Diwali 2017: Top 10 Collected pictures of Diwali Diya Cliparts

Find here top 10 diwali diya cliparts pictures for this year 2017. We have collected it just for you and your happy deepawali festival. Enjoy deepawali 2017.

Diwali 2017: Top 10 Collected pictures of Diwali Diya Cliparts

1. Diwali ka diya. this is simple clipart of diya creation but it’s uniqueness to attract the devotees. You all, of course like such type of diyas clip art.

diya clipart
img src by clip-art-free-clipart.blogspot.com

2. Diwali ka diya.It is another wonderful clip art design of diwali diya. You can make it colorful as your wish. It’s most famous design. This is eye catching diya to attract everyone who see it burning.

diwali clipart diwali diya clipart 2
img src by clipartpanda.com

3. This black and white Tihar diyo is beautiful. Youi’ll of course say wow. It’s great. This design has wonderful mixing of diwali colours and design. Thanks to picture creation. Thanks to clip art desginer who design this for the devotees of Goddess Mata Lakshmi. It is another thankful black and white diya.

diya clip art for diwali
img src by clip-art-free-clipart.blogspot.com

4. This is amazing deepawali diya. It’s look is great. superb diwali diyas. It’s quoted diya. It is happy diwali quoted diya. Thanks to diwali diyas creator. it may help you to celebrate deepawali or tihar festival burning like this type of diyos.  This Deepawali 2017 diya is eye catching diya.

happy diwali diya clipart
img src by clip-art-free-clipart.blogspot.com

5. This is another Diwali diya. It is another wonderful Diwali 2017 diya . It’s not quoted deepawali diya. It is not quoted happy diwali like the above diyas. This Diwali  Deewali diya is eye catching diya.

img src by clipartpanda.com

Bonus for this page

Laxmi Puja wishes in Nepali language

Tihar Ma Mata Lakshami lai gar puja yati;
Ki kasai aru lai puja Garna ko lagi banki Nai na rahun;
Unale aashirbad dida tapai lai Ek patak;
Tyo Jinadgi lai aru kunai Ichchha Nai rahadaian
Happy Lakshami Puja 2074 to you

Laxmi Puja wishes in Nepali language

तिहार् मा माता लक्षमि लाइ गर् पुजा यति;
कि कसै अरु लाइ पुजा गर्न को लागि बान्कि नै न रहुन्;
उनले आशिर्बाद् दिदा तपाइ लाइ एक् पटक्;
त्यो जिनदगि लाइ अरु कुनै इच्छा नै रहदैन्
Happy tihar 2074 to you

Tihar wishes in Nepali language

Tihār mā mātā lakṣami lā’i gar pujā yati;
ki kasai aru lā’i pujā garna kō lāgi bānki nai na rahun;
unalē āśirbād didā tapā’i lā’i ēk paṭak;
tyō jinadagi lā’i aru kunai icchā nai rahadain
Happy Dipawali 2074 to you


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