21 Best Diwali Gifts Ideas for Indian Family

Best Diwali Gifts Ideas for Indian Family

Diwali is celebrated in the month of October. This festival is a celebration of Goddess Laxmi. This festival is celebrated mostly at night by illuminating light sharing gifts and memories with lots of fireworks and colorful decoration of the house.

It is believed Goddess Laxmi pays a visit to each and every household in the night of light. It is by greeting our loved ones with cherished memories and heartfelt wishes that we celebrate this festival. Here, are some ways to gift your family friends or loved ones at Diwali.

Best Diwali Gifts Ideas for Indian Family

  1. Flower with chocolates

Flowers and chocolates are one of the most common gifts to give at the season of Diwali. Flowers such as red rose, white rose, lily etc are considered to be very housewarming and creating the ambient environment. They also bring freshness in the house.

Water lily and Lotus can be a very good gift to give at Diwali because Goddess Laxmi is believed to sit on Lotus flower. Also, chocolate is sweet products and sweet products are always favored at the time of Diwali. Thus, flowers and sweets can be a great combination at the time of Diwali.

  1. Jewellery

Jewellery or ornaments is a big part of Indian as well as Hindu culture. It is used very much in almost all major events such as marriage, celebrations, and festivals.

It is an indication of the wealth of the family. Since Diwali is a festival of celebration of wealth Goddess Laxmi –Goddess of Wealth, Jewellery is a very valuable gift to be given in the festivals. Mainly jewelry gifts are given by the family to their married or unmarried young daughters to reflect the qualities of Goddess Laxmi in them.

It is a wonderful gift and is believed to help sustain the wealthy future of the gift taker.

  1. Gold and silver coins

Gold and silver coins especially with the image of goddess Laxmi engraved on its side are considered to be a very lucky gift. Such coins are believed to be the place of Goddess Laxmi lives and worshipping such coins and keeping at least one in the house will ensure the future with prosperity and fortunes.

These coins are found readily in the gold and silver stores. For families who cannot afford such tremendous gifts, brass or copper is also considered equally favoring.

  1. Sweets (ladoos) with crackers

Ladoos are essential items on the culinary list of Diwali. It is the moment of celebration so Indian culture demands everyone’s mouth to be sweetened by this Ladoos. Firecrackers are also very important part of Diwali as they indicate the celebration and joy.

So, ladoos and crackers are a very thoughtful gift to give at the time of Diwali. This is especially more exciting to give in the house where there are lots of kids and children who enjoy both ladoos and crackers very much.

  1. Mixed bag of Dry fruits

Dry fruits are a big part of Diwali. People buy lots and lots of Dry fruits for the purpose of Diwali and enjoy the fruits throughout their holidays with their family and friends. The dry fruit can be thus considered a very thoughtful gift at the time of Diwali.

The bag of mixed dry fruits contains lots of raisins, cashew nuts, almonds, dates, coconut, peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachios etc. the more variety in the mixed bag the better gift it is to be given in the Diwali season to family and friends.

  1. Cadbury celebrations with flowers

Cadbury is an establish brand of sweetening products. To delight its customer they have created a special Diwali treat to all the customers with Cadbury celebrations.

It contains a box of chocolates in lots of shapes and sizes, especially for the Diwali season. It is very well complemented by a bouquet of flowers so it will be an interesting gift at the time of Diwali.

  1. Statue of Laxmi and Ganesh

Laxmi is the Goddess of wealth. Diwali is solely dedicated towards the celebration of Birth of Goddess Laxmi and her blessings of keeping everyone fortunes of their share. Gifting statue of Goddess Laxmi will be a clear symbol of celebration of the festival of Diwali.

And Ganesh is the god worshipped before any Puja, so the statue of Ganesh is very good complimentary with the statute of Goddess Laxmi as both are worshipped at the time of Diwali. The statue can be of gold, silver, brass as per the affordability. Since brass statues are generally worshipped it will be a very thoughtful gift.

  1. Colored lights and fireworks

The colored lights and fireworks are heavily used at the time of Diwali to decorate the house and indicate celebrations. It will be a well-thought gift to give this to any family or friends at the time of Diwali.

The colored lights in Diwali mean you are sharing the joy with your family and friends and creating joyful memories.

  1. Bamboo plant single or multi-layered

Bamboo plants are considered to be lucky charms. Keeping a bamboo plant is believed to be called for good luck. Thus indicating your wishes for the family and friends for their future prosperity a sign of good lick will be a very valuable gift at the time of Diwali.

  1. Indoor décor plants

Indoor plants such as Money plant, snake plant, aloe vera, peace lily, Grape ivy, etc are some indoor plants that are used as decors in Indian households. We can gift such plants to family and friends as a symbol of refreshing memories and refreshing environment for this new Diwali. It will be a very considered gift.

  1. House décor accessories like clocks, vase, statues, stuffed animals
  2. Personalized frames with flower bouquet

Frames can be sent as a gift to capture the fun times of Diwali and forever stop the time in a single frame. It will be very well complimented by a flower bouquet.

  1. Symbol of peace like Buddha statues and paintings

Diwali also symbolizes joy and joy need peace. Thus the symbol of peace will also be a very thoughtful gift at the time of Diwali. The symbols can be Buddha statues and paintings, dove with olive branch, pigeons etc

  1. Rangoli colors with sweets and flowers

Rangoli is colored design drawn at the time of Diwali on the front of the house. The colors of Rangoli can also be a very thoughtful gift to give especially when complemented with sweets or flowers or chocolates.

  1. Kitchen sets and silverware

Kitchen sets and silverware are an important part of any household. It is useful as well as a considerably good gift at the time of Diwali. Such gifts are good in case of family gifts and gifting housewives.

  1. Unique candle holders

Diwali is a festival of lights and candles. This can be made interesting by uniquely designed candle holders. It will be an interesting gift at the time of Diwali. Such candles are found all around the internet.

  1. Puja wares like thali and pans etc

Diwali is worshipping of Goddess Laxmi. So it will be very thoughtful to gift the puja wares like thali or panas or ghanta at the time of Diwali. Even photo frames of Goddess Laxmi and Ganesh is considered a nice gesture.

  1. Home appliances

Especially to the family starting a new household, it will be very thoughtful to gift home appliances like oven, fridge, stove, air conditioner etc. as it will come very handy in normal days as well as Diwali seasons.

  1. Aroma diffusers Incense candles

Aroma diffusers and Incense candles are a classic part of Hindu as well as Indian culture. They can be a unique gift as they are not thought much. However, big brand incense candles are quite expensive and make appropriate gifts.

  1. Designers tray full of Ladoos and dry fruits

Designers are now more and more being involved in creating the products that are particularly dedicated towards the fulfillment of needs and demands of the festivals and its festive needs.

Tray in Diwali is a much-demanded product. It is used to collect lamps, sweets, pass on foods and even as a gift. A tray full of Ladoos or dry food is considered to be very lucky and it is believed that such gift will encourage the sustained resources of food and sweets memories for that house and family.

  1. Books on Goddess Laxmi

Books are naturally beautiful gifts. There are many books in the market related to Goddess Laxmi and Diwali festival. To provide your family and friends with the gift of the book will be a very kind gesture as it presents with both knowledge and devotion on the topic.

Lakshmi: The Goddess of Wealth and Fortune – An introduction Diwali – A Cultural Adventure are some of the idle books for this festival as a gift. There are also lots of books for children based on the religious reasons and social reasons behind the celebration of Diwali.

Some of such books are The Diwali Gift, Amma Tell Me about Diwali, Lighting a Lamp – A Diwali Story, etc

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