28 Ideas or Guides on Diwali Classroom Activities For Students & Teachers To Have More Fun


Diwali classroom activities: – Diwali, is an important festival celebrated by people following Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism. Diwali is also known as the “Festival of Lights”, where lights or lamps mean the victory of good over evil within each human being.

This festival is celebrated for five continuous days, and the third day is celebrated as the main Diwali or as ‘Festival of Lights’. Firecrackers are played during the celebration of Diwali.

Diwali is celebrated with gathering with family, with bright diyos, worshipping laxmi, lightening of lights, wishing dear ones the Diwali wishes, decorating home, cooking and eating sweets. People open their doors and windows and light lamps to invite Lakshmi to enter.

The Festival of Lights s celebrated by children in classroom with away from all academic activities, and that is a good reason to involve them in fun and learning.

With this in mind, we bring you some ideas of Diwali activities for students in classroom that will bring immense joy during the most festive season among children.

Diwali classroom activities
Diwali classroom activities

28 Awesome Ideas or Guides on Diwali Classroom Activities For Students & Teachers To Have More Fun

  1. Make glitter candle – Diwali Classroom Activities

Candles and diyas are an integral part of a Diwali celebration, so allow your children to gather to make adorable glitter candles. Candles are popular house ornaments during Diwali. Teachers can provide some glue, wax and thread for your students and help them make candles.

Glitter Gel Candle
Glitter Gel Candle

Simply pour melted and colored wax into a diya; Make sure to wear gloves or similar safety measures for your student, so they don’t have hot wax on their skin. Once the wax solidifies, remove it from the box and decorate it with shiny glue.


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Adult assistance is required for candle holders, but give the student a free reign when it comes to decorating them!

  1. Paint diyas

Diwali is a festival of lights and is incomplete if the house is not lit with diyas everywhere. Diyas are the first thing you can think of when you think of Diwali, right? They illuminate Diwali’s dark night with its charm and beauty, and spread its luminosity and positivity.

Diya Decoration ideas for Diwali
Diya Decoration for Diwali

Diyas can show creativity in your children when you allow them to shade them in vibrant tones, using watercolors and paints. This is by far the favorite activity of students and every year it just improves.

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Teacher can provide the child with some beautiful ground lamps and non-toxic watercolor paints. Let them become creative! This Diwali, let those diyas not be bland and allow your student to paint those diyas with the colors of their choice.

You can provide watercolors, paints and everything to provide children with the tools to decorate those simple diyas.

Once this is done, you can tell them to take those diyas to home and light diyas and proudly announce in the school if your students completed the “diya painting” activity.

Alternatively, teacher can also perform a “diya lighting” competition among students. The student who lights the maximum number of diyas within a preset time frame can be declared the winner.

Also, schools can have a session on pottery and teach children to make diyas in the form and design they choose with clay.

  1. Storytelling

After all, we are celebrating a festival that is deeply rooted in our traditional education and comes from wonderful mythological stories. The legends of Diwali’s celebration always tell us how well he triumphs over evil.


There are so many stories in mythology that claim the importance of the festival. In the school, teacher can explore the idea of ​​writing and / or direct a play / musical. Telling the story of Lord Rama’s victory over evil and his triumphant return to his village in Ayodhya can be a good story to play.

Let the children show their talent during the Diwali celebrations and overcome their “stage fright” (in case they have it!)

Schools can organize “revive mythology” contests in which students can be asked to narrate chronicles from epics and spread awareness about the values ​​and morals of Vedic literature.

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In dedicated storytelling sessions, students can present objects that are meaningful to them and develop a myth or legend about meaning. Also, present the origins of the celebration to your students and see how they listen in amazement.

  1. Making Rangoli – Diwali Classroom Activities

Rangoli tradition is famous in the festival of Diwali. A rangoli is about not only adding color to a pattern or shape, but also adding brightness to our life. It paves the way for good luck and brings joy to our doors. This is a Diwali activity for students that will especially appeal to girls.

A few packages of colored powders and some excellent Internet designs are enough to keep your children occupied during the holidays. You never know, your house could end up having the most fascinating Rangoli on the eve of Diwali!


Diwali Rangoli Designs Deepavali Tihar Festival Images Photos Colors Pictures
Beautiful Diwali Rangoli Designs

Everyone is familiar with the manufacture of rangoli using colors, rice and flowers, but teacher provide a more creative advantage to the artistic practice by using material that is wasteful or unused.

For example: paper cups and plates, bracelets, colored sheets, buttons, CD, bottle caps, marbles, stones and many more. This would allow children not only to learn and enjoy this fun task, but also to instill a sense of respect for the environment and sustainability.

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Teacher can encourage students to create innovative Rangoli designs. They can form groups of teachers and students in schools and organize a contest.

All groups will compete with each other to show their spirit of creativity and innovation through their Rangoli. This also requires an important student-teacher bonding session.

  1. Make Diwali wishes

Each person wishes to celebrate Diwali in their own home, but also wants to visit their relatives or invite them. But if they can’t visit them, then can always send Diwali’s wishes, right?

Happy Diwali Greetings Cards Image
Happy Diwali Messages Card

They can ask their children to write some personalized wishes and messages for their relatives this Diwali. So, teachers can teach their students to make Diwali wishes.

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Teacher can get paper and paintings for their students (and can be an inspiration in the form of downloaded images) and help them make Diwali greeting cards for all their friends and close family.

Teacher can set up a fun tray with cardboard papers / markers / crayons / stickers / and let their students show their creativity. Make sure the cards are decorated so that they stand out from any other card.

  1. Firecrackers Project

Although crackers are something that children expect from Diwali, it is important to make them realize the negative effects of crackers on the environment.

If you want your students to be aware of the harmful effects of crackers in Diwali then help them make a project on it. If possible, make a visit of your students to cracker factory and make them understand the various harmful materials used in crackers. After all, it is a matter of choice!

Chhath Puja Festival Sparkle

Also, students can involve them in craft activities where teacher can help them create rockets and firecrackers with colored paper, decorate them and hang them or stick them on a wall for a festive look. Also, you can give presentation to them about the effects of firecrackers.

  1. Make jewelry from waste

This is another interesting Diwali activity for students to try. Instead of giving your students real gems and precious items, let them choose some household items, such as pasta caps, beads and other essentials. Dried fruits are available in abundance during this season.

Help your girl students make jewelry for them or their mother with pasta covers: a good lesson to get the best out of the trash! Teacher should provide paints, glitter, sequins and thread to enjoy fabulous bracelets, rings, necklaces and anklets.

Jewelry Ideas from waste
Jewelry from waste material

Ask them to paint these items using and then sprinkle glitter. Let them convert those raw materials into large pieces of jewelry.

Teacher can also provide them with an idea to cut the kiwi fruits and dry them before using the slices to make attractive earrings and necklaces.. These jewelry items can be combined with their festive use and on other special occasions.

  1. Essay or poem about Diwali

If your students loves to write, help them write an essay / poem to assess how well they understood the concept of Diwali. To increase your confidence, post their writing on your blog or Facebook page and make them feel that sense of accomplishment!

Given the fact that air pollution levels reach their maximum due to the firecracker explosion during Diwali, organize a competition to create an environmental project.


This will encourage them to surf the Internet about the harmful effects of Diwali cookies and keep them ready to complete an environmentally friendly educational project entitled “How is this Diwali ecological?”. about Diwali.

  1. Exam

With the idea of ​​”the more, the better” in mind, delight your student in a friendly test with their classmates to see how much they have learned about the most exciting and expected festival.

Exam don't disturb me A girl
Exam! don’t disturb me

Encourage your students to participate in a questionnaire on topics they love. Teachers can intervene to divide the class into groups, allowing a group to question the competition group. An interesting topic would be to appreciate the knowledge of the team of winning children with prizes and gifts.

  1. Musical chairs:

Children love to play musical chairs, and Diwali can be a fun time to do it. Place a large circle of chairs on your terrace or garden and make sure there is one chair less than the total number of students playing.

Teacher can play the music and encourage their children to continue running around a circle until the music stops. The child who finally sits in the last chair will be crowned as the winner of the game.

Musical Chair game
Musical Chair game

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Let the children play separately or mix them with the seniors, teachers. Choose the popular songs of the time and let your student have fun running and running to grab that empty chair.

  1. Fancy Dress Competition:

The festive occasion is a great opportunity to get up in the most glamorous way possible. A costume competition allowing students to dress in variety of characters that come from mythological stories is another innovative Diwali Games that means putting students in touch with the prominence of the festival.

New Dresses Baby Children
Baby With New Dress

The theme could be anything from mythological characters in Diwali legends or Diwali colors. Teachers can even clarify the idea of ​​professing the teachings by organizing a cosplay of various cartoons. You can ask children to dress in shades of yellow, orange or red and be creative as they can.

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It is always a pleasure to see children dressed as different characters, especially as Hindu deities. These events provide a friendly platform to showcase their hidden talents and express themselves with confidence. It also adds a religious fervor to the festive atmosphere.

  1. Candle race – Diwali Classroom Activities

This is a simple but always interesting game to play in Diwali theme in the classroom. In this game, the challenge for students is to light a candle with a single match stick. They have to light the candle, turn it off, light it again and so on.

Candle Race Girls
Candle Race by Girls

They will have a minute and they will have to light the candle as many times as they can. This type of game can be full of fun and more interesting to students.

  1. Diya lightening competition

For small class students, put the Diya lightening competition and it is better if it is carried out under adult supervision. Young children will not be comfortable with the flames and candles, so this is the perfect occasion for them to have the opportunity to do so.

Kid Tihar Diyo

Teacher can organize several diyas and set a time limit within which each student has to light all the diyas correctly. Be sure to do this in an open space to avoid problems.

  1. Handmade greeting cards

How about helping students make some cards with their own hands by using paint and paper? Sounds good, doesn’t it? Diwali handmade cards have unique appeal and charm, and if they are created by children, then they are probably the best one could receive.

Happy Diwali Handmade greeting craft card
Happy Diwali Handmade greeting craft

To inspire your student to make these greeting cards, you can show them some downloaded images. The Internet is full of greeting cards that can make your students present personalized cards, full of photos of family and friends.

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On a strip of paper draw diyas of different colors along with dotted lines. Then, student can cut along the dotted lines. Later, the child can paste the cut diyas on cardboard paper and turn them into a greeting card.

Through the use of different stickers, sheets, colors, beads and markers, students can participate in a great cunning company that leaves room for all kinds of innocent creativity and artistic pleasure.

Let your student take greeting card made by them at home so that they can show their parents and grandparents. Students can also explain their exciting whole experiences.

  1. Cooking and food Art Contest

If you have identified the culinary streak in your students, you can use the school time to involve them in the art of cooking and food presentation. Introduce to the “junior chef in process” some of Diwali’s delicacies like laddoos and kheer. Teachers can help these children choose the recipe that most interests them and help them prepare it.

Food Art
Food Art

Diwali is a good time to please the children by their mothers in the kitchen, and there are some simple recipes that children can easily make and this encourages them even more. Give them the task of rolling laddoos or stirring the kheer while it is heating up.

  1. Paper firecrackers

Certainly, the pleasant Diwali festival has a negative side that manifests itself in the form of harmful effects due to burning firecrackers. In addition to encouraging children to work on a “Go Green Diwali Project”, you can also involve them with exciting craft activities.

Crackers For Diwali Using Paper
Crackers For Diwali Using Paper

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Teachers can sit with the students and help them create beautiful paper firecrackers like rockets and flares. Once this is done, teacher can proudly display all these handmade artifacts on the walls of classroom to get that long-awaited holiday look.

  1. Plan a party for children – Diwali Classroom Activities

To do this, all you need to do is plan a Diwali party, as well as the Diwali Games at school. Teachers can entangle children to express their preferences for sweets that should be prepared along with the festive menu for guests.

Involving children at each stage of the Diwali party planning will improve their planning skills along with fostering their interpersonal interactions between friends and family. You can also organize a shared meal, asking students to bring different homemade dishes to their Diwali party.

Party Kids cartoons

This activity will not only be fun but it will stop the social error in each student, giving them the confidence to attend the guests and interact in social meetings.

Diwali is about buying beautiful lights and decorations, food, fun and games. And if there is a place where you can experience it long before the festival arrives, it is a Diwali mela.

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Also, A craft and barter day can be held at a school-wide mela, where students exchange their own drawings and interpretations of the illustrated scrolls, manuscripts and other artifacts that can be seen.

As, Diwali melas at school can be a great learning experience for all students while enjoying the process of establishing different positions that could include lights, diyas, food, games, greeting cards, handmade candles and jewelry, all prepared for the students themselves.

Teacher can make teams and make each team responsible for different roles, for example, managing the fair, decorating the stalls, preparation, accounts, food counter, etc.

  1. Put on a performance.

The Ramayana is rich in lively and exaggerated characters that lend themselves well to the imaginative interpretation of a child. The best way to sensitize children about the historical significance of Diwali as a festival is through the representation of mythological characters.

Teacher should provide the students a box full of accessories, by which students can transform the story into a script and design their own costumes.

Kids performance dance children
Kids performance while dance

They can dress like Lord Ram, Hanuman, Goddess Sita, Ravana and all other important figures of the Ramayana.  This will give them a perfect view of the past and will also lead them to their cultural and moral conditioning.

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Alternatively, students can have a storytelling session with accessories and puppets and have a fun session that entertains while educating.

  1. Learn about the family.

Diwali’s fifth and final day, known as Bhai tika, is a celebration of brothers. On this day, sisters and brothers exchange gifts and celebrate their love and mutual affection.

Dashain Tika Vijayadashami Photos family
Dashain Family Images

In the spirit of the day, but considering children who do not have siblings, students can create family trees and track their genealogies. Teacher should encourage their students and should tell about the importance of Bhai tika.

  1. Map of mythological lands

Teachers may consider turning Diwali’s story into a month-long study of mythology and epic. There are counts and resources specific to each age available to teach the myths and about ancient Hinduism.

A little daughter with her mother is lightening the Diya Diyo in Diwali tihar Deepavali festival
A little daughter with her mother is lightening the Diya/Diyo in Diwali/ Tihar/Deepavali festival

An imaginative project can ask students to draw maps of the various lands and places where the myths take place; This encourages students to apply spatial reasoning, history and inventiveness, all in line with project-based curricular learning methods.

  1. Competition of posters – Diwali Classroom Activities

On the one hand, Diwali is a festival of lights and joy, but on the other hand, it represents a great threat to the environment with the bursting of crackers. The “Say no to crackers” campaign has been an active initiative in schools for many years, but it is still necessary to reinforce it year after year.

Happy Diwali Greeting Cards Image
Dipawali Greeting Photo

To recognize the harmful effects of crackers, students can design posters that represent the causes and consequences of bursting crackers with slogans that defend the same. A small march can be organized with these posters around the school premises to spread the message and the most innovative poster can be awarded.

Happy Diwali Greeting Cards Image
Dipawali Greeting Image

Students should be apprised of the fact that Diwali is not one-day festival, but, in fact, part of a five-day festivity comprising Dhanteras, Dog puja, Laxmi puja, Govardhan Pooja and Bhai Tika.

Principals and teachers also made the students aware of customs and tradition surrounding these festivals. Student can paint diyas and made posters on the theme ‘Say no to crackers’.

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All mid-level and senior students can be exhorted to have a cracker-free and green Diwali and involve people from economically-weaker sections in celebrating the Festival of Lights.

  1. Sweet preparation

No Indian festival is complete without candy varieties and a big party. They play an important role in performing certain rituals and customs along with the satisfaction of our taste buds.

COCONUT LADOO Indian Recipes Dishes Foods

To reinforce the tradition of making sweets during Diwali, one can have a cooking session at school. Children can prepare simple sweets like kiss ke side and coconut side. If necessary, one can invite parent volunteers to help with this activity and children can enjoy making and sharing candy with their friends later.

  1. Recycle home decoration – Diwali Classroom Activities

Decorating the home is a much appreciated tradition of celebrating Diwali. For years we have been using decorative lights to illuminate our homes and, slowly, the effort made for decoration has been limited to the things available in stores.

home decorations hanging flower fruits
home decorations

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Schools can break this marketing spell by encouraging children to make Diwali decorations at home. Art teachers at school can teach children to make artificial flowers, garlands, door curtains, torans and lanterns using colored sheets of paper and other materials such as paper cups, paper roll tubes, old CDs, ribbons , etc. to better fulfill this purpose.

  1. Gift wrapping workshop

Exchanging gifts is an ancient practice in Diwali. Who doesn’t like gifts? They bring a feeling of emotion and surprise within you and most importantly, strengthen the family ties.


Schools can organize gift wrapping workshops for children so that children are as excited to give as to receive gifts. Use newspapers instead of glossy wrapping paper. Innovate and add some color using the comics section to wrap gifts for students.

How Many Hindu Gods & Goddess Are There Worshiped In Diwali Festival & Who Are They

Watch your children be creative as they come up with great ideas to wrap green gifts. Make a competition later to get the best gift wrap idea and see children with exciting ideas.

  1. Diwali dance and song competition

Songs and rhymes are the most effective ways to embed a particular train of thought in a child’s mind.

dance by Kids
dance by Kids

To convey the meaning and importance of Diwali, special assemblies can be organized that would have children’s performances in Diwali songs through rhymes and dances.

  1. Clay modeling – Diwali Classroom Activities

Playing with clay is always fun, so this activity can be used to create diyas for young children. Not only will it make them enjoying, but it will also encourage them to do something they can use to decorate their home for Diwali.

All you need is a colored plasticine box for the base lamp and a diya wac to place in it. Use a pen refill to make artistic designs on it or get some stamping tools. It is a very fun and very useful activity for kindergarten children.

Clay Dough
Clay Dough

Or, Give each student a piece of clay or clay. Using their hands, students will form the clay in the form of a small bowl. Give each child a tea light so that he can estimate how large the opening he will need to hold the candle. Place the diyas on waxed paper to dry.

Write each child’s name on the paper next to their diya to indicate what is theirs. When the clay is dry, give the children paints and tempera brushes so they can decorate their creations.

Return the diyas to the waxed paper to dry. Send them home with the children along with a note explaining how to use a diya. Remind students that they should only use candles under the supervision of parents.

  1. Various crafts

Teacher can let the children do paper crafts to take home. Trace the shape of a flame on yellow paper and the shape of a flashlight on red paper. Children will cut one of each shape. Give them glue and golden glitter to decorate their shapes.

Plastic Bottle crafts
Plastic Bottle crafts

When the glue is dry, make a hole in the top of the flashlight and in the bottom of the flame. Tie the two together with a rope. Make a hole in the top of the flame and join another rope. Hang the mobiles in the classroom or send them home for children to share with their families.

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Also, teachers can provide some rope, a poly bag, glue and a bowl. Wrap the polyethylene inside the bowl and now apply the glue to this bag. Next step to start spinning the rope and make it look like a coil.

Now wrap it closely in the polyethylene covered with glue. Once dry, remove the polyethylene and you will have a rope bowl ready to serve dried fruits.

Also, Teacher can bring brightness of candle to optimal use. Paste the bling of bangles on top of each other to create a hollow support. Use bangles as a candlestick. The bright candle would make the bracelet stand shine even more creating a bright appearance.

Teachers can use the shot glasses for the proper use. Student can use some rope dipped in gold paint. Then, they can wrap the rope around these glasses and glue it with glue.

Then, they can cover half the glass and place the candle inside the glass. Students can also cover the glass with glitters, depending on the style and taste.

  1. Speech competition and Drama – Diwali Classroom Activities

Teachers should dedicated the entire week towards helping children understand the harmful of impact of bursting crackers on our environment, loved ones and animals.

They can shot a video of children taking a pledge to celebrate a safe and noise-free Diwali and shared it with their parents. The students were encouraged to celebrate this Diwali with candles, sweets, and plants. Teacher can organize the speech competition on green diwali and provide the best gift to them.

Speech student kids
Speech by student

Student can perform a drama with the aim of spreading awareness on safe and environment-friendly ways of celebrating Diwali. Schools can also highlighted hazards, including pollution, fire, burns and animal-related injuries, to make learners understand the need to celebrate responsibly.

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