201 Nepali Dashain Wishes, Dashain SMS, Dashain Messages, Dashain Quotes 2078 in Nepali


Importance of wishing messages in the Dashain Festival.

Dashain is the most beautiful and appalling time of the year. Dashain is celebrated for 15 days. The celebration of Dashain is something that every Nepali waits for a whole year. This festive season falls on the month of Ashwin in the Nepali calendar and September on the international calendar.

The history of Dashain dates back to the time of Ramayan. When Goddess Durga helped Lord Ram to defeat evil. There was a big battle between Mahisassur and Goddess Durga which lasted for more than 9 days and finally Goddess Durga got victory over the bad on the 10th day.

The remaining 5 days were the celebration of the victory. This is that great event from where the celebration of Dashain started and it is the biggest festival in Nepal.

Dashain is one of the wonderful festivals in Nepal. The melodious music and the heavenly smell, you will never get these anywhere other than the time of Dashain. The love and bond we create with our family, friends and the special one is very precious. The most auspicious festival of Nepal is celebrated by all Nepalese in the world. Dashain is also commonly known as Vijaya Dashami’.

The newars from Kathmandu have their own name in their language known as ‘mohni’. Ghatasthapana( 1st day), fulpati (7th day), maha asthami (8th day), maha Navami (9th day) and Vijaya Dashami (10th day), these are the important days of this festival. Besides, we all know what Dashain brings to us. Smiles and happiness everywhere. We celebrate each day with our families.

The family gathering, family dinners, playing cards, flying kites, etc; this is what we do during the time of Dashain. This is the time when all of our families or relatives and friends gather together to play cards. Some go flying kites. Some immediately remember buying new clothes. Some enjoying eating and drinking together.

Also, there is a trend of playing a swing during this festival. The swing made by tying the long bamboos is very much fun to play. We can see those swings in many local communities.


There will be a long line to play this swing from kids to adults. Wow, so much fun. Dashain is indeed a treat for all of us Nepalese. But many animals like hen, ducks, goats, etc are sacrificed during this festival as it is our culture and tradition and this is criticized by some.

Besides the celebration, we also wish all of our friends, families, relatives, and other dear ones during Dashain. Sometimes the wishing comes before the celebration. The excitement is unbearable.

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We can find everyone wishing each other because people will already have been indulged in the festive mood for the whole 15 days. We wish others and we also get different special messages that wish a happy Dashain during this festival. We never miss wishing our near and dear once. We wish them because they are special to us and we want to know them that we love and miss them at this big festival.

There is great importance to this wishing message in this festival. Let us talk about the importance of it.

The wishing message always has a great meaning to it. Wishing a happy Dashain is very common among the youths these days. Many of the youths are indulged or more addicted to social media. So they get to wish their friends and families instantly.

Even when we meet someone during this festive season, we instantly wish them a happy Vijaya Dashami and we instantly get to see the glorious reaction on their face. A single message wishing a happy Dashain can make anyone’s day during this festival, it might make their Dashain even bigger. We show our love towards them by wishing them.

Some use greeting cards to wish, some wishes through social media while some wish in person. Wishing messages are very much important in this festival because Dashain is the biggest occasion of Nepal. Besides, there are many Nepalese who go abroad every year.

There are millions of Nepalese going to Gulf countries every year. They stay away from their families and friends to earn money for their families. They might not get back during the time of Dashain. Pretty sure, they will be missing their home and their family during this festival.

They might be celebrating with their colleagues and friends there but still, they might feel empty because of not being with their family at home. So a small message wishing a happy Dashain can make their Dashain complete. That small wishing message could mean the world to them during this special festival.

These wishing messages carry your love all along with it and when it is delivered, your love will be delivered to them as well. Nothing will feel warmer than that. Your one message can make them feel special. Also, you might get the-the messages with love in return.

This is why it is important. A small wishing message makes us share our love with each other whether conditionally or unconditionally. This is why wishing messages are very much important during the biggest festival of Nepal; Dashain.

Happy Dashain wishing videos in Nepali. You can watch this video on Youtube.

In short, these wishing messages are the way of sharing our love with our family, relatives, and friends. It is the way of bonding with our near and dear ones for which these wishing messages are very much important during this festival.

There are many ways to wish a happy Dashain. This season, get ready to wish all of your special ones with special messages which can make their Dashain even more special, and yes, you might get many of those wishing messages in return. Dashain is the biggest festival of Nepal and your wishing messages can make someone’s Dashain even bigger.

I wish you all a HAPPY DASHAIN 2078 BS  from me and my team. May this Dashain bring you all the joy and happiness and cheer you up.

201 Nepali Dashain Wishes, Dashain SMS, Dashain 2078 in Nepali

Nepali Dashain Wishes, Dashain SMS, Dashain 2078 in Nepali: No. 1

Maulawos jindagi makhamali sari,
Muskurawos khusi sayapatri sari,
Chamkiwos naam nidhar ko tika sari,
Akhanda rahos udeshya puja ko diyo sari.
Wishing you and your family HAPPY DASHAIN 2078.


Nepali Dashain Wishes, Dashain SMS, Dashain 2078 in Nepali: No. 2

मौलाओस् जिन्दगी मखमली सरी
मुस्कुराओस् खुसी सयपत्री सरी
अखण्ड रहोस् निधारको टिका सरी
2078 सालका् दशैंको तपाई र तपाईका सम्पर्ुण्ा परिवारलाई शुभकामना .

Dashain Tika Photo Vijaya Dashami
Dashain Tika Photo

Nepali Dashain Wishes, Dashain SMS, Dashain 2078 in English: No. 3

My biggest blessing is you dear. You came when I needed someone to direct my life. You came when I had nowhere to go. Goddess gave you as my blessing and I am so grateful for it. I love you so much. Happy Dashain.

Nepali Dashain Wishes, Dashain SMS, Dashain 2078 in Nepali: No. 4

भाग्य चम्कोस सबैको,
सबैको होस् सुख सम्रिद्धी,
सुख शान्तीको बास होस् चारै तिर
माता दुर्गाको आशिर्वाद रहिरहोस् सर्बदा
बिजया दशमी  2078 को यही शुभकामना

maadhav nepalko jasto bhagya hos
baaburam bhattaraiko jasto budhhi hos
ang sang sukiko jasto dhaire hos
soniya gandhiko jasto tyag hos
madankrishna haribansako jasto mel hos
girija prasadko jasto aat hos
deshma feri pani ashanti nahos
3 crore nepaliko sadhai jaya hos
Dashain ko Shubhakamana

Happy Vijayadashami GIFs Animated Greeting Cards Images
Happy Vijayadashami GIF Images

माधव नेपालको जस्तो भाग्य होस्
बाबुराम भट्टराईको जस्तो बुद्धी होस्
आङ साङ् सुकिको जस्तो धैय होस्
सोनिया गन्धिको जस्तो त्याग होस्
मदनकृष्ण हरीबन्शको जस्तो मेल होस्
गिरिजा प्रसादको जस्तो आट होस्
देशमा फेरी पनि अशान्ति नहोस्
करोड नेपालीको सधैं जय होस्
दशैंको शुभकामना

Dashain Wishes for Facebook in Nepali language: Message, Shayari No. 7

Kohi manish samjhana lai dil ma lukauchha
Sathi ko samjhana ma mahafil sajauchha
tar Ma ta alikati farak 6u
Dashain sms usle pathaunu bhanda pahile uslai sms pathai dinchhu
Happy Dasain Day 2021
Dashain ko shubhakamana 2078 B.S.

Vijaya Dashami ko din keho khas chha
Devi durga ko ashirbad pani hami sanga chha

Buwa ko hat ma Jamara Tika chha
tapai ko lagi ma sanga khas gift chha

Tapai ko chhoro/chori sadhai tapai ko sath chha
Happy Dashain 2021
Happy Vijaya Dashami 2078 B.S.

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9. Nepali Dashain Wishes, Dashain SMS, Dashain 2078 in English

What did I ask for in blessing? Well I asked for you and I got you. I got to be with someone who loves me so much and whom I love so much. You are my only wish that got unheard. Well I would waste thousands of wish just for you to come true. And it did. Happy Dashain darling.

Happy Dashain Gifs Animated Greeting Cards Images
Dashain Gifs Cards

Hello My Son, how are you?
How’s going life?

Yaspali ko Dashain ma

Timi Ghar aauna paudinau re. tyasaile
Tika ra jamara pathai diyeko chhu, paunechhau
devi durga ko ashirbad ho yo lagai halnu

Happy dashain 2021
Happy Vijaya Dashami 2078 B.S.
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Dashain SMS for Daughers in Nepali language: No. 11

Ashoj ko mahina ramailo hasilo sansar
Dashain ko yo parba ma pariwar ko pyar
nidhar ma rato Tika, kan ma hariyo jamara

Lagauna aau hai chhori durga mata ko chamatkar
Happy vijaya dashami 2021
Happy Durga Puja Festival 2078 B.S.
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Huna ta ma chhu sabai bhanda budo
Tika jamara liyer baseko chhu ghar ma
Nati Natini halu aaye bhane thik chha natra
Aafai uni haru ko gharma gayer Tika lagai dinchhu

Happy Vijaya dashami 2021
Happy Durga Puja Festival 2078 B.S.

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13. Happy Dashain wishes to ex-girlfriend in Nepali language

Mutu Chirer Dekh Timro nai Naam Hune chha;

Timro Prem timro Sada Timro prem Hune chha;

Aaj Bhariyeko Mehafil Ma kunai Badnaam Hune chha;

Timro Nam Timro dukh timi bat binas hune chha!

happy Dashain to you my dear ex-girlfriend

Happy Vijayadashami Dashain Dasain Festival Nepal Greeting Wishing Cards Images Picture Wishes Messages Quotes Nepali
Shubh Dashain Festival of Nepal – Greeting Quotes ecard

14. Happy Dashain wishes to ex-girlfriend in Nepali language

मुटु चिरेर् हेर् तिम्रो नै नाम् हुने छ;
तिम्रो प्रेम् तिम्रो सदा तिम्रो प्रेम् हुने छ;
आज् भरियेको मेहफिल् मा कुनै बद्नाम् हुने छ;
तिम्रो नम् तिम्रो दुख् तिमि बाट् बिनास् हुने छ!


Yati nai hoin Nata Hamro;

Kasari Soch liyau ki Aai sakyo Kinara;

lau feri Bhayo timro Aangan ma Roshni;

Ek patak feri Badnaam Bhayeko chha Naam Hamro!

happy dashain to my ex-girlfriend


I want you to have all the joy and love in your life. May the prosperity and success knock your door and may you never have to face any pain in your life. I pray goddess Durga to bless you and your family. Happy Dashain.


Boli dekhi Timilai bhann sakidaina;

Yasaile Sadhai bhagwan sang Kamana Gardai chhu;

Jaba pani mutu Dhadinchha Timro Jor Jor le;

Samajhi linu ma Timilai mutu dekhi Yaad Gardai chhu!

kin ki dashain aaudain chha….

ra timi ghar aaune aasha ma yo mutu chha…..

happy dashain my dear husband


Happy Vijayadashami Bada Dashain Dasain Festival Nepal Greeting Wishing eCards Images Pictures Wishes Messages Quotes Nepali English
Shubha Dashain Greeting Wallpapers


बोलि देखि तिमिलाइ भन्न् सकिदैन;
यसैले सधै भगवान् सङ् कामाना गर्दै छु;
जब पनि मुटु धडकिन्छ तिम्रो जोर् जोर् ले;
समझि लिनु म तिमिलाइ मुटु देखि याद् गर्दै छु!
किन् कि दशै आउदै छ।।।।
र तिमि घर् आउने आशा म यो मुटु छ।।।।।

19. Happy Dashain wishes to wife from husband in Nepali language

Bhijeko palak haruKo sath Muskuraudai chhu n ma;

Pal Pal mutu Ko kehi ra Behalauchhau n ma;

Timi tada chhau Ma dekhi ta ke bhayo mero Priyashi;

Har Saans Ma timro Aahat Paauchhu n ma!

dashain ma chhitai ghar aaudain chhu

ramailo garne bachan didai chhu


भिजेको पलक् हरुको साथ् मुस्कुराउदै छु म;

पल् पल् मुटु को केहि र बेहलाउछौ म;

तिमि टाडा छौ म देखि त के भयो मेरो पृयशि;

हर् सान्स् मा तिम्रो आहत् पाउछु म!

दशै म छिटै घर् आउदै छु

रमाइलो गर्ने बचन् दिदै छु


Timi Gaye pachhi Kin rokthiyo ma ….
Jindagi bhari Aafai lai BarBaad gare Maile….

Tar je bhaye ni happy dashain 2021 bhandai chhu


Ramro chha Jo timi mero takleef samajhidain ,
yadi samajhinthin ta timilai pani takleef hunthyo,
Ra tyo Malai ramro lagdain

Tar je bhaye ni happy dashain 2021 bhandai chhu


You are my best friend, my life and my love. All my life all I wanted was a person, my person and you are my person. I wish all the happiness and harmony on this great Dashain festive. Happy Dashain my love.I want to spend each second of my life beside you. I love you.

Happy Vijayadashami Bada Dashain Dasain Festival Nepal Greeting Wishing eCards Images Pictures Wishes Messages Quotes Nepali English
Shubha Dashain Greeting Wallpapers

24. Why we celebradai Dashain?

Why we celebradai Dashain?
bcoz ADHARM mathi DHARM,
KHARAB mathi Asal ko vijay ho�
*Happy Dashain*


Aayeko chha Navratri parva her
Sangai lyayo chha hajarau khushi haru ko bhahar her..
Yata wata daya baya tol chhimek jahan pani her
Aaj diyo baldai chha her
Durga Mata ko Puja hudain chha her
*Happy Dashain 2078*


HarDam Hanso khushi haru hos Tapai ko sath,
Kahile Purse tapai ko n hos Khali
Hami sabai pariwar ko tarfa bat manai dekhi,
Wish you Happy Durga Puja.

27. Shubha Durga Puja quotes for your twitter followers

Vijaya dashami ko yo subh absar ma
Mero subhakamanaya swikar garnus,
Khushi ko yo mahaul maa
Hamilai pani samabesh garnus.
tapai lai ashirwad milos Ganesh bat.
Vidya milos Saraswati bat.
Sampati milos Laxmi bat.
Khushi haru milos bhagwan bat.
Maya milos sabai ista mitra sathi sangi haru bat.
Yahi prarthana chha yo mutu bat.
happy dashain to you.

Happy Vijayadashami Bada Dashain Dasain Festival Nepal Greeting Wishing Cards Images Pictures Wishes Messages Quotes Nepali
Happy Vijayadashami Greeting Quotes Wallpaper


Durga Mata devi jee ko chha AAYeko yo ramailo Parva
Khush rahi rahos sadhai sadhai timi haru ghar parivaar
Maiya Durga Jee ko Vaibhaw Barisiyos hardam tapai shir maa
Foolos Falos din dui duggnna rat char gunna timro Vaypaar..


oth ma haso timro kahile pan kam na hos
hidadaa payar ma timro kunai kanda na bijhos
Jaba jab jab jab kunai kathin samaay aauchha
Taba tab tab tab �Maiya Durga DEVI JeE � timilai Samadhan ko bato dekhai diyun
�Haapy Durga Puja�


Dashain festival ho Khushi ko,
Ujyalo ko, Asha haru Durga ko�.
yo Durga puja Timro jiban ma
sukh shanti haru le bhariyeko hos,
Duniya bhari ma timro naam roshan hos,
GHar ma mata Durga ko Aagman hos�
Happy Durga Puja!


I wish all the joy and success for you. I pray the great goddess Durga to bless you with all her blessings. Happy Dashain darling.May this festive season fill your life with a new fascination and gladness. Have a prosperous Dashain.

32. Shubha Durga Puja quotes in the Nepalese language for your whatsapp messages

Maiya durga tapailai aafno 9 hat haru le:
1. bal
2. buddhi
3. aishwarya
4. sukh
5. swasthya
6. sampati
7. abhijeet
8. nirbhikta
9. sampannta

pradan garun


Chandramaa ko ujjayalo
phul haru ko Haar,
Parv haru ko SugaNdh
Barsat ko bahar,
Radha ko aasha
KaNhaiya ko agadha Prem.,
Badhai chha tapai lai VIJAYADASHAMI ko Parba.,

Happy Vijayadashami Bada Dashain Dasain Festival Nepal Greeting Wishing Cards Images Picture Wishes Messages Quotes Nepali English Ecards
Happy Vijayadashami Wishes Quotes Wallpapers


tapai sang ta aaafno mitrata magdai chu,
mutu thiyo mutu pida saher magdai chu,
chinta na gar mitrata ma jyan lutaudai chhu
roki deu galat vyavHar, asal sangat mangdai chhu�
Happy Vijayadashami!


Bhagwan Rama jee ko mahima
Devi Sita jee ko dhairya
Lakshman ji ko tej
bharat ji ko tyaag
hami sabailai jeevan ma seekaune kura hun.
Happy Vijayadashami.

36. Shubha Durga Puja quotes in the Nepalese language for your whatsapp messages

Yo dashain ko harek din hos SUNAULO�
Duniya bhari ramjham hos gajab ko�
garib dukhi haru lai timi le dinu asal kinara�
Yehi shubhakamana didai chhau hamri yasapali timilai mero yaara.
Happy Happy And Very Happy Dashain

37. Happy Dashain Wishes in English

I wish this great festival to bring you all the love and happiness in your life. May all your wishes come true. Have a great Dashain. You deserve every part of it.


Ho timro life ma dhan daulat haru ko melaa,
Kahile na ghatos tapai ko life kunai jhamela,
Sadai sadhai khushi rahos tapai ko pariwar ma durga jee ko basera,
We wish you HAPPY DASHAIN.


Yaspali pahele ko Dashain jastai shanjh na bhai halun,
Mero sms aru haru ko jasto dhilo na bhai halun,
Mero mobile ko network jaam na bhai halun,
ra Dashain wish garna lai malai late na bhai halun.


Sri Ram Bhawan le timro gHar maa sukh ko barsat garun,
Dukh haru ko naash yo Dashain ko din gari diyun.
Happy Dashain 2021

Happy Vijayadashami Bada Dashain Dasain Festival Nepal Greeting Wishing Card Image Pictures Wishes Messages Quotes Nepali English Ecards
Happy Vijayadashami Greeting Cards

41. Shubha Durga Puja quotes in the Nepalese language for your whatsapp messages

Ravan lai Jalaau
Kharab lai aago lagaau
asal lai apnaau
Khub piu, khub khau.
Raat ma tar chhadai sutana jau.


Harek Pal hos Chandani Timro ,
Harek Chhan timro Sunoulo,
Harek ghadi hos ujayalo Timro ,
Harek samay hos timro khushiyali,
Jeewan Ma Timro aaos shanti nai shanti ko Bahar,
Khushi nai khushi haru le bhariyeko hos Dashain ko ramailo sansar
Happy Dashain 2021 / 2078


You are a great guy, a good friend and an amazing partner. Anyone out there will be lucky to get you and I am so lucky. Enjoy this Dashain to the fullest love. May the goddess always be by your side in all path of your life.


Maile timro mobile ma Ravan Pathai diyeko chhu
Ab tapai aafno Mobile Ma
Pataka Lagayer aago Lagai Dinu.


�Timro Safalta Hanuman Ji ko Pooch Jati Lamo Hos,
Ram Ji le Lanka Jeete,
tapai Yo sansar ko sara Khushi haru lai jitunu hola,
Our Best Wishes�
Power of Good – Dashain SMS Greetings

46. Shubha Dashain quotes in the Nepali language for your facebook friends

Mata Saraswati Devi Jee ko Saaaaaaaath hossssssss,
Mata Laxmi Devi Jee ko Haaaaaaaaaaath hossssssss,
Bhagwan Ganesh Jee ko Niwaaaaaaaaas hosssssssss,
Mata Jagdamba Devi Jee ko Aashirwaddddddddddddddd le,
Timro Jeevan Ma safalta nai safalta ko laharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hosssssssssssssss !!
Happy Vijayadasami 2078

Happy Dashain Dasain Vijaya Dashami Greeting Wishing 2075 Ecards Wishes Quotes SMS Messages Nepali Festival Hindus Pictures Photos HD Wallpapers
Happy Dashain Dasain Greeting eCards


bad mathi good ko jeet!
bad mathi good ko jeet!
Dashain lyauchha ek hope
Man ko Ravan lai ant gari deu
Ram charitra Ek naya shuruat hos
“Happy Dashain”


Ram ram timi gaudai jau
Ram ram timi gaudai jau
Bhakti Prem ko gun sikdai jaun
Aruko bhalo chhahanchhau bhane timi
happy dashain happy dashain bhandai jau

Happy Vijayadashami Bada Dashain Dasain Festival Nepal Greeting Wishing Card Image Pictures Wishes Messages Quotes Nepali English Ecards
Happy Vijayadashami Greeting eCards


I want you to have an endless love and happiness. Have great fun and may you get all the blessing of this entire world. I love you so so much. Happy Dashain once again.

50. dashain quotes in nepali language for your facebook friends

Hindu haru ki yo pawan Dashain,
Nepali man man ma lyayos Khushi haru apaar,
bhagwan Shri Rama ji diyun hami nepali lai sukh ko sansar
sabai didi bhai dadju bahini le Shubh Kamana mero garau sweekar�!!
Wish you Very Happy Dashain


Jitendra Sahayogee

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