10 Delicious Foods You Can Eat in Nepal Under Rs. 100

Hello readers, so how has it been? Today we bring an exciting topic, something that most of us are willing to see. We go out of budgets, we don’t have money sometimes and we won’t have friends to lend us some money or take us to eat. But no worries, we have brought you an amazing topic to read and implement right away.

10 Delicious foods you can eat in Nepal Under Rs. 100

  1. Momos:

Yes, this is the first thing I had in my mind and yes you can eat it under Rs 100. But there are few things you need to remember. Not everyone will rate their mimosas at 100 or below. There are few places that will cost you more. And I am not talking about momos that you get in a restaurant. That will be expensive. What you need to do is, you need to go to the street food vendor. These momos are surprisingly amazing and cost so less that sometimes you can have 2 plates. The dips are full of taste and I bet you will be eating more dips than the momos. Yes, there are few things you should know- the hygiene and the cleanliness stuff. Some of the places are dirty but you will know how to figure that out. Make sure you choose the right place before you jump into the momos.

Momo nepal nepali popular recipes dishes

Momo nepal

  1. Tiptop Samosa:

If you live in Kathmandu and you did not visit Tiptop at New Road, then what are you doing with your life? Just kidding. But tiptop is the busiest place on Kathmandu. Everybody who goes to New-road, visit this place to get rid of the hunger and enjoy the best samosa here. Yes, there are so many places you can go when you come to New-road, you can go to different food stalls or any local cafes. But we are talking about stuff that come under Rs 100. The samosa here is famous for the mixture of spices. The queue for the samosa is very long if you go in peak hours. The samosa costs RS 25 for one and since it is big you will be full when you eat the second one. Make sure you get the sweet and spicy sauce.



  1. Tiptop Jalebi

And again since you get really full tummy at rs 50 by eating two samosas. You can get the taste of the hot and sweet jalebi or jerry whatever you call it. Whenever you walk past the alley of New road near tiptop, you will be lured by the aroma. I am not seriously a fan of jalebi or any sweet thing, but I do get distracted by the smell. I mean, if I am not an addict and I don’t want to eat anything sweet but “I must have jalebi” feeling comes in my way, then there is no going back. I must tell you that you can fulfill your guilty pleasure just at Rs 25- 30. Sometimes you can have a cheat day and eat as much as you want.

JALEBI - Indian Nepali Recipes Dish Foods

JALEBI – Indian Nepali Recipes

  1. Panipuri

Panipuri is that one thing that can be eaten anywhere and most of us won’t say no to it. The spicy and amazing flavors bring goodness to your life. Seriously! I mean every word I say or write. For example, take a friend with you, tell him or her to not to have panipuri, and then see their reaction. They will be watery and disappointed to have you as a friend. Panipuri is available at any corners you go. But sometimes I struggle to find any stalls near my locality. Panipuri will cost you Rs 20 -25/plate.

PANI PURI - Indian Nepali Recipes Dish Foods

PANI PURI – Indian Recipes

  1. Bara

Bara is a Newari dish that has its own specialty at different functions and events. You can find bara in most stalls but do look out for Newari stalls to get the real taste. It will cost you around 50 to 90 depending on the toppings you add.

Nepali Bara

Nepali Bara

  1. Stick Food

Stick food is my favorite because it is delicious, easy to find and feels your hungry tummy. Stick food has various varieties from mushroom, potatoes to sausages. You can also find some good meat if you want. The price ranges from Rs 25 and the number of quantity might defer because you can get a good amount of potato in that amount but not so good quantity of meat.

Stick Food

Stick Food

  1. Chatamari:

Chatamari is another Newari dish that has been all-time favorite for most of the people now. They call it the pizza of Nepal. But the taste of pizza and chatamari is widely varied. Chatamari has an aan uthentic taste of the local cuisine topped with egg, meat, tomatoes and other spices that depends from stall to stall. It might cost you over 50 rupees but the price is so worth it.

Chatamari nepali popular recipes dishes


  1. Fried rice

Now, this has to be my favorite dish because I am a big fried rice fan. Fried rice has to be one of the best food to fill your tummy. You can get it at Rupees 80 at minimal. If you eat 1 plate then you can sustain for almost 3 hours. What more? Enjoy your meal.

Yellow Rice Fried Picture

  1. Ice-cream

Ice cream is not the hunger breaker but sure is the guilty pleasure. Ice cream is available from rupees 20, a small plastic box size. The price increases as you choose flavors or the waffles. Well, you can enjoy the great taste in summer at just rupees 20 and if you eat more you won’t get hungry.



  1. Cake/ Pastries

The last but not the least, the cake has always been my favorite dish. I have never said no to the cake and will never too. The pastries will be available at rupees 50 or more. You can enjoy different varieties of cake and flavors and enjoy your day.

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So that is it for the 10 top foods that you can get under rupees 100 in Nepal. To be honest, you can find tons of food here, some foods that I have never even tasted. If you have some suggestions, then please do write to us in the comment section and do not forget to like and share the page.

Author: Susan Basel