How & Why (11 Reasons) Do We Celebrate Dashain in Nepal with Importance & History of Dashain Festival

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Dashain festival merits and demerits

Dashain also was known as Bashara is the longest festival celebrated by the Hindus in Nepal. It is the most important festival too in which different descent of goddess Durga is worshiped for nine days. Basically, this festival is the representation of win by good over evil. The main moral of celebrating this festival is that it teaches the people to always be good and walk on the right path.

Never to quit on the virtue of goodness. Else goddess will incarnate once again to destroy the evil. Dashara has its own importance. Dashain is merely worshipping the goddess. The advantage and disadvantages have come due to the fault of our own. The festival neither can be good nor bad. Because if the people’s activities the festival now has the merits and demerits. The merits of the festival can be as follows:

1) A long holiday:

Because of the festival, people could celebrate the holidays. The most longing holidays of the year. They can get rest. They can be entertained. After the vacations of a few days, they rejuvenate themselves with the fresh mind and body.

2) Availability of leisure time:

The festival helps to bring the family closer together. The first thing is though the members live in the same house. Because of the hectic and busy work schedule, they hardly get the time to even see each other face. Those who traveled to cities and towns for the better opportunities have to wait for Dashain. Because of the vacation, they can go to their homes.

3)Financial benefit:

It is the ritual of the offices in Nepal to give a Dashain bonus. So obviously this festival is one of the cause to make people slightly better economically.

4) Shopping:

It is the festival of exchange of gifts. It is the festival of doing lots of shopping. It can be a merit to women. I can’t speak for the men.


It is the festival which gives an opportunity for people to travel to the places they long to visit. So internal tourism also gets benefitted on Dashain.

6)  Beneficial to shop owners:

The advantage for the shop owners of wine and alcoholic beverages. They have a year income in this short duration of the festival. Since people like to enjoy themselves. Similarly, meat shop has a crowd during Dashain that they don’t see on normal days.

7) Cultural preservation:

It also helps to preserve and show our culture and tradition to tourists visiting at the time.


8) Cooking delicious food:

It certainly breaks the monotonous tradition of eating rice and dal. Delicious foods are prepared not only one or two types but lots of items. So it is the merit.

9) Kite flying:

The festival has kept the tradition of kite flying alive till now. Different designs of kites are available now. It certainly gives the employment to those who made and designs the kite.

10) Less crowded Kathmandu:

The most advantage if anyone can get by this festival in Kathmandu. You should see the city at the time. I could never imagine the city could be that quiet. The city is less crowded. Less vehicle less noise less smoke. Obviously, the environment will be good at the time.

11) TIKA:

This is the last day of Dashain and the most important one too. On this day younger people visit their elderly to put on the tika on their forehead in the form of their blessings. So this one day has become a day for our Elders when they get remembered even though forgotten for a whole year.

The demerits of the festival are as follows:

1) Sacrifices of animals:

The most disgusting tradition that people have followed is sacrificing the animals like ducks, chicken, goats, and buffalos at the temple of Durga Bhawani. The temple is supposed to be the most sacred place of nonviolence. Yet people Kil these poor creatures at the temple. I don’t think God has ever given any clear instructions to people to kill these animals in Dashain. It is the demonstration of the violence against these animals. I pity these animals every year.

2) DUI( Driving Under the Influence):

during Dashain people have lots of leisure time. They are creative enough to spend the time drinking alcohol and alcoholic products. They not only drink but they like to drive as well. Lots of accidents happen during Dashain.

3) Gambling:

It is common to see people playing cards betting money on it. It is also a tradition commonly seen in the street of Kathmandu where people play Langur Gurja another form of gambling. In the hope of earning more the players lose instead.

4) Health Issues:

Since people eat lots of oily and spicy food and meat products. Most commonly people suffer from diarrhea and dysentery.

5) Overdoing:

Instead of becoming the festival of love and friendship. People have converted the festival into a show of competition. Show off of new clothes, jewelry. In short show off of one’s financial status so as to dominate others. So in order to keep up with the society many people even take the loans in high interest. This can’t be the identity of a healthy society.

6) Increase in the incidents of theft:

When the Dashain festival is near at hand such incidents dramatically increase. Like snatching gold chains or earrings of women or robbing an empty house.

7) The disadvantage to the elderly:

One of the vital days of Dashain is TIKA. On this day people visit their elderly to put tika on their forehead and get the blessings from them. Our Elders then give some money as their blessings. But nowadays it has become a fashion. Demands of the young ones have also changed. They want mobiles or more money. TIKA has now become the day not forgetting the blessings but for demanding money from our Elders.

The festival isn’t bad or good. The festival is just auspicious. It depends on us how to celebrate the festival.

11 Reasons Why to Celebrate Dashain Festival

Dashain is the biggest festival celebration of every household in Nepal. There is a big history behind the celebration of Dashain. In a nutshell, the good beat the evil and hence the celebration results from the victory. It has been years and years now and Dashain has always brought joy and happiness every time to each and every household in Nepal. Dashain is celebrated by every. The biggest festival of Nepal, Dashain is celebrated by almost every Nepali staying in each and every corner of the world. The festival is most popular among the Hindus. It is still celebrated equally by everyone. There are a lot of things that we could do in Dashain. The 10 best reasons to celebrate Dashain are:

1) The family gets together:

The biggest and the main reason to celebrate Dashain is to have quality time with our family. During the 15 days long festival of Dashain, from the government to all public and private sector, all of them remain closed. So everyone gets time to spend the time with their family and celebrate the Dashain happily with full of joy. The 15 days long festival has different special occasions during the time period, so all of the family could gather and celebrate each day and every single bit of their moment with full of cheers and happiness. What’s better and more satisfying than spending a quality time with your family? Not only a day but for a couple of weeks. And remember. Dashain always brings smiles to each and every face of Nepalese.

2) Flying kites:

Did you ever fly a kite? Well if not then you should and if you have then a big high five to you because we are on the same page, we know the fun. One of the best and the most fun reason to celebrate Dashain is to fly kites.  Dashain, the only time in a year when the blue sky is covered with the colorful kites. You can see kited everywhere in the sky during the time period of the festival. The struggle to cut off the other’s kite is where the actual fun lies and after a great struggle than when you finally cut off their kite after your hard struggle. Nothing would be more satisfying than that. So flying kites is one of the reasons to celebrate Dashain

3) Visiting relatives.

During the festival of Dashain, we get to visit our relatives and by relatives I mean each and every relatives that you have which is one of the reasons to celebrate Dashain. After the 10th day during the 15 days long festival, the remaining 5 days are celebrated by visiting relatives where we go to have Tika and Jamara and get blessings of our elders. Along with tikka and Jamara, we also get to have delicious food and ‘dakshina’ for sure. We go to each and every relatives in the remaining 5 days to celebrate  Dashain with them. Visiting relatives is one of the reasons to celebrate Dashain.

4) Tika and Jamara.

Tika and Jamara are one of the reasons to celebrate Dashain. It has been one of the traditions in this festive season. Some even say Dashain is all about putting Tika and Jamara and get blessings from our elders. The tradition of putting tika and Jamara starts from the 10th day. After the 10th day, we celebrate Dashain by visiting our relatives to put tika and Jama and get the blessings of our elders. And don’t forget ‘dakshinna’. Dakshina is the main reason that keeps visiting relatives for tika and Jamara more interesting.

5) Food.

Food can be one of the reasons to celebrate Dashain. Dashain is the time when you get to eat a lot of delicious food along with your family. Apart from spending quality time with your family and friends, you also get to eat a lot of foods as well. You get to eat a lot of nonveg and veg items, ‘khasi ko masu’ is one of the popular items in this festive season. Also, you get to visit all of your relatives where you can have dinner with all of your relatives and your family. Hence, food can be one of the reasons to celebrate Dashain.

6) Worshipping vehicles and motorbikes.

One of the other reason to celebrate Dashain is to worship vehicles and motorbikes. The 9th day of Dashain, Maha Navami is the day when we worship all of our vehicles and motorbikes, as it is believed that worshipping vehicles and motorbikes in this day can save us from getting into accidents while we riding it. So during the day of Maha Navami, everyone worships their vehicles and bikes. Some even sacrifice animals and spread their blood on the vehicles as a part of their worship. This belief has got all Nepalese to worship their vehicles on this day. Therefore, it is one of the reasons to celebrate Dashain.

7) Playing cards.

Dashain is the time when we can see everyone playing cards. We can see a group of people in every corner of every community playing cards. The families and relatives gather together, makes a group and starts playing cards. It has been more like a tradition in this season. One suddenly remembers playing cards, if asked about Dashain. Playing cards are one of the important factors that make the festival even more interesting. From friends to each and every member of the family, everyone plays the cards and they enjoy every bit of it. So we can conclude that playing cards are one of the reasons to celebrate Dashain.

8) Dakshina.

Dakshina can be one of the reasons to celebrate Dashain. From kids to the adults and seniors, everyone expects to get Dakshina while going for tika and Jamara to relatives. Nonetheless, if you ask any kids or even youths about Dashain, they will mention you about Dakshina, that’s for sure. In fact, the question ‘ how much Dakshina did you get?’ is very common. Ever wonder why are kids so much excited for tika and Jjamara? And if you are still wondering then now you know, they get excited for Dakshina;(the main reason). So Dakshina can be one of the reasons to celebrate Dashain.

9) Culture and Tradition.

People here have been celebrating Dashain for years and years now. Dashain has been one of our culture and tradition. Why wouldn’t we make it one when it has always brought happiness and joy to every Nepalese? Dashain has always brought smiles to the faces of every Nepali. It a festival of joy, a celebration of happiness. It has been one of our culture, one of our traditions to celebrate Dashain every year. So culture and tradition can be one of the reasons to celebrate Dashain.

10) Dashain:- the biggest festival in Nepal itself.

Dashain also Bijaya Dashami, being the biggest and most anticipated festival of Nepal, itself is a reason to celebrate this festival. People wait a full year every year to celebrate this big festive occasion. Dashain is the longest festival in Nepal that lasts for 15 days where all of our families come together to celebrate and share this auspicious occasion. Of course, the biggest and longest festival in Nepal has many reasons to be celebrated and there are some of the best reasons to celebrate Dashain.

11.) Time for Best Wishes to our Friends, relatives, family members, and our society:

Dashain is the best time to wish happy Dashain and ahead to our friends, family members, relatives and our community for the best future.

At the Last but not Least…

If you need happy Dashain wishes for this year 2019 or 2076, please select one of the perfect wishes for you and your relatives. We’ll be happy to serve you.

Dashain Wishes, SMS, Messages, Quotes, Text Msg, Images & Greeting Cards in English

1) The time when we will hold our hands together and go to Temple to venerate goddess Durga has come. May goddess Durga shower her adoration and fondness to you and your family.

2) I wish you to have a prosperous Dashain with awesome fun. Cheerful Dashain 2019 my dear companion. May the pot of bliss of your family be loaded with upbeat minutes. May goddess Durga favor you. glad Dashain 2019.

3) Wish you to have a fabulous time in this prosperous celebration with the grin in your face. Cheerful Dashain 2019 dear.

4) I wish you to have the successful grin in your face with the endowments of god and goddess. Dashain is the best time to associate with various individuals. It is the time when we can dispose of the considerable number of mix-ups we had ever dedicated in our life. glad Dashain 2019.

5) I wish you glad Dashain 2019 on this prosperous event for the serene and solid days in front of you. Glad Dashain 2019 my dear companion.

Happy Dashain wishes in English

6) I wish each bubbly season acquires the transcendent days your life ahead. Upbeat Vijayadashami my dear companion.

7) I wish in this awesome favorable celebration acquires joy your life. Each festival for you is the association with your companions, relatives, and relatives. Cheerful Vijayadashami.

8) I wish you get the flourishing, bliss and satisfaction. I wish you have cheerful and prosperous Dashain alongside your companions, relatives, and relatives. Dashain is the time when individuals come to realize that goddess Durga dependably cherishes them and it’s their obligation to keep her glad also. upbeat Dashain 2019.

Happy Dashain wishes in English

9) May goddess Durga favor you and your family with the flourishing, solid and serene life. Have a great Dashain. May this Vijayadashami acquire light of joy and thriving your life. May you have a great life ahead with the favors of goddess Durga. Cheerful Dashain 2019.

Happy Dashain wishes in English

10) At long last, the hold up is finished. The motivation behind why we generally used to stay with the logbook has come. Wishing an extremely glad Dashain to you my companion. At the point when Dashain comes, individuals begin to feel the affection for nature. They stay firmly associated with nature amid this time. An extremely cheerful Dashain to you and your entire family.


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  1. History of evolution of Nepal’s greatest festivals is obfuscated in puranic myths .No anthropologists or sociologists have cared to research about the factual origins of these festivals !

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