How Diwali is Celebrated ? How to Celebrate Deepavali Festival


7. Distribution of Prasad :

After worshipping and completion of puja all the Prasad i.e. sweets and fruit are distributed to all the nearer. Everything is distributed like love same as the Prasad is also distributed.

To continues the love and respect with elders and juniors , its necessary to make the plan and forms the sense of taking and distributing the things equally. Prasad is the symbol of goddess Lakshmi wish and bless.

So people take it by asking and begging with respect .all the worshippers material are safely thrown in the nearer ponds or in the nearer river. person promising with goddess after fulfilling the wish also distribute the Prasad to the people.

Mostly the Prasad is distributed in the morning of Diwali nights . mostly in the shop, it is only distributed after the completion of second puja. First puja has done in the nights. But in the home ,people don’t do like the the method of shop.

They worship the goddess Lakshmi in the nights and distribute after some hours. They ownself worship, but the shopkeepers first do puja not by ownself but by pandit and then again that pandit comes in the morning and do second puja.

The all puja is ended and the shopkeeper gave some money or clothes according to their wishes and then distribute the Prasad to all the coming customer that day and also to neighbour. Mostly the children come to receive the Prasad and they are given.

Prasad is given less to all but in the house of everyone , there is smelling the good taste of food. Shopkeeper also fast that day for puja. It is compulsory who sits in the puja have to fast that day.

Only after that the puja is completed and also have to do and sit in puja with new clothes. The lights of Diwali is listed for two to three days . its not the reason to also lit the lamp on second day of Diwali.

8. Spending more and more:

People forget his ability and jumps in the flow of excessive expenditures. Do not thinking the results of past and future they spend unlimitedly. They have different option and demand list that cannot be fulfilled by the less amount of money. They have made the chart of many works and make the plans to visit and travel the new place.

Man is said as the creative social animals so they mostly spends money and time in creating and visiting. but all the people are not of same ,they know their capacity and make the expenditures according to their capacity. Every wish cannot be fulfill at once .

all the demand and wish is fulfilled one by one . but people don’t wait for time ,and started to expends even after taking loan. Looking to others can grow desire in you but not fulfill the demand and wish. Persons works and expends according to their income structure.

People works hard and hard to become rich or to deposit money in the bank. and to spend more and more in the festivals. There are different persons who are earning illegally spends more and shows the people. no one is greater than me. But he do not know and think that the day is always not sunny, the month is not always winter.

Everyone gets chance to shine their luck once time in their life. The person who knows and walks according to the changes of time never become fail in his life. man is not said is great by spending a lot once time only. Persons of nowadays have become showy in nature.

They are something from inside and different things from outside. The person who are rich spend many buys new clothes and also decorates the home standardly. There arises competition in the person in the society in the comparison of decorations. Richer person wants to show his wealth and identity by lighting more and more spending more and organizing party and programs.

And poor also spends all the deposited amount to looks like the rich person. They hide his poverty and present in the Diwali like the person of high post. There is shown the natural and unnatural action played by boys, kids and adults too.

9. Burning lights and crackers:

People spend much and more on light and buying crackers. Mainly the kids are interested to blast the crackers. They enjoy by blasting the crackers. There are different types of crackers that are also available in the market for kids, adults. They are like the rocket, potato bomb, chakra etc.

even it is banned to blast the crackers , people and kids blast knowingly. Government knows the bad effect of crackers and so have banned but people don’t know. The blasting of colourful crackers is also increasing the colour and shining of Diwali day environment.

the different sounds of crackers is one side good and one side bad. It is the enjoying matters for children and bad for the old ages person due to unnatural sound. Pollution of air and sound both are causing by the bad thought and works of human beings.. if we erased our internal feelings of not cracking the crackers then it will be deter for environment and person too.

Short happiness may cause the great damage and might make you fall in loss. But due to environment wish cannot be hidden even after hiding. Desire is came out by showing others too. Person do anything in hurry and that the main cause of becoming back in the race.

you do not need to be more excited, be in normal position and enjoy the situation. Person of all class, kids of all society blasts the crackers and play with the lights. It seems that kids are more interested to burns the lights and blasts the crackers. The sound of crackers make the environment more realty.