20 Deusi Bhailo Tihar Songs That Are Very Popular Among Nepalese

  1. Deusi Re song – From the Movie Fitkiree

This song, if you listen to it, you will learn that it is a much modern rendition to the age old song of DeusiBhailo that we have been singing. The beauty of this song is, eventhough it is a modern type of song, it does not disregard the core sentiment of the festival of Tihar.

In parts, the use of electronic music and modern musical instruments have made it modern. But then, it is because of this twist that youths of today like to sing these kinds of songs for DeusiBhailo in recent times. It is a beautifully composed song which has amazing words, good music and beautiful visuals as well.

For youngesters, these kinds of DeusiBhailo song will be much more appealing than the traditional ones. Click on the link below to listen to this song:

  1. Diula Ashish –By Resham Sapkota

This beautiful rendition of the song DeusiBhailo is a very typical song that we hear in the time of Tihar. The way it is sung and the words make this song a very beautiful one. It creates a beautiful image of the deusi and bhailo that happens during the time of Tihar.

Specially, the dialogues and the way they start the song is really typical and makes us all think about the times when we used to play Deusi/Bhailo and used to worry about the amount of money collected, somebody stealing the money, stealing the roti and stealing the vegetables and fruits that may be in the trees in the houses we played Deusi/ Bhailo at.

Folk base of this song has made it even more beautiful. It is always very nice to listen to the folk traditional songs during the time of Tihar because new type of songs have somewhat changed the classic way of singing DeusiBhailo. Do listen to the initial dialogues in this song to get a feel of the real Tihar. Here is the link to this song and its details:


Tareli Sangeet Kunj Presents :-
Vocal: – ReshamSapkota/RadhikaHamal/GobindaBhandari/Kala Gurung
Managed By:- SG Adhikari
Lyrics / Arranger:-ReshamSapkota
Cinematographer:- Rahul Rai
Editor:-Bikash BC

  1. Sisnu Pani Deusi

If you are into more of a comic way of singing DeusiBhailo then this song is the perfect one for you. It is a very funny song. But more than being funny, it is about the sarcasm.

The sarcastic way of saying how things have been going on in the country regarding politics have been very nicely presented in this kind of DeusiBhailo song. While you listen to this song, you will be smiling all the while because everything it says is so funny and sarcastic.

Also, the video is that of a stage show where all the influential politicians have been watching it. It is even more funny to see how sarcastically these singers have made comments to the politicians and they are watching the live show.

Every Tihar, the SisnuPaniway of DeusiBhailo is something we always look forward to listening because of the way it makes things look funny and light.

Here, you can also listen to the song and smile:

  1. Yo ghara ka Chhan Are Mankari by Resham Sapkota & Shobha Tripathi

This is another beautiful Tihar song which has been much popular among Nepalese in recent times. This particular creation is a very beautiful one which is really nice to listen to and is very decent.

This is a very typical and traditional singing style which has remained unchanged for hundreds of years in Nepal. The way it is sung, it shows how Nepalese are creative when it comes to singing for Tihar. It is always very nice to listen to the folk traditional songs during the time of Tihar because new type of songs have somewhat changed the classic way of singing DeusiBhailo.

It is comparatively a new song which is beautiful to hear and is very soothing. It talks about the ways in which we celebrate these festivals and the way they are very special for Hindus in Nepal. All the little things about Tihar which make them memorable celebrations for all Nepalese have been mentioned in this song.

Here you can listen to the full song:

Song :YogharakaChhan Are Mankari
Singer – ReshamSapkota / ShobhaTripathi
Lyrics – ReshamSapkota
Music – ReshamSapkota
Artists – MahendraGautam / ShobhaTripathi
Editor – NabinGhartiMagar
Camera – DurgaPoudel
Director – MausamHimali

  1. Bhaileni Aayo Aagana Guniya Choliya Magna

This particular song is a Bhaileni song. Bhailo is supposed to be played on the day of Laxmi Puja and is supposed to be sung by women only. The way it is sung is different from the Deusi song.

That is why,Bhailo has a different importance than Deusi. Eventhough the sentiment is the same and the content is more or less the same, Bhailo and Deusi are a bit different depending on the day it is played on and the participants.

This particular song is a very beautiful song which preserves the tradition of Bhailo. It is folk and traditional in its content making it much more soothing and nice to listen to. Here, you can listen to the full song:


Genre: BhaileniLokNritya.
Research & Collection: PustakaKhadka
Musician: ShilaBahadurMoktan
Dance Group & Artist: AVCRCN (Pema, Ami, Rewika, Juna, Srijana, Deepa,Shita, Ranjana,Arati, Manisha, Roshana&Rupa).
Editor: Nawin Kumar Khadka

  1. Bhailini Aaye – By JunaPrasai

Another beautiful song for Bhailo is that by JunaPrasai which goes by the words ‘BhailiniAaye’. This is a nice song with beautiful lyrics, good music and great picturisation.

Inspired by the folk traditional Bhailini song, it is soothing to listen to and fun to watch as well. Adorned with folk and traditional musical instruments, and folk dance too, this song makes a beautiful Tihar environment if you only watch it.

With 363k views in youtube, it is obviously a very popular song among Nepalese when it comes to songs for Tihar or Deepawali.

Here, you can also watch this song:

Album: BokaMadal
Singer: JunaPrasai
Lyrics: RamjiThapa
Music Composer: BhanuOli
Copyrights of this video is with Music Nepal Pvt Ltd

  1. Traditional Deusire Song

The tradition of deusi and bhailo has been going on for generations in Nepal. So, there are many old songs as well. When it comes to a quality song from old eras, this song is the best representation of Deusi at those times. This song is from the old movie ‘BadlidoAakash’.

It is a very old movie which can be noticed from the quality of video in this song. Even when you watch the video, you will realize the difference in traditional ways of celebrating and singing deusire can be noticed in the video.

Folk song, folk traditional musical instruments and folk dance has made this song a very good one that gives a peek into the old eras of Nepal. You can also watch this song and enjoy here:

  1. First Recorded Deusi Re song

We must have not heard this song in our generation but we do have the oldest recorded Deusi song that dates back to 2042 BS. It is a song sung by Shivanarayan Joshi, GopalGurung and the group.

This song has beautiful way of singing which is very traditional in its making. A beautiful song with good intention and meaning is what makes this song a beautiful one.

Created by Shivanarayan Joshi, this song is arranged very nicely even if it is an old one. Do listen to this song once to learn how Deusi used to be played in yester years.  Here is the link to the song:

  1. DeusiBhailo Song by AXE Band

A more modern turn to the traditional DeusiBhailo song is the Deusi Song by the AXE Band. In the 80s and 90s , this band was really popular in Nepal and that is why the song they made is also one of the most popular ones in Nepal.

Instead of traditional musical instruments, new instruments are played in this song. That is why, this song is really popular among youngesters all over Nepal.

This popular song is still very popular and every Tihar, we do hear this kind of Deusi song played by the group of youngsters who have a band and want to play traditional song with the modern twist to it. Here is the link for you to listen to this beautiful song:

  1. Bhailo Song – The Acoustic Version

This acoustic version of Bhailo song by the mother-daughter duo : Susan Maskey and AsthaTamangMaskey is an amazing song which not only sounds good but looks and feels good too.

Both the singers are amazing singers doing full justice to the song. Introducing the song, AsthaTamangMaskey writes: “Nepal has many vibrant and colourful festivals and Tihar is one of them.

Bhailo is a traditional song – sung by various generations of Nepalese women during the night of Laxmi Puja. My grandmother passed “Bhailo” down to my mother, and now it’s been passed down to me :). Happy Tihar from both my mother and I.”

We can feel the goodness with which this song was sung by this mother dauther duo.  Here is the link to this song for you with the lyrics too:

Lyrics: Bhailiniayinagana,
A aunsiko din gaitihar ho bhailo
HarioGobar le lipeko,laxmi puja gareko
A aunsiko din gaitihar ho bhailo
Hamitesaiayenau,bali raja le pathako
A aunsiko din gaitihar ho bhailo
Jasledinchhamano, Uskosunkochaano
A aunsiko din gaitihar ho bhailo
A aunsikobaragaitihar ho bhailo

These are the lists of major songs that have been popular in Tihar in Nepal. All of these songs are special in their own way and represent a slice of the tradition that we know as Tihar or Deepawali.

Only by listening to these songs and watching the videos, we feel very good and it brings a festive feel to every Nepali. The tradition we have for all these festivals are so rich and diverse that we all as Nepalese feel very proud of our heritage.

That is why, we keep making songs like these and playing DeusiBhailo in order to preserve our tradition and heritage that means so much to us. There must be thousands of songs for DeusiBhailo in Tihar but these 20 are the songs that have been much popular among those who play DeusiBhailo or among those who listen to it.

Nepalese are very proud of their heritage and culture. So, these types of songs also mean a lot to Nepalese from all around the world since it is one of the biggest festivals among Hindus in Nepal.

These 20 songs are only the representative songs of our rich culture. There are many others which you can find and listen to if you do little research on this area.

This Tihar, make groups with your friends and do go play Deusi and Bhailo with the same flair as our traditional ways. Preserve the tradition and while you are at it, do have fun responsibly as well. Wish you all a very happy Tihar and Deepawali 2076!

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