Diwali Crackers – Images of Different Types Of Firecrackers On This Deepavali 2021


Find here top rated diwali crackers or tihar crackers of this year 2021 or 2078. We have posted here some images of tihar deepawali diwali fireworks crackers. You will love it.

Diwali Crackers – Images of Different Types Of Firecrackers On This Deepavali 2021

Possibly there are most popular types of fireworks commercially available today, which has become incredibly popular for a variety of reasons. If you visit a local store that sells celebrations items and other miscellaneous items, you may also find firecrackers in your inventory.

There are hundreds of other types of firecrackers, so you will probably have many options to choose from. The complete purpose of a firecracker is to explode and make loud noises when it explodes.

Due to the fact that they are relatively easy to light and tend to make a lot of noise, firecrackers are generally considered a good option for someone who has just started exploring different types of fireworks.

On their own, firecrackers are fun to lit. However, because they are available in chains, you can also wrap them around other things. For example, many children tend to wrap these firecrackers around old toys or stuffed animals and then light them on fire.

The explosions that follow are nothing less than an incredible sight to behold, and it is a very popular hobby among children. Almost all children across the country have at some time wrapped a small statuette or stuffed animal in a firecracker and then launched it.

We are here with the different types of firecrackers. Hope you enjoy it;;


  1. Ground spinner

Fireworks like Charkha or Chakra are most preferred by kids, they look round in shape and are available in various sizes and types, the different types of Ground Spinner include Green & Red Chakkars, Zamin Chakkars Big, Zamin Chakkars Small, Zamin Chakkars Normal, etc.

Ground spinner

The name used for these fireworks sums them up quite well; they simply turn on the ground when they light up, releasing sparks in all directions. Most people often refer to the smaller versions of these spinners as “jumping jacks,” while the larger versions are known as “blooming flowers.”

The reasons for this are quite simple; the smaller ones simply tend to spin aimlessly on the ground, but the larger ones generally emit colored sparks in all directions. If you look at these spinners from a far, it seems like that a flower is blooming from the ground.

There is no doubt about the fact that these fireworks look incredibly pretty when they are lit, especially if someone makes a video from above.

However, if you are looking for a bit of excitement (because let’s be honest, that’s why most people buy fireworks!), It’s unlikely that children can satisfy their desire only with ground spinners. But, when it comes to aesthetic appeal, ground spinners are a fantastic option.

  1. Garlands

Fireworks of this type are mainly known as Ladis or Sounding Fireworks, and they are exploded with a massive sound and light up for a substantial period, you can get this type of fireworks from 50 to 20k pieces depending on the fireworks merging in a connected way.

garland firecrackers
  1. Smoke fountains for diwali festival

Smoke fountain can provide hours of entertainment for children with wild imagination. Most smoke fountains do not explode, they only smoke. Some smoke fountains are better if used during the day because it is difficult to see smoke at night.

In general, there are two types of smokers: colored smoke balls or cylindrical smoke grenades. Smoke balls come in a variety of colors. When I was a child, I used them as my ninja smoke screen.

Smoke Fountain firecrakcers

Smoke grenades are a child’s dream toy. They look like little hand grenades. When they light up, they emit a thick cloud of white smoke.

Smoke fountains can be divided into two popular variants: cylindrical smoke grenades and colored smoke balls. Many of the smoke balls that are available today are also available in several different colors.

Many children love to play with these smoke fountains and grenades because they can serve as smoke screens. Once you light a smoke grenade, it will begin to emit a large cloud of thick white smoke.

Smoke fountains range from cheaper versions, which only emit smoke for a few seconds after switching on, while there are also more expensive variants, which cost more money, but also emit smoke for considerably longer periods of time. Colored smoke balls that emit smoke in a variety of different colors are also available.

  1. Novelty Fireworks

Novelty fireworks are commonly used in many events, and even children love to play with them. Novelty fireworks are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes, ranging from small rockets to small eggs. When they fire, these egg fireworks explode in the sky and can form a variety of shapes.

From conventional designs to unique novel fireworks that involve tanks shooting out patriotic missiles or chickens that lay eggs, there really is no shortage of creativity when it comes to selecting fireworks.


Most new fireworks boxes contain an image of what type of shape or image fireworks will form when they skyrocket. If you wish, you can even wrap conventional firecrackers, such as Black Cats, in these new fireworks and then tear them apart after the tank has stopped firing its missiles.

It’s fun to have fun with new fireworks, especially if you know how to use them correctly. Because each type of firework is completely different, you can mix and match them to create colorful images of light in the air.

Novelty fireworks are excellent for children on the main holidays or at events you want to celebrate, such as a birthday as well festival celebrations.

  1. Sparkles

Fireworks called flares are one of Diwali’s favorite crackers because of their attractive shapes and colored lights that they produce in the dark. They are the small metal stick that is coated with a chemical solution, which is the main reason for the flashes.


Some varieties of sparkles include whistle sparkles, golden sparkles, color-changing sparkles, crackling sparkles etc.

Sparklers Diwali firecrackers
Sparklers firecrackers

Sparklers have been around for quite some time, and anyone who used fireworks as a child will have used them at some time in their lives. Sparklers were created primarily with children in mind and, in general, they are safe as long as you know how to handle them properly.

Basically, a sparkler is a small stick that emits golden sparks when it is lit. The flares can be held in your hand, but you just have to make sure to fully extend your arm so that the sparks don’t fall on your clothes.

Because you will hold them in your hand, you can simply wave around the flares to create a beautiful light show too. Ideally, flares are generally available in two different varieties.

The most expensive are usually made of metal, while the cheaper variants are known as Morning Glories and are made of paper. The latter is, in general, a much safer option for children, mainly because you don’t have to worry about holding a hot metal stick in your hand when the sparkler goes out. Because it is made of paper, Morning Glory simply becomes nothing.


  1. Poppers and Snakes

Poppers and snakes are also commonly known as snaps and are the best option for people who want to buy fireworks that are safe for children. Colloquially known as “fireworks for children,” these fireworks have a small rope and generally have a bottle-shaped appearance.

As soon as you pull the string, then it starts firing out confetti or pops immediately. Some also break, creating a loud explosion. Basically, these fireworks contain minerals that cause a small burst when they come into contact, which happens when the rope is pulled.

You will not hear anything more than a small burst and people who expect something from a cracker will probably be disappointed with this. On the other hand, snakes are generally fireworks that, when ignited, release minerals, creating a thin, brittle line of carbon ashes, which often looks like a snake is coming out of the ground.

Despite the fact, they are so simple and easy to use, and of course, completely devoid of any emotion, they are a good option for those who want to celebrate Diwali safely. If you have young children that you cannot trust with larger and more dangerous fireworks, starting with poppers, snakes or snaps is an excellent idea.

  1. Roman candles

Roman candles look like long tubes, like conventional candles, but they have a string that comes out of one end. When they are lit, Roman candles tend to shoot colored light balls.

Some of the balls that are thrown often blink, explode or even crack a little before they go out completely. Some people even tend to hold these candles in their hands while lighting them.

However, it is generally recommended that you avoid handling these fireworks when firing them. There have been numerous cases in which children are found fighting small fireworks battles with the help of Roman candles. Needless to say, this is incredibly dangerous and could cause serious injury, so you should avoid it at all costs.

Roman candles are generally quite affordable and are also available in packages of various sizes. Nor do they cost a lot and are a good option for people who want to be safe and want to introduce some variety in their fireworks collection.

  1. Aerial repeaters

If you want a beautiful display of fireworks in your backyard, you should definitely consider buying these aerial repeaters. Basically, aerial repeaters consist of a series of different fireworks that are grouped together to form a kind of “cake.”

Each of these tubes has a small housing that tends to explode in the sky, creating a fantastic display. The fun thing about aerial repeaters is that you don’t have to worry about turning on each tube individually.

Aerial repeaters diwali crackers
Aerial repeaters crackers

All are connected in a serial format, so you only have to turn on one and the rest will handle it alone. Aerial repeaters are an excellent choice for people who just want a fireworks show to end a fantastic night. They look incredibly good and, in general, they are quite affordable, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money buying them either.

  1. Peony

Now that the most popular types of fireworks have been discussed, it is important to focus on the various styles available. Peony is one of the conventional fireworks that flies through the sky and creates a magnificent display.

Fireworks do not release traces or tails, and simply explodes in the sky after reaching a certain height, creating a beautiful multicolored and balloon-shaped screen.

They are ideal for use at weddings or festival celebration too. When someone mentions fireworks, this is probably the first image that comes to mind. Peony fireworks can be purchased in various sizes and you should know that price points generally vary.

  1. Crossett

Crossettes are very similar to the conventional comet firework, but instead of flying in one direction, it is divided into two at the apex, thus creating a unique appearance.

You will notice many sparks that fly from the Crossette when it reaches its maximum height, which makes it look incredibly beautiful. Crossettes can make the night sky light up in a variety of colors too, especially if you choose the multicolored variant.

  1. Parachute

Another fantastic option for people looking to buy fireworks for festivals are parachutes. The concept of a parachute is very simple, it is designed to function as a floating firework.

However, by itself, the fireworks will look pretty boring. But, if you have to fill a small toy along with the fireworks, like a small army man or any other figure, it will greatly enhance the experience and thrill. Simply pack a small figure with some soft explosives and watch as the tube float to the ground while the parachute slows down.

Children love to play with them because it is fun to try to catch fireworks while slowly descending to the ground. You can easily use a variety of different toys with these parachutes if you want to add a unique element of fun to the parachutes. They are perfectly safe and can be very fun if you have an intuitive imagination.

  1. Rocket

The rockets as the name says, is a type of firecracker that leaves the ground to enter the sky when it is lit. It comes in different types and sizes. The cracker is attached to a long stick that holds as well supports the firecracker.

The different types of rocket firecrackers are Bom rocket, parachute rocket, missile rocket, colored rocket, crackling rocket and some new ones that go on the market every year.

Rocket Diwali Crackers
Rocket Diwali Crackers

It is always safe to fire rockets with a rocket holder, which is usually made of iron and does not catch fire easily. Care must be taken to keep the rocket upright while it is being turned on; otherwise, there is a high chance that it may break into the surrounding houses or the people around it.

The rocket should not be ignited by keeping it in a glass bottle since the gas could explode due to the high heat and thrust generated around it. The vertical space must be clear of trees and buildings so that it does not bounce.

  1. Comet

The comet is basically a simpler firework that tends to leave a bright trail and can fire in any direction. Think of it as a rocket that runs through the sky at abrupt speeds, except that it is not a rocket, but a firework that spreads through the air.

The distinctive attraction of the comet is the fact that from a distance, it resembles a comet that rushes through the sky, leaving a large trail of smoke. Comet fireworks are generally used as a prelude to create a larger effect, such as firing the willow skyward below.

Comet Fireworks Diwali
Comet Fireworks

Care must be taken when placing fireworks. There should not be any trees around. Crackers should be used under adult supervision as they are powerful. These crackers are made by qualified personnel.

As these crackers need an adequate proportion of chemicals to give a lovely view. These crackers can take a different form such as white blue red or green.

  1. A sound

These are the crackers that burst at the same time. The category contains simple crackers like Bijli Pataki, sparrow bambs. And a complicated high profile cracker like an atomic bamb, a laxmi bamb and a thunder bamb.

  1. Two sound

These are crackers with two sounds. The mechanism of this cracker is that it has two integrated crackers. There is a sound on the floor and another in the air. Caution should be exercised when placing crackers.. It must be placed vertically.

  1. Chinese firecrackers

Firecrackers made of bright and shiny paper are often used as decorations to add to the lively atmosphere of the festivities. In Diwali festival, it is exploded only for fun.

But in china, it is believed that sound of the crackers drives away the terrible monster “Nian” and other evil spirits, particularly those that cause disease, and therefore, the sound brings good fortune.

In addition, it is believed that the noise of the fire cracker awakens the deities and guardian spirits who are the custodians of good health, good fortune and prosperity. They will monitor the well-being of people in the community.


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