31 Best Diwali Decoration Ideas – What Things To Buy In This Diwali 2019 For Decorations

11. Paper lantern:

On the occasion of Diwali, lanterns are planted in almost all the houses. People put the lanterns on their roofs or balcony to attract Mata Laxmi and to show her the home address. The lanterns made in China are the cheapest ones available in the market. Beautiful lanterns can be made from light cloth paper and lace pieces. Apart from this, they can be decorated with children’s drawing brush color.

This will be better than China products. Apart from this, this will be eco-friendly too. In this way, unique lanterns in your house will force your guests to praise you. You can make paper lantern using a colorful paper bag.

Paper lantern
Paper lantern

Put the upper part of the bog at the bottom then bind it with the wire. Remove the handle from the bag and hang the ribbon on it. Make a hole at the top and light a bulb inside it. You can also make fancy lights from the cups of cup cakes. Take a long wire and add cup cake in it and apply a small bulb in the inner part and put it in the corner of the drawing room. With colorful and embroidery paper lanterns, you can brighten your balcony or low light areas.

12. Glass lanterns:

Instead of traditional paper lanterns, you can decorate the house with lanterns made of glass. For this, you can take the glass jars that are kept in your home and spray them with your favorite color.

Spray the golden color at the upper and the bottom edges of the glass jar. Remove the outer glass chains placed in the house and spray your favorite color on them. Now keep the LED light or candle in this painted jar. Your home will look beautiful with this glass lanterns.

Glass lanterns
Glass lanterns

They are easy to make and usable for long periods of time. If you don’t want to make, then these glass lanterns are also available in the market. You can buy them at cheap prices. This is much safer than the paper lanterns too.

13. T lights:

The T-Lights made from Paper Quilling Arts are now being seen in the city too. So far T-Lights are seen in Wooden and Metal Stand, but it is now available with paper quilling too.

The stand of T-lights is set by cutting paper straps in different sizes and are folded to give the form of various flowers and leaves. These are also the option for the expensive T-Light Stand because they can be prepared at home if desired.

T lights
T lights

Plates below the stand of the lights are prepared from the used compact discs. Different items from the paper quilling are made but the lights formed from the paper is taking over the market widely.

These t lights are now used as the routine decor in the houses and bedrooms. You can place the t lights on the tables and as the centerpieces in your bed room and living room.

In order to reduce the risk of being broken by the children, you can make the t lights which can be on the ceiling. Keep t lights in a colorful glass container and hang it from the drawing room ceiling.

This will add a unique to check in your home decor. You don’t have to take out these t lights after Diwali is over. You can use them as the routine decor of your rooms.

14. Electric lights:

The electric lights are another option and the most easier option with which you can decorate and lighten up your house on this Diwali. Electric lights are available in the market nowadays.

With these lights, you can decorate your home. In these lights, you will get many varieties from which your home will shine. You can use the mood lighting or decorative lighting or the task lighting to light up your house.

Electric lights
Electric lights

Strings of small electric lights of various colors are available in the market. Variable design and styles and sizes are available. Some light constantly while some lights flicker. Some are small length while.some are longer in sizes. Some strings of lights are if the same color while.some are mixed with various colors. Also, you can use the zero-watt bulbs too which are again available in different colors.

These lights don’t consume much electricity and can be operated by the small inverter also. No problem of load shedding too. They are re usable and if stored correctly can be used next year Diwali. It’s easy to use and completely fits in your budget. There’s no need for preparation. Just purchase the lights you like and switch on the lights. Simple.

15. Paper Ribbon:

The decorative items used in Diwali are mostly made from papers nowadays. Amongst them, paper ribbons are the popular ones. Paper Ribbon is mostly used during birthdays but they can also be used in Diwali. Paper ribbons can be used to decorate your walls and balconies and even doors of your house.

Paper Ribbon
Paper Ribbon

They can be easily made at home or available in the market. Again it totally fits your pocket. You can make the trees, flowers and leaves and various other structure from the paper ribbons. Show your guests in this Diwali your artistic side with the decorations made from paper ribbon.

16. Wall hanging:

On Diwali, your house will be filled with guests and gatherings of relatives. You must decorate your house in a different style. You can use the multicolored or single colored wall hangings for the purpose. You can hang them behind the sofa or above your bed.

These wall hangings are easily available in the market. And if you’re feeling lazy. You can buy them easily in the online market.

Wall hanging
Wall hanging

Or if you’re feeling better and energetic, you can obviously make them at your home by yourself. They can be made from your waste and spare clothes or would or any other materials with the laces and silk.

The most common form of wall hangings used on Diwali is the one with a swastika, om, Ganesha and Laxmi images on them. You can use red color or pink color which adds more brightness to your rooms.

17. Handicrafts:

Handicraft items mean the items crafted with hands. These items are made from wood, clay or soil. They can even be made from metals like brass or copper. These items are very decorative which add the folk art touch and give the traditional style to your house.

These items look antique and rare. They come under the budget also and readily available in the market. You can make yourself or buy the products from the market.

a handmake product at Tharu Culture Museum at Bardia National Park
a handmade product at Tharu Culture Museum at Bardia National Park

However, since the items are handmade so they can be a little costly. But depending on your budget and the materials used to make the item, the cost may vary. Like the goods made from wood and con can be cheap.


If there are lots of complex micro designs, they will be quite expensive. Handicrafts items made from the bamboo can also be quite costly. You can purchase the baskets of the incense stick stands or accessories for the puja items.

18. Statues:

You can put a metal statue on the side table of your drawing room and keep diyas decorated on its side. Also, you can buy the statue of goddess Laxmi which can be used not only in Diwali but also for day to day worshipping of the goddess. Likewise, you can also buy the statue of budding lotus for Diwali.

goddess laxmi statue
Goddess Laxmi statue

The budding lotus is the representation of fertility and purity and is also believed to bring good luck to your house. You can even purchase the statue of god kuber. He is known as the banker of the gods.

Without him, the worshipping of goddess Laxmi is considered to be incomplete. The statues can be of any metals you like. You can even buy the statue made from clay or soil. The price ranges from cheap to the costly ones.

19. Gold and silver ornaments:

Diwali is incomplete without the purchase of gold and silver. In fact, the special day called dhanteras is celebrated on Diwali to buy gold and silver. The legend says that if you buy gold and silver in dhanteras, there will. never be any lack of wealth in your house.

Mata Laxmi will bless you with lots of wealth. It all depends on your budget how much gold or silver you want to buy and in which form. You can buy the gold and silver bullion or coins with the encryption of Mata Laxmi or Ganesha or kuver.

rakhi return gift

You can buy the jewelry of gold and silver. You can even purchase the statue of Laxmi, Ganesha, kuver made of gold or silver. Or you can buy utensils of silver or the puja thali made from silver or gold. It all depends upon your budget and liking. But before buying any gold or silver ornaments, take every caution you have to while purchasing them.

There are lots of articles present on the internet from where you can gain the knowledge to buy the gold and silver.

Also, you can buy them. online as well. You can check the imnepal.com site for all the necessary instructions you need regarding the purchase of gold and silver.

20. Plastic bottle lamp:

Every home has the emptied cold drink bottles. Instead of disposing and throwing these bottles in the trash, you can re use them as decor for your house. You can illuminate each and every corner of your home with the lamps made from these plastic bottles.

On top of that, you can easily make these lamps.athome by yourself. To make the plastic bottle lamps, you have to cut the plastic bottle in the middle with a knife or scissors.

Plastic bottle lamp
Plastic bottle lamp

Use the upper part of the bottle with the lid. Put a long cut into a plastic bottle from the scissor and turn it outwards and give the flower shape. After this, give shape to the plastic leaves of flower and apply a little glitter on each leaf.

Burn candles in the middle and decorate in any corner of the house for light. Or you can make a small hole in the lid and plant a small LED bulb. You can then hang this anywhere you like in your house. You can even paint the bottles if you like with your favorite colors. It will add extra beauty to your decor lamp.

21. Pooja thali:

Pooja thali means the plate with the items which are used for worshipping God’swhich are used by the Hindu worshippers in Nepal and India. Any Pooja it worshipping is considered to be incomplete without the Pooja thali.

Pooja thali is must in Diwali too. Normally, Pooja thali used for day to day worship of God is made from copper, aluminum, steel or brass.

Pooja thali
Pooja thali

The same puja thali can be used in a different style on Diwali. You can simply declare the puja thali by yourself by covering the thali with some laces or designer coverings.

You can place the flower, chandane, incense sticks, Diyas, sweets, flowers etc. Or you can buy the designer pyjathali from the market. If you can afford, using the thali made from silver is best during Laxmi puja. It is believed to bring good luck into the house.

22. Red clay:

It is the tradition of Nepali Hindus to cleanse the home with cow dung and then smear the floors with red colored clay. This red colored clay can be found anywhere in the market.

Cow dung is free of cost of course. These two items are mixed and the main entrance of the house is then cleaned and smeared with the mixture. Then the long path is drawn with the same mixture and lead to the room where the safe is kept or to the worship room of the home.

Red clay
Red clay

This mixture is the sacred mixture and is believed to purify the house to invite and welcome Mata Laxmi. The long was drawn is to guide Laxmi Mata to walk along to the safe or the worship room.

The red clay is also used to make the entrance and the courtyard of the house beautiful. Instead of using the chemical colors and paints, coloring with red clay is beneficial. Because it can be easily washed with water. It is harmless and not injurious to your health. It is natural and very cheap.

23. New clothes and dress

The Diwali festival.is not only to decorate the house but decorate oneself also, to make oneself beautiful and gorgeous.

New Dresses Baby Children
Baby With New Dress

So you can buy some ethnic wears and attires for yourself like kurta salwar, lehenga, kurta shalwar for men. Keeping oneself in ethnic attire can enhance the beauty of your home and Diwali puja.

24. Curtains and drapes:

Diwali is the time to beautify house and rooms. So beautify your rooms with the new design and bright colored curtains for your window and drapes and tablecloth for your furniture and tables.


25. Gadget and home appliances:

Some people prefer to buy the gadgets and appliance for their homes on Diwali. Since it is the aged tradition Of buying something new every Diwali. Also, there are lots of schemes introduce in the market. You are offered some discount on the occasion of Diwali.

Power Bank Gadget
Power Bank Gadget

So you can buy some gadgets like laptop, mobile at anything you want at a cheap price. You can also buy some kitchen utensils, vessels, and containers.

26. CDs of devotional songs:

Diwali puja and Laxmi worship are incomplete without the devotional song of Mata Laxmi, Ganesha, and Saraswati. You can buy the CDs and bhajans of the goddess in the market.

You can also download online. Most-played bhajan on Diwali is Jai Ganesh Jai Ganesh Deva, Jai Laxmi Mata, Om Jai Jagdish Hare. Make yourself fully devoted to the goddess Laxmi.

27. Potpourri:

Potpourri is a mixture of dried petals of any flowers and spices kept in a bowl to perfume the room. You can use the Potpourri on this Diwali to decorate and fragrant the house. It’s not that common in Nepal. So why not try something new this Diwali. You can easily make this at home or you can buy the readymade potpourri from the market.


You can take any flower like rose or Jasmine or whatever you like and dry the petals of the flowers in the sun. Then fill the pot or bowl with these petals and put some spice like cinnamon. Your whole room and house will be perfumed. Your home will be ready to welcome the goddess Laxmi in this Diwali.

28. Fruit peel candles:

Fruit peel candles is also a new creative idea with which you can decorate your house. Just take the peel of an orange, whole peel as much as possible without any tears. Then fill the peel with wax and put some thread.

Fruit peel candles
Fruit peel candles

Let it cool down. Your candle is ready to use. It is a very unique and special way to decorate your home and lighting up your every corner of your room.

29. Balloon twine lights:

Balloon twine lights is another unique way in which you can decorate your home. You can make this at home or buy in the market. It’s usable and you do not have to take out the balloon lights after Diwali. You can keep hanging them.on the ceiling of your room. Take some balloon and twine. Put a LED bulb. Your balloon twine light is easily made. It gives the elaborate touch to your decorations.

Balloon twine lights
Balloon twine lights

30. Colorful upholstery:

You can buy some colorful upholstery for your cushions. The drapes with some buildings can be used as a cover for your cushion which will add extra beauty to your furniture and sofa. You can make the cover in your home yourself. You can either buy them.in the market. They are cheap in cost. So it will not exceed your budget Diwali decorations.

Colorful upholstery
Colorful upholstery

31. Lampshades:

Make this Diwali colorful, bright and Illuminati g with the beautiful lamp. shades available in the market. Or the lamp shades made by yourself with your artistic skills. Covering your lamps with the shades of different colors helps in elaborating the beauty of your table and side table.


They are easily available in the market or you can make it at the home. While you use lamp shades, you don’t need to buy colorful bulbs. Just put a white bulb on your lamp. And cover the lamp with any color shades you like. There you can have the colorful light lighting your room and every corner of your room.

Hope these items listed above can help you to decorate your house this Diwali and lighten up not only your home but your souls and life too.

Happy Diwali to all our readers from imnepal.com family.

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