enough space to be stored and organized with this amazing traditional jewelry box. Gift this jewelry keeping box to your mom along with some jewels is a great idea, and it is sure to bring a smile on her faces.

You may have observed or not, these kinds of boxes are being used from the century in Indian regime and been every jewel dream to get organized in it.

R S Jewels Handmade Recycle SDL801065776 1 a5a36

This box is made of wood and it is very light in weight unlike as it seems. It only weights 614 gram. This box has got a 3.4 stars out of 5 which is also a great review. Its actual market price is INR1,500 but amazon.in is providing them for you only in INR 465, with extra INR100 as delivery charge.

However, if you ordered more goods from the site along with this Amazon.in is providing delivery service in free of cost. So hurry up, and get this jewel box to your home. Just click on the link below.

2) Greentouch crafts elephant design wooden tea coaster handicraft (brown)

This is the season of the festival and it’s the time to renovate the house as well. Meanwhile, if you have been feeling boring with the regular looks of your dining table then this utensil would add charm to your mother dining set. When you are far from your family, it would give the memory of you, while they are dining with family.

This is the set of 3 elephants in varying sizes will enhance the display case they are kept in, the wooden coaster set kept in a cart like a showpiece is sure to give a stylish look. This is also a great gift option. This package contains 6 tea coaster and 1 holder.

They are carved with the fine gemstone that, gifting this to mom, would be a great idea. For sure, she would appreciate your gift giving the idea. This has got 3 out of 5 stars on the review which is great.


71Kf8mmj SL. SL1500

This would cost more then 500 even if you get this rear piece on the market but Amazon.in is providing this craft on only INR 375.00 with INR 100 extra charge on delivery, but if you order other goods with this then they will deliver this with free of cost.

So hurry up, and get this brown wooden coaster to your home. Just click on the link below to purchase this item.

3) Indian art villa steel copper bucket balti, 2 handi bowl, 2 kadai, serveware& tableware set, the pack of 5

If you been grown up observing Indian cuisine, then you might have the clear idea for how much copper utensils, are important. However, our lifestyle has been changed, but they know taste feel real when it gets matched with our childhood taste.

For the most amazing and special chef of your family, the best gift you can give is a set of copper bowl and copper bucket set along with three serving spoons.

61cacQt6idL. SL1050

The copper utensils look extremely stunning when food is served in them along with retaining the heat and keeping the food fresh for a long time.Amazon.in is providing the complete set of copper utensils.

It includes traditional stainless steel and copper dinnerware set of 2 handis, 2 kadai, 1 bucket authentic Indian dining experience. By purchasing you will get: 2 set of hands, 2 set ofkadai, 1 set of a bucket with complimentary cleaning powder. Color: silver and copper material: stainless steel and copper with qualitative thickness and weight:2100 gram approx.

If you want its dimension then here they are. Steel copper bucket height -5″, width: 3.5″, depth – 2.8″, steel copper handi has its height -2.3″, width: 4.9″ and depth – 2″, steel copper kadai height -2″, width: 6″ and depth – 2″.

This combo has got 4.2 out of 5 star which is really impressive this would cost more then 4,225 even if you get this rear piece on the market but Amazon.in is providing this craft on the only INR2,085.00 with 50% discount with which you could save INR2,140. So hurry up, and get this combo copper utensils to your home. Just click on the link below and get this incredible item.

4) Treo carafe round, 1.5 litres(ec-gwf-fgb-0037_black)

In case that you like your tea to be hot, hot and solid keep it in a snazzy Treo glass tea kettle and serve it to your visitors in style. The tea kettle has a black protected handle for open to dealing with and can be effectively used in microwave, tradition burner or on the gas fire.

This is made of borosilicate glass and can resist temperature up to 600 degrees centigrade.

711dlA9dV7L. SL1500

It is microwave safe, oven safe, flame safe and dishwasher safe. Additionally, it is secure to handle, break and chip resistant, high clarity featherweight, ideal for daily use.

Its color is transparent, while it is made up of glass. Its volume is 1.5 liters. This glass vessel has got 4.0 out of 5 star which is really impressive this would cost more then 1000 even if you get this rear piece on the market but Amazon.in is providing this craft on the only INR620.00 with 38% discount with which you could save INR380.

So hurry up, and get this glass utensils to your home. To get this item you just have to click on the link below.

5) R’zu women’s onion pink pure cottonlucknowichikankari saree

this pink lucknowichikankari saree is a perfect gift for women on any special occasion brought to you by Amazon.in. The fabric of the saree is made with pure cotton which makes it preferable to wear on casual occasions. It is simple, light and classy.

This is pre-washed. Preferably hand washes. Do not bleach. Hurry up, this saree is single in stock. If you are thinking of gifting your mother a nice piece of saree, then this fabric is the best one that any women would have awesome experience wearing it.

71%2Bf%2BB2iq1L. UL1500

This saree has got 3.4 stars out of 5 which is also a great review. Its actual market price is INR2500 but amazon.in is providing them for you only in INR1900, with extra INR50 as delivery charge.

However, if you ordered more goods from the site along with this Amazon.in is providing delivery service in free of cost. So hurry up, and get this pink saree to your home. Just click on the link below and get it for your mom.

6) Treo liberty 240ml 6 pcs bowl set

Keep your eatables fresh looking home conveniently and neatly in a set of three glassware set by treo. The set has three bowls of different sizes with the orange colored lid that is airtight.

This vessel is made bymiltonwhich is a famous brand. The vessel can be conveniently used in the fridge or also in the microwave. The artistic pattern of this vessel is unique and beautiful that would add the charm of your utensils case.


This can be the great gift idea for gifting your mother in this Diwali. With this, when your mother would be in the kitchen she would think about you when she looks this vessel. It has its volume capacity equal to 240 ml. This package contains a set of 6 serving bowls.

They have an easy grip to hold, ideal for serving snacks with tea or wine. This vessel has got 3.9 stars out of 5 which is also a great review. Its actual market price is INR900 but amazon.in is providing them for you only in INR810, with which you can save up to 10% with free delivery charge.

So hurry up, and get this vessel to your home. To get this item, just click on the link below.

7) Taluka stainless steel copper 3-piece handi pot set(multicolor, 500ml, 800ml and 1000ml)

Give your kitchen a chance to look spic and range with a handi set of two tempered steel handis in present day make alongside three kitchen apparatuses to help in cooking and serving.

The advanced cooking utensils are most likely going to make your kitchen look elite. Additionally makes a decent gifting alternative for gifting your mother. These handi set have enough space for cooking and easy to clean, tea, vegetable curries, curd.

Looks awesome on the copper base, tough and rock solid, not induction compatible good quality heavy-gauge stainless steel, deep vessel height is used to cook more food… Accessible in various sizes as indicated by the need of the kitchen.

Simple to clean and wash, they have exceptionally extraordinary silver sparkling. Profoundly solid and made of fine quality tempered steel

Fine finishing with string development made utilizing best grade steel pair with setting up quality gauges simple to clean and wash, they have extremely intriguing silver sparkling.

It began with a prime spotlight on giving quality tempered steel kitchenware, houseware, cookware and inn product items. These items are planned and fabricated with our full comprehension of the item’s utilization. Material: tempered steel, non-attractive.

They come in the set of 3 hands. In the event that you need the nitty gritty portrayal then this is the copper base handi item depiction: bundle substance 3 pieces treated steel copper base handi of limit 500 ml, 800 ml, and 1000 ml.

Insights about handi : measurements of first handi : breadth : 5.5 inches i.e 13.5 cm , tallness : 2.8 inches i.e 6.5 cm weight : 160 gm and limit : 500 ml, measurements of second handi : distance across : 6.4 inches i.e 15.7 cm , stature : 2.12 inches i.e 7 cm weight : 210 gm and limit : 800 ml. What’s more, measurements of the third hand: breadth: 7 inches i.e 17.8 cm, stature : 3 inches i.e 7.8 cm weight: 270 gm and limit: 1000 ml.

This handi accompanies a bent copper plated base that disperses warm uniformly and rapidly all through the surface. What’s more, this helpful is immaculate to be utilized on gas stoves. This vessel has 3.3 stars out of 5 which is additionally an incredible survey.

Its real market cost is INR 1,280, however, amazon.in is giving them to you just in INR 640, with which you can spare up to 61% with free conveyance charge. So pick up the pace, and get this vessel to your home. Simply click on the link below and get this product for your mom;

8) Peoria love for mom’s heart shaped blue Swarovski crystal pendant necklace jewelry for women & girls (pfcp2059)

this is the beautiful pendant neckless that women of any type could add her charm wearing this. Unlike usual pendant, this item is nickel and lead-free and has fulfilled all the other standard.

The dimension is : height- 37.75 mm, width- 27.56 mm, weight- 22.5 gms. This pendant is made with Swarovski elements and has rhodium plating. This could be the perfect Diwali gift idea for your mother.

71qfVuFtGBL. UY500

The item is made with Swarovski elements label on our products serves as a sign of authenticity and the highest standards of crystal design. A perfect gift for all occasions and for everyone, including yourself. Warranty-six months manufacturing warranty.

If you got any doubt over this pendant then feel secure about your money, that this item is returnable.T his pendent has got 5 stars out of 5 which is also a great review.

Its actual market price is INR 13,280 but Amazon.in is providing them for you only in INR 2,708, with which you can save up to 83% with free delivery charge. So hurry up, and get this pendant to gift your mother and Just click on the link below and get this item;

9) Morphyrichards at 202 2-slice pop-up toaster (white and blue)

Everyone loves the early breakfast straight on the bed. Those toasted bread still has a part in our sweet memory. If you really want to gift something great then bring home Morphy Richards 2 slice pop up toaster. Its lightweight & has 800 w power consumption, with festival season around the corner, you may even think of gifting this toaster to your mom.

You will get dust cover with electronic variable browning control, that it would work for your kitchen for many years. Its surface is so smooth and nice finishing and it also features, removable crumb tray for easy cleaning. You can get a warranty of 2 years on the product.

61JAiSdcWNL. SL1500

It includes single phase split phase motor, which power is 800 watts and its operating voltage, 230 volts. You will have pop-up toaster, crumb tray, instruction manual, customer care list and guarantee card on this package. This toaster has got 3.7 stars out of 5 which is also a great review.

Its actual market price is INR 1,795 but Amazon.in is providing them for you only in INR 1,299, with which you can save upto28% with free delivery charge. So hurry up, and get this toaster to gift your mother. Just click on the link below and have this item in this Diwali.

10) Morphyrichards vivo chopper (white);

When gifted on special occasions, this product speaks volumes in terms of love and respect. Because there is no anything great then your mother happy.

Morphyrichards vivo chopper,260 w motor with two-speed settings make it chip away at both, delicate and hard nourishment. Chop onions, tomatoes, herbs and all the more impeccably and effectively with Morphy Richards vivo chopper.

640075 6a424

It features 260 watts motor, hostile to slip base bends over as a cover, chopping/capacity bowl, hardened steel cleaving cutting edge, auto close off, simple push begins to catch, whisking connection, turbo switch for fast slashing and substantially more to give you bother free and simple chopping.

Appreciate finish comfort in the task by basically pushing down its simple begin switch. For rapid chopping and whisking, just utilize the turbo switch, which keeps the machine from over-warming so you can bear on your undertakings by taking care of the machine easily.

The Morphy Richards vivo chopper expends a maximum power of 260 watts, the counter slip base additionally serves as a top to keep remains new.

The slashing dish can likewise be utilized as a capacity bowl as you can store the cleaved sustenance things and retrieve it when you require it. It highlights auto stop work for safety and the simple push begin catch encourages you in simple activity of the chopper.

This chopper has a top of the line tempered steel chopping cutting edge and whisking connection that can make the slashing and rushing of any nourishment to a great degree fast and productive. Also, the turbo switch empowers speed slashing and whisking.

This chopper has got 3.7 stars out of 5 which is also a great review. Its actual market price is INR 1,750 but Amazon.in is providing them for you only in INR 1,399, with which you can save up to 20% with free delivery charge.

So hurry up, and get this chopper to gift your mother. Just click on the link below and get this product at a low price.


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