25 Dashain Resolution Ideas From 25 Nepalese People


25 Dashain Resolution From 25 Nepalese People

Find here 25 Dashain Resolution From 25 Nepalese People all over the Nepal. We have posted here 25 Dashain resolution this year 2015. तपाई यसपालीको दशैंमा के कस्तो प्रतिबद्धता कसम खानुहुन्छ? If you have any dashain resolution, then give a comment. What do you want to do? Here is Nepali Dashain Resolution Ideas.


Dashain Resolution Ideas a boy is doing exercise
a boy is doing exercise

25 Dashain Resolution Ideas From 25 Nepalese People

    1. From this Dashain and Tihar, I’ll go college with my boyfriend so that I can save the fuel of my dad’s car.
    1. From this Dashain 2014 while going to college I will ride my motocycle in the speed of not less than 70 km/hr so that I can save my fuel, save the fuel of the globe.
    1. I resolve not to call any phone number of any TV contest as they are always kept off the hook.
    1. We have lots of effort, so I’ll try to celebrate each moment like as 10th day of Dashain. Every one plz feel each moment is new one.
    1. I’ll be strictly avoiding Plastic Bags and encouraging the same to others!!
    1. I’ll never forget to pass my smile who is looking at me and also not trouble anyone when i can do things on my own.
    1. Study, study and study. Of late, I have not been able to concentrate on it. Now is the time.
    1. Dashain starts with my Birthday. Therefore, it is a double resolution. My resolutions are: 1. start facebook campaign and collect friends to volunteer for teaching some poor children in their leisure time. 2. Explore Nepal for TOURISM through various social networking sites to my foreign friends in the social network. 3. During 15 days vacation in Dashain, I’ll devote myself in the goddess Durga.
    1. I’ll not hide my beautiful face with ugly make-up.
    1. Dashain resolution – Need to be talkative ( Got more complains that I dont speak much ) haha… ani ani… Need to be cool.. (many says I am too aggressive )….. Need to be change my mood behavior ( people often says my mood is too seasonal re) ha ha… oh too many…. I cannot change totally but I shall think abt it and improve on it… My dear well wishers, only for you 🙂
    1. I will explore myself more often within me, I know no buddy is perfect but the one who think i CAN DO IT n make it more better…I wont let them Go down…..Will love them Madly n Crazily:)
    1. ths year, i’ll do nothing but try to kill 100000001 mosquitoes and gift it to all my friends in ratio!!
    1. I will do less laundry and use more deodorant.
    1. This Year I won’t miss any of my classes of my college. I will go on dating with my boyfriend on the class time.
    1. Since everyone complained that my handwriting is making pollution on copy and being a bachelor student‚ I will make my handwriting good‚ no‚ excellent. In exam I will try 2 be a topper in every semester. Next almost all gal broke my heart so this time i will try 2 break more heart n apply 4 world book record tooooooooo. And another one‚ i will not throw my bag and clothes after college.
    1. Happy dashain 2014‚ I’ll buy three T-shirt printed GAUTAM BUDDHA WAS BORN IN NEPAL and present to Mark Zuckerberg (founder of fACEBOOK)‚ Michael Lyons (BBC chairman) and Robert Edward Turner III (founder of CNN) respectively…..
    1. I will Choose the Right Resolution – Create a Plan‚ Stay on Track‚ Remain Flexible and Keep on Going‚ will do more exercise.
    1. From this year i will follow the old nepali ways of living life since it was more healthier than todays new nepal and the way people are following the trends.
    1. i will change myself…cuz change starts from a single person….
    1.  My dashain resolution is that i won’t keep quite against women abuse in my country. I well play an important role to change our society.
    1.  I will keep an extra safe distance when behind police cars.
    1. When i hear a funny joke i will not reply‚”LOL…LOL!”
    1. I will donate my blood four times in a year and my eyes so that i can safe four people’s life every year and after my death one blind can see this beautiful world through my eyes.
      Facing the failure for the first time was really difficult situation I ‘d ever gone through. Despite lots of hard works
  1.  I will utilize my time in good way‚because time is life. I will care for my physical fitness after all health is health. I will be humble and good to other.

What is your resolution? यसपालीको दशैंमा के कस्तो प्रतिबद्धता कसम खानुहुन्छ? Resolution ideas in Nepali

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