15 Dashain Resolutions 2020 from Boys of Nepal (दर्शैंमा खाइएका कसमहरु)

Find here 15 Dashain resolution from the boys of all over the Nepal done on this site. We have collected here top 15 boys resolution on this upcoming Durga Puja festival.

Check it all Dashain resolutions. Happy Durga Puja 2020 to All of the visitors. Dashain ko Shubhakamana.

Dashain Resolutions

My Dashain’s Resolutions

15 Dashain Resolutions (दर्शैंमा खाइएका कसमहरु) 2020 from Boys of Nepal

Ramu Maharjan from Kathmandu:

First of all, I’ll do only those things that I need to do… and talk about doing it. I’ll try to be the man of actions rather than of words..!! …Dashain ko Shubhakamana…

Rupesh Singh from Bhaktapur:

I’ll try to be responsible upwards this Durga Puja 2020 no matter how much struggle I should do for it. …Dashain ko Shubhakamana…

Mohan Shah from Biratnagar:

In this Durga Puja, I’ll never argue with my mother to purchase me a new SAMSUNG mobile set as a Dasain gift.  …Dashain ko Shubhakamana…

Balram Shrestha from Biratnagar:

From this Durga Puja, once in every 3 months, I’ll go to old orphanage and provide them healthy food or good clothes. …Dashain ko Shubhakamana…

Nabeen Thapa from Bhaktapur:

I’ll find high level job after Durga Puja and Tihar and start to save money for my marriage!  …Dashain ko Shubhakamana…

Satish Sah from Biratnagar:

I’ll never blame on others for what is going on instead of that I’ll try to do all things good with patience. …Dashain ko Shubhakamana…

Suresh Rai from Bhaktapur:

I want to be always be positive. …Dashain ko Shubhakamana…

Hikmant Dangol from Biratnagar:

My Dasain Resolutions are……. I’ll learn also to use more auto-correction to avert and minimize external corrections. …Happy Dashain 2020 to all…

Rupesh Thapa from Bhaktapur:

Despite the continuous failures, am not going to withdraw my steps. Because I know every night ends with a morning! …Happy Dashain 2020 to all…

Pawan Baraili from Kathmandu:

From Dasain onwards I’ll work smartly rather than hardly to get the job done. …Happy Dashain 2020 to all…

Naresh kaushal from Kathmandu:

My Dasain resolution is to control my anger. …Happy Dashain 2020 to all…

Bibash Lamichhane from Kathmandu:

My Dasain Resolutions are…….  I’ll fulfill my dream of being multilingual by developing fluency in Japanese, Korean and German languages in addition to English within 2020. …Happy Dashain 2020 to all

Biswas Rai from Biratnagar:

My Dashain Resolutions are……. I’ll spend more time with my family, quit drinking alcohol and eat less meat on this Dasain. …Happy Dashain 2020 to all…

Kautari Lama from Kathmandu:

I won’t fight with my parents to increase my pocket money. …Happy Dasain 2020 to all…

Pujan Roy from Kathmandu:

My Dashain Resolutions are……. I am a heavy drunker and the secret is my family is unknown about it. So my this Dasain resolution will be “I’ll not be touching any bottle of alcohol till Nepali Dasain. …Happy Dasain 2020 to all…

What is your Dashain resolution? Please write in comment box.

15 Dashain Resolutions 2020 from Boys of Nepal

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