Dashain 2072 (2015) Bye Bye > Tihar 2072 (2015) Hi Hi

Happy Tihar 2072 (2015)

Dashain 2072 (2015) Bye Bye > Tihar 2072 (2015) Hi Hi. Dashain of 2072 (2015) is going, means bye bye and Tihar or Deepawali of 2072 (2015) is coming, means Hi Hi. Let’s say Hi to tihar and bye to Dashain till next year.

Several festivals are celebrated in Nepal. Different communities and ethnic groups observe different festivals. Dashain and Tihar are one of the major festivals celebrated in Nepal, in Hindu pantheon. Dashain and Tihar is the two greatest festival of Nepal. Tihar festival falls after Dashain festival. Tihar is celebrated after 20 days from the day of dashami (Vijayadashami).

Now we (Hindus) are at the place of that time and situation where have only say bye bye for Dashain and hi hi for Tihar or Deepawali 2072 (2015). Dashain has gone for 1 year and Tihar is coming after somedays. So, let’s welcome Tihar 2072 (2015).

Dashain 2072 (2015) Bye Bye > Tihar 2072 (2015) Hi Hi

Dashain is one of the longest festival of Nepal. It is celebrated 15 days. Tihar is also major festival of Nepal but it is celebrated for 5 days. Tihar is the 2nd major festival of Nepal in Hindu pantheon.

These two festival Dashain and Tihar is the festival of blessing, harmony, peace and fun in all over the country. Both festivals Dashain and Tihar marks the happiness and end of the yearly harvest. Most of people are free from all the harvesting. It’s time to celebrate their hard work and good harvest.

But this year Dashain became rainy. It disturb to celebrate Vijaydashami with freely and happiness. Let’s welcome Tihar as our hope. Tihar festival is the festival of lights with flower and fruits. Tihar is also known as Deepawali in Nepal and Deepawali and Diwali in India.


Tihar festival of Nepal symbolizes the bond between nature, animal and characterizes the beautiful and strong bond between brothers and sisters. It is also known as or marked as festival of brothers and sisters. Most of Nepali love Tihar festival more than Dashain as this is the festival where there is no practice of animal sacrifices.

Lots of flowers and lights are used to decorate the houses and street all over the country. Both these festival has cultural and religious values. We can say proudly that our country is indeed rich with culture where we are taught to love and protect fauna and flora. We are taught to love and beloved during these festival.

We would like to wish all the people happy Tihar 2072. May our country be blessed with “Goddess Durga and Goddess Laxmi” and may peace and prosperity prevail our country and countrymen.

Bye bye Dashain 2072 (2015) and welcome to Tihar 2072 (2015). Bye bye Dashain 2072 (2015) and welcome to ID 2072 (2015). Bye bye Dashain 2072 (2015) and welcome to Chhath 2072 (2015). bye bye dashain , wel come Tihar Bye bye Dashain and Tihar. Welcome Chhat and Id.

Dashain 2072 (2015) Bye Bye > Tihar 2072 (2015) Hi Hi

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