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Diwali is the lighting festival of Hindu as well as also for the society. the different colours of diwali is adding the golden smell in the society and insipirable memory in the photographs. Many people take this festival as the source of earning the wealth and getting rich and rich. As we see in the present world, everyone is in their own race that is in the race of earning more and more. the people who is wealthy gets respect all where. The person identification is presently known as the amount of property ,that he or she have. If he or she have more property, he is said as the great man if not then he also not counted as man, everybody dominates and behaves badly with him or her. Men looses his personification if he is poor. So its necessary and personal wants also ,to become rich for fulfilling all wish and demand.

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Goddess Laxmi Mata Images

Everybody wants their best and dreams the big. But due to the unwanted obstacle , people fails to fight with obstacles and become poor . the world respect only the shinning star not the falling stars. The person who have nothing , he is like the animal and behaved like a animal that man do with animal. the world is categorized in different races, cultures and economics groups. Nobody is wishing the good for others . they are bust thinking about himself. The person who is poor depends upon the god and prays with pure heart for fulfillment of their demand. The people of different country specially the Hindu of different country celebrates this diwali with their own ways, but the theme of celebrating diwali is for becoming wealthy and living peaceful life with full filling the wish and demand. There is differents ways to celebrating diwali like the following:


1. Making a functional events:

Celebration should be memorable and enjoyful. the attraction of function must attracts the soul of all the presented people. The function may like gathering and dancing with loud and free from the bundle of tension and sorrow. No one should be alone all the work should be done groupely, so the works become comfortable and easy to end. Persons only feel s alone when he or she is in tension bit if he is groups they will be free from the bat and negative thoughts. if any programs is organized ,person forgets his pain and get lost in the music of entertainment. hungry man speaks angrily but happy man behave happily with love . making and sharing of love lights and makes the relationship strong and heavy. All the boundry of happiness should be crossed and enjoyed freely. The paper of feather should coloured with love and light. White truth is only should allowed and no interfare and intervention should done by any sides or by anyone. you fell in love just like that, its may be because other people around us were too bright and honesty around like the shinning star. Environment itself starts to shine. Creating the front foot offer to the guest makes them to say and wants to participate . the functional events or programs should be organized by taking permission from the all members.

2. Doing puja in home and shop:

For businessman this festival brings the lots of bad debts and back dues of customer. businessman cleans the shop makes the new accounts ,starts new style, conducts new strategy to grow and fast earning business. they do puja for making the purity in business and business running speedly. Businessman worshipped goddess lakshmi with different kinds of sweets and different kinds of flowers. They worship goddess lakshmi by doing yagya and by pandit . they celebrate it with great hearts and infinite happiness by bringing five different things according to hindu mythology i.e. ghee, honey, urine of cow, dung of cow and ganga jal and cow’s milk. And also celebrate and worshipped by five fruits that are orange, apple, guava, pomegranate, and grapes. Same also by five different sweets. They do puja twice time in the evening and in the morning then distribute Prasad to the neighbours and customers. Due to regular speaking false by the mouth of businessman, they also fed the cow good and delicious food to erased their sin of speaking false. According to hindu mythology , cow is celebrated and worshipped as the symbol of lakshmi. Because cow is only the animal in which all god and goddess take place and exists. Businessman thinks and it is also the belief that by serving the cow all the sin are washed away. The householders also celebrate and worship puja with very joy and devotional. The women of house also celebrate the diwali by doing puja not by doing yagya but by worshipping in photo. Men and women both plays the shining role to increase the importance and significant of diwali. The festival is determined by the person but it depends upon the wish of person that he wants to celebrate or not.

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Happy Diwali Wishes from Bollywood Actress Dipika Padukone

3. Decoration and cleanary environment:

How can it happen if the society is full of shinning the colourful lights and blasting the cracker , but there is dirty in the environment ,it seems the bad spot in the moon. The garden will be only said as the smelling garden if all the flowers of the garden have a good and attractive smell so that the person attached and lost in the smell. If the society is shining but due to little nonmanagement that is noncleanliness ,the bad smell pollutes the environment fame and name of a person. Decoration means the decoration of homes d, decorations of a road , decorations of society and decoration of man must be. One thing makes the man down , one mistake throws in the dustbin. The problem comes with the solution . so its best solution is to make the people announced and give warning to not to make dirt . and make the prohibited and restricted zone of not throwing dust and dirt. All the wastes should be thrown managely. Cleaness is also the symbol of man how much is he pure from their hurt. Person thinks about you if you only wear clean clothes but not your heart and behavior is clean. The book is told by its page and particulars, not by the cover same as the man is told and said as good only their pure heart, not by the good face. Nowadays black or criminal are in the white dress . it is difficult to recognize who is good and who is the black men that mean criminal. Kids are not determined mostly but the adults are watched by every man either he is in good postures or is the bad and negative person. If they recognize you there occur many kinds of warriar problems. So only keeping your dress clean is not increasing your personality and name but also you have to increase the cleanness in the society and home . so that your society will be recognized as the popular and strange society . make society persons also neat and clean.

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