Deadly Avalanche in Mount Annapurna Nepal : Death 32 Trekkers

Find here some facts and information about Deadly Avalanche in Mount Annapurna Nepal which kills 32 Trekkers. These trekkers are Nepali and Non Nepali citizen.

Deadly Avalanche in Mount Annapurna Nepal : Death 32 Trekkers

An avalanche and blizzard in mount Annapurna range which causes at least 32 trekkers. Although it is the best time for trekking in that mt. Annapurna region. This avalanche or climbing disaster is happened unfortunately and killed our guest. Climbers have died on a key Nepali hiking route of Annapurna.Mountain rescue teams of Nepalese Army are contentious served out for a week. Nepalese army searched the missing trekkers and helped the helpless trekkers of there. There may be more bodies lie beneath the covered snow.

avalanches in nepal mountain

A total of 317 people have been rescued by the rescue team from the mountain disaster ranges. It’s been one of Nepal’s worst-ever trekking disaster. This disaster in the Annapurna trekking route has happened because of the storm in India.  It is totally nonseasonal blizzard and avalanche. Nepali, Indian, Canadian, Israli, Slovak citizen are killed in this deadly avalanche in Nepal’s Himalayas. 


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