31 Best Diwali Decoration Ideas – What Things To Buy In This Diwali 2019 For Decorations

What things to buy for Diwali decorations? Diwali Decoration Ideas For 2019: – Diwali is soon approaching and preparation are being done in each and every home. On Diwali people clean their homes and decorate them. To decorate the house on Diwali is as essential as it is to worship Lakshmi-Ganesh.

It is believed that if the house is decorated then Lakshmi Ji will be happy and she will come to our home and reside there. But today, the purpose behind this has changed.

Everyone coordinates with the whole loudness of the house but to show their home apart from others. Also, Diwali comes as an excuse to change the old boring decor of the house. Here are some items with which you can change the interior and exterior decor of the house.

31 Best Diwali Decoration Ideas – What Things To Buy In This Diwali 2019 For Decorations

1. Natural flowers:

It is the tradition of Nepal to decorate the house with flowers like marigold and roses. It is believed that these flowers are the favorite of goddess Laxmi. Also, these flowers take time to deteriorate. Especially the garlands of marigolds are used and are hanged over the windows and doors to make them beautiful for welcoming Mata Laxmi.

Sayapatri Marigold Flowers in Tihar Festival
Marigold Flowers During Tihar Festival

It’s better to use one or two threads of flower over the windows and doors for decorating. This will give the house a more simple look.in this festive season. Too many decorations with lots of flowers may make the decoration of the house a bit loud and too fancy.

2. Artificial flowers:

It’s very important to decore your house in Diwali. But it equally more important to be under it within the budget. Since not everyone can have the gardens and flowers grown in their own homes.

People are bound to buy the flowers from the market. But during the festive season, the price of the flowers are way too expensive. The traders and the shopkeeper take the illicit advantage of customers.

rakhi return gift

Because they know that it’s a must to decorate the house on Diwali. But one simple solution or say alternative has been in the market in the form of artificial flowers made of paper or plastics.

These flowers are more durable, reusable, easy to clean, cheap and more beautiful. Some flowers also come with the small LED bulbs which can be lighted at night which add the extra beauty to the house.

They don’t consume much electricity. They are extra cheap and easily available in any shop. It is not necessary for you to go through the crowd or the headache of bargaining and negotiating. Plus you have a great many choices available in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

3. Rangoli:

Rangoli is the ancient cultural tradition of Nepal and folk art of the nation which more commonly known as ‘mandap’.The designs and materials used for composing Rangoli may vary but there is enough equality in the implications and culture of this.

The specialty of rangoli is it gives variety and also displays its various dimensions. It can change the way the house looks.

Tihar Deepawali ko rangoli photo wallpaper picture Nepal

Rangoli is specially made in front of the main door of the house to welcome the god and goddess during the festivity and also to welcome the guests. It is usually made with dried and natural colors on the auspicious occasion of the festival, fast, worship, marriage ceremony etc. It can have simple geometric shapes or shapes of goddesses. The purpose of making rangoli is decoration and beauty.

These are often made by the women of the household. Rangoli is often attached with the representation of an emotion for inviting the prosperity and land purification.

Even knowing that this rangoli will be washed away the next day. Still, women put the great effort to make the rangoli. This not only fulfills your desire and wish but also helps in showing the imaginative and creative skill of the female members of the house.

The symbols basically used on Diwali while making rangoli are the swastika, om, lotus flower, or the footprint of Mata Laxmi. These are the indication of the wellness and positivity of the house. For this, the ground dried or wet rice, vermilion, role, turmeric, flour, and other natural colors are used traditionally.

But now the use of chemical color has also begun. UsuallyRangoli is made in the middle of the entrance, the center of the courtyard and on the fixed place for the festival. Occasionally it is made from flowers, woods, chalk powder too. Do not forget to keep some lamps or diyas on Rangoli. You can make the rangoli with the help of some steel stencil and some colors you like.

4. Artificial Rangoli or readymade rangoli:

One of the disadvantages of using the traditional style of making rangoli is that it takes lots of time and effort. Also, it’s quite monotonous to use the steel stencil and some paint or color to make the rangoli with the same design.

The colors which are used are just washed away or thrown away as waste the neat day. They can be used for making the neat rangoli. So if you want to do something new and make your rangoli the unique one with extra beauty.

Diwali Rangoli Designs Deepavali Tihar Festival Images Photos Colors Pictures
Attractive Diwali Rangoli Designs Image

There’s an alternative available in the market. Some readymade rangoli are available made from the cardboard with colors painted on it. You simple can buy them and hang them or stick them where you like. And afterward, you can take it out and store it away for the future use.

This will save your money plus it will not create any mess. It will minimalist the risk of messing the rangoli by children. Now if you want some fancy stuff, then you can buy some crystals and beads to make a rangoli.

However, the crystals and beads are quite expensive to use. But if you can afford them then why not decorate the house with these articles.

5. Diyas or lamps:

You will also believe that only changing the lights of the house only changes the entire look of the house. And they play a significant role in it. Deep, Deepak, Diwas or Diya are the container in which cotton thread and the oil or the ghee are placed and lighted.

The traditional Diyas is made from soil, but the metals are also in practice to make the Diyas. In ancient times it was used for light but after the invention of electricity, it is now used more as an object of decoration and to worship gods.

A little daughter with her mother is lightening the Diya Diyo in Diwali tihar Deepavali festival
A little daughter with her mother is lightening the Diya/Diyo in Diwali/ Tihar/Deepavali festival

It is considered to be a symbol of a fire of Panchatatwas.T here is also a mantra to light the lamp which is pronounced on all auspicious occasions. It has been said in the mantra that hey Diya is pleased with us and give us beauty and welfare, health and wealth, property, and destroy the enemy’s intelligence.


When it is lit on special occasions, the lights are placed in line, it is called Deepamala. This is especially done on the day of Diwali.

Deep lamps should be normal depth should be lighted for welcoming Lakshmi Mata. Lamps can be made from natural contents like soil, flour, copper, silver, iron, brass and gold.

Butdiya made from dough of an equal quantity of moong, rice, wheat, urad is considered best. It looks very beautiful to see colorful Diyas. You can use your artistic creativity to decorate them.

6. Battery Diya:

Since the craftsman working to make the Diya of soil or other metals are decreasing in number. These diyas are becoming quite expensive. The diyas from soil is easy to break. The diyas made from other metals are not that cheap either.

Also, it takes time to make a thread for the diyas, then you have to fill each Diya with oil or ghee. The light of the diyas quickly extinguishe in case there’s light wind at night. Using oil or ghee adds an extra cost. So as the wise alternative, battery diyas are available at the market.

Battery Diya
Battery Diya

These diyas are made from the plastics with small LED light bulbs and small battery attached inside. They are available in numerous colors, shapes, and sizes. The bulbs are also available in the different color of lights.

It’s easy to use. Definitely comes under the budget. No consumption of much electricity. It can be used again next year. No risks of extinguishing even there’s a storm outside. They are light weight, easy to carry, portable and durable.

Electric Diyas Diwali
Electric Diyas

Similarly, on Diwali which is known as the festival of lights also, fancy lights cannot be lighted all night long in the house. And it is also not possible to burn the candles and oil diyas every few minutes.

Thus you can give the fancy look to your house lighting this battery diyas in every corner of the house. There’s no need to decorate this diyas any further but if you want to give a more fancy look. You can decorate this diyas with waste clothes or laces too.

7. Floating Diyas:

Floating diyas are the diyas which can float on the water. There are not many complications in it as the name may suggest. They are simply the ordinary soil diyas which are floated on the water.

Just take a large bowl of water. Then prepare your Diya and place it on the water in the bowl. And light the Diya.

Floating Diyas
Floating Diyas

Your floating diyas are ready. They can be used to decorate the center piece of you tables in your living room. They can compliment your fancy look and decorations of the house on Diwali.

8. Candle decorations:

Nowadays, there are many types of candles on the market. You can give afancy and simple lookto your home. You can decorate these candles on the windows and terrace. Wax candles are cheap and easy to use.

Various types and design of candles are available in the market nowadays. Like there are aromatic and scented candles. With this candle, you can light the house as well make your house fragrant.


The candle making business has flourished in recent years. You can have simple white colored candles, a variety of colored candles, small, medium sized or large sized candles, different design and shapes of candles.

You can have the candles with fancy stands. The cost also cries from cheaper to the expensive ones. In comparison, it’s easier and under the budget than the diyas you use. Also, the remaining candles can be used again for the next time.

9. Floating candles:

It is also the same as the floating diyas. The name sounds fascinating but it’s easy to make or readily available on the market. Smalllight weighed containers with the wax filled and cotton thread can be easily purchased in the market. Or if you want to make it at home with your own hands.

Floating candles
Floating candles

You can simply take the small Diya and fill the Diya with wax and put some cotton thread. Let it cool down and tada… You can use it as you fancy decorations if the house. Same as before, fill the large or medium sized bowl with water and place these candles and light them. Decorate your hall, living rooms with the fancy made centerpieces.

10. Toran:

Toran in the dictionary meaning or definition is a long festoon of flowers stuck to a grass-string which is hung round the four plantain-trees placed at the four corners of the fire-altar. It can be also called the festooned archway. Toran is basically used in many auspicious occasion and celebration.

On Diwali, it is used as not only decimation but also as the medium to make Laxmi Mata happy and welcome her and greet her when she comes to our home. Toran can be used not only to decorate the main entrance of the house but also every room and corner of the house.

The Toran made from the natural materials like leaves and flowers can be used or you can also use the artificial torans made from various materials available in the market. The gates of the house around Diwali is decorated with expensive torans or torans made from flowers found in the market. The toran made from flowers cannot last more than a day. And changing the Toran every day can affect your pocket adversely.


You can make Toran at home with your own hands. It will be cheaper as well artistic too. And you can reuse this Toran on any other next celebration. To make Toran, you don’t have to do much.

Collect some old greeting cards in the house and bind together in the desired shape. Keep in mind that if greeting cards are more colorful, then the look of the torans will look better. Also, you can make a marigold with the yellow colored cloth. For this, you have to turn yellow cloth three to four times in square size.

Pin the stapler in the middle. Now cut the cloth into a circle. Then cut with scissors lightly on the edge and collect every layer as a flower and give the look of the marigold. Similarly, make as much flower you like. Then make a Garland with these flowers and greetings hang where you like in the house.

Likewise, you can also cut pictures of goddesses and gods in some old greeting cards and invitation cards kept in the house. Put them in a line with an old lace present in your home. Apart from this, a toran can be made from the leaves of Ashok and mango trees. They are natural, easily available and are considered to bring good luck to your house. Likewise, the laces you bring home for your saree and kurta salwar can also be used to make toran.


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