Dayahang Rai – A Complete Biography of Nepali Male Actor Dayahang Rai

Dayahang Rai:- Three national award winner – not every actor achieves this, but Dayahang Rai. He is an actor, director, play writer, and comedian.  He is adored by women, and he is a real star in his home country. He is more famous than the president and the prime minister, and his every public appearance is a real event for local residents.

Amazing personality! For a start, it is important to get rid of the complexes, the thoughts that there are problems with appearance, connections, finances, acting education.  The sooner you begin to cultivate and develop certain skills necessary for acting, the better.

Dayahang Rai had the same inner qualities. The height, the body, the beautiful face, the attractive personality is the minimum ability to become the hero of Nepali cinema. However, neglecting this belief, entered the Nepalese cine world, Dayahang Rai with small eyes, fat body.  He had faced many struggles to be the most famous hero the Dayahang Rai.

Dayahang Rai was born on August 6, 1981, in the khawa VDC of Bhojpur Nepal. Till 16 years of age, the actor was living in the khawa village engaged in farming and livestock. He is born in the middle class of the family, there are seven in his family, he has two mothers. He was very bright and intuitive from his childhood.

Whenever he had an injury while playing, he kept that wound hidden. He thought that the father-mother would suffer because of him. There was no intimate partner of him in his childhood because he was an introvert in nature. If the school was closed, he used to go to the show and collect stones of different t shapes and sizes.

He used to make toys from them. He still holds the items he has collected in the childhood and the toys he has made. He liked to listen to and write the plays. His mother has a big hand in arousing his interest in plays and drama. Mother told him dozens of folk stories and plays.  In addition, he had taken part in many school activities.

Dil Prathamik Vidyalaya, Pashupati Mavi, and then in Annapurna higher secondary school saw the educational journey of the actor till he passed his SLC in 2055 B. S. After SLC, he went to Bhojpur Bahumukhi college and studied I. A. In geography. In 2058 B. S. he entered Kathmandu and studied in R. R. Campus in journalism.

Due to artistic and dramatic interest, his education could not be progressed. The story of his struggle started with Kathmandu. A big way begins with a small step – it is the law that works in any business.  If a person has a desire to achieve the goal, then no obstacles will hinder him. 

Including – even if there is no acting education, but really want to play in a movie.  In this case, perseverance and perseverance – the quality is simply necessary which is exactly Dayahang did. Being a relative in Kathmandu, he did not have any problem for staying but he worked hard to become an artist. In 2060, he linked himself to art and started learning drama in Actor Studio in 2063.

Earlier, he played the first television named YUWA. Then he worked in Hamro Team which was broadcasted in Kantipur Television. Then he acted in Dalan directed by Naveen Subba. Six years after Dalan Telefilm shooting, it was broadcasted from Nepal Television in 2066. 

After Dalan, he acted in Anagarik feature film directed by Rambabu Gurung. This way, he got an entry in Nepali cinema. Mero euta sathi chha, after working in a movie like Dasdhunga, Acharya. Then his acting career began with the blockbuster Loot in 2069.

The Gofle character of loot made him very popular. Produced by Narendra Maharjan and Madhav Vagle, directed by Nishal Basnet, loot became the turning point of life. Once with loot, he never had to look back and went to act in the blockbuster movies like jhole, kabaddi, kabaddi kabaddi. He also acted in 16 plays, more than two dozen films and even directed six plays.

While struggling as an artist, he developed a strange relationship with a woman. The woman was singer Benuka Rai. Later, he got married to the singer Benuka Rai in 2063. Even if she has recorded some songs in her charge, she has become a complete housewife at the moment to support the film career of Daya. 

There is also a flower named Samduhang in the love garden of Daya and benuka. The controversies created in the film industry has not made any difference to them.  Because the belief of one another strengthens their relationship.

He has received three National Film Awards for Dasdhunga, Sambodhan, and Kabaddi Kabbandi till now. And dozens of awards have been received by him in the program organized by various organizations. Many viewers think that as soon as Dayahang comes on the screen he will make them laugh. In a decade, he has starred in more than two dozen movies. 

During this period, he was also accused of playing a film of some levelless and weak stories in the temptation of money. However, the demand for film making with Dayahang Rai has not yet been reduced. Some of his critics say that he is the artist who has started the new era by ending the era of Mahanayak Rajesh Hamal.

The actor doesn’t have snobbism at all when talking, he jokes a lot, including about himself. He doesn’t like to enjoy his popularity. He never goes out of line.  Although the people recognize him and offer to pass, he stands and waits with everyone.

With the passage of time and experiences, he has become one of the best actors that the Nepali cinema has. He had improved his speech, diction, facial expressions, image and acting skills.  His practical experience has also assisted him in his acting career. Like he participated in school plays, public speaking.

There was a time when only foreign cinema used to run in Multiplex.  Later, Nepali cinema began to run.  Dayahang Rai went to the list of busy actors for a long time.  Some producers and directors have waited for years to take Rai in their cinema. But now he has seemed a little dull. 

Last year, his cinema was acclaimed but could not earn a profit.  Not only cinema art but it is also called the business.  One of the reasons why his films didn’t do well from the monetary point of view is that viewers have seen him in most of the films. Now he has said that he will act only by filtering the best cinema with a good script.

Many have taken it positively.  Because Rai is such an artist, who can also act in “art cinema” in the same way. On the other side, he can also act accordingly in commercial films. He is also an artist who can act according to the direction of the director of the movie. In the meantime, when the new cinema releases it seems to be a little worse in his career.

However, Dahayang Rai is now saying to be acting only in a good cinema. Now he’s under pressure for his movies to do well commercially as well. Performance should also be strong.  Because Rai is also the actor from whom the Nepalese viewers have great expectations.

The famous actor, Rai, has joined the Kirat Rai Museum construction campaign.  In this context, he has been made a goodwill ambassador of this campaign. From a long journey of theatrical drama to the film sector, actor Rai told that he had a desire to work closely with the community.

There is no need to put any nickname in front or behind the name of the actor. His name is ‘brand’ in itself. He has fans of all age groups.  He is able to fit himself in any role.  Therefore, Dayahang has not allowed his presence in Nepalese films to reduce the rage. He falls on the list of expensive heroes in Nepal.  According to the news, he has charged Rs 18 lakh for the movie “Bhaire”.

You can never hear dayahang complain about anything, be it his competitors, the weather, a tight schedule, back or head pain, life in general.  Moreover, he will never let you complain, let alone gossip.  He treats most things frivolously and prefers to laugh off rumors and conjectures. An outstanding actor who works four times harder than his contemporaries. And still finds time for all that he needs and is interested.


He is well known for his dedication to his work and his ability to commit to much to each role. He is described as a natural actor that has a crudeness and attracts people, even when he was only with friends. He acts as the romantic man with such energy and old-world style that it is a pleasure to see him, as he courts the hearts of his co-stars and your audience.

Dayahang Rai is a well-known television personality and philanthropist.  He has appeared in more than dozens of Nepali films in genres ranging from romance to action and comedies.  His work in Nepali films industry has garnered him numerous achievements, including national awards for three times. He is an example to follow. 

First of all, because he worked hard to get where he is now. He is super simple … charismatic and treats the fans with a lot of affection. Apart from that, it’s his simplicity, he does not look at anyone over his shoulder and he’s always willing to help, he’s super supportive. He is sensible and super humble, because of the strength of facing the challenges and problems that are presented to him.

He belongs to the category of people about which they say “made themselves.”  The Cinderella fairy tale embodied in reality in the male version. 

Behind his shoulders are not powerful acting clans, he does not have a patron father, none of his family members is associated with cinema.  He always protects himself, so, of course, it is easier for offenders to peck alone than other members of the acting profession, for insulting whom you can shake a hat from numerous influential relatives.

Have you ever read /heard/seen dayahang pour dirt on his colleagues in the workshop in numerous speeches and interviews? No, because he does not.  This, however, does not mean that he is a coward.

On the contrary, he is always full of self-esteem, he simply does not stoop to the bazaar showdown and find out who first started, who wrote in his pot, who is right and who is to blame. He is not envious and sincerely admires the successes of his fellow artists, unlike many others, who will bite their tongues rather than give a compliment to a competitor.  He doesn’t resort to dirty tricks of a type of petty revenge on his enemies on the sly.

But those colleagues who fell into disgrace he doused such an icy ignore with a tub that the unfortunate does not find a place for himself even without a pronounced negative. He will not be silent if he is openly run into but will put the offender in place with his characteristic great sense of humor. Then the offender, instead of asserting himself at the expense of the Rai, will feel like a complete nonentity.

In terms of roles for him, it seems, nothing is impossible.  He is interested in playing everything – even if the public refuses to accept a new unexpected image. Many artists, becoming hostages of a successful role that once shot, continue to be shot from year to year in the same type of roles, in the image familiar to the viewer with a proven formula for success. 

However, Dayahang is not the same. He does not get stuck in the same role and genre, with his characteristic self-irony taking everything – both victories and defeats. He is not satisfied with the tantrums and does not blame anyone if the film fell through at the box office, even if it hurts him.  However, if the film becomes successful, he can easily joke about himself, as the greatest star on earth. 

Moreover, he does not go in the wake of a critic who constantly finds something to complain about. However, this does not frighten our hero, because he works not for criticism, but for the public and his own pleasure. He is open, not arrogant, he doesn’t disdain to go to social parties, enjoys taking part in shows, award ceremonies and other parties.

Willingly gives out interviews, invites the press to his home, readily poses on cameras, makes selfies with fans,  colleagues, friends and family members. He does not build the pretentious face of the celestial and hermit, does not splurge his imaginary “mystery”. And does not depict a weary look – say, oh, how all this fuss got me, and I am all so special, significant and important.

No, he gives the impression of a shirt guy who looks equally harmonious at a dinner party in a restaurant. And in a cheap roadside food stall, laughing merrily and eating food not with a knife and fork, but with his hands.


He loves public and public loves him. This, perhaps, is the main factor, because of which, the haters sizzle and emanate from the bile.  Public love cannot be bought either by articles in the media, or by reviews of “smart” critics, or at the box office, or even by prestigious awards. 

Therefore, you can love actor, treat him indifferently or even hate – this will absolutely not affect the endless ocean of adoration in which his grateful viewers around the world bathe him.

He understands his audience perfectly and skillfully using marketing strategies.  He applies the image of romance and shows the aura of a mere mortal with a big heart around himself.  For many years he has become wise enough and chooses projects that can strengthen these images in the minds of fans.

Dayahang ever-growing charisma is now at the peak of popularity and will delight audiences for more years. He raises star standards to a new level, which makes it difficult for the younger generation, who will find it very difficult to grow to his level of fame.

Successful and unsuccessful film of Dayahang Rai

There are many movies starring Dayahang Rai which are more unsuccessful in the box office than successful.  But, in the successful film giving hero, he does not miss the name. He has given a successful film like “Loot”, Loot 2 “, Kabaddi”, “Kabaddi Kabaddi“, “Jhole”, “Purano Dunga”, “Vada Number 6”, “Veer Vikram”. His lists of unsuccessful films are “Nagabeli”, “Karkash”, “Fanko”, “Chadkale”, “Lopher”, “Tandro”, “Sambodhan”, “Laltin”. He has also worked in the film “Seto Surya” which has won many international awards. It was chosen for Oscar Award by Nepal.

National Award Winner Dayahang Rai

Movie Development Board has provided National Film Award – 2072.  The Board offers this award every year on the day of its establishment. For 2072 B. S., the Board has shown that Dayahang  Rai, Namrata Shrestha, and Pashupati Prasad have been ranked as an excellent actor, excellent actress, and excellent film respectively.

The board handed over the award through President Vidyadevi Bhandari on Thursday to excellent artist and filmmaker. This is the third time actor Dayahang Rai was awarded as the best actor.  This time, he has been awarded the award for the film Kababdi Kabbadi.

Last year, Dayahang Rai had won this award for the movie Sambodhan. Similarly, in the year 066, he won the award for the best supporting actor from Dasdhunga.

Dayahang Rai the versatile actor

Versatile is all that is variable, changeable, unstable, multipurpose.  It is what transpires very easily, which tends to change or be the subject of change. Versatile is a two-gender adjective that qualifies a person who has abilities to learn or accomplish many things. 

It is that person who has varied and numerous qualities to a particular genre of the activity or in general.  A versatile artist is one who performs various activities in your area. A versatile person is one who can easily accommodate or adapt to new circumstances.

Dayahang Rai is one of the most brilliant and versatile actors of Nepali film industry. He has portrayed varieties of riles in the cinema from the comedian to the notorious villain. From the romantic hero to an action star. Who can define versatility more than Dayahang Rai?

The traditional image of the hero who needs to have romance in the movie, beat up ten twelve goons at the same time was common in the film industry until the arrival of Dayahang.

He had completely change the routine image of a hero. He runs away from hop as a normal man does in real life. He has not acted but he has portrayed the real life. He had trusted the director and exposed himself, absorbing the personality of the character, while enriching it with his own experiences.

In the film, the actor’s work is like the tip of an iceberg: of all the gigantic movement behind film production, it is the human element that will be seen at the end.  It is Dayahang Rai who has given life to history, the person with whom the audience identifies itself.

He has indulged to seek a connection with the viewer, using his talent to help take the story from the role and making his contribution to make it more interesting.  Not just speaking the words and performing the actions that are written in the script.

But following the directives of the director to obtain the best possible performance, also adding his ideas to the character. Because of this, he extremely prepared long before the time comes for recording.  Not only fully decorating his text, but talking in depth with the director and seeking references to make his character as real and believable as possible.

To interpret another person, probably someone very different from himself, the actor needs to look in his own past for emotional and sensorial memories that help him to characterize certain situations, experiences that bring some intimacy between him and the character that will live. 

Therefore, Dayahang tries to deeply understand the other. With all this in mind and having somehow “absorbed” the characteristics of a certain character. After much rehearsal and preparation, he arrives at the set simply with his eyes and ears open, connected with the present moment.  There, he does his job being this other person, living this other life, in the most authentic way possible.

Filming is a very intense period – for which aspiring actors need to be prepared.  Often the breaks are rare, sometimes the actor needs to move from the city where he lives to where he is recording and to be absent from his personal life. 

Dayahang was completely ready for this situation. He spent a lot of time away from home, from his routine, away from the family. Literally abducted from his own life and immersed in another person’s reality – at least for a few months – and still managed to do it all naturally. Though for others it may be the challenge he did it naturally making it seem easy.

Basically, the actor’s greatest responsibility is to perform, as best as possible, what has been rehearsed.  However, it can also be part of the construction of the script, in cases where the creation involves improvisations, especially in the dialogues.

Dayahang has always demonstrated his creative skill in improvisation, direction, and expression making the work of the director easy and convenient. Therefore most of the directors in this industry are much eager to work with Rai.

The highest quality of a good actor is knowing how to make good choices, by being attentive, malleable and open to understanding what each character asks for. He possesses all these qualities. He observes people’s behavior and listens to others.

This humble actor always eager to learn and develop new skills, which may be necessary for the character, is also indispensable. Dayahang has ridden off the fact that he wants to be FAMOUS.  He has always put Humility first and foremost. He has been an inspiration to the upcoming new actors because he is versatile, that is, he was a villain, hero, martyr, comedian, etc. 

Aspiring actors search for all the movies he has acted in, follow his work to be as a good actor like him.

Dayahang Rai as comedian

A comedian is an artist mixing the audience.  This happens with the help of jokes (including rude and bold), comic situations, foolishness. The comedian plays comic roles;  theatrical role.  The comedian is the central figure of the national arena theater, the bearer of its satirical beginning, the spokesman of folk humor and common sense.

Dayahang Rai is a perfect comic actor who has by portraying the role of a comic actor have made thousands of audience laugh and forget their pains. He listens to his audience and sees their reactions.  He is able to find humor in himself and in his daily life. So he became a successful comedy actor. His sense of humor has a multitude of influences;  family, social, cultural.

Comedy comes from drama and drama originates from pain.  Then, the comedy comes after the pain.  Rai was able to extract the humor from his pain. He in his television career and movies have been dry and sarcastic, silly and cheerful, rogue, geek, intelligent …He has been comfortable and natural in comic roles. He focuses on his comedy character and finds his comedy niche. He perfects his character fully.

The comedy is done better slowly and with good lyrics, without haste but without pause.  Everything is a matter of rhythm. Dayahang identifies the rhythm in each part of the script on which he acts.

Like a musician who must play the melody as written, he follows his script and forms the comedy into a Melody.  He follows the words exactly as they are written.  He doesn’t add or omit words. However, he makes small variations.

While he was developing his character, he was also learning his comedy technique. He began to examine more subtle but important tools. Dying is easy, comedy is very difficult is an old saying, but it is very true.  What makes comedy so difficult?  Commitment. 

As a comedian, it is necessary to be 100% committed to dialogue, physical actions, jokes, technique, and especially the characters. He has taken the same amount of commitment in comedy as in drama, maybe even more. 

Thinking of all the “greats” of his comedy and everything he has done to get to that position. There is no shame, sorrow, and there is definitely no falsehood. He has believed in everything he does and blends 100%.

When he was playing comedy, he has passed it off as a small child. He has done his job, find his character, perfected his technique, committed to the script, went to class, castings, work and have fun.  He has confidence enough to take risks. Rai had a good time and so did his director, producer, writer, and his audience. He has become a comedy actor that everyone will remember.

Dayahang Rai as a complete actor

Actor’s profession is not only flowers and a sea of ​​fans. An actor is a performer of film and theater roles. This is what and how Dayahang Rai shows to the Nepali cinema.

He is the Master of reincarnation. He is a person who can easily take on the image of another person, completely absorbing his character and qualities. He brings art to the masses, giving people exciting moments. 

It is these moments that give the viewer the opportunity to have fun and rest from work, and the performer – fame and popularity. Each of his films is the quintessence of love, simplicity, and beauty of this world.

This man proved to everyone that all genres are subject to him, be it a comedy, a thriller or an action movie, but, as we all know, he made a real revolution in the genre of melodrama.  With his extraordinary game, he completely hypnotized everyone.

He is a wonderful actor! In any field, whether it be fiction or a love story, a film with his participation turns out to be awesome! He is a good actor who is able to pass from the comic to the tragic with ease and naturalness. And depending on the script that is entrusted to him, he is more natural to wear the role of the brilliant character or the tragic character.

He does everything to play awkward roles, not congenial to him, and then work hard to interpret them great!  In this way, he has broadened his experience and is able to easily enter in any role he is entrusted with. He can convince the audience that he is going through whatever his character is going through. He knows the range of human possibilities and also is able to assess the scope of the individual possibilities. 

He is honest while playing many different roles. He surprises us because he is just amazing.  Whatever he does, it is located in the psychological reality and it never works. He thrills us in his quirky and crazy ways, which is also quite surprising.  He is real and amazing in kabaddi.

 It is fascinating to see how actors behave when they are not speaking.  Some are so stubborn about their ego or technical subtleties, such as being able to recite the next line, as they can focus on who they are playing with. But Dayahang registers everything he hears.  You can almost see how everything he hears physically affects as if the world is breaking over him. 

He was deeply vulnerable.  Always.  That was his distinctive feature.  You always knew that what you got from him was raw and honest.  It was this rudeness, in addition to his intelligence and his reserved sense of humor, that made his work so refreshing and surprising. Along with being an actor, he has all the qualities of a good person.  Apart from this, Dayahang is a hero who has a different identity for comedy films.

He has acted in almost every kind of movies whether it is comedy, romance, drama or action. He speaks his dialogues fairly and beautifully and his eyes speak all the words of any character that he is playing. He has impressed everyone with the admirable screen presence and his voice.

The art of speaking his dialogues which makes him the most different.  He has increased the heartbeat of everyone with his smile. His performance is quite unique and fun filled. He is the hero to play every role in an intuitive sense. 

Whether it’s a comedy or a tragedy, whether it’s an action film or a passionate story.  Undoubtedly, in the cinema, he is as an inspiration with the artist and mild personality. Through his acting, his audience could have laughed, and he could also make them cry with the art of his acting. Dayahang’s acting is a specialization that he knew the role of both happiness and misery to play well on screen.

Dayahang Rai is no match for today.  Give him any role, he fits in every role. With the help of his work, today, on his own, has made himself a star and stands in front of the people.

As a common man, Dayahang Rai, a simple-looking actor, is a successful artist. Dayahang Rai’s shape-streak is minor and the voice is also simple, but these qualities have helped him to identify with the common viewer.

There is a word in English literature: ‘Everyman’ which means a person with whom everyone can relate. Rai is the one who is Everyman. In the new era, Dayahang is the artist who started doing such a character which could directly connect with the audience.

Dayahang has the impression that he leaves his mark on the screen despite his common boy’s look. He has played the role that can connect with the audience. 

So, now he has become the first choice of many producers. Various films of Dayahang and the characters played by him appear to be more than one, as well as a living in so that the movie seems completely related to real life. According to Rai, he can not deny a good movie.  Eventually, he leaves working on it.

Dayahang is not picky.  He understands perfectly that it’s not important for an actor whether to appear in a television project or a full-length movie.  The main thing is that the role is significant, promising creative growth and revealing new secrets of the acting profession. 

There are still films with his participation, however, the images are all as on selection – bright, complex, colorful. He played the role of non-traditional characters, demonstrating new facets of his skills and appeared before the audience in completely unexpected images. He has established a successful career in Nepali film industry and has received several awards for his work, including a National Film Award.

It’s fair to say that dayahang is the only actor who was able to break the monotonous trend of the Nepali cinema. When there was only the era of commercial films portraying the fantastic heroism who can kick ten guys at a time.

Dayahang introduced through his acting a new genre in the cinema which is more realistic. He cried, he loved, he even kicked the bad guys. But whatever he did he did with realism and simplicity. Like a normal person would do in his real life. That’s why people could connect to him more than any other hero.

His comic timing and sense of humor are really fantastic. Today his popularity have widespread not only inside Nepal bit abroad also. He is welcomed graciously by his fans in Dubai, London, and many more cities.

The only drawback that he had was he signed many alike films. Maybe he was overconfident. He didn’t go to the parties for the film promotion. But now he has realized that quantity if the films don’t matter but the quality which counts.

He has been signing the movie attentively. He has been going to the promotions. His upcoming movie is jatrai Jatra for which he even visited ko banchha crorepati for its promotion.

He has been winning the heart of the Nepalese audience. He will be doing so for many more years.

Author: Ankur Pradhan


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