150 Facts About Diwali : Fun, Interesting, Basic, Important, Fast, Quick Facts About Deepavali That You May Not Know


Facts About Diwali: – Diwali isn’t only a religious festival yet it has moreover transformed into people’s festival. It is lauded in various courses and with substitute perspectives.

People adulate it in their own specific behavior. Diwali (or Deepavali, the “festival of lights”) is an old Hindu festival celebrated in fall (northern portion of the globe) reliably. Diwali is the best and the most awesome festival in South Asia.

The festival significantly means the triumph of light over lack of clarity. The festival courses of action and services generally extend over a five-day time period, anyway the crucial festival night of Diwali matches with the darkest, new moon night of the Hindu Lunisolar month Kartika.

In the Gregorian date-book, Diwali falls gamblingween mid-October and mid-November.

People clean up their homes on this day to clean the dirt or the antagonistic energies from their homes. They moreover entreat and revere their God. This infers they are achieving something promising and cleaning all the ominous and negative effects from their homes.

This is honest to goodness tendency behind playing out the traditions, So if you perform petitions, et cetera in your homes or master foundations from a typical perspective,

Preceding Diwali night, people clean, redo and outline their homes and work environments. On Diwali night, Hindus spruce up in new articles of clothing or their best outfit, enlighten diyas (lights and candles) inside and outside their home, appreciate family puja (petitions) ordinarily to Lakshmi – the goddess of wealth and achievement.


After the puja, fireworks seek after, by then a family eat up including mithai(sweets), and an exchange of enrichments among relatives and dear friends. Diwali in like manner indicates a significant shopping period in nations where it is lauded.

Diwali is a basic festival for Hindus. The name of bubbly days and furthermore the traditions of Diwali vary inside and out among Hindus, in perspective of the zone of South Asia.

In various parts of South Asia, the festivals start with Dhanteras, trailed by Naraka Chaturdasi on the second day, Diwali on the third day, Diwali Padva dedicated to wife– life partner relationship on the fourth day, and good times end with Bhau-beej focused on sister– kin bond on the fifth day. Dhanteras generally speaking falls eighteen days after Dussehra.

On that night that Hindus watch Diwali, Jains celebrate a festival of lights to check the achievement of moksha by Mahavira, and Sikhs watch Bandi Chhor Divas.

Diwali is an official event in Nepal, South Asia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar,Mauritius, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, Malaysia, Singapore, Fiji and Pakistan. In this article, we are here with the things that you don’t know about Diwali. Hoping you all like it. Check it out;

150 Facts About Diwali : Fun, Interesting, Basic, Important, Fast, Information for Kids, Children, Adults, Parents, Family, Friends  That You May Not Knowetc

Diwali is the great festival of Hindu which is celebrated on the full moon day.

Let us talk about the hundred facts about Diwali:

1. About Hindu :

Hindu is only the religion which is existing from since the beginning of the earth creation. It is the world oldest religion. The great religion of the world is Hindu because there are different god and goddess which are famous for their different purposes.

Hindu is respected all over the world due to help in nature, honesty in nature, socialistic and noncriminal in nature.

2. Meaning :

Diwali is the festival of lights and color. It is also called as Lakshmi puja. The Diwali has great value and importances for Hindu community. Who is celebrated? : This types of question may be in your mind.

Let us share the truth. The Goddess Lakshmi is celebrated in the Diwali festival. This festival makes the Goddess Lakshmi happy. So that the Goddess Lakshmi gives the bless to the devotee.

3. Who is Goddess Lakshmi? :

This question has also made vibration in your mind. The Goddess Lakshmi is the sister of Saraswati and Parvati. Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped as the goddess of the wealth.

The Goddess Lakshmi vehicle is the owl. And she travels on it. So in the Hindu culture, the owl is taken as a good symbol and good spot of becoming rich.

4. Diwali date of celebration :

This festival mostly lies on the moon day of Ashwin sometimes and sometimes in Kartik. The Diwali has different reasons to celebrate. People not only celebrates it as the goddess of wealth but also for peace and prosperity.


5. Environmental factors: the environment is decorated with different types of lights and different types of color. People have made the clean of home and then make ready for its celebration.

The environment is decorated with different types lights and different types of color. People have made the clean of home and then make ready for its celebration.

6., Natural factors :

No, any lion will be the king of the forest if he has not the strength to makes and manage in the forest. Lion has such power and is able to lead the group and all the animals of the forest. Related to man thoughts, are also the same in nature,is behave also like the human beings if he has power.

7. Every homes and shop are decorated with all new types of lights and color also in the shop, it is seen that to do pandit puja, they have managed all the material needed for puja. The festival of lights has all the different mystery which make the Hindu religion persons keep following.

8. The person who is poor depends on upon the god and prays with the pure heart for the fulfillment of their demand. The people of the different country especially the Hindu of the different country celebrates this Diwali with their own ways, but the theme of celebrating Diwali is for becoming wealthy and living a peaceful life with full filling the wish and demand.

9. It is the festival of wealth blessings and becoming rich .

10. Everywhere there is full of the laughter and happiness which is seemed and deemed only in the occasion of Diwali.

11. The White truth is only should allow and no interface and intervention should do by any sides or by anyone. You fell in love just like that, it’s maybe because other people around us were too bright and honesty around like the shining star.

12. King Ram wear the crown of the king and started ruling the Ayodhya again with only the truth and pureness. No one was sad in the kingdom of ram it is so said. Rama has kept all the persons making happy.

This is the time of happiness when the people of Ayodhya have to make the decoration in Ayodhya, everywhere the color and different lights are burning, everyone is happy because their beloved king Rama is coming.


13. Goddess Lakshmi is the bank and sea of wealth . the people wants to sacrifice their sorrow in the Aanchal of Goddess Lakshmi and wants only happiness in their life.

14. The man becomes happy when they get the supporting environment , Is also the one reasons to celebrate Diwali as the festival of lights. A person visits many places to make the match and adjust with their environment due to boring and problems.

15. The color and the light is the major factor of celebrating Diwali with more happily. No longer it is celebrated as Dashain but it is also celebrated for five days.

16. Goddess Saraswati is celebrated for a bank of knowledge and education and Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped for wealth.

17. The man is only respected if he or she smell and behave like a flower, and disrespected if the same thing is a lack or have the attitude like the thorns of the flower. Men are bonded with the circle of love are also the production of love.

18. The appearance of colorful lights and blasting of different crackers are adding the rose smell in the environment of Diwali . Making the journey and collecting the photographs of different locality helps you to celebrate Diwali.

19. if there will be a lack of laughter there will never be a smile on their face that demoralizes the person personality and fame. Nothing can be affected with your love and no one will be impressed if your face depressed anyone.

20. Desire comes out by showing others too. A person does anything in hurry and that the main cause of becoming back in the race. You do not need to be more excited, be in normal position and enjoy the situation. Person of all class, kids of all society blasts the crackers and play with the lights.

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21. Animals are mostly used for bad benefits of person but if it is used in right way, we can get a lot of wanted things. if the right things are done for right purposes then it is guarantees that the result will be also right.

22. People with love,they celebrate Diwali with great happiness and start their life by new hopes and happiness. People wants to achieve always big but they don’t want to struggle.

23. So making the animals also the part of our family and bringing the respect toward the animals celebrates the Diwali with the right spirit devoting to Goddess Lakshmi.

24. Cleanness is also the symbol of man how much is pure from their hurt. Person thinks about you if you only wear clean clothes but not your heart and behavior is clean.

25. The book is told by its page and particulars, not by the cover same as the man is told and said as good only their pure heart, not by the good face.

26. In every programs and function are mostly ruled by the male only. So to make the female the powerful and increases the inner strength of female, goddess Kali, and Durga is born to show the full power of female.

27. People spends their whole life by earning money but never gets time to help strangers. They have forgotten who I am and why I have born and what should I do being a human being.They don’t have time to share the feeling , ideas, and personal happiness. And the whole life is spent on four walls of becoming rich and richer than the comparisons.

28. This Diwali adds a smile on the face of a farmer who is also the survive of the person and the earth. Farmers are celebrated as god according to the Hindu epics and Shastra. Farmers invest their labor full year and get the good and green crops as the fruits.

29. One mistakes game over is surely fitted here which says that if a person makes a single mistake, he or she loses their dream and identity. Identity says the person weight along with their prosperity and loveful hearts. If he or she loves everyone even the mistake is done by anyone.

30. The formation of relations network makes the man fast and easy getting success. The value in the society and the value in the family will itself increased. You make your place in the eye of your relatives and in the heart of your neighbors and your own relatives. wishing to somebody will be divided as negative and positive.

31. If it is possible you can wish strangers too because if you wish strangers there forms the relationship and constructs the friendship.

32. The person becomes poor in second and how the king become kingdomless after committing one mistake. Helping is itself the work of name and fame. Every hearts have not the powers to help others even though he is very much rich. But the poor person is always ready to help the beggars, stranger, and kids.

33. The person doesn’t become poor after helping others but absolutely become rich and earns the love from the helped person.

34. This festival marks the love between sisters and brothers and is celebrated to strengthen the bond of care and affection between the two relations, creating the new love and lights.

35. A good way to make your Diwali a happy one, it would be to brighten somebody else’s day and life, that can make them more courageous and happy. All the people of the world are not rich. Some are eating in the golden plate while some have even food to fill the stomach.

36. The entertainment is more rise and love, affection increased in the bond of relationship. Everyone likes to hear good things, wants good behaviors from others and also wants to behave good and respect too.

37. So compliment the food and decor as well as your friend’s beautiful Diwali outfit for enlightenment and coloring Diwali.

38. Prasad is the symbol of Goddess Lakshmi wish and bless. So people take it by asking and begging with respect.

39. A single person sees the crops in the farm may take a long time but if the same work is done by the groups of people, then absolutely the works processing is fast getting result fast. There is much more probability of doing mistakes but in together there is no more chance to do wrong and work is done fairly.

40. The long time of no seeing also creates the wish to visits and see the face of the sister if your sister is your best. No one will say something if the mistakes were taken and done by you, this festival cleanses all the sins of brother that have done in their life.

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