Happy Dashain wishes for friends with your name in greeting card :- Dashain festival is held on September or October every year and is celebrated by the citizens of the country Nepal. Dashain festival is the festival of victory of a goodness over evil things.

Happy Dashain Wishes For Friends With Name in Nepali Greeting Card

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Dashain Festival of Nepal is one of the most important Hindu festivals. It is the festival which marks the return of Goddess Durga to the earth. Hindus celebrate Dashain with lots of pomp and show and many devotees from all over the world come to witness this wonderful festival. Dashain is also known as Bijaya Dashami.

Now it’s to celebrate Dashain fetival, the greatest festival of Nepal. If you are in Nepal, then let’s celebrate and if you are planning to visit Nepal during this festival season you’re welcome.

Share your Dashain greeting with Nepalese people and friends.

If you happen to travel to Nepal on a budget, you will not be disappointed by the beautiful, cheap accommodation options. Cheap hotels are easily found in Kathmandu, Lumbini, and Pokhara. These hotels are often located within walking distance of some of the most beautiful sites.

Nepal is truly a country where anything goes. You can get in touch with nature without being overly intrusive or taking over everything in sight. Some pretty fantastic hiking trails meander through some stunning scenery.

Some of the most popular trekking trails include Mount Everest and Annapurna. If you are planning to go snowboarding, then there is no better place for you to do it than Lumbini and Kathmandu.

Happy Dashain Wishes for friends with name in Nepali greeting card
Happy Dashain Wishes for friends with you name in Nepali greeting card

For those who love adventure and the wild, then you must head to Pokhara. It is probably the most famous skiing resort in the world. The most beautiful ski resort in the world? Yes, Pokhara! So, why not make a great getaway here? Plus, the snowboarding is merely incredible here, and you can find some incredibly impressive terrain in the mountains.

If you happen to want to see some of nature at its worst, then you should head to Kathmandu. Here you will find some of the scariest natural beauty that you will ever experience. And the capital of Nepal is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has a lot to offer tourists, and you’ll never be bored in Kathmandu and Lalitpur.

Now, you know why you should plan your trip to Nepal now and not wait until the springtime when you can travel to Pakistan or India. ! Go and have the time of your life and experience one of the world’s most beautiful countries. Why not plan a trip to a place like Nepal right now?

Nepal is a lovely country, and it is sure to capture the attention of anyone who goes there. If you have never been to this beautiful country before, then you’re missing out on something truly spectacular. So, take the time now to plan your trip and take pictures so you can enjoy them later in your life.

No matter what the reason, you will never want to leave once you have traveled to Nepal. Go now and make your trip to this beautiful country come true!

Happy Dashain 2020 to all of you.


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