Dashain Tika Mantra : दशै टिका मन्त्र

Dashain Tika Mantra

About Dashain Tika: – Nepal is a secular country according to the Nepal constitution– 2015. In Nepal, people got the right to follow the religion they want to. Nepal is a small country where the people of different castes religion, languages are tied in same rope. People respect each other’s religion and caste.

There is a feeling of co-operation and harmony among the Nepalese people. Nepalese celebrate different festivals in a year. Each caste and religion have their own festival. But there are some festivals which are celebrated by most of Nepalese of many caste and religion.


Among them, Dashain is the greatest festival celebrated by many Nepalese people. It is observed in the month of Aswin or Kartik. Besides Hindu, the followers of other religions are also found to be celebrating the festival with more happiness and enthusiasm which shows the mutual harmony between Nepalese people.

It is normally celebrated for 15 days. But all these days are not equally important. The first day is called Ghatasthapana. On this day, Seeds of wheat, barley, and maize are sown, mainly at the time of dusk in one corner of the house by making it pure using dung of cow and in the plate or paper bag. It grows into Jamara in 10th days.

Barleys are also sown in temples of Goddess Durga. The second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth days are not so important. The seventh day is called ‘Fulpati’. On this day,“ Fulpati” is taken from Gorkha Durbar to Kathmandu Hanuman Dhoka in relying. At home and temple, Goddess Durga is worshipped.

The eighth and ninth days are called “Mahaastami and Mahanavami respectively. On these days Goat, sheep, duck, cock etc. are sacrificed in home and temples are offered to Goddess Durga to please her. From these days, the meat I cooked in every house. She is worshipped for 9 days. This period is called as ‘Navami’.

The tenth day of Dashain is called as ‘ Vijayadashami’. It is the most important day of this festival. This is the last day of Durga Puja. On this day, juniors go to the seniors to receive tika and jamara. The seniors put tika and jamara in them along with blessing and money.

Tika continues for 5 days. The last day of Dashain is called as Kojagrat Purnima. People enjoy this festival in various ways with enthusiasm. They indulge in making various activities. The family members who are away from home get together during this time.

This festival provides opportunities to experience joy and sorrows and also to share the feelings. This festival is also known as the festival of unity. Some positive virtues such as friendship, brotherhood, and co-operation are strengthened during this festival.

The educational institutions, government, and private offices remain closed during the festival of Dashain. People enjoy delicious meals, wear new dresses, fly kites, play swing etc. Mostly in Kathmandu valley, the activities such as flying kites with friends and family members are done.

In every village, swing in bamboo are made and small children as well big people make the day full of happiness by playing swing together. The mixture of red color, rice and curd are made which is known as Tika.

These are about Dashain festival. In Dashain, we have told you that juniors put tika from seniors. You must be excited to know about the various rituals associated with tika. We are here with the facts about the tika of Dashain;

Facts about Dashain Tika

  • Dashain is believed to be celebrated after the victory of virtue over sin according to the legend. During Satya yug, God Ram got victory over demon king Ravan in this day.
  • Ram cleaned up all the sin of Ravan from Lanka, the kingdom of Ravan. Also, on this day, Goddess Durga killed the demon taking nine Avatar. So, Hindu celebrated this day with more belief and happiness. As Red color represents victory. So, to celebrate victory over sin Dashain is celebrated putting red tika which symbolize victory.
  • It is believed to be good if the forehead of person is covered whole by tika. The tika is put on one edge of the forehead to another edge. As, it is believed that, a person with big forehead is lucky.
  • The ritual of putting tika is celebrated more 5 days from the day of Dashami. Up to Purnima, the ritual of putting tika goes on. People who didn’t get a chance to celebrate Dashain or didn’t put tika in Dashami can put tika in 5 days up to Kojagrat Purnima.
  • People from far places go to relative’s house for putting tika in 5 days. But in some places, Dashami is the only one day to put tika as other 5 days are of non- importance.
  • To widow women, white tika, without red color is put with jamara. In Hindu society, widow women’s are not allowed to put on red colors i.e. red clothes, Sindoor and so on. So, in Dashain, no any colors are used in the tika of the widow.
  • The curd is regarded as the pure thing used in various pujas and occasions. So, in Dashain, it is necessary to add curd in the tika. As you add a small amount of curd it is fine but it is compulsory to add curd in tika.
  • In Dashain, tika should be put from seniors in time. Every year, the Panchanga committee of the country, declared the scared time to put tika.
  • If we put tika on that time, then that will be considered as the best. From that time, people are allowed to put tika up to 5 days. Up to that time, we are not allowed to eat anything. It is allowed for all people to eat fruits.
  • In Dashain, it is important to put tika from the senior of home. If you have grandfathered in the home then, you should put tika and jamara from his hands first. Then, you have to put tika from your parents and then from relatives.
  • If Dashain and Tihar are in the same month and if Sister put tika to a brother in Dashain then, she is not allowed to put tika in Tihar. It is one of the rituals associated with brother and sister in Dashain.
  • So, before putting tika to a brother by sister, it is first confirmed about the months of Dashain and Tihar. Brother also should not put tika to sister.
  • Before the time of putting tika, the tika is first put on the front door of the house. If we do so then, it is sacred religiously. So, before putting tika, it is necessary to put tika and jamara indoor.
  • It is the festival of Dashain when, lots of rice are being used in each family. Many amounts of tika are used to make tika. In Dashain, it is believed to put more and more tikas.
  • After putting tika and jamara, girls are offered money whereas boys are not offered money. Mostly maternal uncle gives more money to his niece.
  • In Dashain, pandit and yogi don’t put red tika instead they put yellow tika.
  • It is called tika to be redder and jamara to be more yellow. Tika must not be so watery. It should be smooth and should be standing on the forehead for a long time.
  • Mongolian castes such as Gurung, Magar don’t use red tika. Instead, they use white tika. Most of People following Buddhist religion also put white tika in Dashain.
  • If in any family, a member died or give birth to the baby, then Dashain is not celebrated. While putting tika, if you heard a death news of someone closest to your family, then you have to stop putting tika and jamara otherwise it is taken as sin. After 1 year of member’s death, family members can celebrate Dashain.
  • It is called to be sanctified if we put tika facing towards east. According to Hindu religion, the east direction is regarded as the sacred direction. The person who put tika should face towards west.
  • Also, the red tika symbolize the blood that ties the family members together and it helps in the renewal of the community ties greatly. In Nepal and India, Dashain festival is celebrated.
  • In both countries, Goddess Durga is worshipped for 9 days but the ritual of putting tika from seniors is only applied in Nepal. In Dashain, people wear new clothes and go to relatives home to put tika exchanging gifts.
  • The girl in menstruation is not allowed to put tika and jamara in Dashain. In the 5th day of her periods, she can put tika. Actually, for girls, this taboo didn’t allow them to enjoy the festival.

However, the festival should be celebrated properly and sharing the happiness with people. We shouldn’t spend our hard-earned money lavishly.

We have to remember a proverb ‘cut your coat according to your cloth’. I can completely deny that goddess Durga can’t be pleased by offering innocent animals and birds. It is only the traditional belief. Instead, we should kill all our evil desires and behaviors to please her.

Dashain Tika Mantra
Dashain Tika Mantra

Dashain Tika Mantra in Nepali Font

आयुर्द्रोणसुते श्रियो दशरथे शत्रुक्षयं राघवे ।
ऐश्वर्य नहुषे गतिश्च पवने मानञ्च दुर्योधने ॥
शौर्य शान्तनवे बलं हलधरे सत्यञ्च कुन्तीसुते ॥
जयन्ती मङ्गला काली भद्रकाली कपालिनी ।
दुर्गा क्षमा शिवा धात्री स्वाहा स्वधा नमोस्तु ते ॥
जय त्वं देवि चामुण्डे जय भूतापहारिणि ।
जय सर्वगते देवि कालरात्रि नमोऽस्तु ते ॥
ब्रह्मा करोतु दीर्घायुर्विष्णु: करोतु सम्पद: ।
हरो हरतु पापानि गात्रं रक्षतु चण्डिका ॥
आवाहनं न जानामि न जानामि समर्पूणम् ।
पूजां चैव न जानामि क्षम्यतां परमेश्र्वरि ॥

Dashain Tika Mantra in Nepali Romant Script

Ayurdronasute sriyo dasarathe satruksayan rAghave.
Aisvarya nahuse gatischa pavane mAnancha duryodhane.
Saurya sAntanave balan haladhare satyancha kuntisute.
Jayanti mangalA kAli bhadrakAli kapAlini.
DurgA ksamA sivA dhAtri svAhA svadhA namostu te.
Jaya tvan devi chAmunde jaya bhutApahArini.
Jaya sarvagate devi kAlarAtri namostu te.
BrahmA karotu dirghAyurvisnu: Karotu sampada: .
Haro haratu pApAni gAtran raksatu chandikA.
AvAhanan na jAnAmi na jAnAmi samarpunam.
PujAn chaiva na jAnAmi ksamyatAn paramesrvari.

How to Pronounuce above Dashain Tika Mantra

Āyurdrōṇasutē śriyō daśarathē śatrukṣayaṁ rāghavē.
Aiśvarya nahuṣē gatiśca pavanē mānañca duryōdhanē.
Śaurya śāntanavē balaṁ haladharē satyañca kuntīsutē.
Jayantī maṅgalā kālī bhadrakālī kapālinī.
Durgā kṣamā śivā dhātrī svāhā svadhā namōstu tē.
Jaya tvaṁ dēvi cāmuṇḍē jaya bhūtāpahāriṇi.
Jaya sarvagatē dēvi kālarātri namō̕stu tē.
Brahmā karōtu dīrghāyurviṣṇu: Karōtu sampada: .
Harō haratu pāpāni gātraṁ rakṣatu caṇḍikā.
Āvāhanaṁ na jānāmi na jānāmi samarpūṇam.
Pūjāṁ caiva na jānāmi kṣamyatāṁ paramēśrvari.

Dashain Tika Mantra Photos

Dashain Tika Mantra in Nepali Language Picture
Dashain Tika Mantra in Nepali Language

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