100+ Simple, Creative, Unique, Traditional, Decorative & Funny Ways Ideas For Diwali Celebration

Some new ideas to decorate your home in Diwali

One of the most anticipated festivals throughout the country, Diwali is almost here to light up our life!

Are you ready to be all in your outfit, eat a lot of sweets and treats, and, of course, bring your inner child with these firecrackers that you want to play with?


Despite all the preparations, you will also probably think about some fun ideas for decorating Diwali for your home. After all, you should not be the only ones decorated for the holiday season, right!

Of course, it makes no sense to break the bank to make your home beautiful for just a few days.

Instead, try these simple and inexpensive tips for decorating Diwali for your home and fill your creativity.

  1. Magic lights:

This is the first on our list, because, in fact, it is not easy! Fairy tales are pretty cheap, but the variety of colors that they display makes them a universal decoration. A pair of strings in different rooms and on the porch and your house will look good at the festival!

Besides just hanging them on the wall, you can also use them for other decorative purposes. Things like sticking photos to strings to show off your favorite memories, or twitching an old mirror, can be made for Diwali but can last much longer.

Try to find battery-powered lights so you don’t look for outlets at the last minute.

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  1. Evergreen Earthen Dias:

Dias is synonymous with Diwali and makes for beautiful and bizarre jewelry. In addition to lighting every gap in your home, you can also use them to raise other decorations.

For example, swim in a large decorative basin with water or give an artistic touch to your Rangoli designs. You can use acrylic paints and materials for needlework to decorate your crafts and make each of them a separate masterpiece.

In addition to buying clay dias, you can also create your own dias from materials in and around the house. For example, use wheat flour (atta) to make environmentally friendly dia. Add a little water to a cup of wheat flour and leave for 10 minutes. In the meantime, make cotton wicks.

As soon as the dough dries down and seems solid enough to hold its shape, use it to mold various shapes and decorate them with paint (non-toxic paints are best kept environmentally friendly!).

Fill this diyas with melted wax and place the wicks in them. And now, you have it, your own home dia! Just make sure that you do dia the same day that you plan to use them so that they look new and last for a while.

  1. Hang diyas:

The more creativity you show, the more beautiful your home will look.  You can also use an old tin lying in the kitchen or a sieve.

Paint the outside part of the tin or sieve and attach it to each other in the living room.  And then put the diyas in between them.  Beautiful decoration ready.

  1. Use glass:

If you want, you can also use small short glasses. If you want to put small T-light diyas inside these glasses, which are easily available at home.

Then decorate them with flowers and decorate the living room in the best way.  Or if you want, invert the wine glass present in the house, fill some flowers inside it and put a lamp on the opposite side.

  1. Lotus Diya paper:

Take a red colored paper and draw on it the shape of a lotus flower. Cut out the flower.

Apply glue on the edges of the flower and glue white pearls. Now paste a diya in the center of the flower. Your paper Diya lotus is ready.

  1. Diya Glitter:

Give your diyas a more traditional look by giving them a shine. Take a little fevicol on a thick brush and spread it evenly over a Diya. Now, sprinkle the glitter powder evenly over the diya before the fevicol dries.

Allow the diya to dry for a while. Use scintillating glue and make a simple pattern inside or around the edges. Let the sparkling glue dry. This is our choice for a brilliant idea on Diwali Diya colorful design.

  1. Kundan Diya:

Take a traditional Diya consisting of mud and clay, and apply two layers of acrylic to choose from. Allow the paint to dry. Now apply glue along the edge of the diya and glue white stones or Kundan.

You can use different colored stones to make it more attractive. This bright Kundan diyas will add a special sparkle to your Diwali home décor.

  1. Diya waste CD:

Start by using a 3D outliner to create a pattern or pattern for the trackside of the CD. Using a hot glue gun, glue stones or rhinestones. Now place a diya in the center of the CD where an empty space is indicated.

Create different patterns and designs on different CDs and paste small wax/oil lamps into them. Diwali high technology is ready! It is an idea of ​​Diwali decoration particularly easy and without damage for the children.

  1. Painted flower Diya:

Paint four diyas with the acrylic color of your choice. Arrange these diyas around a common point to get a flower-shaped arrangement.

Paint more such diyas to create diyas of different colored flowers and place them at different corners of your home. Almond-shaped diyas are the best for this design.

  1. Paper decorations:

Artistic creations that can be made from craft paper or even old newspapers and magazines should not be underestimated! When it comes to paper crafts, there are many possibilities, such as origami, quilling, paper-mâché, and others.

These jewelry are not only cost-effective, but they are also pleasant to make and can attract children. Turn it into a game so that they are really interested. Video tutorials are available for you to collect inspiration and get your creative juices!

  1. Flashlights:

You can choose high-quality, sophisticated and fashionable items or even create your own. The easiest way to make a beautiful lantern is to take an empty box and decorate it with prints and patterns, cutting a hole for the passage of a dia or lamp.

You can also choose glass bottles with wide necks large enough to push through the lamp (or a whole series of magic lights!). And paint it in metallic colors for a great look.

Your children can learn how to make Chinese paper lanterns and add craftsmanship around your home. They will surely cherish the memories of how to make DIY Diwali jewelry!

  1. Floral decorations:

Lights and flowers are two indispensable elements of Diwali. Flowers can be used in different ways – whether it be long threads that form a curtain, wall carpets, leaving them afloat in clay or copper pools with water and candles and many other ways.

You can also use or make paper flowers if you cannot find them in your area. Flowers can also be used to decorate furniture such as mirrors or the edges of curtains.

Add ribbons to the flower garlands for extra fun and flair. Making your own Toran from calendula flowers and mango leaves is another option.

  1. Rangolis:

Whether you make floral rangolis or colored ones, they are fun to make, and your whole family will be happy to take part in this lesson.

those who would like to do this a little faster, there are rangoli stencils on the market that will definitely make your work easier and more accurate.

  1. Using Mason Jars:

Banks Mason is now in fashion thanks to its fun shape and functionality. This provides a wide canvas for those who want to practice their drawing skills as well.

Simply decorate a pair of simple mason jars with cute prints and add diyas or tea light to make simple lanterns. When Diwali is ready, you will have decorated cans in which you can pour drinks and decorate the kitchen shelves!

  1. Wealth from waste:

Do you know these old scratched CDs sitting in the corner of your closet? Or this collection of shells when you went to the beach a long time ago and did not use it at all? Or even those plastic bottles that you don’t throw away, thinking they might come in handy?

Well, this is the best time to use them! Make coasters for your diyas with CDs; Use your sinks to create a beautiful wall-mounted rug or decorate your nightstands.

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Color the plastic bottles in festive colors and place them all over the house or cut them into long strips and put them together to make stretch marks. There are many things you can do with things lying around your home, which makes it both a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution

  1. Water Rangoli:

Apart from this, by filling water in a beautiful vessel, a layer of oil is made over it.

The oil being lighter than water spreads on the upper surface of the water and now you can make Rangoli by pouring your favorite colors on it.

  1. Use colorful candles:

These candles are available in beautiful designs with many colors in the market.

As well as some special fragrance candles which make the surrounding environment fragrant when burned.

  1. Main gate decoration:

The main gate of the house is the main thing. You can use flowers and things made of clay to decorate the main gate.

Nowadays it is a festive season and many kinds of decorations made of clay are being found in the market. You can also apply earthen doorbell and a colorful wind chime at the main entrance of the house. It looks very beautiful and will also come to your budget.

  1. Get dark painted:

If you do not yet have the budget to paint the entire house, then get only one wall of your living room painted with a dark color.

With this, you can apply a painting near the place where you have your couch or get the artwork done. This will change the look of your entire living room and your house will also look quite attractive in a low budget.

  1. Handcraft chandelier:

The chandelier in the living room brings quite a royal look. But if your budget is not to install a chandelier, then you can also put a handcrafted chandelier or fancy light.

You can decorate your living room by buying them according to your budget and choice. This will add a new glow to the room.

  1. Give the sofa a new look:

For a middle-class family, it is not an easy thing to change a sofa altogether. Therefore, it would be better to give some new look to your old sofa by showing some creativity. Provide 2 types of cushions on your sofa.

Take 3 small cushions and 3 large cushions. The color of their cover should match with the curtains and the paint of the walls. With this kind of creativity, you can renew your sofa.

Some new ideas to give the gifts on Diwali

Diwali is the festival not only to ignite the lights but also to rejuvenate the relationship. That’s why on Diwali, we exchange gifts with our loved and dear ones to demonstrate our love and care.

There are people in our life that we want to make nice, even despite a lack of money. We want to do something more personal and creative than to run to the store or to the florist. To make Diwali gifts from the heart, try some of the following ideas.

Method 1 : Pamper her

  • Lip gloss or lip balm. Homemade lip balm is a trifle that looks like an incredible luxury. You can easily choose the taste and color, given the receiving person’s preferences.
  • Perhaps you already know what smells the person you intend to give the gift to likes. Or you can use aromatherapy to combine smells that you think will help alleviate the most common ailments (stress, headaches, etc.).
  • Bath salt. If the person receiving a gift is the female and she likes to take luxurious baths, make her own brand of bath salts. As a rule, the main ingredient is soda or Epsom salt.
  • Lotions and creams. They can be supplemented with her favorite aromas. Try combining the lotion with homemade bath salt or a gift certificate for a foot massage.

Method 2 : Home decor

  • Candles If she likes to enjoy dinner by candlelight, no doubt she will like handmade candles. You can add bath salt or light them when serving homemade dinner.
  • Photo frame. The sentimental person will always appreciate the photos of people she loves, especially in a convenient frame.
  • Flowers that will never fade. This is especially great if she loves creativity such as ikebana, seasonal exhibits, or she just likes to see bouquets all year round.

Method 3 ; Clothes and accessories

  • Many women are bag lovers. Give her one unique option! Carefully choose a fabric, color, or theme that matches her personality.
  • A bookbag bag is for a mom reading books. Try to find books in a bookstore that she recognizes or on a topic that she is interested in.
  • Bag from the card – for mom with the heart of a wanderer. If you can, use a map of one of her favorite places.
  • Bag for the laptop. A working woman who travels with her laptop will surely appreciate this practical and creative gift.
  • Custom T-shirt. Find a discounted T-shirt of her or his favorite color or with a favorite pattern that gives her or him a unique look.

Method 4 : Jewelry

  • They are easy to carry and can be a reminder of you. You can consider her favorite talisman, gem, and metals to create a unique long-lasting gift.
  • A wire ring is easy to make with just a few pieces of wire and pliers.
  • A charming little ring can be decorated with things that she loves, or with little things that remind her of you.
  • If you want to get something more complicated, use pearls, silver, gold, semi-precious stones, resin or polymer clay to create a ring that will reflect her personal preferences.
  • None of the women have too many of them, plus they are surprisingly easy to make. Try one of the options below to suit elegant or resourceful women.
  • Want to give your loved one elegant pearl earrings, but can’t afford the ones that are sold at a jewelry store? If you are a creative person, you can make such earrings yourself.
  • Do not find an old book that you can use to make a bag? Book earrings are another stylish way for her to demonstrate her love for books.

Method 5 : Stupid stuff

  • Crafts from socks which can create laughs when he or she sees what you have done with those lonely socks that come out of the dryer without a pair.
  • A sock monkey is an especially cute way to recycle a pair of old socks
  • DIY gifts from duct tape. Your loved one might be interested in a classic duct tape wallet, but what about a miniskirt? Or a mobile phone case? Or bags?
  • Write her a poem. It does not have to be completely sentimental. How about writing a limerick or haiku about everything that she does for you?
  • Are bookmark Ribbons Not too creative? Still, need an idea for your mom’s home library? Bookmarks from ribbons can be made easily and quickly, so you can do it in one sitting. They are cheap because many stores sell discount ribbons in small reels. Choose your mother’s favorite color.
  • Vase from a plastic bottle. Most women are given flowers for gifts, so you could give her something to plant flowers. You can always put in her a bunch of flowers that you have picked up in your garden or bought in a store like a traditional bouquet.


  • Give a gift from the heart.
  • Be creative, your loved ones love homemade gifts, not purchased items, because they show your personality.
  • Make sure that you keep the gift a secret, and it is not too obvious so that they do not have suspicions.
  • Make sure that you find out what things your loved ones really love, otherwise, you will give her something that she will not use or she will not like it.
  • Any of these gifts are best complemented by a homemade card.

Gift wrapping ideas that will dazzle your gifts

In Nepal, Diwali is a festival which is celebrated with much fanfare and this festival does not see the religion or caste of any man.  If you too have been giving the same packaged gifts to your relatives for many years. Then this year you should try something new and pack your gifts in these great ways.

The person receiving the gift will be very happy and praise you very much.  Together we have given you some suggestions which will be very useful for you.

  1. Collect required items:

The festival of Diwali is a very important festival and you have to do many important preparations just before Diwali.  Wrapping up various Diwali gifts for your friends and family is one of the biggest tasks that you try to complete before Diwali.

A beautifully wrapped gift indicates how many of your gifts  Love is given to another with emotion.  Before you sit down and start, you have to make sure that you have everything you need.

Because if you have not collected all the same before, then you will definitely have discomfort while working. You will need boxes, glue, scissors, ribbon, cello tape, etc. to wrap your gift. If you really want to save time and wrap up your gift like an expert.

Then some useful tools like rotary cutters and pop-up tape machines will come in handy and you can buy them because it would be a better investment.

The pop-up tape dispenser sits right on your hand and cuts the tape for you. While the rotary cutter cuts the paper easily on an evenly flat surface.

  1. Gift Wrapping Paper Should Be Perfect:

The paper you get to wrap your gift should be strong enough to wrap well on the floor and handle the weight of the gift, there should be no wrinkles or knotting. Use only good quality wrapping paper.

If possible, use paper with a metallic finish, as they do not stain or they do not easily melt. By doing this you get a neat package with clean folds and good creases that do not burst from the corners.

  1. Always keep gift upside down:

One of the basic principles of gift wrapping is to wrap it upside down. This is done for a very simple and obvious reason. Wrapping the gift upside down ensures that there is paper overlap at the bottom of the gift.

This is a small thing and often people do not pay attention to this thing. But when someone unwraps the gift, they expect the name tag to be at the top. This thing can be seen very easily in children and therefore we are asking to pay special attention to this thing.

That you always wrap your gift upside down and make sure that the gift wrapping is on a hard surface You get a neat and clean package.

  1. Use lots of plating while wrapping the gift in cylinder shape in gift paper:

A cylinder package is a bit difficult to wrap due to the challenge with the ends. There are two ways by which you can wrap a cylinder-shaped package.

You can either press the tip upwards or use plating to make your gift appear like a large piece of candy. Plating takes some time, but the end result is very beautiful. You should have an idea in advance of how much wrapping paper you need around the length of your gift.

And also how much wrapping paper will be necessary to cover all the ends. Try to locate the center of the circle and make sure there is enough wrapping paper to reach the center.

Now make a clean crease to go around the package. What you will get is a beautiful pinwheel-like pattern and a clean package.

  1. Add a little chic:

It is also nice to see a package wrapped very well and carefully, but try to do more than that in a festival like Diwali. Why not make the gift more beautiful with some beautiful accessories?

The ribbon and bow actually look very pretty, but for this one can use some shiny cord instead of satin ribbon. You can also use the zari ribbon.

You can use paper cutouts to follow along with the Diwali theme, such as a clay lamp cutout or Diya, or some dried flowers and leaves on the package.

  1. It can also use different sizes:

Wrapping a gift that is in a strange shape is no less of a challenge. But a few small tricks can protect your gift from looking bad as if it were wrapped by a child. The easiest way would be to use a gift bag or box.

You can also be a little creative and reuse old items around the house to wrap your gifts. Small items such as makeup or perfume can be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed inside an empty tissue paper roll.

You can wrap it using the method given earlier. For other options, use empty shoe boxes and coffee cans. You can also use empty cardboard shipping containers for larger gifts. Items such as scarves can be placed on a flat piece of cardboard and can easily wrap your gift.

  1. Now the ribbon is not just the last issue:

While decorating a gift we can use old ribbon and bow. Why can’t you think a little differently? Use other things to make your package look attractive.

Paper cutouts, dried flowers, cord are some other things that can be used to decorate a gift. You can use some things like feathers.

  1. Use of newspaper to wrap a gift:

If you are in a hurry and out of reach of wrapping paper, do not panic. At such times, you can use the idea of ​​recycling. You can use newspaper or glossy magazine pages to wrap your gift.

You can use different colors and textures of the newspaper to decorate the present. Make newspaper flowers or use folded newspapers to create interesting textures on the surface of your gift.

This idea will be quite interesting. Tie a string or a coir rope around the gift instead of a ribbon. We are sure that the person receiving the gift will appreciate your simplicity.

  1. Use of hole punch:

You can use simple tools like hole puncher to create interesting shapes and designs on wrapping paper.

You can use it to make a paper ribbon and a bunch of different colored wrapping papers to create interesting designs with hall punchers.

  1. Letter printed gift wrapper:

If this Diwali you want to give a special message to a person? So why not print it on a card or paper?

Get your gift wrapping paper designed with a special message. You may have to use your home printer and some interesting fonts to create a unique wrapping paper.

  1. Ribbon:

If you want the idea of ​​gift wrapping in a way that is smart, elegant and simple, simply wrap your gift using a plain gift wrapping paper and tie a satin ribbon around it.

You can make your gift attractive by using simple white paper with white or black ribbon and red ribbon or colored paper.

  1. A funky way to wrap a gift:

Do you want to show your creativity? How does wrapping your gift make the gift look attractive? Then use new and innovative methods to wrap your gift.

Prepare a brown paper bag with a newspaper bow or use a brightly colored cloth to wrap your gift. If your mood is artistic then you can also try some doodles on wrapping paper. It will be interesting, fun and completely unique.

  1. Washi and colored tape:

If you are someone who is not fond of flashy or attractive things, then washi or colored tape may be a good option for you.

These printed tapes come in different beautiful colors and designs. They are perfect for better dressing just by wrapping the gift.

  1. Must tag gifts:

You can make it even more attractive by adding a small card or a gift tag to your gift.

A gift tag helps the receiver know whose gift it is. It can also be used to write wishes or send greeting messages.

  1. Use beautiful and fresh flowers to wrap a gift:

Use fresh flowers to decorate your package and add an exotic touch to your Diwali gift.

For a particular person, you can use a single rose or a bunch of flowers on the top of the wrapping. You can also use marigold garland instead of a ribbon.

  1. Wrap the gift using a gotta and cloth:

Instead of using wrapping paper, you can also use colored cloth this Diwali. Use bright fastening cloth or cloth with a mirror and gota work.

Use jari or jacquard tape instead of a ribbon. Reuse old sarees, dupattas, and scarves. Your gifts will look attractive and glamorous in no time.

  1. Use the loop:

You can make your gift attractive and bright by adding colorful swings to your gift wrapping. Use the thread to tie the gift or try to show them perfectly in the gift. You can also use the hook with a tag.

Puffs are very easy to make. If you do not know how to make fluffs, just seek the help of a person or watch online tutorials. If you have hooks with old clothes or accessories, cut them and use them for your gift.


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