How Diwali is Celebrated ? How to Celebrate Deepavali Festival


10. Organizing cultural program:

If there is organized of cultural program there will be added smell on diwali festival to person. Many place,it is seen that there is organized of cultural program are held for sweet entertainment. cultural programs are good for society and for all groups that are for women.

Mainly the programs are organized for boys targeting only, so its also the right time to conduct the cultural programs. If women and men both takes the enjoyment of entertainment the rightness of celebrating diwali is evaluated.

men are the parts of almost every programs so female should also given the chance to run and make participate. Cultural program is also the symbol or the method of giving and making the society cultural. The bad education makes the man bad and good education makes the man educated.

Person of different thoughts don’t want to conduct it but also it is conducted with security mostly. Although determining the budget ,it is deposited by all the society members and the programs is organized. The program is very much enjoyed by all the people male and female because the people in diwali have losted in ownself.

11. Doing good behaviour:

Behavior is the person asset. Person is evaluated by their behaviour. the person is mostly watched from outside looks like the great but from inside he is bad hearted.

Person of bad heart and bad images also makes changes in their identity and shares his love and respect. Every man fill their heart with wishes and respect. The man is not said to the person and people give curse to them if anyone behave bad with him.

So person itself become conscious for the rightness of job. One single black spot makes off lighted in the white wall. A person is very much light hearted and become helpy in nature. They may be changed after diwali but their behavior is almost changed in diwali.

All the grace and wishes, the bucket of love are spread all over. Strong and body builders are not showing the power in front of thinner. Parents also execuse the mistakes committed by their son. They don’t say and abuse after doing mistakes too. It is the time of speaking good behaving good with other so that the person gives the blessing.

The life itself become brights and lightful if the man understands and started to behave. Doing good behavior is the steps of getting something big. The stone can be melted by worshipping and respectation. The man will show you the way if you asked the way respectly .

if you asked the way angrly then there must start fights. So ,it is seen in diwali all and every people have thrown their proudness and behave like the normal human being with everyone.

12. Gifts and surprise presentation:

Mostly the boys or girls presents or provides the gifts to his or her belover. This is the festival of lights .so everyone wants to share feelings and provide gifts to their own relatives and friends.

If there are some bad relations, then tat relations can be again good by sending the gifts with execuse. the relation again continues. The miner mistakes may affect the relationship. So it’s the right time to make the bridges in your relationship and sharing the wishes and help. without missing the wishes sharement, and sending the different gifts to your own.

The long eyesight doesn’t need the google for see,your gift presentation makes the man happy and delightful. You may give someone your special surprise, that increases your value and seems love how much you care. The right message of brightness and gift communication should do in the relationship.

The burning light only gives the bright nearly but a love of person gives brightness in the person heart. It would make the diwali special and remindable for everyone.

So by these are way the festival of lights is celebrated.

Writer: Dipak Kumar Sah