150 Happy Deepavali SMS Diwali Wishes Quotes for Friends


Happy Diwali 2018 : Find here Happy Deepavali Diwali Wishes Quotes for Friends for Laxmi devi devotees. We have posted here Hindi, Nepali and English Laxmi pooja wishes for devotees of Goddess Laxmi Bhawani. Happy Deepavali to all Hindus devotees.

Happy Deepavali SMS Diwali Wishes Quotes for Friends

Diwali SMS in Hindi Language

Find here latest Diwali sms for 2018 in Hindi language for husband, wife, spouses, girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, beloved one etc. Wishing you all happy Bhai Tika 2075. If you are searching latest Diwali wishes in Hindi language then this page is good for you. here we have posted latest Deepavali messages in Hindi language. Make your belove one happy, joy, enjoy, peace and prosperous with your Dipawali wishing text messages for 2075. Get here diwali ki shubhkamnaye sms in Hindi language.

Lovely Deepavali SMS for girlfriends in Hindi language: Shayari No. 1

Sambandha hai janamau janam ka hamara
varosha pyar prem ka hai achchha
Tika laga do ye Lakshmi Puja ka din
devi durga ka ashirbad lo hamey sukh milega achchha
Happy Dipawali 2075 B.S. !
Happy Deepavali 2018!!
diwali ki shubhkamnaye!!

Lovely Diwali SMS for girlfriends in Hindi language: Shayari No. 2

Dil ka bat Dil mein na rakho
Apne sweetheart ko I love you kehdo
Phir jhat se Galo per Kiss Kar Do
Agar sweetheart gussa se  aaye to
Devi Durga ka tasbir samunne  Bhej do
Phir ek achchha Diwali ka gift jhat se de do
Happy Dipawali 2075 B.S. !
Happy Deepavali 2018!!
diwali ki shubhkamnaye!!!

Lovely Diwali SMS for lover in Hindi language: Shayari No. 3

Kabhi hasate ho Phir kabhi rulate ho
e zindagi, tum kitna rang dekhate ho
Haste Ho To Phir nayan mein aansu Aate Hai
Pata Nahiye kaise samjhana ho dil mein baithe hai
Meri priya honth mein sada  sada  muskan rahe tumhare
Que ki tumhare muskan yad karke pardesh mein Jite ho
Priya yesbar Phir ghar aa nahi paye.
Happy Dipawali 2075 B.S. !
Happy Deepavali 2018!!
diwali ki shubhkamnaye !!!

Dipawali sms in Nepali Language

Find here Diwali SMS, Diwali Wishes, Bhai Tika Msg in Nepali language. here are top  Bhai Tika sms, wishes, messages, quotes, msg in Nepali langauge. You can read and download these sms for you and your relatives. As we know that Diwali is our upcoming great festival. We use to send Dipawali wishing messages in this festival.


Diwali Wishes Quotes for Friends in English language

You shimmer so splendid and fill my reality with this fulfillment that I wish such light have a vague kind of impact from played into mine. I wish you Happy Diwali my light.

I wish the wonderful light of this Diwali to spread peace, euphoria and incredible prosperity into your life.

I wish this Diwali to put you out of your wretchedness and hopelessness and give you a tremendous peace. I wish you Happy Diwali my buddy.

Happy Diwali Wishes Quotes for Friends in Nepali language : Messages No. 4

sansaar ki paalanhaar maataa hun Laxmi devi

makti ko pavitra dhaam hun Laxmi devi

haamro vakti ko aadhaar hun Laxmi devi

haami sabei ko rakshaq hun Laxmi devi

Shubh Dipawali

Happy Diwali Wishes Quotes for Friends in Nepali language : Messages No. 5

Happy Deepavali Message in Hindi

prem ko geet upahaar hoss sabeilai

khooshiyali mausham bahaar hoss sabeilai

kunei kastta na rahoss qasailaai

yastoh Dipawali Diwali hoss sabeilai

Happy Diwali Wishes Quotes for Friends in Nepali language : Messages No. 6

Best Deepavali Special Sms Messages

kdam kdam ma phool phulos

Khooshi tapaai sabeilai yati dhereiy milos

Kahilyai pani na hoss kastow snga saamana

Yahi nai 6 mero Diwali ko mangal kaamana

Happy Laxmi Pooja 2018

Jai maataa Di

Happy Diwali Wishes Quotes for Friends in Nepali language: Messages No. 7

ke ho papi ke ho abhimani

Mataa ko darbar ma sabei shir nihurau6an

mil6a chain timaro darbarma mata

jholi bharer sabei jaane gar6an

HAPPY Shubha Diwali 2075

Diwali ko mangalmaaya shubhakaamana

2075 tihar SMS in Nepali for boyfriend : Messages No. 8

Jagat paalankarta ho maataa,

mukti ko dhaam ho maataa.

haamro vakto ko aadhaar ko mata

haami sabei ko rakshaa avatar ho maataa.

‘happy Bhai Tika 2018’

Diwali ko mangalmaaya shubhakaamana

2018 tihar wishes in Nepali for lover : Messages No. 9

Bhai Tika ko yo paawan ma maataa Laxmi tapaai ko nayen laai raksh garoon

Mataa chintaaharani tapaai sabei ko chintaa hari diyun

Mataa kaamana devi tapaai sabei ko manokaamana pooraa gari diyun

Happy Laxmi pooja 2018

Dipawali ko mangalmaaya shubhakaamana

Latest tihar SMS in Nepali for Beloved one : Messages No. 10

haamilai thiyo intajaar to samay aai saqyo

vaayer kamal ma sawaar maataa Laxmi aaunu vayo

hun6a ab man ko hareq ichcha poora

ra dukh sabei harne dukkha harani maataa aaunu vayo

Jai maataa Di

dipawali greeting cards wishing ecards picture image wallpapers free1

tihar SMS in Nepali : Dipawali wishes No. 11

Yo Diwali le tapaai ko Zindagima
raamro health, dhereiy wealth, saddhai peace and ekdam enjoy bhai rahoss. happy Bhai Tika 2018

tihar SMS in Nepali : Dipawali wishes  No. 12

Yaspaali ko Diwali ma tapaai ko Jindagi ko sampurna sapanaharu pooraa hoyun bhanne shubhakaamana byakta gardai 6u.

tihar SMS in Nepali : Messages No. 13

yo Bhai Tika le tapaai ko Jindagi ma sukha, sambriddhi, shaanti, gyan, ra khooshiyali 6ai rahoss.

happy Dipawali 2075

Diwali Wishes Quotes for Friends in English language

Like the fireworks sparkling and accomplishing the high as can be, May you shimmer and accomplish your zenith.

May you be stacked with the enjoyment and shimmer and be splendid as the shining stars. I wish you Happy Diwali may you by and large shimmer with incessant shimmer.

You are my sidekick and also my teacher. You light up my direction and life just like those Diyas of Diwali. Glad celebration of light!

tihar SMS in Nepali : Dipawali wishes  No. 14

yaspaali ko Dipawali maa

lakshaami ko haath hoss

saraswati ko baas hoss

ra maataa Laxmi ko asshirbaad hoss

Jindagi ma saddhai prakaash nai prakaash hoss

happy Bhai Tika 2018

Tihar SMS in Nepali : Dipawali wishes No. 15

Mataa Laxmi jholi khaali

Mataa Gauri Parvaati waali

Mataa Parvaati Hataaune baali

sabei ko kastta nibarna garney baali

Mataa Laxmi laai pooja gari man safa paari

happy Laxmi pooja 2018

Tihar SMS in Nepali : Dipawali wishes No. 15

Man ko Raawan laai Jalaai Deuu.
Kharaab sabei laai aagho lagaai Deuu.
Asal sabei laai angaali Haal

Happy Laxmi pooja 2018

Happy Dipawali SMS in Nepali Language : Msg No. 16

Shubh Dipawali  ko Shubha Awasar ma timee ra timaro paariwarka sabeiko Zindagima such, shaanti, sambbriddhi ra shaanti 6ai rahoss.

Happy Diwali 2075

Diwali Wishes in English Langauge

Goddesses are the perennial source of power. They are very powerful and very energetic. They are not just sitting idle in the temples. Some of them are furious and ferocious; on the other hand, some of them are very compassionate and liberal. Hindu goddesses are quite different from each other. Diwali festival is dedicated to Goddess Laxmi. As we know that Laxmi is the mother goddess. Laxmi Goddess, mother goddess have strong maternal nature whereas others are completely devoid of such characteristics. While talqing about goddesses, Laxmi is most famous goddesses in Hindu.

Here are Bhai dhooj messages. Read, copy and paste it in your facebook status for your friends.

Find here Diwali SMS wishes messages collection for 2018 in English language. We have collected here some English Deepavali sms and messages for saying happy Deepavali 2018.

You can copy these sms, wishes from this post and use these msg to send them to your girlfriends, boyfriends, brothers, sisters, friends, mother, father, brothers, sisters, uncle,  Aunt, relatives. These msg are for you on this Dipawali, dusserha, Diwali, Laxmi pooja, Laxmi poooja, Dipawali, navaratri or Shubh Dipawali .

Happy Diwali Wishes Quotes for Friends in English language for husband: No. 17

May This Diwali Festival be as splendid as ever. May this Laxmi Puja move joy, happiness as well as resources to all of you.

Happy Diwali 2018

Happy Diwali Wishes Quotes for Friends in English language for wife: sms No. 18

Today is first Deepavali festival of our married life. May GOD LAXMI give prosperous to you my sweetheart. May Goddess Laxmi bless be always with us.

“JAI maataa Laxmi Mata”

Happy Diwali Wishes Quotes for Friends in English language for Devotees : SMS No. 19

May Laxmi Devi empower you

and your all family and relatives

with her 9 hands and forms

May you get 9 blessings in Diwali

Fame, Health, Wealth, Happiness,
Humanity, Education, Vakti & Power

Happy Bhai Duj 2018

Happy Diwali sms in English language for Devotees sms No. 20

May this Diwali festival lighten up ur life
With joy, peace, power, bhati, wealth, and good health.
Wishing you a happy Shubh Dipawali.

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