10 Street Foods You Can Eat in Kathmandu City of Nepal That Are So Delicious


Nepali Street Foods You Can Eat in Kathmandu City of Nepal that are so Delicious

Street Foods You Can Eat in Kathmandu Nepal: – When we walk across the streets of Kathmandu such as Basantapur, Baneshwor, Nakhipot, Jhamsikhel and Mangal Bazaar we can taste yummy street foods. If you don’t like to eat food in streets then you can enjoy street food in popular restaurants of Kathmandu like Baje KO Sekuwa, Bota Momo, Pitzaholics in Lalitpur mall etc.

Carts and shifting stalls are often visible surrounded via human beings, in particular in the evenings. College students, teenagers, man, and women, as well as children’s, frequently visit there to get served warm food on the streets. Here I have listed 10 street foods you can eat in Kathmandu city that are so delicious.

10 Street Foods You Can Eat in Kathmandu Nepal That Are So Delicious

  1. Momo:-

The essential Nepali food, be it within the domestic of a neighborhood or at the streets of Kathmandu that is one dish you actually cannot go away Kathmandu without attempting.

If we had our way, we’ probable placed a Momo stall proper beside the immigration counter at the airport tool, P Jokes apart, those little bundles of happiness are Nepali-styled dumplings which are a common affair in all Nepali households.

The spices used inside the Momo plus the appropriate juice or pickle or chutney take the Momo to a whole new level.

  1. Samosa:-

Yeah, you all might be thinking like, “isn’t this an Indian dish?” Yes, it is, however, Samosa is much likely by Nepalese more than Indians.  It can be eaten with sweet tomato pickle. You will find the best Samosa that Kathmandu has to offer in the backstreet of New Road in front of Tip Top tailors which is near the Bishal Bazaar.

  1. Chatpate: –

Many food-horror stories begin with Chatpate, and yet every time we come across a Chatpate stand we will buy at least Rs. 20 worth of it as if we are in a trance like a state.


Chatpate is one of the most common and loved street food in Nepal. A quick mix of bubble rice, instant noodles, peas, potatoes, chili, tomato sauce, and a squeeze of lime is all it takes…

Chatpati on Newspaper
Chatpati on Newspaper

The spice-level of the dish can be fixed according to your taste, so let the maker know of it. Served in a paper cone, with paper slips for a spoon, the dish is as street-friendly as it can get.

  1. Choila:-

Perhaps the most well-known Newari dish, the humble Choila goes best with the potent Aila (Newari domestic alcohol). Choila is basically is a buffalo meat which is grilled plus smartly spiced, you can find the best one in New road and Thamel…

If you passionately love to consume Nepali Choila like the local’s peoples do then you should order beaten rice known as Cheura for a side dish – this combo completely goes perfect plus we guarantee that your jaws will enjoy grinding the Cheura and Choila jointly.


  1. Sell roti achar:-

Sell roti achar is another famous dish in Nepal. Sell roti is rice donaut cooked in dip fried oil. This bread tastes chocolaty. This snack is extensively eaten inside Kathmandu valley and outdoor Kathmandu valley. This bread is cooked inauspicious event and festival in the hilly area of Nepal. This can be eaten with curry called achar.

  1. Sekuwa:-

The next meat dish on this list is the Nepali spiced meat, also known as the Sekuwa. Momo Stalls are easy to find but in Kathmandu, Sekuwa stalls on the are hard to find one – To get best of this delicacy you can visit restaurants near the international airport i.e. Koteshwor.

If you love to drink beer in that case you have to undertake a chilled beer in the company of a plate of spicy Sekuwa. Whereas mutton is the preferred meat of choice, you will also find buffalo Sekuwa, as well as chicken Sekuwa, served in numerous stalls. The unique mixture of special herbs plus different spices makes Nepali Sekuwa extraordinary.

  1. Chapati Curry:-

Chapati curry is another dish widely eaten in Nepal. That is widely eaten up inside the midland and lowland of Nepal. Chapati is a skinny wheat bread made in a pan…

It is able to be served with many things like juice, tea-coffee, sauce or Tarkari (Curry). This may be eaten as a morning meal, night meal or as refreshments. Without curry, eating Chapati will taste less good.

  1. Panipuri/ Chaat:-

A borrowed street snack from our southern neighbor, Panipuri, and chat has found its way from our stomach to our heart and made a place for itself there.

Panipuri is a concoction of crispy fried semolina balls, filled with seasoned mashed potatoes and lentils, and served with a tangy sauce. Chat is a messy but delicious mix of potatoes, crispy fried bread, yogurt, chopped onions, chickpeas, and of course a tangy sauce. And these foods are budget friendly too.

  1. Chatamari:-

Local people will frequently refer to food as the Nepali pizza as well as tacos, however, Chatamari is normally served plus folded with fillings. But, what makes the Chatamari apart from pizzas and tacos are the distinct Nepali spices used and the crepe which is made using rice flour. And just like Choila can find best one in New Road and Thamel.

  1. Thukpa:-

Thukpa is a noodle and soup which comes with chunky soup as well as a vegetable for seasoning mixed with Himalayan spices. This meal is broadly eaten in the course of wintertime of Nepal.

It is easier to find places for this type of food because almost every restaurant in Kathmandu serves Thukpa. Tibetan restaurant around the metropolis will be the quality desire to discover several forms of this dish. You can visit restaurants near Bauddha for a better experience.

thukpa soup recipes Nepai dish

Thus, these are the 10 street foods that I have eaten while roaming around the different streets of Kathmandu city and even you can enjoy this food as well.

But before trying this food don’t forget to look either the place is clean or not, check hygiene and be familiar with the quality of food that the street vendors offer to you. Otherwise, you may suffer from stomach ache and other diseases.

Author: Saugat Thapa


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