Diwali 2018: Top Collected Diwali Message Ecards


Find here top collected diwali messages ecards for this year 2018. Happy tihar to all of you. We have posted here beautiful looking wishing messages ecards for you. Just grab it.

Diwali 2018: Top Collected Diwali Message Ecards

May this Diwali brings all the happiness you deserve. May this Diwali gives you the strongest will, determination, and the ability to perspire for the honesty and loyalty.


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May this Diwali gives you the opportunity to do something new. Something that you are seeking to for your whole life. May your seeking and searching for the blessed life may end. You receive what you wished for.

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Learn to leave the choice to the God. This diwali goddess Laxmi will make the choice for you that you deserve, that you need and not that you desired for. We are not wise. We don’t know exactly what we need. So leave all to goddess Laxmi.


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Goddess Laxmi Mata Images

May you have the desire to achieve and reach sky high. May you do not have the will to beat others or compete with others. If you want to compete then compete with yourself. Do not seek and look for what you want to achieve in others. May lord Ganesha makes you independent and as wise as him.

Goddess Laxmi Lakshami Mata HD Wallpaper Pictures Photos Images for Happy Tihar, Diwali Dipavali
Goddess Laxmi Mata Images

May this diwali gives you new strengthand new thoughts. May Goddess Saraswati fill your heart and mind with new enthusiasm and positive feelings. May Goddess Laxmi gives you the wealth, name and fame. May lord Ganesha enlighten your path and mind.

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May you fulfill your dreams with your perseverance and hard work. But may you also help and support others and your loved ones to achieve their goals. May you share your abilities and resources to help the others fulfill their dreams.

Happy Shubh Tihar Dipawali Greetings ecards Wishing Messages Quotes HD Wallpapers Pictures
Happy Dipawali Greetings HD Cards

You have heart full of love and mercy. You have the heart of purity and knowledge. This Diwali you share your inner love and humility not only with your family and friends but also with the other peoplewho are in need of love and care, who just wish to listen to few words of love and care for them.

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Because of the festive occasion you may celebrate by drinking alcohol or alcoholic products. It has the power to bring the mystical faculties of the human nature.But I wish for you not to drink because drinks bring out the thoughts that you haveinside your mind you’re not even conscious of. This may hurt the feelings of your loved ones. You also.miss out all the joyous moments that you can share with your kids.


Happy Shubh Tihar Dipawali Greetings ecards Wishing Messages Quotes HD Wallpapers Pictures
Happy Dipawali Greetings HD Wallpaper

May lord Ganesha gives you the ability to laugh at yourself, to humor yourself and to smile upon those who have tried to pull you down from the ladder of your success.

May God gives you the ability to complete the job to the finish. May he gives you the strength and courage to keep on attempting your efforts until you achieve your purpose.

May God grace you with intelligent and brilliant mind. May he gives you the ability to use that mind well for benefitting those around you.

May this Diwali gives you the confidence to use your natural ability to the fullest. May you be able to stabilize yourself in a career that can rise you to a new mountain of success and glory.

Be happy and be yourself. Remain true to yourself. Do. Not care if you can’t please everyone. It’s not your responsibility to make everyone happy.

Take a break from your work address your stress in this festive occasion. Spend time with your family and friends. Give them your unconditional love . Let go of all worries. Light yourself so that you can get ready to fly high.

This Diwali, with all the lights burning and lighting the dark night of aunsi. You also quiet your mind and let your soul speak. Forgive those who hurt you the most. Prevent them from harming you, your thoughts and destroying your heart.

Do not drop down to the level of those who have you, humiliate you and who wronged you. This Diwali brings you the calmness and inner strength.

Learn to forgive yourself, your flaws and your mistakes. Make yourself worthy of love. In this Diwali, take a deep breath in front ofGod. Relax and take out everything that does you harm, from your body and from your soul.

Goddess Saraswati help you to find yourself. May she not let you get lost in the crowd. Do not let any circumstances dictate you. May she gives you peace in any situation you’re in.

May Goddess Laxmi shines your inner light within. May she help you to be at peace with yourself and with the world. Feel the beauty inside you and just be you.

What we give to others, the same will come back to us. So in this Diwali give love, kindness, sweet and your help to others. So you receive the same when you’re in need.


There is no such problem in the world that is more powerful than your mind. May Lord Ganesha makes your mind strong and powerful.

Everyone should always think that the relationship is and will be always yours regardless of all the faults. Make amends with your relationship in this Diwali.

Respect people’s feelings. Even if it does not mean anything to you, it could mean everything to them. Happy Diwali.

This Diwali forgets all your fights and problems with your family. Do not let the misunderstanding and conflict ruin this joyous occasion. There will be fights and conflict but there is also a never-ending love in the family.

Do not let your mistakes ruin your relationship. Mend the mistakes you made. And pour your love, heart, and soul for the relationship you care. Happy Diwali.

Do not leave the side of the truth. The stories of LordGanesha, goddess Laxmi and goddess Saraswati has always taught us to stand for the truth even though you have to stand alone.

Make your life beautiful with your sweet smile. May the aura of your brightness spread the happiness and delight to the people who are around you.

Do not let this short and happy life be wasted in some fights and conflicts. May this Diwali makes your life perfect and bright.

May your heart and soul be blessed with enthusiasm and appreciation. May you encourage people to develop the best that is inside them.

See the life through your heart and not through your eyes. It will become perfect for you like this festival. of Diwali. This gives us the perfect reason to be happy and celebrate.

May your beauty shine through this dark night. Like the candles and the light show the true beauty of this night. May your true beauty be also revealed.

I choose this occasion to compliment on your Beauty and grace. The unity you bring around you and the joy you spread even to the person you never have known. The beauty to you is the greatest gift of the goddess to you.

We have turned our backs to nature. We cling to our office and the stress we endure. We sweat the printer’s ink. This Diwali I want to wish all the people to take a time but and stare at the beauty this night has to offer.

Goddess Laxmi has graced you with a beauty to you that belongs to your soul. You look like an angel who moves me with your health potential. Happy Diwali to you and your family.

If you have only a few notes in your pocket. Buy a candle. Lit it in front of goddess Laxmi with all your heart. Fill the empty stomach of the poor with all you afford. She’ll grace you with money and wealth you have never ever imagined.

Bitterness imprisons our life, paralyze it from happiness, sicken us and blind us. Love frees us from all this negativities and evilness. May Lord Ganesha protect you from. the evilness of this bitterness. May Goddess Laxmi fill your heart and life with love.

Sweeten your life with the sweets I have brought for you. Share your sweetness with all mankind.

If anger is a fire then bitterness is a disease that’s gonna kill you slowly from inside. Even lord Ganesha had to have his head severed because of his anger and pride. May Lord Ganesha destroy all the anger inside you.

May this Diwali give the wisdom to those who in the name of jihad kills thousands of innocent people and Rob the children from. their innocence and childhood

May this Diwali gives you the courage of Malala, the wisdom of Einstein, the patience of Lord Buddha and the endurance of Mahatma Gandhi.

May all the poor who don’t have the shelter of their own get the roof upon them. May the sick who were held hostage for not affording the bill of the hospital be released and gain the good health.

Diwali is stained by the culture of Gambling nowadays. May Mata Saraswati be kind enough to give the wisdom to those who don’t hesitate to even put their homes as a bet.

On Diwali, the crow which is regarded as a sign of bringing bad news is worshipped. It teaches us that everyone has a chance in life to be happy. You just need to know the opportunity and take advantage of that opportunity.

Celebrate life with wisdom. Festivals can not really be celebrated without intelligence. Wisdom is to know that God is with me. Look at all the possessions that we have today. Remember, you have a lot of wealth and feel complete.

As much as we love Diwali but we also should love our nature and environment. So it’s better to fire fewer crackers than before. We are suffering from global warming as it is.

I pray goddess Saraswati to bless you with good health and money too. But I am gonna pray for your good health more. Good health is less envied and more used.

May this Diwali makes your days to live many. May this Diwali makes your troubles less. I won’t pray for no trouble at all. I want your life to be adventurous and not dull.

Benefit your neighbor with your blessing. This will be the true utilization of the blessing that goddess Laxmi showers you with.

May this Diwali bring you prosperity, happiness, and peace to you, your neighbor and all the people. and powers on Earth.

Lord Ganesha has the power if his knowledge, goddess Laxmi has the power of wealth and the goddess Saraswati has the power of education. They have blessed us with the power of humanity and mankind.

Don’t compare your decoration with your neighbor. Do not be envious of others. This festival is all about the celebration with happiness within your reach and abilities. Goddess Laxmi grants us all with equal blessings. Light of one candle is suffice to please goddess Laxmi .

May Ganesha makes your heart larger and your problems smaller. May Laxmi makes your will greater and your challenges smaller.

May Saraswati teach you to take every challenge as a blessing of her. These challenges always teach us a lesson that is useful for our kids.

With the grace of Goddess Mahalakshmi, may your home and neighborhood be blessed happiness and enjoyment?

May the light of this Diwali gives your life a new light. May Laxmi decorate your present with her presence. Whatever you get, you get in abundance.

The tradition and culture that Diwali brings unite people all over. Diwali forgets and makes us forget all the sorrow and animosity.

Diwali makes people wish those whom they have not forgotten but forgets to remember.

Christians have Christmas. Muslims have Eid. Hindus have Diwali. I guess all the religion are meant to bring people together.


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